Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day 2008

Didn't get around to doing a post yesterday, so a belated "Happy Valentine's Day" to everyone :)

If you scroll down past this post you can see the Eeyore slippers I had for Valentine's Day from Kelly. I also had some choccies and a really nice card. We don't tend to stick to the traditional gifts as a rule, we just get each other what the other wants, if that makes sense. Kelly was going to get me some of those fluffy bunny slippers you can get, but he couldn't find a pair and wasn't going in to Swansea just for a pair of bunny slippers. He was just about to give up and go look for something else for me when he spotted the Eeyore slippers. I'm a big fan of Eeyore, so he knew I'd like them, and brought them for me. *Smiles happily* Gotta love Eeyore! He's so cute! Besides, stuff with Eeyore's picture on it generally comes in purple (my favourite colour) so if nothing else, that's a reason to like him. LOL!

I also did a post to show you the little teddy we got for Kero (couldn't leave our little man out). So, if you look below the Eeyore slippers post you can see those photos too. One is just Kero's teddy, the other is Kero with the teddy.


We did go out to dinner. Mam wasn't feeling 100% but was determined to go out for dinner. She'd been looking forward to it since we arranged it (almost a month ago) and wasn't going to let being sick stop her going. And people say I'm the stubbourn one? LOL!

So, we went to an all you can eat Chinese resteraunt. I think it's called "China China" or something like that. It was quite nice, but I didn't think much of the service (took us about 5 minutes to get our drinks ordered, and when Kelly wanted another it took us 10 minutes to get the attention of the waitress hanging around a foot or so from our table). On top of that, there wasn't much of a variety, and half of what was there didn't taste like it should have (like crispy duck that tasted more like a chicken nugget, only so spicy even Mam thought it was a bit too spicy). So, although it was a nice evening, I'm not really all that eager to go back again. I'd rather pay a little extra and go eat at "The Royal Kitchen" which is the Chinese place I love, because the most enjoyable part about the evening (apart from the company) was the price (£41.96 for the four of us, including drinks). It would have cost about twice that if we went to The Royal Kitchen and ate as much as we did at China China. But, I'd rather pay more and enjoy myself more. The all you can eat Chinese resteraunt up in Norwich that Mam and I went to with Rachel was fantastic, so I know it's not just all you can eat Chinese places in general, and that I'm not just being bias because of liking The Royal Kitchen so much. This particular place just wasn't to my liking. It wasn't too bad, just not the best place I've eaten at.



theteacher said...

Glad you liked the chinese place here. Maybe we should all go there the night before the wedding. Anyway, glad valentines was good. Carl got me a teddy from the bear factory that wears a dressing gown, the new Evenessence album, the new Manics album and series 1 and 2 of the Mighty Boosh.

Jayde_Bramblerose said...

glad ytou all enjoyed yourself at your meal.

glad you had a nice valentines day.

LadyStyx said...

The slippers look comfy. I prefer the little ballerina style ones myself though (Im not one that likes anything on my feet to begin with anyhow). Glad mam made it out. At least now you know where your stubborn streak comes from. ~grinz~ I hear you on being particular as to which Chinese restaurant you eat at. There arent many I'll even go to to be honest.

Kaylee said...

thank you!!!!!!!! i just came too say that i appreciate all the support that you are giving me :)

Karen said...

well tori chinese is my favourite take away! but i do agree with you that the food wasn't to the standard we are used to from chinese resturants we are used to but we gave it a try x

Tori_z said...

That sounds like a great idea :)

Glad you had a great Valentine's Day and got some great pressies.

Thanks :)

I don't like stuff on my feet all the time, but where it keeps being so cold I have been putting something on my feet quite a bit lately. Plus, the idea of the slippers is to keep my feet warm when taking Kero out. LOL! And, yes, they are comfy. :)

You're very welcome. But you don't need to thank me. I always try to be there for those who I count as my friends. *hugs*

Yes, we went there and tried. At least we can say we gave them a fair trial :)