Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Probably going to be a long post

This is probably going to be quite a long post, so you might want to grab yourself a cup of tea or coffee (or maybe some cocoa) before making yourself comfy in preporation for reading it. LOL!

We didn't stay at my parents' place for as long as we'd planned to on Sunday. Our intension was to have dinner there, then spend the afternoon with them. But Kero wasn't very well. He hadn't been himself for a couple of days, but Sunday he REALLY wasn't very well. We first realised something was up when he was more snappy than usual with Willow. He often tells her to leave him alone if she gets too bouncy for him, but on Sunday he had hardly put his paws inside Mam and Dad's front door when he snapped at her. But, at that point we just assumed he wasn't in the mood for her bouncing. I mean, she can bounce with the best of them, and she's almost three times Kero's size. Then we noticed he had a bit of an upset tummy. Then he wouldn't eat any of his dinner. He often gives trouble with that, but usually he gives in if I sit beside him on the floor and hand feed him. Not Sunday. He just turned away and pretended the food wasn't there. That was when Mam noticed his eyes were quite glazed (like dogs eyes are when the dog isn't well). So, we figured if we settled down to work on the present sack he'd probably just curl up beside one of us and sleep. But he didn't. All he kept doing was whimpering and tugging at my shoes (which is what he does when he wants to go home) so after a bit Mam and I decided it would be best to take him home. So, that's what we did. I curled up on our bed with him and listened to some stories (and eventually fell asleep myself, lol) and by the time he got up Monday morning, he was fine. He's been bouncing about like a little puppy ever since. LOL!

And, no, we didn't get the present sack finished yet.

The first thing I listened to was a little collection of childrens' stories called "Wide Eye, Little Hoot And Flea" which I quite enjoyed. They are cute little stories about a couple of owls and their animal friends, and the adventures they have together.

I also listened to the first part of "Johnny And The Bomb" by Terry Pratchett. I've finished listening to it now, because I listened to the second half yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon. Anyway, it was an interesting story. A little weird in places (but that's normal for books written by Terry Pratchett, lol) and I quite enjoyed it. I think Kelly enjoyed the bits he heard too!

Before we went to my parents' place on Sunday, I watched "Tom And Jerry - The Movie" on Sky (well, there wasn't much else on, lol). It's quite a good movie, but I don't get how Tom and Jerry can talk in the movie but not in the cartoons. I've never heard more than a yell of pain or a gulp from Tom in the cartoon series, and never more than a laugh, a whistle, a gulp, or a slight squeak from Jerry in the cartoon series. And those things don't happen often. So how come they could talk perfectly in the movie? It just isn't right!

Anyway, I'm not sure exactly where my Monday morning went. LOL! I got up quite early, then I replied to some e-mails and blog posts, and next thing I knew it was the afternoon. So, I sat on the sofa to watch some TV while I waited for Dad to bring Mam down, and was feeling a bit dizzy (I assume because I was tired) so I decided to lay down. Woke up a little over 2 & 1/2 hours later to find Mam here. And, yes, I did feel better for that nap.

After we had our dinner, Mam and I spent pretty much the whole evening listening to some of the music on my PC (mostly Christmas tunes, since we were in a Christmasy mood) and eating mince pies and Christmas cake. It was great fun!

I was going to come do a blog after Mam left, but I ended up going to bed. I had to get up early yesterday (Tuesday) morning, because of the housing officer coming.

She was right on time (unusual for someone from the housing, lol) and very nice. She's trying to get our points up as much as possible so we can get moved out of here as quickly as possible. She says we haven't got as many points as we should have because they haven't gotten the letter from my social worker or doctor yet, but when they get those it would take me up a good few points and increase my chances of being considered for a place. For those who don't know. The council and the housing associations that deal with them work on a "points scheme" where by the more points you have the quicker they will consider you for a move or transfer to a new property. The higher your points, the higher your possition on the waiting list, and the higher your chances of being moved. Things like letters saying you can't stay where you are for some reason (especially ones from doctors, the police, or social workers) earn you points. So does being on the list for a long time (you gain 2 points for each year you wait to be moved). Other things get you points too, but I don't know everything that gets points. Either way, she said for us to chase up the letters from the social worker and doctor, and to ask the police man who gave me his direct number because he was concerned about all the hastle if he would write a letter too. She says the more people who can help like that, the quicker our points (and chances for a move) will go up. She also suggested we go look at a "register" they have in the main council office to see if there's anyone who's looking for a transfer to a place like ours and who has a place like we want. If that makes sence. Apparently, if we can find someone who's a good match then we could be moved within four weeks of finding the person. The problem is that most people want to get away from the particular place we're living in (it doesn't have the best reputation after all the trouble the kids have been causing) so we don't hold out much hope of that idea working. I suppose it's worth a look though.

She also told us that the people from the housing and some social workers are "working with" one of the main trouble makers to "sort out some issues" and "attempt to avoid further issues" but that we should make a note of any further issues "no matter how small" and pass the information (including times, dates, etc) on to her.

