Saturday, April 05, 2008

Watches, TVs, Weather and things

Back in October I got a watch that talks, only it was a digital watch with a speech function, not an actual talking watch. Personally, I didn't think here was a difference, but it turned out there was. The difference being that an actual talking watch "usually" talks until the battery is completely dead, where as a watch with a speech function will only speak if there is a certain amount of life in the battery, and that certain amount quickly becomes unavailable if the speech function is used regularly. Needless to say, I've had to replace the batteries in that watch twice since October, and to make it talk to me now would need to replace them a third time. As you can imagine that was getting annoying (not to mention costly) so I invested in a "proper talking watch" from the R.N.I.B. (Royal National Institute for the Blind). The new watch arrived yesterday. It's an analog watch with gold around the edge of the face (probably not real gold, but still) and an imatation leather strap, so it looks just like any other ladies' wrist watch, the only difference is there are a couple of extra buttons on the sides, one of which makes it speak when I want it to. Let's hope this one isn't so hard on batteries, LOL!

I've spent most of this week unable to watch the shows I watch because when our electric was turned off it seemed like it had done something to the freeview box. Turned out the only problem was I had the VCR (it's plugged in through the VCR to allow recording from the freeview box if needed) on the wrong AV channel. Oops! LOL! So, it's working perfectly fine again now.

The weather's been really weird today. This morning it was raining. Then it was sunny for a while in the early afternoon. Late afternoon we had hail. Then we got some more sun. Now we have hail again. I wish it would make its mind up... LOL!

My Mam got Kero a new football (as in Soccer ball) today. The idea being that Kero and I can have a little kick around in the garden or something. It's easy for me to find the ball because Kero stands by it yapping when it's not actually being kicked. Anyway, we played with it a while after she dropped it off with us, but then I had to put it away for a while. I was going to leave it out to "hopefully" break him of the "yapping every time there's a football around" habit, but - even though it's a tough ball - you can already see where he's been grabbing it. So, I put it away so we'd have it to play with another day. LOL!

Do you know how long a "jiffy" is? Most people assume it just means "as soon as I can"... Like ASAP... But it's apparently an actual measurement of time. The apparent measurement is 100th of a second. So, if someone tells you they'll be there in a jiffy, they're already late by the time they've finished saying it. There's my useless bit of info for you for this weekend. LOL!

Right, well, I'm going to let this do and go check other people's blogs to see if anyone's done anything interesting today. Yeah, I know, I'm a nosy cow, aren't I? LOL!



Kati said...

glad y'all have a new "football" to play with. I hope Kero doesn't demolish the thing TOO quickly. I also hope your new talking watch lasts longer than the other.

Tori_z said...

Thanks. I hope so too (on both the ball issue and the watch issue)

Jayde_Bramblerose said...

i can just see little kero with his new ball i bet he is having fun with it.

Tori_z said...

Yes, he is