Monday, August 10, 2015

Monday's random mutterings - August 10th 2015

Remember how I mentioned last Monday about the thing I'd heard about our doctor surgery being closed?

Tuesday I called our doctor surgery, in hopes there would be a recorded message telling me where to call to see some other doctor; not because I needed to see one, but because I needed to know whether we had a doctor so I could find one if we didn't.

There wasn't... I got to speak to an actual person.

It turns out we do have a doctor. I have no idea what his or her name is, but we have one.

Apparently our doctor surgery was only closed for a short time - about a week, I think - due to a slight delay between when the old doctors and nurses were removed, and the new ones started working there.

I'm not entirely certain if they had taken the time to send out letters, or make phonecalls, to tell the patients about this. But, if they did, we wouldn't have gotten ours, since - as I suspectede - they still had the old details. So, I gave them the new address and phone number (again) while I was on the phone. Hopefully they got it this time.


The July reading challenge on one of the groups I'm a member of over on Goodreads was to complete at least one of the following:

1) Read a YA book.
2)Read a book released this month.
3) Read a book that has blue on the cover (Either the word, or the colour).
4) Read a book that takes place during summer.
5) Read 1500 pages.

I did numbers 1 and 4.

I read "Evolution" (E, #2) by Kate Wrath, which is a Young Adult book. Plus, I read "Summer's Cauldron" (Young Sorcerers Guild, #2) by G.L. Breedon, which is a story that takes place during Summer.

Since this is the group that hands out awards if you complete challenges, here's my award for completing this one:

I've also finnished my Goodreads 2015 reading goal.

Originally the goal was set for 150 books, but a few months ago - April, I think - I increased it to 200 books.

I've now read more than 200 books this year.

OK, I admit it... Part of this is due to many of them being short. But there's no rule about how long the books have to be, and they weren't all short books... A couple were well over 500 pages long, and many others weren't much shorter.

I sometimes wonder if I read too much.

But then I decide I don't care, and pick up the next book...


Conversation between my Mam and Emma (aged 5) while reading "A Very Degu Christmas" (one of my books):

Emma: "Nana, who is Santa Paws?"
My Mam: "You know who Santa Claus is?"
Emma: "Oh, yes!"
My Mam: "Well, Santa Paws is just Santa Claus for animals."
Emma (in a tone of utter amazement): "WOW! Santa just loves everyone, doesn't he?"

Slight pause while Emma thinks about something.

Emma: "Well... If you're good, anyway."


Intense Guy said...

Nice you still have a doctor. What's sad is all the confusion around it.

Laffs at Emma. She has always been precious.

Victoria Zigler said...

I agree on both counts.