Sunday, November 22, 2015

Battle Abbey - part 1

At the end of September, when we had the big family visit, we were supposed to go with them to Battle Abbey. Except Kelly and I didn't end up going, since we decided to go by ourselves some other time... Preferably when it's not been as wet as it had been leading up to that weekend.

We haven't gotten there yet, but my Dad said I could swipe some of his photos to post on my blog and Facebook.

There are a lot of them, so I'm splitting the ones I plan to share in to two posts. Here's the first batch:

Come back tomorrow for part 2.


Rita said...

Very pretty place! Looks like it was a beautiful day, too. :)

Victoria Zigler said...

Yeah, it turned out to be a nice day for them to visit it, which I'm sure they were glad of.

Intense Guy said...

Your Nan looks like she is getting around pretty good!

And yes, it looks like a beautiful spot and a beautiful day!

Victoria Zigler said...

Yeah, she did OK. Although she was exhausted afterwards.

Glad you enjoyed the photos.

Jeanie said...

Tori, it looks just beautiful. I think that's a spot where I would love to explore! They had a perfect day! I hope you did, too!

Victoria Zigler said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the photos.