Monday, June 30, 2008

Eye appointment

As you all know, today was my appointment to do with my eye op. I'm going to do just a short post about it though because I'm really tired and wanting an early night.


Saw a doctor I've seen on and off since I was in hospital the first time to do with my eye (apparently I was a week old) and he checked to see if what the other doctor had said about how little I can now see was right. Then he asked if I was still sure if I wanted the op or had changed my mind. I told him I still wanted it, so he made sure I knew what was involved.

After that he sent for the surgeon who'll be doing the op. He had a good look at my eye and agreed that he was happy to do the op. He went through all the stuff I needed to know to make sure I knew it all (I did, but he still had to say it all).

To cut a long story short. They're doing the same thing they did when they removed my other eye. The only thing is, he can't give an actual date at the moment. It wont be until after Carl and Rachel's wedding, but shouldn't be too long after that. All he could tell us about the time involved is that he'd make it a priority (because of the pain) and it would be several weeks "but not months."

If you want to know more then ask in the comments of this post and I'll do my best to answer.


Sunday, June 29, 2008

Chore-filled day with Potter breaks

I always thought Sunday was meant to be a day of rest... Isn't that what they say? Why then does it seem that everyone ends up doing so many chores on a Sunday? Or is it just my imagination? I swear that - no matter how many chores you do through the week - you always have "some chores to catch up on" on a Sunday. So much for a day of rest! LOL!

Yep. You guessed it. I spent most of today doing chores. I think I mentioned yesterday that I'd planned on starting the laundry but didn't get a chance? Well, I've got the last load on now. I wouldn't mind the laundry so much if it wasn't for the fact it keeps raining (only lightly, but still...) so I couldn't put the laundry on the line and had to use the dryer, which I hate having to do.

Anyway... When I wasn't doing chores I was listening to more of "Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix" while fiddling with some of the puzzles and such I've got. So - if it hadn't been for the housework - today would have been a lazy day. As it was today was a chore-filled day with the occasional Potter break. *Grins*

I think that'll do for today... Enjoy whatever's left of your day. :)


Saturday, June 28, 2008

The cleverness of a certain blogger & other stuff

The first thing I want to say in this post is, "thank you Iggy," because he is the "certain blogger" mentioned in my title. And why is he clever? Well... Those of you who read Iggy's blog will probably know. But - for the benifit of everyone else - I'll tell you.

A couple of days ago Iggy did a post about "bridging the gap" and making everything accessable to those to whom it is not due to a disability or something. You see Iggy - like many bloggers - posts a lot of photos on his blog. Photos which, of course, I can't see.

Anyway - to cut a long story short - Iggy appears to have found a way to get around that. I'm pretty sure I know how he's done it... It's so simple, and yet so clever! What gets me is that I never even thought of it. The amount of times I've scrolled down past photos...And I never even thought of it! Iggy... You're a genius (and, btw, your descriptions are excellent).


I've had a lazy sort of day today. I had a bad night last night and didn't sleep too well, so I didn't really have the energy to do anything. I've got some laundry I should have done, but it'll have to wait until tomorrow... It's too late to put the washing machine on now (It's about 9:30 pm and our washing machine is quite noisy).

When I got up this morning I put the TV on to see if there was anything good on. There wasn't! So instead I listened to the couple of CDs that I hadn't listened to yet from the ones Mam and I made last weekend.

I also listened to about 1/4 of "Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix" which I recently got on audiobook. I did have the entire Harry Potter set as print books, but Mam now has my set (Kelly already had a set) and I'm trying to get the whole set on audio CD... I just need book 6 (Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince) then I've got the whole set... All complete and unabridged. Anyway, book 5 is quite long. The 1/4 of it I've listened to was 6 disks. Bearing in mind each disk is an hour or so long! Only about another 18 disks to go... That should keep me busy for a couple of days... LOL!

So... Anyway...

I was just thinking about how fast the days are going by. June is already almost over. This time next month Carl and Rachel will be making sure all the last minute details are sorted for their wedding, and I'll be packing to go to Norwich for it. We're traveling up to Norwich on Harry Potter's birthday.

I can't believe how close their wedding date is... And I haven't even brought my clothes for the wedding yet! I know basically what I'm going to be wearing. I've just got to get someone to take me to get it. I need some new shoes too. I think Mam's taking me to get the new clothes I need in a couple of weeks.


