Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Forgot it was half-term

When I took Kero outside earlier I wondered why there were so many kids around. I mean, it wasn't even 1:30 pm. Then I remembered that this week is "half-term" and the mystery was solved. LOL!

Normally I'd go back indoors as soon as I could with all those kids home, but it's such a beautiful day that I decided to stay outside for a while. I didn't stay outside as long as I'd have liked to though, but it was lovely being out there in the warm, sunny, Spring weather we're having and listening to the sounds of the birds chirping and singing, and the children playing. I was actually quite pleased to learn that at least most of the local kids - the under 10s anyway - seemed to be outside playing. That's what they should be doing on a beautiful day like this. Admitedly this meant I didn't feel too comfortable staying outside for too long because of the hastle I've had from some of the older kids, but it's still good to know the kids aren't all sat at home in front of TVs and computers.


We called the housing officer from the council this morning, and he assures us that he has done as he promised and passed our info on to his colegues (think that's spelled right, but not sure). He says we're now at the top of the list for a 2 bedroom house or ground floor flat that has a garden, and as soon as one becomes available in one of the areas we've requested (which he says shouldn't take more than a couple of months, at most) we'll be contacted to arrange to see the property and see if we want to accept it. Now that the bit about needing properties to be adapted for me has been cleared up it should help to speed the process along. And the fact we've agreed that "if it's suitable" we'll accept another ground floor flat helps too. So, basically it's a waiting game now.

Mam also called the doctor (again) about the fact she's still sick. He agreed it had gone on too long to just be an ordinary cold, or something that asthma inhalers will clear up. So, he had her come in for a proper check-up. Turns out she had Bronchile Pneumonia (don't know if I spelled that right) so she's got some medication for it. Maybe now she'll actually get better properly?

Mam's friend Kelly was waiting to be Mam's co-driver to take me to Asda, but by the time Mam had seen the doctor I didn't really want to go any more (if we'd gone to Asda we'd have had to rush around doing the shopping to be home for when Kelly needed to be home, and I don't do rushing). So, my Kelly went in to Tesco for me instead. Mam and her friend Kelly came down and had a cup of tea with me, then Mam remembered she needed to go in to town too, so they went in to town and found my Kelly and ended up bringing him and our shopping back for us.

We really need an easier way to distinguish between the two Kellys than "my Kelly" and "Mam's friend Kelly"... Preferably one that means a little less typing. LOL! Ah, well... Moving on...

I spent most of the afternoon alternating between checking people's blogs and making trips out in to the yard. Some of the trips were because Kero wanted out, but many of them were just my excuses to go out in to the beautiful sunshine. But, I don't think Kero minded that. LOL! He did get a bit upset about the fact my Mam and her friend Kelly didn't stay long though, but that can't be helped.

You can tell the sun is starting to set, because it's starting to get a bit chilly. It's OK though, because I've got a load of washing that needs to go in the dryer, which I'll put on in a bit (there are washing lines out in the communal garden, but there are only three between six of us, so it's next to impossible to get to use one). Putting the dryer on will warm the place up a bit, and that's all it really needs. Plus, we'll be sorting dinner soon, so that means the oven will be going on in a bit as well. That means we wont have to worry about "trying" to persuade the heating to work this evening.

I think that just about covers things for today. Besides, it's already taken me longer than it should have to write this, because I stopped half way through and took Kero outside for a while to enjoy a last bit of sun before it started to set.

Enjoy whatever's left of your day :)



LadyStyx said...

*hugz* to mam with wishes of feeling better.

Glad hear you'll more than likely be getting moved sooner than later.

How great you had some beautiful weather that you could get out and enjoy.

Tori_Z said...

Will pass the hugs and wishes on to Mam.

I'm glad too. Can't wait for it to be over with and for us to be settled in to a new place (hopefully to stay this time).

Jayde_Bramblerose said...

big hugs to your " mam " and hope she gets better real soon now that the doctor has found out what is really wrong.

glad you and kero are enjoying the lovely sunshine.

ChicagoLady said...

I hope your mam gets better soon. Bronchial Pneumonia isn't fun.

Please send some beautiful weather this direction? I promise I'll try really hard to send you some snow!

KAYLEE said...

i may have cancer!!!!!!! that is what doctors think i have! that is the news but, havent said anything on my blog yet! am not ready to emotionally yet! glad that yopur housing situation is getting better and your mum is getting proper care now! hope yo are well?


AliceKay said...

*hugs Kaylee*

Want some snow, Tori? It's snowing in Pennsylvania and we have a few inches on the ground. It's supposed to switch over to sleet and freezing rain soon, tho. :\ It was 0F this morning at 6:30, 12F early this afternoon, and right now (8PM my time) it's 18F. If I could send some snow your way, I certainly would.

Hope your mam feels better soon. *hugs*

KAYLEE said...

Alicekay thank you :) and if Tori dont want that snow would you ship it too arizona???????? ;) I Want it!

Kati said...

Sounds like a lovely day for you. I'm sorry to hear that your mom's dealing with pneumonia, though. It's certainly making the rounds here as well. I hope your mom feels better quickly, now that she's being properly medicated.

Wishing you more sunny springy days this week!

Tori_Z said...

I'll pass on all hugs, etc to my Mam. I'm sure she'll appreciate them.

Also, though I am enjoying this lovely Spring weather, I would be willing to swap some of this sunshine with someone in exchange for some snow. Snow is so rare here that I always look forward to it. So, anyone who successfully sends me snow can have some sunshine. *grins*

I'm sorry to hear your news. *hugs* I was hoping you'd have some good news from the hospital :(