Monday, December 10, 2007

Music, nap attempt and movies

Kelly went in to town to run a few errands for me today, and while he was gone I listened to some CDs I'd written from some of the mp3s I have on my PC. All the Cds I did are full of Christmas music. I have a load more mp3s I want to put on ordinary music CDs, but I'm out of blank CDs now, so they will have to wait until I can get some more.

Since I'd had a late night, but an early morning, I decided about 2:00 pm I'd take a nap. So, I settled on the sofa (if I lay on the sofa it's more likely to just be a nap, if I go to bed I don't usually get up after only a couple of hours, so it puts my sleep pattern out of whack). I guess I wasn't meant to have a nap though. First Kero wanted to play with me, so I played with him for a few minutes, then gave him a treat and told him to go take his treat for a nap. Which he did. Then Chance climbed on me, lost his footing and stuck his claws in my leg. I scooped him up and cuddled him in to me, which was fine for a few minutes, but then he decided I wasn't comfy enough for him. So, he started kneading my arm. I told him to "quit it" and he did for a while, but each time I almost fell asleep he started up again. After a good half an hour of this, I shoved him off the sofa and tried again to get to sleep.

I was almost asleep when I heard a "CRASH" from over near the PCs. Got up to check it out and found Sakura in the little bin that "should have been" on a little table beside my PC, but was on its side on the floor... *Sigh* So, I yelled at her, put the bin back, and went back to the sofa. A few minutes later (at most) there was another "CRASH" and I went to investigate again, only to find Sakura was in the bin AGAIN! So, this time I took the bin with me and placed it under the coffee table at the end of the sofa my head was, then cuddled back in to my blanket to try again for my nap. I was just dropping off to sleep when I heard a "clang" sort of noise. And, guess what? When I reached under the coffee table, there was Sakura with her head in the bin (which was on its side again). Every time I was dropping off to sleep, Sakura snuck past me, crawled under the table and stuck her head in the bin. Even when I started swatting her on the butt it didn't stop her. So, I removed the thing I assumed she was after (the wrapper from the tuna, sweetcorn, cheese and onion baguette hubby brought home for me) in hopes that would stop her. It didn't at first, but after a while she gave up... Thankfully! By this time it was coming up to 3:15 pm, and I was starting to wonder if I should just give up. I figured I'd try until 4:00 pm, and if I didn't get to sleep by then I'd give up.

I had almost gotten to sleep when the phone rang. It was the police man who's writing the letter for me. He called to let me know he's written the letter and spoken to the housing officer we're dealing with to tell her it's going to be sent either tonight or tomorrow morning, so she should have it by the end of the week. He also told her that he thinks we should be moved out of here as quickly as possible (which is what I'd hoped he'd tell her). He's still hoping to come talk to us in a couple of days, but wanted to let me know what he was doing. I thanked him very much for his help several times, then said "goodbye" and hung up. By the time I was done talking to the police man (I do know his name, but don't want to publish it on my blog) it was about 3:40 pm, so I gave up on the idea of a nap and went to get Kelly up (he was napping in the bedroom, with Kero) and tell him what he'd said. So, like I said, I don't think I was meant to take a nap.

I've just finished watching a movie called "A Christmas Without Santa Claus" which is a movie about a Christmas when Santa Claus has had enough and wants to cancel Christmas. But two of his elves go out in to the human world to find someone who can show Santa that people still have the Christmas spirit inside them so they can persuade Santa not to cancel Christmas. It's a good movie. Really funny in places too.

"A Christmas On Chestnut Street" is on again, so I'm going to have another go at watching the whole thing. Maybe I'll get to see it all this time? LOL!

They've just said on the TV (just before "A Christmas On Chestnut Street" started) that all next week - from December 17th to December 23rd - Sky movies will be showing nothing but Christmas movies. Cool! Guess what I'm doing most of next week? LOL!

Right, I'm going to watch this movie! Enjoy what ever's left of your day.


P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my friend, David, whose birthday is today.


AliceKay said...

I've had times like that where I really need a short nap, but as soon as I lay my head down, the phone will ring (usually more than once) and the cat will want out and other odd things happen. So I tell myself, forget this, and get up.

Tori_Z said...

Yeah, that's often how things work... Unfortunately.

LadyStyx said...

*nods* Same here. Seems like every morning Im wanting to sleep in late (which is most mornings considering Im a night owl) the phone rings ad nauseum....every 45-60 minutes. If it's not that then it's the damn cat playing with the dog's food (she chases the kibbles around and likes to eat it too....).

ChicagoLady said...

We have a couple channels that show nothing but Christmas movies in December (ok, mostly only Christmas movies), Lifetime and ABC Family. Tonight on ABC Family was Mary Poppins, not very Christmasy, lol. And on Lifetime was The Road To Christmas, starring Jennifer Grey (of Dirty Dancing).

Tori_Z said...

That's how it usually happens. There's always something!

Yeah, my cats like to eat the dog biscuits too.

Cool. Nothing's done in such a large scale over here as it is over there. We don't even have Christmas parades over here :(