Sunday, January 10, 2016

Bookish babbling: looking back at 2015, and ahead to 2016

After how amazed you were when reading my post about the 50 things reading challenge last week, I feel I should warn you to be prepared... If the contents of that post amazed you, this one will do so even more. So, read on, and do believe your eyes.


My Goodreads 2015 reading goal was originally to read 150 books, and then I increased it to 200 books around April.

As it happened, I reached the 200 goal in August of 2015, and actually ended up reading more than 300... I read 344 books.

Yes, you did read that number correctly!

That's without the books I re-read, which I sometimes do with favourites in general, and often do with audiobooks, since I like to have an audiobook on when I go to sleep, and my collection of eBooks is considerably larger than my collection of audiobooks, so I often run out of new audiobooks to listen to. I never count re-reads on my reading challenges and reading goals though.

Anyway, if you want to see the full list of the books I read during last year, and find out how I rated each one, check out my list of books read in 2015 on Goodreads.

You can also see my year in books, and see the stats like how many pages I read total, and how short and long the shortest and longest books I read in 2015 were.

Now it's time to set this year's reading goal.

Despite having read nearly 150 books more than my goal for last year, I'm still going to stick with a goal of around 200 books for my 2016 Goodreads reading challenge; I'm going with a goal of 216 books this year. I'm doing this because I prefer to keep the goals doable, and potentially beat them by a large number, rather than be stressing over having not reached the goal as I'm nearing the end of the year.

Since I read more than 300 books in 2015, and around 290 in both 2013 and 2014, it's an achievable number for me, while still allowing for potential periods of less reading time for any reason during the coming year.

I'm hoping to make a large number of those books ones I've had on my to read list for some time; especially those I've had copies of as eBooks for absolutely ages, but have left sat on my Kindle waiting to be read, while other books took my attention. I won't be exclusively reading books I've had for ages, of course, but I'd like to make a decent dent in that pile, and have those books make up the bulk of the books I read in 2016. A reading challenge I've signed up for on one of the groups I'm a member of over on Goodreads should help with that, since the whole point of the challenge is to read books you've had on your to read list for more than three months. The challenge only runs until March 31st, but I'm planning to continue doing it - but without checking in to post the titles I'm reading - after the challenge officially ends, so as to get through some of those books that have been so patiently waiting for their turn to be read.

I'm also going to be doing the A-Z book title reading challenge, which is to read a book with a title that starts with each letter of the alphabet. They do this one every year, and the challenge always runs from January 1st to December 31st.

So, how many books did you read in 2015? And how many do you hope to read in 2016?

Don't worry if yours is a much smaller number than mine. Most people I know don't even read close to 200 books in a year. That's absolutely fine though. It doesn't really matter how many books you read in a year, as long as you get some pleasure from reading the ones you do read.


Jeanie said...

You're right. I shouldn't feel inadequate about not reading so much as you (but I do!). I just think being able to read, to enjoy, to savor is such fun and I'm so glad there are so many options for every interest!

Rita said...

That is absolutely amazing you read that many books last year! I am impressed. :)

Victoria Zigler said...

There are a lot of wonderful books out there, and some not so great ones. I'm glad I can manage to read as much as I can, since it makes it easier to get through the extremely long list I have of books I really want to read. Having said that, I think you should be proud of the 60 books you read last year too. I mean, that works out as more than one a week... I know some people who struggle to get through one a month. Besides, judging by your post on books you read last year, it looks as though you enjoyed most of the books you read, and that's the most important thing. Also, you do a lot more in the way of socializing, going on outings, and taking trips away to places than I do, which will all contribute to giving you a little less time to spend on reading. That's not a bad thing though (especially judging by how much fun you seem to have doing those things). Curling up with a book has always been my favourite way to spend any free time I don't use on writing, so a lot of the time I don't spend writing is spent reading... All those hours add up.

Thanks! :)

Intense Guy said...

Goodness - that is a lot of reading!

I'm going to call it a good year if I get about 20 books read!

Victoria Zigler said...

Yep, it's a lot of reading. And, 20 books is good... I hope you manage to read your 20 books.

Deanna said...

Wow! How many hours a day do you spend reading?

Victoria Zigler said...

It varies. Mostly it depends on what I'm doing, and how I'm sleeping. If I'm sleeping a lot, and have a lot of stuff to get done where I can't have a book on while doing it, then I'll read for only maybe two hours in a day. If I'm not sleeping well, and don't have much to do where I can't have a book on, then it could be that I spend most of the day - or night - reading. It also sometimes depends on how well the book has my attention, since sometimes I'll be so in to a book I only want to stop reading when I'm done, or absolutely have to in order to do essential things (like eat). Other times I won't be quite so in to the book, and will put it down to go do something else (like watch TV).

It also helps that I've always had a fairly fast reading speed, so can have the software reading to me set at a reasonable speed.