Saturday, December 15, 2007

Tree and movies

Kelly got the new bulb for my tree today (Saturday) and now my new tree is all lit up (see photo above this text). I'm really pleased, because I'd hate to have a Christmas without a Christmas tree. I mean, what would we put the presents under? LOL! Besides, it didn't feel right without a tree in the corner of my living room.

While Kelly had the camera out to take a photo of the tree, I had him do some Christmas themed photos of the furbabies (see post below this one). It's a shame Sakura and Chance were having none of it, and Sirius was asleep.

I've watched a few movies over the last 24 hours, so since I don't have much to talk about I'll tell you about them.

The first one was called "'Twas The Night" and was about a kid and his con-artist uncle who accidentally knock Father Christmas out cold, because they think he's a burglar or something. Then "Danny" and his uncle "Nick" take his sleigh with the intension of getting all the presents delivered for him. Well, that's Danny's plan anyway, Nick has other ideas. The only thing is that Father Christmas comes round, and thinks they've just stolen the sleigh, so he's trying to get it back. It was a pretty good movie, actually.
After that, I watched "Christmas With The Kranks" and "A Christmas On Chestnut Street" again, because there wasn't much else on at that point. Besides, they're both pretty good movies, so I didn't mind seeing them again.
Then I watched "The Rescuers" which is a cute little Disney movie about two mice from the "Rescue Aid Society" called "Bianca" and "Bernard" who have to find and rescue a little girl called "Penny" who has been kidnapped from the orphanage she was living in by a pair of crooks who want her to find a diamond for them in a small, dark, damp cave. I've seen it before, and think it's a really sweet movie.
Then, this afternoon, I watched "Antz" which is an animated movie about an ant named "Zee" who isn't happy with the way things work in his ant hill. Only ever seen it once before, and only ended up watching it by accident today (turned the TV to "Sky Movies Family" just as it was starting) but it's a good movie.
Right now, I'm watching a movie called "The Holiday" which is a movie about two women - "Amanda" and "Iris" - who sort of swap lives (and homes) for the holidays because they aren't happy with how their lives are. It's an "OK" movie, but I've seen better. It's almost over, and I still haven't really been able to get in to it.
So, there you go. Now you know about all the movies I've watched last night and today, and what I thought of them. And, since I haven't really done anything else today, I guess I'll end this post and go see if anyone else has posted on their blogs tonight.


KAYLEE said...

IS this christmas tree getting decorated? How are you doing Tori?

Jayde_Bramblerose said...

wow thats a lovely tree tori, you must feel really like christmas now that you have some where to put the presents.

Tori_Z said...

No. The reason we get fibre optic trees is that we can't put ornaments on our tree or the cats (especially Sakura and Megan) pull them off and damage the tree (and quite often the ornaments) in the process. I'm not sure how well it shows in the photo, but it lights up quite nicely, so wouldn't need much decorating even if we had planned to decorate it.

And, I'm fine by the way. My cold is still lingering a bit, but I think it's starting to go away. How are you doing?

Yes it does.

KAYLEE said...

I am great!!!!! :) Thats awesome :P

Tori_Z said...

Glad to hear that Kaylee! :)

KAYLEE said...

Thank you its great to feel this way.Hopefully It stays this way;)

Deb said...

Hugs and love being sent your way. I would love for you to let me know your fav color or colors. Have a safe and happy holiday.

Tori_Z said...

My fav colours are red and purple.


Kati said...

That is a pretty little Christmas tree, Tori!!!! Thanks for sharing it with us!!!

Hope you're having a fabulous weekend!!!

Tori_Z said...

Thanks Kati. I am. Hope you are too. :)