Thursday, September 01, 2011

Sometimes the right thing to do is the hardest

Sometimes when something wonderful is happening there will be something else happening which is nowhere near as wonderful. This post is about one of those times.

We should be moving soon, which is great. We're really happy about it. We feel this move is the right thing for us, and that it will be a great thing for us. So if we get turned down for this place we're waiting to hear about we'll keep looking until we find one we can have. One way or another, we're doing this move, because - as I already said - we feel it's the right thing for us, so we want to do it.

The thing is though, we need to make a long journey in order to get to where we're moving too. Which is also kind of exciting in a way... I love trains, and I get to spend most of the day having train rides... YAY!

But one of the members of this household wont cope very well with the journey.

Guinea pigs don't do well with stress. They tend to go in to shock, and can sometimes - in fact, quite often - die from it. And Gwydion is a typical nervous little guinea pig, for whom just the 5 minute car ride to the vets was kind of stressful. What this boils down to is that Gwydion stands a high chance of not surviving the journey, which leaves me with a tough choice to make...

Option 1: Take Gwydion with us and hope for the best, but be prepared for the worse, since that's probably what will happen.

Option 2: Rehome him locally, and give him a better chance at a long and happy life.

I don't like either option. But I had to decide. So I decided.

I went with the second option.

I'd rather lose him to a new owner than have him probably die with all the stress of the journey. It was a tough choice, but I feel it's the best one for him. At least giving him up gives him a chance... A chance he wont have if we take him with us.

There's a lady named Rita who lives near here. She owns a Chihuahua named Bella (Bella has been mentioned in posts of Kero's in the recent past) and Rita does animal rescuing, and she knows several people who do the same. So I called her and asked for her help in locating a new home for the little guy, explaining the situation.

Someone - a nice lady named Marion who runs a dog rescue but also rescues guinea pigs and rabbits - sprang to her mind immediately, so Rita put us in touch with each other and she agreed to take Gwydion.

Before he went I wanted to do a photo shoot with him though. So, here are the photos:

Kero says, "Gwydion, you smell interesting."

Kero says, "Can I lay here with you?"
Gwydion says, "Sure, whatever... I don't care either way!"

Kero and Gwydion:

Me and Gwydion:

Cuddle time with my favourite guinea pig:

The last photo I'll have of me with both my boys:

Gwydion was meant to go to his new home on Monday, but they had to reschedule because of a sick dog (which, I think, is a very valid reason to have to reschedule), so Gwydion went to his new home yesterday (Wednesday) evening instead.

I'm sorry Gwydion. I did it because I love you, and because I want you to live a long and happy life. You're a wonderful little guinea pig, and I'm going to miss you!


AliceKay said... heart breaks just reading this. :( I know it wasn't easy, but I'm sure you did what was best for Gwydion, and I know he'll remember you for the rest of his life as the person who gave him so much love. *big hugs to you*

Celticspirit said...

Ohhh Tori....I am so sorry you had to give up the little fella! It is obvious from your posts about him how much you love him. The pictures of Kero and Gwydion were very nice. I think you made the right decision. No use putting the little guy into shock.

Furry Bottoms said...

Oh no, Tori... this makes me so sad!! I am glad you chose to save him by giving him another home though. I can imagine how hard it was to do that. Hopefully Gwydion is happy in his new place.

Rita said...

You did what you had to do and I'm sure Mr. Weakers will be in loving hands and live a long and happy life.

BTW, I just finished a post with pics of the wonderful surprise box you sent me! Thanks sooo much, lady!! :):):)

I know what you mean. I have had to do that a few times in my life, too. Just a few years ago my cockatiel, Gracie, (who did NOT like people--even tho she loved Karma as I mention in the blog) got so mean and was biting me and drawing blood all the time that I finally had to give her to a breeder, where she was very happy. Sometimes you just have to do things that suck.

Toriz said...

Thanks all! *Hugs*

You're very welcome! :)

Queenie Jeannie said...

I'm so sorry!! My daughter had a guinea pig, Chocolate, and we lost him in a move. I had no idea they got so upset!! You definitely made the right choice, but oh-so-hard on the heart to do. BIG BIG HUGS!!!

Toriz said...

Thanks! *Hugs*

And, sorry to hear about your guinea pig... That's what I was afraid would happen with ours. At least Gwydion is safe from that fate now!

Magaly Guerrero said...

The right thing can be very difficult indeed, especially when they involved doing what we must for someone or something we love.

I wrote a "Bittersweet" and post about living my puppy with my ex and just thinking about the decision makes me want to cry.

Here it is if you want to take a look-see. I warn you it is not extremely happy:

Susan said...

Awww, this saddens me very much!
BUT the pictures are wonderful and they both are your dog a westie? I LOVE Westies, if and when we ever move I want to get one for myself.

Isn't there some medication your vet could give Gwydion for the journey? I would think they would have to have something.

Speaking of journey I didn't realize you were making THAT big of a move. May I inquire why that is? We are tentatively planning on moving several states south due to $$, it is cheaper, however I just started finding out that they have crap in the way of assistance to the aged and disabled. So we may have to rethink this, and stay in NJ or go to Alaska, LOL! Anyway, no worries on your package here, I might even add more to it, as time goes by, LOL :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, hon... what a hard decision to make, my heart broke just reading this. :( It sounds like the best one, though -- better him happy and healthy with someone else than simply... not. It had to be so hard to choose, but I'm sure Gwydion is happy!

Be sure to get many pictures of him from his new owners! :)

Toriz said...

That must have been really hard! I'll take a look at the post later. *Hugs*

Yes, Kero's a Westie. I hope you do get your Westie one day! They're really stubbourn, but wonderful to have around... Very loyal dogs!

There is, but the risk with giving small animals medication is veryy similar to the risk of having him make the journey with us, so it's not really something we want to do, especially since he'd have to be drugged for 6 hours (a bit longer if there are any delays). It's just a bit too long to risk it for, I think.

We want to move away from here, and since I spent a couple of years living where we're moving to during my teens we felt it was the best place for us to go to, since at least I have some memories of the area (which will help me some with mobility lessons).

Good luck with finding a place to move to... Hope you find something suitable quickly! :)

And thanks (about the package). :)

Yes, it was hard. But the deciding factor was that this way he has a chance at staying happy and healthy for many years. He's just uunder 18 months old, guinea pigs can potentially live to be 8 (though most don't make it past 6, and many don't make it past 4), so I want him to have a chance to live the rest of his life, and taking him with us just because I can't bear to part with him... Well, it's selfish to risk his life for that reason. So I decided I'd rather lose him to someone else than lose him to a horrible - for him - death!

Can't promise pictures, but if I do get any I'll share them.

Toriz said...

I just read your post... *Hugs*

It's a beautiful post, and I can see why mine reminded you of it. I've had to do something like this - for various reasons - a couple of times, and it never gets easier. But their safet and happiness is what's most important, and when you love someone you make sacrifices for them!

Deanna said...

Oh Sweetie, I'm sorry. What a difficult decision to have to make. But it sounds like you made the right decision. I'm sure Gwydion will adapt well and knows you loved her enough to let her live.


Toriz said...

Thanks... From what I can tell he's really happy inn his new home, so that's good! :)

Intense Guy said...

I don't think there are tougher decisions and choices to make in life than what to do with loved ones.

I'm so glad to hear the Gwyddy one is doing well in his new home. If he could write or type, I'm sure he'd send you some mail.

Toriz said...

I don't know... I think he's too busy having fun. That's a good thing though, I think.