Thursday, August 06, 2009

Folly Farm: Part 4 - Greedy goats

And it's not just me calling them that, they actually did refer to the goats as their greedy goats. LOL!

They had about two different types of goats. I'm not sure what one type was, but the other type were Pygmy goats. My Mam had Pygmy goats before. Well, technically her Dad did, but she did live there too. ;)

They had some baby goats thatwere being bottle fed. The kids (both the goat kids, and the human kids) absolutely loved this. I'd have liked to have bottle fed a baby goat too, but there were loads more human kids than goat kids, so I let the little ones have the fun, and just settled for petting the goats. I mean, I have fed baby goats before (and I fed a lamb before too) and many of those children may not have even seen a goat before, let alone fed one. And I didn't want to be the reason that one of them missed out on what might have been their first - perhaps only - chance to bottle feed a baby goat. If there hadn't been so many eager little ones wanting to bottle feed the goats, then I'd have been more than happy to take my turn at bottle feeding one of the little goat kids. That was the only thing I was kinda disappointed about... Not getting to bottle feed a goat. But, like I said, I didn't want to deprive a little child of the oppertunity, especially when I had actually done it before. I think on two separate occasions.

You can see in that photo how much everyone loved the baby goat feeding.

Baby animals are always popular though.

This next photo was meant to have been me petting one of the slightly larger goats. However, the goat decided I had a tasty looking jacket, so I was actually pulling away to try and get my jacket out of the goat's mouth when it was taken instead. LOL!

Mam was just laughing about it, and telling me she'd meant to get a photo of me petting the goat, when she realised the goat - having been deprived of snacking on my jacket - was attempting to eat hers. It apparently liked the idea of eating the little Winnie The Pooh thing she has on the zip of her jacket, because it took a bit longer to persuade it to let go of hers than it had to persuade it to let go of mine. LOL! Silly goat! Mind you, goats will eat pretty much anything anyway... Grandad apparently lost a fair bit of money to his goats while passing it to people a little too close to the fence of the goat field. LOL!

So, that was the ggoats.

Tomorrow is Friday, so it's Kero's post tomorrow, but on Saturday there will be another post from our trip to Folly Farm. :)



AliceKay said...

Baby animals are always fun to watch. I bottle fed lambs when I was a kid (my grandfather raised sheep) and I've bottle fed calves. They're a bit harder to feed because they're always pushing up as if to get to the udder.

Your jacket incident with the goat reminds me of the time a friend's pony decided it liked my t-shirt better than the hay I was trying to feed it. My shirt ended up with a big hole right in front. I was a kid and that kinda traumatized me. I'm still leery of horses.

I hope Kero has been having a fun week.

Intense Guy said...

I don't think I've ever bottle (or naturally) fed anything.

I do enjoy watching the little ones frolic around though.

:) I betcha that goat thought your coat was as good as Canadian Bacon.

Or do they get up on signs and paint "eat more chicken"?

LadyStyx said...

*gigglin @ iggy* Those are cows, dear.

I've never fed baby goats or lambs. Now fallow deer, I've fed them before. They had a huge herd of them over at the Fort Rickey Game Farm (it's now called a Discovery Zoo)and the humans could buy "animal crackers" (wafers specially formulated for critter consumption) to feed the animals. Those deer were like friggin sharks once they realized you had treats!

Anonymous said...

I don't like goats. =[
I do know someone that bought a goat in florida for 5 bucks though. =]

Tori_z said...

Yeah, that would be pretty scary having a horse take a chunk out of your t-shirt. Don't think I've ever bottle fed a cow before. I've milked a cow (real ones and plastic ones) but I don't think I've bottle fed one.

LOL! You're funny!

Maybe one day you'll get to bottle feed some baby animals? Best time for that is to go to some sort of farm or petting zoo in the Spring.

If we're countting with those special "cracker" type things... I've fed baby pigs too. No deer for me though. Never even seen a deer up close.

Well, to each their own.

MarmiteToasty said...

I have always as long as I can remember wanted pygmy goats as pets......

looks like a great day out....


Tori_z said...

I'm told they make great pets.