Saturday, April 19, 2008

Weddings, weather and whatever

The weather has been weird. It doesn't seem able to make it's mind up between being sunny and dry, or being wet and miserable. Still, I think that's how April is "meant to be" so I suppose I should be glad the weather's doing what it should for the time of year. LOL!

Yesterday (Friday) I went in to town and met my Nan. While we were in there I got myself registered with the library. I used to be registered with them when I was a kid, but I haven't bothered with the library for some time (apart from when I got some audio books out on Mam's card in October last year) and I don't even remember when I last saw my library card. LOL! So, I thought it was time to get a new library card so I can get audio books out when I want to.

I actually got a couple of audio books out yesterday while I was there. One is called "The Lost Years" (or something like that) but I don't remember the author. I've started listening to that one, and it seems pretty good. It's set during WWI. I don't remember what the other is called or who it's by. Will let you know more when I've finished listening to them.

We also went to the market and got some fresh veg and fruit. Didn't get much, just some carrots, a bit of broccoli, some apples and some oranges. I got Kero a treat from the pet stall at the market too.

Nan and I did take a look at the audio books in the stall that sells cassettes, etc, but nothing really jumped out and said "buy me" so we came away from there empty handed.

We had a nice bacon sandwich and cup of drink (tea in my case) in "Stardust" but since I hadn't had breakfast I was getting hungry again by the time I was heading home, so I stopped in "Crumbs" to grab myself a baguette. I also got a box of potato wedges to take home for Kelly, which were actually still warm when I got them home.

I was lucky enough to make it home before the rain started yesterday, but only just, so Kero didn't get a walk yesterday. I think he was too pleased that I came home to care though. He had obviously been watching for me coming home, because he started going nuts (barking, etc) as soon as I got near enough to our place that he'd have been able to see me. LOL!

When I got home I found out that our invitation to Carl (my brother) and Rachel's wedding had arrived. I already knew when the date was, but it's good to get an actual invite. It's hard to believe they're getting married in a little over four months time. Mind you, Kelly and I have been married almost five years now. Where has the time gone? Anyway, Carl and Rachel are getting married on August 2nd 2008. So, we're all off to Norwich from July 31st until August 4th 2008.

Anyway... For those who are interested, MarmiteToasty is out of hospital. She's still not feeling 100%, but that's to be expected. I'm just glad she's home where she can concentrate on getting better without nurses and doctors bugging her every five minutes. I really hope she's better and back on her feet properly soon. Get well soon, Toasty! *hugs* :)

I wasn't too happy with who got voted off "American Idol" this week. I wasn't going to mention her name, but you should have all seen the show (if you watch it) by now, so I've decided I will mention her name. Anyway, I didn't think that Kristy Lee Cook should have been voted off. OK, she's not been perfect through it, but neither has anyone else, in my opinion. Kristy is one of the ones I would have liked to see make it to at least one of the last couple there. I liked her, and - personally - if she brings out a CD I'd buy it. I liked her style, and thought she was a pretty good singer. Yeah, OK, there are a couple of better singers, but I thought Kristy was at least the best out of the girls. I really think America voted the wrong person off this week. Sorry, but I do. And, I don't care who agrees or disagrees with me. I like(d) Kristy and hope she brings out a CD despite not winning American Idol.

Anyway, I think that was everything I wanted to say, LOL! So... Enjoy whatever's left of your day, :)



LadyStyx said...

You're correct...she shouldnt have been voted off last week as she didnt have a really bad week (other weeks prior, yes...Eight Days a Week anyone?). The weakest link of the week, honestly , was Brooke (Syesha wasnt particularly spectacular either but that's my opinion and nothing more)

Looks like you had a wonderful time out and about on Friday. I cant remember the last time I had a library card, more than likely while growing up because the library was in walking distance from the house.

Glad MarmiteToasty is out of the hospital and back at home. LOL@the staff bugging every 5 seems that way doesnt it? I got so used to being woken up at 6am that I started waking up automatically. It would be staff in and out all morning until 1pm and then no one unless my IV needed a refill. I swear they had a camera in there waiting for me to drop off so they could come in and ask questions. *bah*

Kati said...

Hey Tori!!! I hope you're having a great weekend so far!!

Glad to hear that you & your grandma had a good journey into town yesterday.

Tori_z said...

I agree (about the American Idol comments). And, I think you may be right about the camera thing. That's certainly how it seems, isn't it? LOL!

Yes, I'm having a good weekend so far. Hope you are too.