Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Audio Games - my opinion

Well, I did find a couple of good games. There are a couple of others I'd like to play if I can persuade them to work too. LOL!

The ones I found and have been playing on and off all day are:

GMA Solitaire:
Solitaire (the card game) which speaks with the aid of Jaws (my speech programme) and some other types of speech programmes. I've always enjoyed playing that game, so when I found it I "had to" download it. :)

Sarah And The Castle Of Witchcraft And Wizardry:
Based on the Harry Potter stories, the basic idea is that you play "Sarah" and have to explore the castle finding things, fighting things, etc, etc. I'm not very good at it yet, but it seems like a pretty good game. Only thing is, it's a free trial, so if I decide I like it I'm going to have to pay out some money (not sure how much, but it shouldn't be too much) for the full version.

The games I found and liked that I haven't been able to persuade to work yet are:

Egg Hunt:
A game where you have to collect as many eggs as you can in 3 minutes. It's one Carl mentioned to me, and sounds fun, but I'm having trouble getting it to open properly. Will keep working on it.

A musical version of "Tetris." I've ALWAYS loved playing tetris, so I'm eager to try out Metris. Carl says it's a lot harder, but it would be, wouldn't it? Anyway, I'm having the same issue as I'm having with Egg Hunt, so - again - I'll have to keep working on it.

I also tried "Pac-Man Talks" which is an audio version of the classic "Pac-Man" game. Didn't think much of it though. Although they make a noise to warn of the ghost things being around, they don't make it plain where they are, so you still walk in to them easily. So, I've uninstalled that one and wont be reinstalling it.

I'd like to try a Harry Potter game I saw on the list, but I can't get the site to open for some reason. Will keep trying though, because it sounds fun. It was obviously written before the last book though, because it's based on the idea that Harry's graduated and you have to go through Hogwarts yourself learning things, getting points, etc, etc. Then, at the end, you "apparently" get to fight Voldemort. That's what the description leads me to believe anyway. Now, if I can persuade the link to the site to work, maybe I can give it a go? Will have to try again later.

There were a couple of others that seemed "OK" but a lot of them weren't my idea of fun (i.e. shooting games, and games where you have to drive tanks). Needless to say, I have no intention of trying those ones out. I might try one of the "Space Invaders" type games though. That was the first computer game I ever played, so it would be kinda nice to have an audio version and see if I still suck at it after all these years. LOL!


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AliceKay said...

I loved Tetris too, so that one sounds like fun. Hope you can figure it out. Ahh, Space Invaders...gotta love that game. :)