Sunday, October 12, 2008

About the latest op (LBE)

You know you've been in hospital too much when....

1. You walk in to the hospital and everyone says hello to you by name.

2. You can recognise the voices of most of the nurses from the next room.

3. You know the first names of at least half the doctors and nurses.

4. The woman who brings the tea trolley round knows how you like your cups of tea.

5. You can answer the questions on the pre-op check list before they've been asked.

6. The nurses and doctors take your advice on things when treating you.

Yep... I've been in hospital too many times. LOL!


Thanks all of you for the comments on my last post. I really appreciate all the thoughts, get well wishes, etc, etc. :)

I've been home since Wednesday, but I'm really tired and haven't felt up to doing much. Not to mention the fact that the only usable vein they could find on my hands or arms to put the needle in for the anasthetic drip was in my right wrist, and using your hands to type is very difficult when your wrist is sore.


The op was Tuesday night. I was on a list of prioratized ops. Meaning that I was having the op any time from 5:00 pm, but exactly how long after depended on what else had to be done, and if something was more of an emergency than my op then it would be done first. So it turned out I went down for the op at about 7:40 pm (ish). Was back in my room by about 9:45 pm.

My specialist came in early Wednesday morning to see me before his outpatient appointments for the day started. Partly so I could go home, partly so he could go off earlier and start his holiday. LOL!

Anyway, he's "quite confident" that he's secured the implant this time. He trimmed some of it off again to give himself more flesh to work with, and put more stitches in than he normally would. He also decided that we should put a patch over it instead of putting the plastic shell thingy in. I think he's wondering if my theory about the shell causing at last part of the problem is right? I don't know his reasons really, he just said he thinks it would be best to patch it instead, and I'm assuming he's wondering about the shell causing the problem. I didn't see any reason to ask him why he thinks it's best to use the patch instead of the shell.

So... Anyway... I've got to have a patch on for a couple of weeks. We've got to change the patch and put drops in once a day, and leave it alone other than that (though we clean it when changing the patch, obviously). And I'm on strong antibotics until Wednesday to keep away any possible infection.

My specialist is away for a couple of weeks, so a week on Monday (October 20th 2008) I'm seeing one of his assistants because he doesn't want me going more than a couple of weeks without being seen "just in case." And the following week I'm seeing the specialist himself, because he wants to see me as soon as he's back.

It's too early for me to know if things are going right this time, and I'm not even going to hazard a guess this time. We're just doing as we've been told to do, and keeping our fingers crossed... Not much more we can do, is there?

My hospital trip was better this time. Only issue was an argument I had with them while in recovery because they attempted to put tubes up my nose and I wasn't having it. Apparently I'm VERY bad tempered when I first come out of anasthetic. But I would be... I'm usually really hungry by the time I go down for the op, and I get irritable when I'm hungry. So I'm kinda bad tempered before they start messing me about and pulling me around and stuff. And you'd be bad tempered too if you were trying to sleep and someone kept pulling you about to check your blood pressure, temperature, etc, and suggest that you have a tube shoved up your nose for the night.

Anyway... The response to the buzzer was better too. Not perfect since one time it took about 5 minutes to get an answer. BUT five minutes maximum is much better than 45 minutes minimum for a response to the buzzer.

I'm sure my specialist had a word with them. I know he was on the ward early enough on Tuesday to be the one who took me in to my room and all that. And we know he was talking to the nurses before and after seeing me.

I think that covers everything. It'll have to do for now anyway. I'm tired just from writing this, so if there's more then it can wait.

I've got a post scheduled for tomorrow, and some more for later in the month. Not sure how much I'll actually be around though... Or when I'll get to your blogs... Too tired right now.

Will tell you about the stupid question and the seagull later in the week. ;)

Hope you're all doing OK. *hugs*



AliceKay said...

I'm glad to hear you're home and doing okay. I hope your eye socket heals the way it should this time around. I think maybe the patch idea will work better than the shell. Apparently, your body was trying to reject it or something. Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. *hugs*

Intense Guy said...

Welcome home again - I bet Kero was once more the happiest doggy in the whole world.

I'm happy to see you back too. I hope you get plenty of rest and health perfectly this time.

*Hugs ya tight*

ChicagoLady said...

Get plenty of rest, the blogs will be here waiting when you feel up to reading them.

Glad the surgery went well and hope you heal better this time. I agree with AliceKay, I think the patch might be just the right idea.

Kaylee said...

i hope you are okay this time Love you tori! Please get welll!

Tori_z said...

Thanks all. :)

I think the patch is a better idea too. They used the patch instead of the plastic shell with my first eye and I never had a single problem, which I pointed out to my specialist. I think that "might" have been at least part of the reason for him deciding to do it this way.