Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sleep, Sky and other stuff

It took me a bit longer than I'd hoped to get to sleep last night, but I still slept better than I slept over the last couple of nights. Finally got to bed around 11:00 pm, since it took me until gone 10:00 pm to finish my blog post because of stopping part way through to go up and speak to my neighbours (since I heard that they were at home, but still up). So, by the time I'd done everything I needed to before bed (like take Kero out for a last pee in the yard, make sure Sirius has food and water, etc) it was about 11:00 pm. Finally got to sleep a little after 2:00 am, and slept right through until some time between 9:00 and 10:00 am, when Kelly was telling me he was leaving to go do the shopping. Went back to sleep for about an hour, and got up some time between 10:30 and 11:00 am (not sure exactly when... It's not important.

So, anyway, Kelly went and did the shopping, and got home almost an hour after I got up, bringing a tuna, sweetcorn, cheese and onion baguette home with him for me. And, yes, I did enjoy it.

Kelly also picked up our Freeview box, but unfortunately the aerial is out of stock, so we still can't use it until we have an aerial (didn't need one for Sky, so never brought one). We still have the Sky for a couple of weeks so that's no big deal really. Or, it wouldn't have been if it wasn't for the fact I think the Sky box has finally given up the ghost, so to speak. The weather's not been too great, so I wasn't sure if I'd get a picture, but thought I'd try anyway since the rain had calmed down to a light drizzle. Turned the TV on, tried to turn the Sky box on. Nothing. So, we turned off the TV, turned the plug off at the wall for a bit, and tried again. After a few attempts the Sky box flickered to life. Then froze before it had even attempted to re-set itself. This time we couldn't get it turned off, and it was stuck at the point where it tells us it's going to reset itself. So, off go the TV and the plug again. When we tried again the box wouldn't turn back on. That was about three hours ago, and we're still having no luck. *Sigh* So, it looks like we have no TV until we can get an aerial (hopefully Friday). I wouldn't mind so much, but the people from Sky insist I have to pay for the rest of this month (even though I can't watch it) so, until the start of February, I'm paying for a subscription to something I can't use. Then they wonder why I'm canceling my subscription! They'd come fix it, but I'm not paying £70 for them to come out and fix it for just a few weeks, even if I thought they would (last time I had them out to fix the Sky they just re attached a wire the local kids had pulled out and left, charging me £70 for their time). Not to mention the fact I'd have to pay for a new Sky box if this one really has died, and I'm not paying for a box I would only want for a couple of weeks. Besides, with the Sky's history of not working if the weather gets bad it wouldn't be worth the time or money involved. It's easier and cheaper for me to just get the Freeview box set up and pay them their final bill (which is nearly £30). Especially since I'd have to pay that bill either way.

I forgot to say yesterday that our final fish died. Well, he was technically Elizabeth's fish, but we've been looking after him for a little over three years. So, we no longer have any fish, since Kian was our last fish. And, no, we don't plan on getting any more fish. He lasted quite well though, I think Elizabeth said she'd had him for a good year before we got him, and he was a stupid fish who kept jumping up so high out of his tank that until we put a cover over it he kept ending up on the floor. So, how he survived for so long is anyone's guess.

The story I chose to start listening to last night was called "The Tenderness Of Wolves" and it's by someone called Stef Penney. It was one of the audio books I'd stumbled across and put on my "stuff I want" list for people to buy from for me for Christmas. Listened to some of it today too, and am about a third of the way through the story. So far, so good.

Anyway, despite not getting up until gone 10:30 am, I was ready for a nap by about 1:30 pm. I guess I still had some sleep I needed to catch up on. It certainly seemed to be the case, because I fell asleep quite quickly, and never woke again until around 4:30 pm. And, yes, I do feel better for it.

OK, well, I think that covers just about everything, since the only other things I really did today were put away the stuff Kelly got when he went shopping, and check everyone's blogs for new posts (leaving comments on any new posts I found).

Enjoy whatever's left of your day.


P.S. Just wanted to let anyone who's posted comments on my poetry page know that I have read them. I always check for comments on my poems, I just don't often reply to them. So, thank you to the people who commented on my poems, and thank you in advance to anyone who posts comments on my poems in the future. Your comments - good or bad - are very much appreciated. The same goes for any comments left on my story page.


LadyStyx said...

A nap sounds good. Past my bedtime here. Gonna go in in a bit.

Man I hate companies like that.

R.I.P. little fishie

Tori_Z said...

Yeah, this is partly why I've decided to change to Freeview. Don't have to deal with companies. We just buy the box, and if it breaks and we can't fix it we just replace it. In the meantime we don't have to pay to watch it..