Friday, June 01, 2012

Kelly meets Molotov Jukebox

Here are the photos of Molotov Jukebox from April 30th. Adam Burke on guitar and Sam Apley on violin.
Angus Moncrieff playing the trumpet.
Angus Moncrieff, Natalia Tena and Sam Apley.
Angus Moncrieff on the trumpet and Tom Wilson playing base.
Natalia Tena singing.
Natalia Tena at the mic.
The whole band.
Sam Apley on the violin and Adam Burke on the guitar.
Sam Apley takes a bow.
Natalia Tena, Tom Wilson, Sam Apley and Max Burnett-Wain.
Natalia Tena playing accordian, Adam Burke playing guitar and Sam Apley smiling.
Natalia Tena playing accordian and Angus Moncrieff playing trumpet.
Natalia Tena and Angus Moncrieff.
Natalia Tena and Sam Apley posing.
The band warming up.
Max Burnett-Wain and the rest of the band.
Sam Apley singing, Natalia Tena smiling, the rest of the band playing.
Me with Natalia Tena, Sam Apley and Adam Burke.
One final post tomorrow from my outing on April 30th. Kelly

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