Sunday, February 03, 2008

Sunday's nonsense

It's really cold here, and the weather people keep saying we'll get snow. We aren't getting any though. We're getting more sun than snow. There was a bit of rain yesterday, but other than that it's been dry. The wind is one of those bitter winds that cut through you're clothes when you go outside (no matter how many layers you're wearing) and make it sound like you have a pack of wolves howling at your windows and doors. I'm glad we've got our nice, warm quilt to curl up under, and that we don't have to go anywhere.

We were going to be going to my parents' place for dinner, but my Mam's not feeling too well still, so instead we're staying home, and Kelly's cooking a shepherds' pie and peas for our dinner later.

After loads of patient coaxing, I've managed to convince Kero that he can jump up on the bed by himself. I got one of his favourite treats, showed him I had it, then sat in the middle of the bed with it and called him. After about 20 minutes the fact he wanted the treat must have over-powered his fear of not making the jump, because he jumped up on the bed for his treat. I did it a few times, and each time it took him a little less time to jump up. By this morning he was jumping up on the bed without any coaxing again. When he did this both Kelly and I praised him like mad. We acted like he'd just won the lottery for us or something. He probably thought we'd gone nuts, but we wanted him to know that we were pleased with him. He's now stretched out on my side of the bed beside Kelly, and they're both fast asleep.

We got the reminder card for taking Sakura in for her shots. It arrived yesterday. I already knew she needed to go this week though. It's just a matter of figuring out when. Looks like it'll be either Wednesday morning or Friday morning, because one or the other of us is busy the other mornings, and we need us both free so that Kero doesn't have to be dragged along to the vet trip. Kelly's busy tomorrow (he's going in to town to run a couple of errands), Mam is taking me to Asda Tuesday, and Thursday I have to go to the doctor for those blood tests. So, like I said, that means it'll have to be Wednesday or Friday. Maybe I'll see when Mam is taking Willow in for her shots (Willow and Sakura's shots are due the same time) and Kelly and Sakura can grab a lift with them instead of having to wait for a bus. It used to be me who'd take the furbabies in to the vet, but it's much easier for Kelly to go now, and makes no sense for both of us to go. Especially when it's for one of the cats and not Kero. But even for Kero it makes more sense for just Kelly to go, because otherwise he'd have to lead me while trying to deal with Kero (Kero hates busy roads, and we have to walk along one to get from the bus stop to the vet). At least without me there he can concentrate on the furkid. And if the routine check became something where a majour decision had to be made, I'm sure he'd call me to ask my opinions. He'd never make a majour decision with any of the furkids without consulting me first.

I finished listening to "The Hobbit" by J R R Tolkein (I think I got the i and e the right way around). I don't know how I ended up never hearing the story before, especially with my Dad loving the story so much (and having it on cassette for as long as I can remember). Oh, well, I've listened to it now. Anyway, for those who don't know, it's the story of a hobbit named "Bilbo Baggins" and the adventures he has when trying to help a group of dwarves to defeat a dragon and reclaim their stolen treasure. And, yes, I did enjoy it.

Haven't figured out what I'll be listening to next, but will let you know either once I've decided, or once I've listened to it. Depending on when I get around to choosing it, and how long it takes me to listen to it.

Yesterday (Feb 2nd) was Imbolc. Last year Kero and I went for a long walk and took some really nice photos (or, I thought they were really nice, anyway). This year we didn't though. For one thing I don't feel confident taking walks around here without another human in tow any more. For another thing, it was so cold that even Kero didn't want to be outside. I usually like to do a little something to at least acknowledge the Pagan holidays/sabbats (whatever you want to call them) but I have to admit that yesterday I really didn't feel up to doing anything other than curling up in a blanket listening to my story. And, other than when I was trying to convince Kero that he can still jump on the bed by himself, that's all I did. Still, hope you had a good day, and that you managed to find signs that Spring is on it's way where you live.

By the way, you still have time to ask questions on that post, so if there's something else you wanted to ask - or, if you haven't asked me anything yet, but wanted to ask me something - then you still have time to do so.

Right, well, I think that's enough of my nonsense for now. LOL! :)

Hope you have a good day, however you choose to spend it :)



LadyStyx said...

It's been chilly here too. At least in my opinion it's chilly. If you go by the peeps who've been here longer you'd think it was nice out. I just cant wait to acclimate to this area. You should see the looks I get while out in my winter coat and everyone's in light sweat jackets (hoodies) or shirt sleeves. *bah*

*HUGZ* to Mam. Get well soon. Good you got Kero to get himself sorted out. Im betting he had just knocked the wind outta himself and that's what frightened him most.

I got a couple books at the secondhand book store last week that Im wanting to read but I want to get my needlework piece done first. I bought Eragon and Eldest. I suspect Eragon is going to turn out like ny other book...much better than the movie. Eldest, if they end up making that into a movie (I'd suspect they would considering it's part of a series but who knows) is going to end up watered down alot as the book is much thicker than the first. They really need to break the books up into 2-3 movies when they're this thick and preserve some of the written word..but that's just my opinion...

Kati said...

Hey Tori!!!! Glad to hear you got Kero to jump back up on the bed again. Also glad to hear that you enjoyed "The Hobbit" and I hope y'all have a nice, peaceful Sunday.

theteacher said...

The bunnies are due their shots soon. And so is Miri. The bunnies always jump onto my shoulder when they have their shots done as they are scardy cats! Or scardy bunnies I suppose!!

KAYLEE said...

I really hope that your mam feels better soon! I am not all that great today either but, I am gutting it out.

ChicagoLady said...

I'm glad Kero got his courage back and figured out he can still jump up on the bed.

I remember reading The Hobbit in grade school and enjoying it. But when I tried to read the first of the Two Towers books, I couldn't get past the first chapter. I'm sure I could now, though. It would be interesting to see if I still enjoy reading The Hobbit as much now, as I did way back then.

Tori_Z said...

It's funny, I'm cold, but I still wont wear anything thicker than a "sweat jacket" if I can help it. I don't like thick jackets, because they feel too heavy and warm. Yeah, I know, there's no pleasing some people. LOL! I do also have a waterproof jacket I put over my other jacket if it's really wet though.

Yeah, that's the only trouble when books are made in to movies. So much of the story is lost. And, even if that doesn't happen, things often get changed a bit because something you can write in a book and have the readers imagine is a lot more difficult to reproduce on the big screen.

Thanks. Hope you had a nice Sunday too. :)

LOL! Poor little guys. Still, at least they jump on your shoulder and don't jump on the floor and do a runner.

Hope you're feeling better soon *hugs*

Yes, it would be interesting to find out. :)

Intense Guy said...

I really enjoyed "The Hobbit". I think I read it four or five times (once without bothering to read the faux elven nonsense). :-)

I think it is the best of all the Lord of The Rings books. I've not seen any of the LOTR movies other than the first. The book is usually so much better than the resultant movie. Just a humble opinion :-)

Jayde_Bramblerose said...

its good to hear kero is managing to jump up on the bed again, and that he can pinch a blanket for hiself, " wonder if he thinks to hiself do they know i have pinched the blanket " lol.

glad you enjoyed " the hobbit " and grandma thinks " how come tori didnt listen to her dads tapes "???.

hope your mam is better soon give her my love,

Tori_Z said...

I agree, the book is usually better than the movie.

No reason why I didn't listen to Dad's tapes, I just never got around to it.