Saturday, April 16, 2011

Colds and Calpol

Sore throat, a nasty cough that makes my entire head hurt when it happens, a whole lot of sneezing (which hurts as much as the coughing)... I'm going with a sinus cold as a diagnosis. Caused, I think, by the sudden drop in temperature after the boiling hot weather we had last weekend. Thing is, when I went to bed it was boiling hot, so I left the window open, but when I got up it was very cold. I woke up all shivery, and couldn't get warm all day - despite curling up in just about every blanket we own - then my temperature suddenly soared early hours of Tuesday morning. I wasn't too bad on Tuesday, but did have a bit of a sore throat, so I wasn't all that surprised when from Wednesday onwards I started to feel really unwell. Anyway, forgive me if I'm a bit behind on blogs, but - these past couple of days especially - I've not been feeling too good. I've been camped out on the sofa doped up on Calpol (children's Tylanol). Before anyone who doesn't know asks... I take children's medicines for two reasons. The first is that they taste better, and I don't take anything I don't like the taste of if I can avoid it. The second is that - because I wait as long as possible before even taking the children's stuff - I don't really need anything stronger. Sure, I could take stronger, but why take the yucky tasting adult stuff when the tasty children's stuff works on me? Besides, people only end up needing the stronger "adult" stuff because they change to it and their body gets used to the stronger doses. Don't get me wrong, I know there are times when - because of certain medical issues, or whatever - the body needs stronger doses. And that's fine. But mine doesn't, so I'm going to stick with my strawberry flavoured children's medicine.


Rita said...

Sorry to hear you're feeling so crummy! Take your strawberry stuff and get well soon. I bet Kero is keeping you company, too. Rest! Rest! Don't worry about blogs!

Intense Guy said...

I hope you feel much better soonest. In the meantime, Kero and Gwyddy will make sure you have what you need close at hand (that is, them!)

The weather has been a real up and down - rain then sun shingding lately hasn't it?

AliceKay said...

I hope you feel better soon. *hugs*

Toriz said...

Thanks all!

Yeah, Kero's been practically atatched to me since I got sick.