Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Card creations and a craft shop sign

I thought I'd post some photos of cards I made recently.

Sticker covered cards:

(There were 3, but I forgot to get a photo of the other one before it was sent).

A flowery "S" card:

A dinosaur card:

And a penguin and dog card:

Also, Kelly spotted this sign in the window of the local craft shop and we thought you would enjoy it:


Parsley said...

Handmade cards are so fun. I'm sure whoever gets them will be thrilled.

That corgi :) said...

How cute with that sign; I bet it gets a lot of chuckles when people read it! I like the cards you made, Tori, especially the one with the dog and penquin. Very creative!


Rita said...

Handmade cards mean so much more than store bought! That is the funniest sign! Love it!! :):)

AliceKay said...

Nice looking cards. I really liked the one with the penguin and dog. :)

Had to laugh when I read that sign. Loved it. LOL

Celticspirit said...

Love the cards, love the sign! Do you find card making to be expensive? Is it similiar to scrapbooking? I did that for awhile and found it very expensive.

Mina said...

Your cards are so lovely and I adore that sign. lol. So true.

Toriz said...

Yes, everyone liked their cards very much!

Thanks; yeah, I bet it does get a lot of chuckles!

They do indeed!

Thanks, and glad you got a laugh out of the sign! :)

Thanks! Yes, it can get expensive, but so can buying cards. The difference is that more thought is put in to handmade cards usually, and it's easier to give an appropriate card to someone if you make cards. Take male cards for example. Most of them feature fishing, football/soccer, or consumption of alcahol. Well, apart from my brother Wayne none of the men I give cards to are big in to sports of any kind, and only my other brother Carl enjoys a lot of alcahol being part of his celebrations. Plus, cardmaking is fun!

Thanks! :)

Intense Guy said...

:) Its always special getting a handmade card -

I think you for sending me one.

Hugs ya tight.