Monday, July 06, 2015

Monday's random mutterings - July 6th 2015 (LBE)

I hope you had a happy 4th of July weekend!

Did you see lots of fireworks?

If you didn't see many - or, any - fireworks... Or, if you did, but you love fireworks so much you want to see more... Then you'll be glad to hear we finally got those firework photos sorted out a couple of days ago.

Here they are:

There were a few more, but we only kept the good ones.

I heard a few fireworks Saturday night too.

I'm not sure why, since we don't celebrate the 4th of July. But around here it seems to be a case of any excuse to have fireworks, so it could be just about anything.

We didn't bother to get photos that time though.


Here's the anniversary card my Grandma made us for our wedding anniversary back in May:

Yeah, I know... It's taken ages for me to sort out a photo of it.

First we kept forgetting to take the photo of it, and then it was waiting patiently on the camera card with the firework photos.

We got there in the end though, so that's what counts.

Anyway... Thanks, Grandma!


They sent someone out to take a look at the internet on Wednesday.

Bearing in mind, I've been telling them something's not right since it was set up when we moved here, but they kept insisting I just needed to give it time to settle, because it's a new connection and all that.

I know new connections need time to settle, but it shouldn't need several months. Besides, if anything it was getting worse.

Turns out our hub wasn't working properly, and likely hasn't worked properly since we got it.

I suspected as much, because we kept getting a green light, and that's not meant to happen. Well, the light is allowed to go green for a second or two when you first turn the hub on, but after that it's supposed to be blue (if you have a working internet connection) or amber (if you don't). But ours kept randomly turning green for a few seconds, and when it did that we'd have no internet access for anything from a few seconds to an hour afterwards.

Bearing in mind, this is the new hub that we were given when we moved here.

Anyway, I finally got them to agree that it wasn't working properly, so they sent out a replacement, which arrived on Friday.

So far, so good!

The internet is working a lot better than it was... Hopefully it will continue to do so.


The April reading challenge on one of the groups I'm a member of over on Goodreads was to complete at least one of the following:

-Read 1500 words
-Read a book by an Author you haven't read before
-Read a book that has a character with your name in it.

I completed two of the three things.

I read 30 books (details of which can be found on my "read" shelf on Goodreads). So that covered the 1500 words part.

Plus, I read a couple of new to me authors, but went with "Revan" by Drew Karpyshyn as the one I mentioned for the challenge.

I'm late posting about this one, because we get a badge when we complete challenges on this group, and I was waiting for the badge. Here it is:

June's reading challenge on the same Goodreads group was to complete at least one of the following:

-Read a new genre, one you haven't read before.
-Read one of June's readers addict nominated books
-Read a book that has been recommended to you.
-Read a book that has been sitting on your TBR shelf for over 6 months
-Read 1500 words.

(If you're wondering about number 2 on that list... The group is called "Reading Addicts" and it refers to one of the group's books of the month, of which there are usually about four, I think).

I completed the part about reading a book that's been sitting on my to-read shelf for more than six months, by reading "The Lightning Thief" (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, #1) by Rick Riordan - a book which has been waiting on my to-read shelf since November 2012.

I also read enough that I know for a fact I read more than 1500 words... Again, LOL!

Anyway... Here's my badge for completing June's challenge:


In case you didn't notice, but would like to know...

I moved the couple of links to where you can find Kelly and myself elsewhere, which I previously had on the sidebar, to a tab/page of their own.

So, to find us on other sites, or if you want to be able to e-mail us, and don't have an e-mail address you can use - or, had one, but lost it - just check out the "Contact Us or Find Us Elsewhere" tab near the top of this page, and you'll find all the links you need, as well as links you can click on to e-mail either of us.

The information can also be found on our profile pages on our website.


It’s been really hot here most of this past week, and the degus and I have been cranky.

Perhaps that was the reason for their fight a little over a week ago?

I don’t do well with too much heat, so anything above 20C (72F) will have me feeling uncomfortable and grumpy.

