Saturday, September 06, 2008

Hobbit photos

Here are the promised hobbit photos. They will eventually be painted... Kelly's going to do it for me. But I'm not sure when that will be. Will post photos of them again when they're painted.

In the meantime...

The hobbit beside the horse in this first photo is the hobbit that will later be mounted on said horse (actually, it's probably a pony... Unless it's meant to be a Shire Horse). But he can't be mounted on it until they're both painted because otherwise it makes painting both the hobbit and the horse/pony very difficult. He's not actually atatched to the base, I just rested him on it for the photo and because that's how he needs to be so Kelly can paint him anyway.

These are the other four hobbits. We call this photo "Four Hobbits Come To Dinner" because, after all, they are on our new table. Besides, I'm sure the hobbits would have no objections to staying for dinner. Anyone who knows anything about hobbits will agree with that. ;) LOL!


The tubby little hobbit is the one I mentioned in yesterday's post... The one that looks just like my Dad. If you've seen a photo of my Dad then you'll know it's true. If you haven't... Go take a look at the photos I posted of my parents at the start of August. Especially the ones I took in the gardens, because Dad's dressed more like himself in that photo and you'll see the resemblence better. LOL!



Jess said...

Have fun with the hobbits. How do they get put together? They look like solid metal.

Tori_z said...

It varies. The four hobbit guys just needed to be atatched to their bases, and the hobbit that goes on the horse just needs the bit of metal usually used to atatch them to bases to be removed once he's painted and then to be put on the horse. The horse was in two pieces though so I had to glue the two pieces together before atatching it to the base. And some figures come with extra items to atatch (like backpacks) or with their arms not atatched (often if the weapon or item they're holding sticks out a lot so could get broken while in packaging otherwise). And with some figures you actually have to atatch the upper body to the legs too. And sometimes you get figures (like the orc I put together the other day) that have to have their heads put on as well. It depends on the figure in question. Especially since - with some figures - you have the option of a couple of items you can choose to add. Like an arm with a gun or an arm with a sword, or a head with a mask/helmet on or one without, for example.

Jayde_Bramblerose said...

so thats the hobbits i wondered what they looked like, and yes i can see why you named the tubby one after your " dad ",lol, and i bet if your dad reads this he will say name a tubby female after your grandma,lol.:)

Kati said...

Wow.... They look so tiny!!! And such funny little stances!! Very cool, though!

Tori_z said...

LOL! I don't think there are female ones in this particular set.

They are really tiny. The tallest ones are about 2/3 of the length (or, in their case, height) of my little finger.

They're meant to be in positions that would suggest they're in mid battle. That's the only thing with them actually being figures for a table-top role-playing type game.