Saturday, August 27, 2016

#SciFi #Book Release: Jeffrey The Orange Alien

Eager to see the universe, and hoping to make some new friends from far off places, Jeffrey the Zuling decides to take a trip to another planet.

With such similarities in appearance between Zulings and Earthlings, he decides to start with a visit to planet Earth. But his introductions to the planet’s native creatures don’t go quite as planned, and Jeffrey soon finds himself wondering if he should have just stayed at home on Omega Zulu 8.

Is he right? Join Jeffrey on his trip to Earth, and judge for yourself!

The above is the description for my latest story. It's called "Jeffrey The Orange Alien" and is the story that was inspired by the Story Dice session with my brother, Carl, which I posted about back in March. It's only a simple science fiction story, but I hope those who read it enjoy it.

When I decided to hold on to the story and expand on it, I made a note of my dice so as to post them when I announced the release of this story... In case anyone is curious. We were playing with five dice (you can do anything up to 10 on the Story Dice app) and my dice were: alien, blue ribbon, fire hydrent, microphone, and swimming pool. If you want to know how they all fit in to the story, you'll have to read the book.

Also, in case you're curious about the origin of the name of the planet, or the name of the creatures from it... The name of the planet Jeffrey comes from was one of the suggestions made for me by the planet name generator, and I made up the creature name based on randomly placing "ling" or "ian" after parts of the planet name (since creatures from various planets usually get called something ending in "ian" or "ing" - take the words "Martian" and "Earthling" for example) and then deciding which I liked best. Jeffrey himself also went through a couple of different shapes before I decided on the shape that worked best for this story, and even then had his appearance tweaked slightly when I liked how Jacob drew him for the cover more than my own version of him. I'd have made him an orange cone-head alien, if it had worked for the story. I nearly did anyway, but - as I already mentioned - the shape didn't work for what I wanted for the story.

This story may have started life as a piece of flash fiction, but as I took the time to tidy up the rough edges, expand on the story, and so on, it grew in length a fair bit. Now it's a few thousand words long, is ready to be set free to take its chances out in the big wide world, and today is its official release date.

You can already buy the eBook version from Smashwords in all formats they offer, as well as from Barnes & Noble, the Apple iBookstore, and Kobo, and will be able to get it from a few other places Smashwords distributes to soon. That means there are plenty of options for reading it, so you'll be able to find one that works for you, regardless of your prefered method of reading eBooks.

If you prefer a physical book, don't worry! The paperback will become available as soon as it can be arranged... Hopefully very soon. Watch my Wednesday posts for an announcement of its availability.


Intense Guy said...

I enjoyed this story. Anyone familiar with the OCHA's would enjoy it too!

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks... I'm glad you enjoyed it!