I have to say, it wasn't as successful of a meeting as I'd hoped it would be, because I don't really feel we achieved anything. Still, at least she's trying to help. And, all in all, it went OK. I mean, at least she gave a few helpful suggestions. And, at least I now know I can put my Christmas decorations up without worrying about any miracle letters with offers of a new home. I mean, even if we found someone on that swap register, they probably wouldn't want to be moving on top of Christmas either. LOL!

So, anyway, after the woman from the housing went, I listened to the rest of "Johnny And The Bomb" (as I mentioned earlier in this post) then went for a nap. Unfortunately my nap lasted longer than it should have, and I ended up not getting up until about 2:45 am... About 12 hours after laying down for my "nap" LOL!

Yesterday (Tuesday) has been my shopping day for quite some time. But my shopping day has now changed. This week I'm going shopping on Thursday, but from next week I'll be shopping on a Friday instead. This is mainly because I want to shop in Asda rather than Tesco (not that Tesco is a bad store, I just like Asda better) and partly because we're fed up of waiting for busses that never come, and Friday is the only day Mam's co-drivers are available to go with us so we can take Mam's car. Besides, it then means that Mam and Dad can have some time to themselves on a Tuesday morning when Nan goes in to town, which I'm sure they'll be greatful for.

Because our shopping day has now changed, so has the days our weekly menu goes from and to. I need it to start from shopping day after all. LOL! This week, we have two days (yesterday and today) where we're just eating what ever we feel like making from the cupboard, and then the weekly menu has to do an extra day, because of this week's shopping day being on a Thursday, but next week's being on a Friday. Hope you followed that. LOL! Whether you did or not though, here's this week's menu:

Thursday: Dinosaurs, potatoes and beans
Friday: Shepherd's pie and peas
Saturday: Sausage and chips
Sunday: Chicken, potatoes and veg
Monday: Tuna, cheese and sweetcorn with a baked potato
Tuesday: Pasta with sauce
Wednesday: Pork, potatoes and veg
Thursday: Burger, mash and beans

Trying to keep the meals simple this week, because we have enough going on without spending forever preparing and cooking a meal. LOL!

Today (Wednesday) is Willow's 3rd birthday. I can't believe she's three already! She certainly doesn't act like a three year old dog. But, apparently that's normal for a Labrador. LOL! Anyway, she's going to have lots of cards and presents. I bet she'll think Christmas has come early. LOL!

Mam and Dad aren't coming down for dinner today. They were going to, but Kelly and Dad have to go back to the dentist to have the work finished (apparently it couldn't be done all at once) so we decided it wouldn't be worth it when they wouldn't be able to enjoy the food properly. Plus, we decided to stopped the dinners at each others house until after the new year (apart from the buffet I'm doing Boxing day) because there's too much going on between now and then. So, Kelly and I are having our Sunday and Wednesday dinners on our own for the next couple of weeks.

I've finally got my Dad's Christmas presents on the way to me. Once they arrive I'm done with my Christmas shopping. Well, unless I see anything that I want to get as an extra little something for anyone. LOL!

Um... I think that covers just about everything. LOL!

Have a good day.



LadyStyx said...

Dont you just hate when the darling lil furbabies come down sick? Just puts me on edge until they're better. Glad some progress is being made with the housing, albeit not as quickly as you'd like.


Tori_Z said...

Yeah, I hate when they're sick. Luckily it seems to be over with now.

Dinosaurs are chicken covered in bread crumbs and made in to the shape of dinosaurs. I think the main shapes are a TRex, a Triseratops and a Stegasaurus. I like getting the food that's in fun shapes, because it makes meal time more fun. I mean, if you were given a plate of chicken just on it's own it would be just another chicken dinner, but make the chicken dinosaur shaped and suddenly it's a different meal!

theteacher said...

A successful day then!

KAYLEE said...


ChicagoLady said...

Ladystyx beat me to the Dinosaur question. I've never heard of chicken shaped like dinosaurs before. I'm glad Kero is feeling better.

Jayde_Bramblerose said...

sorry to hear our kero has been a bit poorly but glad to hear he is better, and i hate it when jayde is poorly to.

yes it is a shame that the council visit didnt go to plan very well, but as you say its getting some where , so keep our fingers crossed you get some where after crimbo.

and my that was some nap you had tori and um did you sleep any more throught that night ???.

can you imagine dinosaur shaped chicken running round the chicken run,lol.

AliceKay said...

I'm glad that Kero feels better, too. I was hoping it wasn't anything serious.

Sure sounds like you've been keeping yourself busy, one way or the other. Good to hear you're enjoying listening to your audio books.

Robyn said...

whaoh! that was a long post! but never mind, i do them too! xx

Tori_Z said...

Yeah it was.

Glad you're feeling a bit better (hope that's still the case). Yeah, I'm OK. This cold thing is starting to progress though. Hopefully it'll get over and done with before Christmas.

They haven't been around for many years. Mind you, things are different over here to what they are over in the States and Canada. Like, we don't have hamburger helper, kool aid, and some other stuff that I was going to write but forgot once I got started. LOL!

Yes, we can hope so.

And, yes I can imagine dinosaur shaped chickens running about. But I think that's just my over active imagination talking. LOL!

I think it was just one of those stomache bugs like us humans get sometimes.

Well, I did say it would probably be a long post. LOL!