Thursday, September 08, 2011

First a hurricane, now a flood...

I'm told the flooding in upstate Pennsylvania has reached levels as high or higher than they were during 1972's Hurricane Agnes - which, I'm told, set every record in the history books. From what I hear, Upstate Pennsylvania, New Jersey and southern New York are seeing rivers 20 feet (or more) higher today than is normal. I don't think that I need to tell you how bad that will be for the people in those areas! Apparently this also means that those affected by hurricane Irene are likely to be facing yet more flooding. I have friends who are too close to some of this nasty weather for comfort... Please keep these people in your thoughts and prayers, as well as all of those brave men and women who are involved in any and all rescue efforts!


Intense Guy said...


Thank you Tori. This was very thoughtful of you.

Many of my neighbors down the hill are shoveling mud, debris, and bailing water out of their homes and cars this evening. They expect the rivers (Delaware and Schuylkill) to crest overnight - many of the smaller creeks have crested already, leaving a trail of muddy wreck behind them.

The center and northern part of the state of Pennsylvania saw 10 to 13 inches of rain the past two days. 100,000 people in three states were ordered to flee the Susquehanna River's worst flooding in nearly 40 years.

I hate feeling like "better them then me" but thats the feeling I have. Hangs head shamefully. I don't know if I'll be able to help anyone nearby - but I will do what I can.

Rita said...

Yes! Thoughts and prayers! Thoughts and prayers! They've had enough crazy weather already. I pray everyone is okay.

ChicagoLady said...

And they're already talking about another storm in the atlantic that "could" come ashore at some point. I guess one good thing is it's not 95F outside any longer. If you can call that a good thing.

AliceKay said...

We've always compared flooding in our area to the flood of '72. The Towanda Creek did a lot of damage where I live in 1972. We lost one bridge in this town, and the other one was out of service for a week or so. We had to walk over a closed-to-traffic bridge in order to reach our cars parked on the other side of that second bridge until they built a runaround for us to cross. The bridges held today...or have so far. Some places in the area haven't been as lucky.

We've lost some bridges in Bradford, Sullivan, and Lycoming Counties, and some main roads have major damage and are closed. I can't get to Monroeton on the main road right now because it's partly washed out and closed to traffic. To be honest, it's next to impossible to travel anywhere right now.

The Susquehanna River is at record levels in lots of places, and it's causing a lot of damage. Towanda was flooded, but the river there is now falling. Many towns and cities are under water, from creeks and rivers, and there have been water rescues, as well as National Guard helicopter rescues, in many areas. The meteorologists at WNEP have called this a flash flooding of the Susquehanna River...something that has never been seen before. My thoughts and prayers go out to anyone living along the rivers that are flooding.

I have lots of pictures and some video but most are still on my cameras. I'll get to them when I can. Just too tired tonight to do much of anything. Thank you for your thoughtfulness in posting this blog, Tori. You are a true friend. *hugs*

Serena said...

A very thoughtful post, Tori. My thoughts and prayers go to all the people affected.

Stay safe and dry, Iggy! Back in January, Queensland suffered horrific flooding from torrential rains and our fair city of Brisbane and surrounding areas sustained a lot of damage. I too was grateful we weren't affected but, like you, it still broke my heart to see some of my fellow Aussies not so lucky.

Toriz said...

And thank you for the facts I was able to put in the post... I wouldn't have known them without you. ;)

Stay safe! *Hugs*

I'm sure with everything going on with you right now people understand the slowness in posting photos and such. I'm sure you have more important things to worry about than posting photos, anyway!

Stay safe! *Hugs*

Toriz said...

*Nods* I agree!

That's it... Look on the bright side! Find the silver lining in those grey clouds! :)

Thanks for visiting, and I'm glad you appreciated the post!