Our weather for most of this past week or so has been way above that point. It was 26C (84F) at 1:00am Thursday morning, for example. It should not be allowed to be that hot at night!

We brought a fan, since we don't have air conditioning, and the fan we had broke a while back (we were moving it from room to room as needed, and I'm thinking all the moving around didn't agree with it). We have it in the computer room, and will get another two as soon as we can, so we can have one in the bedroom and one in the living room too, and avoid having to keep moving the fan from room to room.

The new fan arrived on Saturday morning. So, naturally, Sunday (yesterday) then turned out to be a miserable day (weather wise, I mean). It wasn't all that warm, and was quite wet and stormy. Well, most of it... It got dry again, and warmed back up a little, about mid to late afternoon.

Of course!

Not only had we just got a fan to deal with the heat, but we'd planned to go sit down by the ocean in the morning.

You see, we couldn't go down to the beach earlier in the week, since we had to be in to wait for the engineer guy for the internet, the call from the company to discuss the engineer's visit, the delivery of our new hub, and the delivery of the fan. But we had nothing we needed to be doing yesterday. No housework we were behind on. No visitors coming. Nothing! Plus, it was Sunday, so there was no risk of us missing any packages.

Not to mention, I had a good sleep the evening before, so the chances were high that I'd be up in the morning, with enough energy to feel up to going out, and - more to the point - feel up to facing climbing three flights of stairs afterwards... Which, as it turned out, I was. But, of course, about the time it dried up again I was ready for a nap.

We heard a bird outside our bedroom window making a sound that sounded like laughter shortly before the storm arrived. Now I'm even more certain it was laughter; the bird knew the storm was coming, and knew my plans for the day, and found it funny that fate had dealt the hand it had.

It is kind of funny, if you think about it.

Or, maybe it's just me who thinks so?

Never mind.

Sure, I wanted to spend some time down on the beach, and am a bit disappointed that I ended up waiting around for people, phone calls, and packages, all week instead. But it's not like we haven't been down there several times since we moved here - both while we were at the old place, and since we moved even closer to the ocean - and we get a lot of the benifits of the beach even without leaving this apartment. Plus, I dare say there will be plenty of oppertunities to spend time on the beach again in the very near future.


Intense Guy said...

Goodness - that was a lot of fireworks!!! Looks like a lot of folks enjoying them too!

I hope you get some cooler more comfortable weather soon - I bet it's pretty humid there when it gets warm. I hope you get down to the beach soon!!

Victoria Zigler said...

Yeah, it gets quite humid when the temperature goes up... The fan is helping a lot though.

Rita said...

Pretty card from your Grandma!
Glad they finally did something about your internet connection. I hope it will stay good now.
I am happy to have an AC that is working and hope it keeps working until I am gone from here. Today it turned cool, though so I didn't need it. Was in the 60s today and supposed to be in the upper 40s tonight--more like fall weather all of a sudden. Really nice break from the awful sticky hot days we've been having. So, I know what you mean. The heat and I do not get along well at all. Just drains me. But--Murphy's Law--as soon as you can leave the house and plan a day at the rains. LOL! Yes, I find that funny, too. :):)

Victoria Zigler said...

So far, so good with the internet. Amazing how much a working hub helps, isn't it? LOL!

I hope your air conditioning stays working for long enough for you to move out, and that you have better luck with the one in your new place.

Glad it wasn't only me and the bird who found it funny.

Jeanie said...

Such a lovely bunch of news! I'm so glad your internet issues are under control. What a pain! And for you to have been right all along -- how annoying!

But the fireworks, anniversary card, and all the good reading really seem to be good things, too! I applaud all that reading. I thought I was doing well... well, comparisons only get you down!

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks! Yes, this was a post full of happy things.

Don't compare your reading progress to mine. There are very few people who read as much as I do, even among those on Goodreads. As long as you're achieving your own reading goal, you're doing well.