Sunday, October 05, 2008

Eventful night

We had quite an eventful night last night (Saturday night). It started at some point in the evening...

We kept hearing this beeping noise. It wasn't a regular beep, it just seemed to happen on and off. We couldn't figure out where it was coming from though. So, we figured it was someone's car alarm and that they'd gone off to the pub and didn't know it was going off. I mean, with the wind it could have been that a strong gust had jolted the car enough to make it go off or something.

Eventually though, we realised it was coming from upstairs. Kelly went and knocked to see if everything was OK, but we couldn't get an answer. So we tried to get in touch with them (I have phone numbers for them). But still no luck.

We were just wondering what we should do when there was a knock at the door. Some neighbours had come to investigate and tried to knock for them and got no answer.

By this time it's getting close to midnight and we're trying to figure out the source of the beep. It sounded like a fire alarm, but there was no sign of smoke or any glowing of flames, and since they had left a couple of windows slightly open we'd have been able to at least smell the smoke. So that left us with the options that either it wasn't a fire alarm, or it was but it was just from carbonmonoxide (sp?) in the air, or the alarm had a low battery (which also makes them beep on and off).

The other big question was... Where were Eleri, Faye and Daisy? Were they in there and either hurt - or worse? Or, were they somewhere else and just not answering the phones?

The key to finding that out was the car... Eleri recently passed her driving test, and her Dad brought her a car as a present. Only problem was, the only person that knew this was me, and I, obviously, didn't know what it looked like.

Then I remembered one other person had seen the car... And been admiring it, so maybe - just maybe - she could remember what it looked like. That person was my Mam. So - despite the lateness of the hour - my Mam was phoned.

She described the car, and sure enough it wasn't there. So that meant they probably weren't there. So that was a bit of comfort. But we still needed to pin-point the source of that beeping, because if there was something wrong it needed to be sorted out before it got worse.

So, while I tried - and failed - again to get hold of Eleri, the neighbours who'd come and knocked phoned 999.

The fire department arrived, forced their way in via one of the windows, and checked it out. I think they decided on a window because the window was open a little and it would cause less damage to open that more and squeeze in than to force open the door.

It was the fire alarm... The battery was low in it. So they disconnected it and left a report or something for Eleri to find when she got home.

Eleri must have found my text when she woke up, 'cause she was here first thing this morning asking what happened.

She said she was sorry, but - as I said to her - we were more concerned there was something wrong (especially when I couldn't get a reply to my texts and phone calls) and didn't need any kind of appology.

I hardly slept last night though, because I was worried about the lack of answer to the phones. I had a couple of hours sleep after Eleri came this morning though. Basically, once I knew they were OK.

Like I said, it was a bit of an eventful night.



LadyStyx said...

Glad to hear the family was okay!

AliceKay said...

I'm with Styxie...glad to hear they are okay, too. Hope you can get a better night's sleep tonight. *hugs*

ChicagoLady said...

I'm glad it turned out to be nothing serious. You and the other neighbors were right to worry, though.

Intense Guy said...

Living alone - I would hope someone would do that if my house started beeping and I wasn't to be seen.

Tori_z said...

Thanks for the comments all.

I would if I lived near you, Iggy. :)