Monday, April 18, 2016

Crafty chatter - April 2016

I haven't updated you on craft projects for a couple of months, so figured it was about time I did so, especially since I've finnished a few projects. All small items, but still.

I mentioned in a previous craft related update - though I can't remember if it was at the end of last year, or the very start of this one - that I'd knitted a Westie, but hadn't sorted it out any eyes yet. Well, it has eyes now, so here it is:

I also made this knitted Westie head tree decoration, so we can have Kero as part of our Christmas decorations from now on:

After that, I decided to make a few more knitted decorations ready for when Christmas rolls around again.

A knitted bauble:

A knitted candy cane, and a small gift:

And a knitted stocking:

I actually made two sets of the bauble, candy cane, gift, and stocking. But I only got photos of one set. The other set is as identical as it's possible for handmade items to be. At least, in everything but size; the other set's slightly smaller. I don't have the other set any more though, since I gave them to my Mam. But this set I'm keeping for myself.


Jeanie said...

I'm really impressed with your decorations! They're awfully cute and I have great respect for anyone who can "knit small." These will look just wonderful on your tree! Smart to do a few while you are on a roll!

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks! :)

I love doing small projects I can complete quickly, because it gives me the satisfaction of seeing a completed piece more quickly. It's also fun making up the patterns, like I did for these decorations.

Rita said...

A lot of cute things! You sure have been busy creating. :)

Victoria Zigler said...

I sure have. Glad you think they're cute! :)

Intense Guy said...

Smiles. Your crafts are so crafty!! I especially like the Westies!

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks, Iggy!