Monday, August 01, 2016

More From #HastingsPeer On #HastingsPirateDay 2016 (FD)

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, Kelly and I went to the pirate activities on the peer especially to see it now it's open again. You can see our actual pirate themed photos in yesterday's post, if you haven't already checked those out. Anyway, the above photo was taken from on the peer, from the point where I'm standing in this next photo:

I was stood by the railing near the start of the peer, very close to where there's a cafe, which we ate our lunch at. Our lunch wasn't anything fancy, just an egg and mayo sandwich for me, and a ham and mustard one for Kelly, and a fizzy drink. Still, it was nice sitting on the peer, enjoying the breeze coming in from the ocean, while eating our lunch.

The rail I was stood at when the above photos were taken wasn't too far from where the outside tables and chairs for the cafe were set up. This was the view looking back towards the street from where we were sat:

After our lunch, we took a walk to the end of the peer, and got a shot of the view out to sea, looking towards France...

Then we turned around, and took a photo looking back down the peer towards the street, before heading back...

It was quite a warm day, as you may be able to tell from the photos. Or, maybe you can't? Well, it was, anyway. So, by the time we'd walked along the peer and back, I was in need of something to cool me down. Luckily, the ice-cream cart that I hear from my window most days was there, so I had a strawberry cheesecake ice-cream from him.

I was just eating my ice-cream when our friends Lorna and Andy, and Lorna's friends Kaye and Robyn, all arrived. As long as we're remembering them the right way around, this next photo is me with Lorna and Kaye (we know one is Lorna... We know her well enough... But sorry Kaye if we got you and Robyn mixed up).

As you can see, they were dressed a bit more appropriately for pirate day than Kelly and I were. Still, we weren't the only ones not dressed up, and it was so hot there was no way I'd have wanted to wear a costume even if I'd had one to wear.

Anyway, after I was done with my ice-cream, we headed back on to the peer for some more fun.

A lot of the peer is devoted to the fairground type stuff that you get on most peers, including a Punch and Judy show, and a few games and rides. But the thing that really captured our attention was something all of us - well, all of us women anyway - were eager to go on. The carousel!

Lorna had seen that it was there the week before, and asked the guy running it if it was OK for us all to ride on it, what with us being adults, and me being of the larger persuasion. He said he saw no reason why not, so we arranged to meet up so we could ride together before Kaye and Robyn had to go home.

The guy was fantastic, and made sure to stop the carousel with one of the horses perfectly positioned to make it as easy as possible for me to get on it. Even so, since my leg was aching from all the walking, I wasn't entirely certain if I'd be able to get up on it. However, I REALLY wanted to ride on a horse rather than the sleigh (which would have been easier for me to climb on, but not quite as cool) so I was determined I was going to get on a horse. It hurt to do it, but I got up there...

Then Lorna got on a horse beside me, Kaye and Robyn got on horses in front of us, and we were off...

The guy running it made sure to stop the carousel with my horse in a good position for me to get off it. Even so, he had to help me get back off the horse, and my leg hurt so much I pretty much had to crawl up the last few stairs when I got home. But it was so totally worth it for a carousel ride!

It was a great day, though I was hot and exhausted afterwards. Not to mention, I ended up with a sunburned nose (which is still not completely healed). I also caught the sun a bit more than was comfortable on my cane arm. The other one was OK, because it was shielded by first Kelly and then Lorna while they were guiding me. But my cane arm had no human shield to protect it from the worst of the sun's rays. Still totally worth it for the carousel ride if nothing else though, so I'm not complaining in the least.


Jeanie said...

Despite being sore after all the walking and such, it looks like you had a fabulous day! Ice cream and carousels -- it does not get better than that! I loved the photos -- such fun to see this celebration. And your weather looked perfect!

Intense Guy said...

More nice photos!! I didn't realize Hastings was so built up on the waterfront!

The pier looks like a lot of fun - did they have other rides too?

And you had a blast on the merry-go-round. I hope you go again and are more comfortable doing so (before and after!)

Victoria Zigler said...

Yeah, the weather was beautiful, and it was a great day.

Oh, yeah, there are plenty of buildings so close to the waterfront you can practically step out of them in to the ocean, and around the area of the peer, and stretching towards the old part of town, there are all sorts of touristy things like the mini golf course, the aquarium, etc, as well as enough cafes that we could probably eat at a different one each day and not have to repeat ourselves for about a month (no, we haven't tried them all). Some of the stuff is open all year round, and some of it is only open during the Summer season. And, yes, there were other rides and fairground atractions, but I was much more interested in the carousel, so didn't pay much attention to what else was about.

Rita said...

It looks like it was worth it!!
Do you have sciatica? With you just mentioning one leg it made me wonder. I get it in my right leg and not my left. Anyways, sweet that you ran into your friends! :)

Victoria Zigler said...

No, I don't. At least, not that I know of. It is my right leg, but I'm pretty sure it's from when I tore the tendons in the past (I've torn the tendons in my right ankle twice, and in my right knee once). I've had issues with my right leg since the first time I tore the tendons in the ankle (when I was about seven) though it's a lot worse these days. But, anyway, it was so totally worth it!