Sunday, March 31, 2013

Goodreads 2013 reading challenge

Goodreads does a reading challenge each year for you to challenge yourself to read a certain number of books in the year.

I originally said 100, but Kelly said that would be too easy for me, and - since I agreed - I changed it to 200. My Mam and Dad think that was for the best too, especially since I read a little over 160 last year according to Goodreads.

I'm thinking I should change it again though, because I'm almost at 100 already, and we're only just at the end of March.

OK, I admit many of the books were short children's books and some were short stories, but there's no rule saying what length of book, and Goodreads themselves are adding to my total each time I read a book. If they say they count, I say so too!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Emma-Jane is 3 today!

Emma turned 3 today!

Hard to believe it, but it's true!

She starts full time school next week, I think they said. Personally I think 3 is way too young, but she's not mine so it's not my choice. She's bright enough to do OK though; she's a really smart kid, so that's some comfort.

Still hard to believe she's 3 years old and starting full time school though!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Thoughts on yesterday's snowfall

We had a fantastic snowfall yesterday!

Kero and I played in it on and off, coming in for warm drinks when we needed to.

Eventually it got so deep that Kero couldn't wade through it, so Kelly had to shovel it to the side so he could get outside when he needed to.

Funny thing is, then Kero promptly dove in to the pile and started rolling about in it, snuffling and snorting as he rolled about and ended up with snow in his fur and up his nose.

It was so funny to hear him!

Wish I could have seen him... I miss being able to watch him play like that.

Sunday, March 03, 2013

The Light Of Dawn And Other Poems

Genre: Poetry

"A collection of poems of different lengths and styles – some with a hint of humour, others of a more serious nature – about animals, nature,
magic, emotions, and the world around us."

Published: 3rd March 2013.

Available in all formats via Smashwords, and soon also via other retailers.