Sunday, April 20, 2008

Money-grabbing companies

I was reading other people's blogs a little while ago, and when I got to Kati's blog, I noticed she was talking about the rising costs of food. Some companies are intensionally keeping back food to sell at an even higher price later. Big surprise there... NOT! Once again it's all about the money. Once again companies are more concerned with making a profit than they are with the customers who buy the food. They don't care that if things continue to go on this way many people in many countries wont be able to afford to buy the food. Oh, no! All they care about is how much money will be in their pockets come pay day. Typical!

It's not just food though, is it? It's everything. It's petrol (or "gas" as they call it in some countries) and pretty much everything else too. Everyone's getting in on it. I mean, look at the quality of some products nowadays. Nothing's built to last any more. Why? Because if it lasts a long time you wont need to buy new things, therefore the companies wont be getting as much of your money. Money, money, money... That's all they care about!

And, how can you avoid becoming suckered by all these money-grabbing companies? Simple! Grow your own food - be it a tiny little tomato plant, or a full veggie garden - and re-use anything you can. Wear your clothes until you "need" new ones, not just once or twice then get rid of them because you're bored of them. If you're the kind of person who does get bored of things easily, why not customize them? Sew on some sequins. Get some of that fabric paint stuff and draw designs on them. That kind of thing. Not only will it save you some money, it'll also give you a new hobby, while at the same time giving you a unique wardrobe. Plus, re-using and recycling what you can will help the planet's ever decreasing resources to last just that little bit longer.

I'm not going to preach to you about saving the planet, because I'm sure you've heard that one a thousand times. I just wanted to make you stop and think about how much money is being "wasted" on replacing things that really shouldn't need to be replaced. And, I wanted to make you aware of the fact that many companies out there are doing it on purpose.



LadyStyx said...

No real surprise to be honest. We all know that the corporations and government are nothing but money-grubbers. I've tried growing some of my own food but I have, as my mother lovingly called her own, a black thumb. Nothing grows at all for just kinda withers and dies after a half-hearted attempt.

I know some that have been rather successful though. They live out on your side of "The Pond". If you have a chance to pop over to YouTube (or see if Kelly can do it for you) check out this group of guys (actually just the one talks) they call their "show" Giving it a Go. They've managed to have a small garden in their backyard and are raising a few chickens for their eggs too. Pretty cool stuff. Kudos to them.

Kati said...

For Ladystyx.... If you can't grow it, then buy it from somebody who can & does. (And, that's understandable... My thumb's not nearly as green as it is an olive drab or brownish-green.)

Seriously, find out where your local Farmer's Market or Community-run garden program is and buy it from them. If you can't garden, but can "can", then maybe you can assist somebody who DOES garden for a portion of the goodies once you've assisted them in preserving their produce. There are ways to fund small-ag. farmers & gardeners without being one yourself. Simply buying from them instead of from the mass-market grocery store is a great way.

And, TORI, I'm so glad to hear that you put your desire to do a little bit of gardening out there, and that your Mom's taking an interest in helping you. I told ya it wouldn't hurt to ask. I hope that whatever you attempt to grow, grows well!

Tori_z said...

My thumb isn't the greenest either, but - like Kati said - there are other ways you can do it without actually growing stuff yourself. My Mam and I are hoping to persuade some veggies and maybe a couple of herbs to grow in my garden, but in the meantime, I'm getting my veggies from the market that comes to town on a Friday, because the people who sell their stuff there are local farmers rather than mass producers who sell to the supermarket chains.

Not too sure what we're planning on growing yet, we need to figure that out. Neither of us have particularly green thumbs, but we're going to give it a go. Who knows? Maybe it'll go well and we'll have some nice, fresh, home-grown veggies for our dinners, :)