Monday, April 27, 2015

Monday's random mutterings - April 27th 2015

When the day is warm, but a cold breeze blows in from the ocean, the result is often mist:

Although, some people say it's not a result of the weather, but instead is a result of sea fairies, water sprites, or some type of water spirit. Nobody seems quite certain.

Either way, we took those photos about two weeks ago... I'll let you decide for yourself what caused the mist that rolled in thickly from the ocean that evening.


I arranged with Iggy that he'd hold on to my Christmas gift until I was moved, so there was no chance of it getting lost. As it turned out, we took a long time to move, and there would have been plenty of time for him to get it to me. But we didn't know that at the time.

Anyway, it arrived almost two weeks ago, but I forgot to get photos of it in time to post about it last week, so I'm doing so now.

Here it is:
Or, "here they are" I should say!

Of course, there had to be a lion... Iggy knows how much I love lions, and wish I could have one of my very own as a pet!

Anyway, I've named the lion "Baby" after Ayla's lion in Jean M Auel's "Earth's Children" series of books, and named the elephant "Babar" after Babar the king of the elephants, in the books and TV series of the same name (I've never read the books, but used to love watching the TV series; it was one of my favourites).

Thanks for my new animal friends, Iggy! :)


Around the same time, I also got this card from Rita, to thank me for remembering her birthday last month:

So, thanks to you too, Rita! :)


It was World Book Day on April 23rd.

Did you know?

I only realized the following morning, but since I spent a lot of Thursday reading anyway - which is normal for me - I didn't really miss out on celebrating it, and probably wouldn't have done anything different than what I did, anyway... Except maybe post a message on Twitter and Facebook mentioning it.


I got my appointment to go back to the dentist to have the other wisdom tooth out.

The appointment - which they told me would be in "a couple of weeks" - is for June 17th 2015.


Luckily, the tooth they're taking out then isn't really bugging me as a rule, and is mostly just supposed to be coming out before it starts causing problems (like the other wisdom tooth did).

But... Seriously? That's what they call a couple of weeks?

Also... By the time this appointment rolls around, I'll have spent six months dealing with the same issue.

I'm sorry, but that's just ridiculous! It should NOT take six months to pull out three teeth!


Intense Guy said...

5 months is ridiculous - and I suspect our healthcare system in the states will go the same way since the worse possible people to run it (the Government) is taking it over.

I love the names - Babar is one of my favorite Elefinks!


Jeanie said...

That IS awhile for your dental work. Good luck -- hope it's an easy procedure-- well, as easy as wisdom teeth can be.

Cute gift! And that sea mist sounds really good right now!

Victoria Zigler said...

It's the government who runs outs; it was "meant to be" to make it better and more accessable to those who struggle with medical bills. From what I can tell though, the only good thing about it is the fact there's no need to worry about the medical bills. I hope your health care system doesn't end up like ours!

Glad you like the names. I always loved watching Babar! If I can find the books in an accessable to me format I'd like to give them a read (the English versions though; my French isn't good enough to enjoy a story in that language).

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks: about both the tooth, and my cute gifts!

I'm afraid I can't catch some mist in a box and send you some, so you'll have to just settle for photos. If you ever come to visit though, we can spend as much time as you like on the beach; mist or no mist.

Rita said...

Good grief! That is a really long time! At least the last tooth isn't bothering you right now, thank goodness.

That Iggy is such a good friend!!
The mist is kind of magical.
Glad you liked your card.
Have a great week. :):)

Victoria Zigler said...

Yeah, it is a long time. Like you said though, at least the other tooth isn't bothering me... Yet, LOL!

*Nods in agreement about Iggy being a great friend*

Mist does have a hint of magic and mystery about it, doesn't it? It's no wonder there are so many legends about how it's created.

Thanks again about the card; you really didn't have to, but I do love getting cards from you! :)

AliceKay said...

Good names! Great gifts. :)

That's a long time for you to wait to have this other wisdom tooth extracted. I hope everything goes well between now and then. I have a doctor's appointment on June 17th, too. Mine is with another gastroenterologist at the hospital. Hoping I can get some better answers from a different doctor.

Victoria Zigler said...


Yeah, it is a long time. Although, not compared to the six months they kept me waiting to get the first one out, and the tooth I was in pain from. Bearing in mind, they left me all that time without so much as offering pain relief (even though I told them I was in a lot of pain).

Anyway, hope your appointment goes well, and that you get some answers at last!