Friday, February 01, 2008

"Damn you to a Willow house"

When my Mam is getting annoyed with the furkids (be it mine or her own) she says, "damn you to a sausage factory!" So, she said it to Sakura (our eldest cat) on Wednesday, and the following conversation was the result:

Mam (to Sakura): Damn you to a sausage factory!
Me: Actually, she'd probably be quite happy to go to one.
Mam: Well... Then damn you to a Willow house!
Me (laughing): To a what?
Mam: A Willow house
Me (still laughing): Where the hell did that come from?
Mam: Well, she leaves whenever I bring Willow down, doesn't she?
Me: Well, yes
Mam: So, she wouldn't want to visit Willow's house, would she?
Me: No, she probably wouldn't
Mam (triumphantly): There you are then!

And, it seems Mam was right, because the threat worked much better than "damn you to a sausage factory" ever has. LOL!