Saturday, November 03, 2007

What a week!

I've had quite an eventful week (for lack of a better way to put it).

Monday was OK. Didn't do much, just tried to catch up on blogs, and had that nap I said in Monday's blog I was going to go have. But the "fun" started on Tuesday.

Went to town, and because it was easier Mam paid for my stuff in with hers, then I was going to get her the cash out of my bank to pay her back. Sounds straight forward, right? WRONG! For some reason I couldn't get more than half the money I wanted out of my bank. Couldn't even get an on-screen balance. To cut a long story short, it turned out the bank's computers are just running a bit behind (or something like that). But it was Thursday before we found this out and were able to get the money out.

Then on Wednesday we thought we'd lost Chance, if you know what I mean. Neither of us had seen him since late Tuesday night/early hours of Wednesday morning, and when there was still no sign of him at about 5:00 pm we were quite worried. Chance isn't known for missing meals, and by this time had missed two. Anyway, it turned out that the daft buggar had curled up in the one cat bed we never thought to check in (we didn't check it, because he is much to big for it, and we thought he'd have more sense than to curl up in it) and he'd gone and got himself stuck. My Mam only found him because she could just see one of his legs sticking out when she came down and was looking for him. By the time we found him, he was extremely cold and didn't look too good. He'd had nothing to eat or drink for at least close to 24 hours by this point. I cuddled him in a blanket to warm him up, and a little while after that he went and had a nice, long drink. He's back to his old self now (mouthy and constantly underfoot). The daft sod has tried to get in the same bed again since Wednesday though. *Sigh* Will he ever learn? *Sigh* Ah well, at least we know to check in there now. Daft cat LOL!!

We didn't have many trick-or-treaters Wednesday night, but then Halloween/Samhain isn't as much of a big deal over here as it is in Canada and America. I'd meant to get some treats in Tesco for them, but the fuss with my card made me forget. So, instead I gave them a bit of loose change. I felt awful not having treats for them. I'll have to make it up to them next year and have a nice big bag of treats for them.

I was meant to go to the bank Thursday morning, but I never made it. Spent most of the day seeing doctors instead. Barely got out the door before I couldn't cope with the light any more. So, off we went to see the eye doctors (again... *sigh*) to be told that all they can do is give me more drops (again) to try and keep the pain bearable. Still, at least the doctors I saw Thursday were a lot nicer than the ones I saw back at the end of September and start of October. They even said they'd make me an appointment to be seen this side of Christmas to try and make sure my eye is "as comfy as possible" over Christmas.

Of course, the fact I'm in so much pain any time there's too much light means that my plans to go to town with Nan and Wayne yesterday (Friday) went right out the window. And opening the curtains in our house is a big no-no today, because it's too sunny. And, before anyone asks, we already tried dark glasses, and as it turns out, my baseball caps do a better job of sheilding my eye than the dark glasses.

I'm still going to my parents' place for dinner tomorrow though. Can't hide indoors the rest of my life. Apart from anything else, I'd never cope with that. I need some time to be outside in nature. Even if it means grabbing a cold cloth and my drops the second I walk in the door. LOL!

By the way, while we're on the subject of eyes. I'd just like to let those of you who's blogs I'm not commenting on know that it's nothing personal, but I can't get the listening button for word verification to work, so if you have that on your blog I can't comment, and those of you who have background music on your blogs... I can't even read your posts. It's impossible for me to hear Jaws speaking over the background music. So, if you have either of those things going on over on your blog, don't expect comments, because it's just impossible for me to do. I am reading some of the blogs with word verification but no music, but can't comment on them. Like I said, it's nothing personal, I just can't do it.

Anyway, let's talk about something more cheerful, shall we?

Wednesday was my friend Claire's birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY Claire! And, Friday was Robyn's birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY Robyn!

I was going to post those book and movie reviews on Thursday, but didn't get around to it (not surprisingly). Maybe I'll have better luck next week? LOL!

Can you believe how quickly Christmas is sneaking up on us? My birthday is only a week and a half away, which means Christmas is only 7 and a half weeks away! WOW! How are you all doing with Christmas shopping? I'm mostly finished. Just got to get Kelly's main present, a couple more bits for the animals, Carl (brother)'s presents, Elizabeth (little sister)'s main present, the rest of Mam's presents, and Dad's presents. Might sound like I still have a lot to do, but when you think I've already done Rachel (sister-in-law), Grandma, Nan, most of the bits for Kelly, most of the bits for the pets, and Wayne (brother). Plus the various friends I buy for... Suddenly it really does seem I've done most of my Christmas shopping. LOL! So, how's yours going?

OK, well, this post seems to be getting quite long, and I want some lunch, so I'll let this do.



LadyStyx said...

You're right, Chance is a daft bugger. There's got to be a way to discourage him from climbing into that catbed.

Wednesday we didnt have any trick or treaters. We never do because of the fact we live on a semi-busy road with no sidewalks (hense the reason why I cant get out for a walk on my own for some exercise). Actually, not many houses in my area even decorate for the day.

I know you've said you tried dark glasses... are they the wrap kind (with the sideshields much like saftey glasses) or just regular ole glasses? I find in Texas (as well as many points south in America) that you really need the glasses with side shields because the light gets in around the edges of the ordinary glasses. You may also try a widebrimmed hat instead of just the baseball caps. Like my mom says "It aint for fashion,'s necessity!!"

Happy birthday to Claire and Robyn, hope you had wonderful birthdays.

Christmas shopping...well it looks like homemade gifts again this year so I gotta finish up my last two pieces Im working on and get started on the items I wanna paint. I have one friend done (TxSis's,it's been done for months) and the product in for another's (a friend in Pennsylavnia that I've mentioned in my Padded Room blog). I've got to pick up a piece for my SCSis (she loves monkeys) and get it here pronto. Then I gotta figure out what to do for hubby. He'll just say "I got my baby, that's all I want" but it'd still be nice to have something for him to open on Christmas day.

Hope you have a wonderful day!

Tori_Z said...

They're the wrap-around kind of glasses. And, it's only dark glasses and baseball caps you can get here.

I tell you what, your hubby sounds very much like mine. I know what you mean about making sure he has something to open though.

Kati said...

Hey Tori!!! Sorry to hear you're having such pain & light sensativity with your eyes. That really sucks. I hope the dr's are able to do something about it. Glat to hear that you're still getting to "read" some good books. Also glad you found Chance. LOL I have a hard time imagining a cat so big he wouldn't fit in his own bed. *snicker* Too funny, though I'm certainly glad you found him in time to keep him from literally freezing to death.

I haven't even started on my christmas shopping yet, though I've got ideas & plans for my family. No ideas yet for the hubby, kiddo, or the inlaws. I'm kinda procrastinating on even thinking about Christmas this year. Heck, I've still got Thanksgiving to deal with first. LOL

Happy belated Birthdays to Claire & Robyn, as well.


AliceKay said...

Nice to see a post. You sure have been busy. Hope things get better for you each and every day.

Christmas?? I don't even want to think about it. The stores are decorated with Christmas trees already. :\

Tori_Z said...

We don't actually have Thanksgiving here, so, since hubby is Canadian, we celebrate at the start of October (with the rest of Canada). So, once Halloween/Samhain is over the focus is fully on Christmas.

Thanks! :)

If your blog is staying private, can I get an invite some time soon? LOL!

AliceKay said...

Hey, Tori...I included your email address along with the others I invited to read my blog the day I made it private (if i used the correct addy and yes, it's staying private). I see you posted a comment so you're there now...not sure what happened to that invite along the way. Thanks for accepting.