Saturday, June 09, 2012

Rufus and Daisy are having a giveaway

While visitting Sue at Wicked Fairy Queen I noticed that her dogs Rufus and Daisy are having a giveaway.

All they ask is that you help them show support for Jan at Augie Dog's Blog who helped them find their home, and has just started up her blog.

They've convinced their human to give away three beautiful prizes in return for people spreading the word about Jan's blog and helping her get some followers.

I don't think that's much to ask, do you? So hop on over and meet everyone, and you'll get you're chance at winning one of the prizes up for grabs!


AliceKay said...

Nice idea for a blog.

One of my dogs came from the local humane him when he was just a puppy.

That corgi :) said...

I took a peek at that blog; what a great idea for one!! I truly admire those people who work with rescuing dogs (and I guess cats for that matter :)


Toriz said...

AK & Betty:
Yes, it's a very good idea for a blog, and definitely worth spreading the word about! :)