Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Wednesday's writing related ramblings - July 8th 2015

It's time for this year's Smashwords Summer/Winter sale, which they hold every July, and which I've enrolled a dozen of my books in this year; 6 are 75% off, and another 6 are 50% off.

If you missed the post I put up about it on Sunday, then go here for details of which books I've enrolled, how much they'll cost while they're on sale, and the coupon codes to use to get the sale price.

Please note that the sale only applies to the eBook versions of my books, and that the coupon codes are exclusively for use on Smashwords during July 2015.

Plenty of other authors also have their books on sale. Some are 25% off, some are 50% off, some are 75% off, and others are completely free. So, browse the books on sale and maybe you'll find a great deal on your next read!


Here’s an interesting article about “drive – the surprising truth about what motivates us”... What’s your answer to the question at the end? “What did you want to be when you were a child, and does it relate at all to what you are doing now? Can you see any connection between what you love doing now, and what your childhood aspirations were?” Seriously... I'm curious, so I'd love to get your answers to that question.

Sometimes we have to admit that there are things we are not good at, which we need to work on. Remember: though it can be difficult learning new things, it can also be fun sometimes. Plus, if it helps us to reach our dream, it's worth it, isn't it?

Speaking of learning things... Are you unsure what hooks, plants, and book-end closures are? Well, that article will give you a short explanation of each.

Do you publish your books exclusively on Amazon, and also publish extracts of your work on your blog? If so, you might want to be aware of what can happen if Amazon find out - apparently they don't like it.

Wondering if you're doing enough to be a successful author? Here are 50 questions to ask yourself about your author platform, which will help you to figure out what - if anything - you need to work harder on.

Also... Here are 100 questions to ask yourself before you write your novel, and some questions for beta readers.

OK, so your book is done, and you want some reviews... Understandably. Well, there are plenty of book bloggers out there who may be interested in doing one for you. Once you find a potential book blogger, here are a few little tips for increasing your chances of getting them to review your book.

And, finally, here's a website that boasts 7 strategies, and over 100 tools, to help self-published authors find readers and reviewers, which appears to be worth taking a look at.


Intense Guy said...

I'm surprised at Amazon being so... "anal" - one would think publishing your own words on your own blog would only help marketing of books for which Amazon gets a cut.


Victoria Zigler said...

Yeah, you'd think. But apparently Amazon don't think like that.