Sunday, February 12, 2017

Embrace #Hygge, And Create A Beautiful Life (FD)

Last month, I read this post from Jeanie about Hygge. Jeanie links to more information on it in her post, so I won't bother doing so, since you can just check out the links in her post. I wasn't aware of it until I saw Jeanie's post (despite the fact it's supposedly everywhere over here). But I think it's a wonderful concept. Kind of like Deanna's mission of creating a beautiful life.

The short version though, for those who want it, is that Hygge is comfort. It's creating a cozy atmosphere for yourself and your family, and turning the place you live in from a house in to a home. It's finding a few moments of peace, in an otherwise stress filled day. It's indulging in your favourite things, just because you can.

Though I hadn't heard of Hygge until I read Jeanie's post, I'd been embracing it for a while without knowing I was, because I was following Deanna's advice about creating a beautiful life, and that's what Hygge is. Hygge is doing the things that make you feel happy and content, like curling up with a mug of cocoa while reading or watching TV, taking a long bubble bath, sitting down with a mug of tea and taking the time to just enjoy it, cooking a fancy meal from scratch even though you're the only one who'll be eating it, or just relaxing in the company of those you care about (whether that be family, friends, pets, or whatever). But it's also creating a sanctuary where, for just a short while, you and your loved ones can enjoy some peace from the chaos of the world.

So, embrace Hygge for yourself, and create your own beautiful life.


Jeanie said...

You nailed it, Tori. Don't need links when you have a great explanation like that! And isn't it wonderful when you realize that this is exactly what you are doing? I'm glad you have a hygge life!

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks! Also, thanks for writing the post that inspired this one.

Danielle L Zecher said...

I hadn't heard of Hygge either until Jeanie's great post on it. I like your explanation as well. I think one of the best compliments is to be told your home is welcoming.

Victoria Zigler said...

Indeed! Also, I'm glad you liked my explanation of it too. I'm also glad it wasn't just me who hadn't heard of it before.

Deanna said...

I've only recently become aware of hygge myself. It was mentioned in a Facebook group and I read a book about it. I just love the concept! And now I'm going to go take a look at Jeanie's blog. :)

Victoria Zigler said...

I knew it was a concept you'd like, given how similar it is to what you're trying to do yourself.