Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Wednesday's writing related ramblings - July 15th 2015

Don't forget: some of my eBooks are still available at discounted prices as part of the 2015 Smashwords Summer/Winter sale!

Thanks to Chris The Story Reading Ape, Amber Fox, Kevin Morris, and Alex Butcher, for helping to spread the word.

Alex Butcher has some of her books in the Smashwords Summer/Winter sale too, as do several other Smashwords authors. So, don't forget to go check Smashwords for some great eBook deals before the end of this month.


This is a great explanation of a story arc, which you should read if you're a writer who needs some help with story structure.

So, you have your main character figured out, and now he or she needs a supporting cast. Well... Here's a 5 step recipe to create your protagonist's inner circle; follow this recipe, and you'll have a great cast of characters in no time.

Speaking of characters... Here are some tips on how to survive your fictional characters' all night bickering in six easy ways; for those nights when your characters refuse to shut up, and you have to get up early the next morning. This one's not a problem for me, because if my characters keep me up all night, I just sleep in the day. Ha! Take that imaginary voices in my head!

Anyway... Your book is written, now it's time to get it sold. Of course, the first thing you probably did was tell all your friends and family, and then post about it on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. But if you'd like to do a bit more, here are 5 ways to market your book without social media.


Intense Guy said...

I once said, that with enough random names, locations, actions, and other things, one could have a computer generate "Romance Novels" since they all seem the same (at least to me). Your steps to develop/create a character's inner circle becomes an computer routine!

but ah, a computer generated story would just be nonsense.

Victoria Zigler said...

Apparently, it's been proven by a team of "experts" who were attempting to determine the likelyhood of computers/robots replacing people in their jobs, that computers can't accurately replace the creative mind. So, I don't think any computers or robots will be writing any novels any time soon; romance or otherwise.

This is some comfort to me, of course, due to my recent concerns that I might be a robot, which that study proves I can't be... Despite the fact the internet still keeps asking that I prove I'm not one.