Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Room Switch

When we had the really hot weather we had this Summer, I got a sunburn while sat at my desk. We hadn't realized that would happen before, because originally it was Kelly's PC there, and when the sun was bright and he wanted to use it, he put something up at the window. That was part of why we switched places: light shining on the screen isn't a problem for me, since I can't see the screen in the first place. The problem was, one of us needed to be there, because that was the only way we could have our desks set up the way we wanted, while still not getting in each other's way. But I didn't want us covering the window... Especially on a nice day, and especially since it was only on really hot days... The sun beaming in like that was nice when we didn't have temperatures in the high 20s and low 30s.

So we decided to solve the problem by swapping the computer room and bedroom around. The computer room - now bedroom - is the smaller of the two rooms, which is why we'd done it the other way to start with. But the little room is just big enough for the actual bedroom furniture. I do mean "just" though. It means the bookshelves will have to go in what is now the computer room (when we finally get around to buying them). But that's not really a bad thing. They were only going to go in the bedroom before because it's where the stereo I use to listen to my bedtime audiobook is, and Kelly does most of his reading right before settling to sleep; them going in the bedroom was more a convenience thing than anything. But my Kindle can still be in the bedroom, along with whatever book we're in the middle of, and it won't do us any harm to have to make sure we pick our books before heading to the bedroom. Better that than me getting a sunburn every time I try to sit at my desk any time we actually have a really warm day. Not that we have weather that hot too often, but we have had several heatwaves like that over the past couple of years, so felt it was better safe than sorry... Something I was very grateful for when the hot weather returned last week.

I felt bad for Kelly when we were doing it though, since I wasn't much help. I get tired really easily, and don't have much strength or energy to start with. This meant he did almost all the work by himself, with me helping as much as I could when there was absolutely no way one person could do something alone. He managed though. He was exhausted, but he managed.

I've still got my desk near a window, where I can hear and smell the ocean, but nearby buildings stop the sun coming in so fiercely. Plus, the view from this window isn't as good. I can't see it anyway though, so... *Shrugs*

I love being able to listen to the waves sighing or roaring - depending on the weather - as well as all the other sounds that go along with living so near the sea. Doesn't matter to me if it's in the bedroom or the computer room. I can hear it perfectly clearly from every room in our apartment anyway.

The first night after we did the room switch, Kelly said he was a bit concerned he'd have Disney princesses filling his dreams, since the wall with that wallpaper on is the last thing he sees before closing his eyes if he lays a certain way. However, as yet his dreams have been free of princesses... Disney or otherwise.


Jeanie said...

If it bugs him enough, wallpaper is an easy enough fix. Lots easier than moving furniture. I think it is a brilliant solution and one everyone should look at -- repurposing the rooms in their home to make it the most effective for the way they want to live. I love working with the windows open too -- and stopping a sunburn is a good thing! Three cheers for a smart, resourceful solution!

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks! We've ended up moving things around a couple of times (though usually in the same room we put it in to start with... This was the first room switch). Trial and error, combined with adjustments made when boxes are replaced with furniture, if you know what I mean, have meant that how we originally put things when we moved in doesn't always work out to be the best placement for the stuff in the longrun. I think... And hope... We're finally getting things arranged in ways that work for us, and we're both happy with though.

I agree... If it bugs him enough, we can get new wallpaper. It doesn't seem to be so far though. It's been a couple of weeks, and the only mention he made of it was that first night. I'm pretty sure he'd be mentioning it more if it was a problem. Still, if it becomes one, it won't cost too much time or money to put new paper up on one wall (the other walls in the room are plain... It's only the one wall with any wallpaper on it).

Rita said...

Sometimes you can paint over wallpaper, too.
Your solution sounds perfect. I've moved furniture in unconventional ways amny times in places I've lived. You find out what works best for you and just do it. :)

Victoria Zigler said...

Very true... On both counts. I expect this wallpaper would be easy to paint over, since it isn't textured.

IntenseGuy said...

Slowly making the place a "home"!!


Victoria Zigler said...

Yep. Slower than we'd originally hoped, but it's getting there.