Monday, April 20, 2015

Monday's random mutterings - April 20th 2015

The above photo of the boats on the ocean was taken looking out of our living room window on Easter Monday.


We've had some beautiful weather lately!

Some days it's been warm enough that I'm very grateful for the fact there's always at least a slight breeze coming in from the ocean, since I don't do well with a lot of heat, and we don't have air conditioning (few places do over here).

I'm not 100% certain on temperatures, but I think it's been hovering around the low 20s C (lo 70s F). That's just on average though; some days it's been a bit cooler, other days it's been warmer. It's the days it's been warmer that I've been grateful for the sea breeze!


This past Wednesday was my appointment to go to the hospital to see the dentist.

My anemia didn't cause any problems - even though my iron level was quite low, according to the blood test they did last month - so that was a good thing, and meant I didn't end up staying in hospital.

The only real complication we had was that the wisdom tooth on the same side as the tooth I spent four months in pain from had the start of an infection again. It was that tooth getting infected (probably because of how it was broken) that caused the swelling, that caused the irritation, that caused the problem with the tooth I had to have out.

Anyway, infected teeth don't take well to the stuff they use to numb the area, so we had quite a job numbing it enough that the dentist could pull it out. He actually almost gave up, but finally got it numbed enough, and pulled it out. When he finally could pull it out, I nearly swallowed it, but he luckily caught it just in time.

The only other issue was that I couldn't keep the gauze stuff in my mouth for as long as they'd have liked me to. From the moment it went in my mouth, I was gagging and wretching (and almost bit the dentist's fingers while he was attempting to adjust it). So I had to take it out sooner than you're really supposed to, and they just had me sit quietly for a while, and made sure the bleeding appeared to have stopped before they let me leave (luckily, my body was being co-operative, and I stopped bleeding quite quickly).

They gave us some gauze to take home in case it started to bleed again, and told us to call or go to A&E (ER) if it started to bleed too much, or if I was feeling really dizzy or anything. But it was fine. I felt a tiny bit dizzy, but not enough that I was concerned. I spent the evening laying on the bed with a book anyway, and was fine by the following morning.

I'll get an appointment soon to go back and have the wisdom tooth on the other side out. I could have made the appointment while I was there, but it was a hot day, and - of course - they had the heat on at the hospital, so I just wanted out of there to where there was a chance of feeling some of the breeze from the ocean. That's why I wasn't too concerned about the tiny bit of dizziness... I think at least part of it was caused by the heat.


Book Riot has some great articles about books and reading, as well as book reviews and such.

If you're a big book lover, you may want to check it out!


A little something for the Terry Pratchett fans among my readers...

It seems there's to be another Discworld book, which Terry Pratchett managed to finnish last Summer.

Check out the post about it for more details.

I'll be grabbing a copy, that's for sure!


Intense Guy said...

Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks, Iggy! *Hugs*

Rita said...

Glad that part is done and went well. Now hope the other one does, too. :)

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks! Yeah... Let's cross our fingers, and hope the other one goes well too!

Jeanie said...

glad it is over and going well. I had two removed last summer and it was no fun at all. I hope it's a quick and full recovery. I can think of worse places to recuperate than a spot where ocean breezes blow!

Victoria Zigler said...


LOL! Yeah, very true about me having a good place to recuperate!