Wednesday, September 07, 2016

#Writing Wednesday - September 7th 2016

Firstly... In case you missed them when I originally posted about them... Here's a link to an author and blogger interview I did a couple of weeks ago, and the thread where I'm author of the month. I'm accepting questions elsewhere for those who can't post on the thread, so feel free to post your questions below, if you have any.


Whether you've started writing your book or not, here's a hobbit's guide to launching your book, which is one of the most entertaining book marketing posts I've read, if not the most entertaining.

Need some inspiration for topics to write about? It doesn't matter if it's for a story, a blog post, or whatever. Try drawing from personal experiences. Not sure where to start? Check out this list of 100 prompts for writing about yourself.

You may also want to check out these tips for improving dialogue, and these tactics to grip a reader at the end of a chapter (strong language warning applies on the second of those two links; though not as much as with many of the other posts on that blog).

This post about explaining common references is another I recommend you read, since it's great advice.

Time to edit? Here's a grammar tip for you regarding the singular they. Also, did you know Microsoft Word can check for gender spacific language? Well, you know now, and the post I just linked to even tells you how to make sure it does so.

Ready to format your manuscript? Take a look at this post about building your book's front matter for some tips on what to include. I don't include all the things in most of my books, and the "about the author" piece is always at the back in my books, even though it's not really all that long. You don't have to include everything either, but you can if you want to. Some parts (like the title, author's name, and copyright information) are important enough that it's advisable to add them though.

Like it or not, book promotion is important if you want to have a chance of selling any books. The only problem is, it can be quite expensive. Well, most of the time. However, here are some ways you can promote your work for free, as well as some other ideas for marketing and promotion. Also, take a look at these ways to maintain an interactive blog, and create a fan base.

Quick tip: instead of just promoting your book, share what you've learned, and give readers a reason to return to your blog and profile/page on social media sites.

Are you an author who uses Facebook for part of your book marketing? If you are, you may want to be aware of these three changes, which may be important for you to know about, or may not, depending on how you market.

Hey, do you want to make a career out of your writing? Check out these tips to start (or restart) your writing career; they're a good place to start your journey as a professional writer, as well as being good tips for those who have been doing it for a while and need the reminder.

Before I end this week's writing themed post, I'd like to request that all struggling authors, please read this.


Jeanie said...

Excellent tips, especially the ones on marketing inexpensively/free and the front pages! Who knew?

Victoria Zigler said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the tips.