Monday, September 12, 2011

Weather, laptops and Kero

Just to let you all know I'm still here... Haven't been blown away or anything. :)

It's gotten quite wet and windy over night, though not much worse than is normal for Wales. It's unusual for it to be like this in September - September is usually a reasonable month, weather wise - but I don't think it's much wetter and windyer than is normal for Wales in general. Hopefully it stays that way.

I don't hear any birds out there though... Now that is unusual! We have robins and such, so we usually have birds around even in Winter. No birds though... I haven't heard a bird out there since Friday. Kelly thinks they went further East to be away from any chance of being caught by Katia. That's good that they're out of the way and safe, but I miss hearing the birds. They used to tell me that the sun was up.


My laptop is playing up. Either it's a memory issue or the hard drive is damaged or something. All I know is it's either wiped my files or put them somewhere I can't access them, and the programmes are back to factory settings, and setting changes don't stick if the laptop gets turned off. So until the issue is resolved, or I can get the money together for a new laptop (which means a new Jaws, since anything worth buying would have Windows 7, and my Jaws wont work on Windows 7) I'm stuck with using Kelly's PC with Jaws' demo that we installed when my laptop's power supply died, which means a restart every 35 to 40 minutes in order to be able to use Jaws again. *Sigh* Good thing we just got his PC fixed (graphics issue... New graphics card was required). Anyway, Iggy's been trying really hard to help me make my laptop work... Thanks for that Iggy! *Hugs*

Anyway, this means I might not be about much. Not that I've been great at keeping up with blogs in general with the whole move thing, but with sharing a computer it means my online time is even more limited... I don't like to hog other people's computers (even if it's my hubby's computer). Until my laptop issue is resolved - one way or another - I don't have much choice but to just do what I can when I can online though, because... Well, basically it's this way or no internet access, and since all my friends are online that's something I don't even need to think about! :)

Shouldn't be too bad today though... Unless I get the phone call we're waiting for about the new place I haven't got much I need to do today, Kero wont go out when it's wet like this, and Kelly is busy today so wont be wanting his computer much, which means I have plenty of time to get caught up with things online today. :)

Anyway, the good thing is that other than a couple of files I can get the files back one way or another, since they're either backed up, photos that are on my blog so can be grabbed from here, the documents for things I have in my e-mail's safe folder, or things friends have sent me that I'm sure - if I ask nicely - they'll send me again. And the few I can't get back at all? Well, as luck would have it they aren't the important things (mostly just a couple of lists, and some scribbled thoughts).


Kero's worn himself out with all his puppy behaviour and has now started sleeping more again. He seems to be really happy when he is up though, so that's OK. Still gets really excited and bouncy from time to time (like when we mention, "walkies by the seaside," for example). All in all, I think he's loving being the only furkid again.


Intense Guy said...

Kero is a good little boy.

I hope that laptop straightens out.. This is the second time it has hiccupped... Did you drop it once?

And most importantly - I hope you stay dry and safe and that the good news about the move comes very soon.

Rita said...

I hope the storm is no worse and the birds return. The laptop...I don't know much about those things. Thank goodness you have backed up your info, so you didn't lose everything! I learned that the hard way--LOL! Maybe after you move you need to start saving up for a new one and a new Jaws. You deserve it, right? :)

Glad Kero is a happy boy!! I bet he's going to love all the new smells by the ocean!! See you when we see you. We'll be here! Stay warm and dry!! :):)

AliceKay said...

I hope the weather cooperates and the bad stuff goes by your area without causing too many problems.

Iggy is a wonderful friend and always willing to help us out with our computer issues. I know I'd be lost on a lot of things if he weren't around to help or offer advice. (a big thank you to Iggy from me again) I hope you get your laptop figured out, but if not, at least you have Kelly's PC to go on until you can do something different. Good luck!

Kero is just like a kid....loving being the only one getting attention. :) I'm glad he's settling down and seems happy.

Stay safe. *hugs*

Deanna said...

I'm glad to hear you haven't blown away. Durn technology... can't live without it these days! Iggy is quite the pal. I hope he finds answers for you.

I'd perk up too if you mentioned walkies by the seaside~!

Hope you hear something soon.

Toriz said...

Erm... Actually, I've dropped it a couple of times. One time it just slipped out of my hand, another time I forgot the power lead was atatched to it and went to pull the lead to put it out of the way and pulled the laptop off the chair it was on, and the other time Kero got caught in the wire and I dropped the laptop while trying to hold him still and pull the power cable out of the laptop at the same time. *Shuffles feet guiltily*

I didn't back up as much as I would have liked to have, so I do have a lot of things to get back from people (or places.... like my blog).

Yeah, when we've got this move out of the way we're getting me a new Jaws and a new laptop! :)

The birds came back yesterday... YAY! :)

We got pretty lucky with the weather... Mostly it seems to have missed us!

Yes, Iggy's a great friend, and always willing to help! :)

He's mostly settling down (Kero, I mean) but still quite anxious!

Toriz said...

Well, come on over after we move, and you can have walkies by the seaside too! ;)