Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fluffy socks

Yes, the days are flying by. Way to quickly in my opinion. The weather's already turning cold and frosty. I'm already needing my fluffy socks. And this time in 9 weeks Christmas will be over. Where has the year gone?

Speaking of my fluffy socks, I got some new ones. Actually, my Mam got them for me. They have little characters stitched on the sides of them so I can match them properly. I still had my snowmen ones like that, but my Santa ones had ended up in the bin due to the Santas falling off and the big holes in the heels. If it wasn't for the holes I'd have just had Mam reatatch the Santas. Anyway, I have four new pairs. One with penguins on, one with cows on, and two different bear ones. One has panda bears and the other has polar bears (the difference is in the noses... the panda's nose is flat, the polar bear's nose sticks out). And the best part is... They're lovely and warm on the toes. :)

Anyway, my Mam's here so I'm going to let this do for now. :)



LadyStyx said...

oooh sounds toasty!

AliceKay said...

The new socks sound nice and warm. I need to find me a warm pair or else buy a pair of slippers that are full footed and warm. My feet get cold fast while sitting here at my computer and they stay cold. (kinda like my fingers getting cold...but it's hard typing with socks on my hands) :p

ChicagoLady said...

I love fluffy socks! I wear them all winter long, over my regular socks and sometimes even put a pair of slippers on over that. I have pink ones, and green ones, and striped ones, and white ones.

Tori_z said...

Yes, very toasty!

Yeah, I imagine typing with socks on your hands would be quite difficult. LOL!

My fluffy socks used to just be coloured ones. I had purple ones, blue ones, green ones, white ones, yellow ones... But since I can't match colours now I gave those ones to my Mam and she got me these ones with the cute characters on the sides of them.

I try not to start wearing my fluffy socks too early in the year because I prefer bare feet. But the temps have been so low that my feet are like blocks of ice if I don't have my fluffy socks on at least most of the time.

Intense Guy said...

I have a couple pairs of really heavy wool socks that are too thick to get into my walking boots - so I wear them when it gets cold - sometimes after a nice long walk I'll put some heating rub cream on my feet and pull on the heavy socks - ah! heavenly.

Punkn said...

Nothing better than a pair of nice warm fluffy socks. Especially after a warm, sudsy bath.


KAYLEE said...

umm, I dont need those where i live our winters get down to 47 at the coldest :)

Tori_z said...

Sounds nice on the feet. :)

Oh, yes! And if you put a nice warm robe on ithat's even nicer. :)

It's not so much how cold it gets that's the issue, it's how cold it gets compared to how warm it was, if that makes sense. But I'm glad it doesn't get cold enough for fluffy socks with you. I love my fluffy socks, but I love bare feet more. The fluffy socks are my Mam's way of persuading me to put something on my feet when it's cold instead of ignoring the coldness of my feet. ;)