I stopped writing this post to go make a cup of tea - and Kelly wanted a cup of coffee - and now I've lost my train of thought. *Shrugs*... Oh well, I guess since I can't think what else I was gonna say I might as well let this do for today and hit that "publish" button.

Enjoy whatever's left of your day. :)


Friday, June 27, 2008

Rainy Friday

It's a cold, wet and miserable Friday. One of those gloomy days where the constant wind and rain makes everything seem boring, and not even Kero wants out. Not much is happening to make it more interesting either.

I did watch one of the DVDs I got a while back and never got around to watching. It's an animated kids' movie called "Babar: King Of The Elephants" and I thought I'd watch it to liven up my day a bit. Not sure if you're familiar with Babar. He's an elephant who ran away from the jungle and ended up in the city after his mother got shot. Then he goes back to find his elephant friends with a dream of making an elephant city for them all to live in. The movie was his story. There's an animated TV series that goes along with it and I watched one of the DVDs from that too. I've always liked Babar. Not sure why. I used to watch it when I was a kid and it's one of the sets I got to watch on days like today when I feel like taking a trip back to childhood for a while. LOL!

I also listened to a couple of the CDs Mam and I burned on Sunday morning. They sound pretty good if I do say so myself. :)

And - speaking of CDs - the release date got put back a bit on Connie Talbot's new version of her album. It's OK though... It was only put back by a week and my copy is now on its way to me (it should be here on Monday, which is the new release date). I doubt I'll get to listen to it until Tuesday though because the postman/woman (sometimes it's a man, other times it's a woman) rarely shows up before noon and my eye appointment is Monday afternoon.

I'm half looking forward to the appointment, half not. More than anything I think I'm looking forward to it being over with and "hopefully" having some idea when I can have this op. As I've mentioned before, I'm hoping it can be over and done with before Carl and Rachel's wedding. Will have to wait and see what the doctor says though, I suppose.

I think that covers everything worth talking about today. LOL!

Enjoy whatever's left of your day. :)


Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ramblings and another random question

Today is Kaylee's birthday. So... "Happy birthday Kaylee!" :)


The weather's been really weird the last 24 hours or so. One minute it's beautiful and sunny, the next it's raining, and the next minute it's dry but there's one heck of a wind. It's also been doing weird combinations of these weathers. I wish it would make its mind up! I don't care which it picks as long as it picks one. At this precise moment it's pouring with rain and the wind is blowing so fiercely it sounds like we have a pack of wolves howling at our door.

I'm really tired today for some reason. I shouldn't be. I actually had a good night's sleep last night (for the first time in ages). I was in bed by 11:00 pm (and very nearly asleep by then too) and - apart from waking briefly around 4:30 am - I slept right through until about 7:00 am. I haven't done that in AGES! Lately I've considered myself lucky to get more than 2 hours sleep in a 24 hour period. I guess exhaustion must have caught up with me or something.

Well, since I haven't really done anything today I don't have anything much to say. I do have another random question though...

If you could have one wish, what would it be? And wishing for more wishes is NOT allowed. One wish is all you get. So, what would your one and only wish be? And why would you make that particular wish?


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Daisy and my Wednesday

I forgot to mention what Daisy (the dog from upstairs) did on Friday. I meant to say when I did my long post the other day when I was telling you all what went on here on Friday (and over the rest of the weekend). But I forgot to include it.


We (us and the people from upstairs) have gotten in the habbit of buying each other's dogs a treat when we get one for our own dogs. The day they get one for Kero varies (it's usually a Wednesday or Thursday though) but we ALWAYS get Daisy her treat on a Friday. Then, after bringing the stuff he's got from the market in to me, Kelly takes it and gives it to her.

Well, last Friday Kelly was really tired and figured he'd give her the treat later. Only thing is, Daisy knew he was home (she was out in the garden when he came home).

A little while after Kelly got back my Mam came in to drop something off. When she left, she happened to look over to our front door, and there was Daisy pawing at our door (like she was knocking on it). After Mam told us she was out there, Kelly went and gave her the treat. And what did she do? She grabbed the treat and trotted off up the steps in to her own home with the treat in her mouth. LOL!

We told her owner and she said she was sorry, but we don't think there's anything to be sorry about. For one thing it was us who started the regular treats. For another thing we all found it very cute and funny. LOL!


So... Today is Wednesday already! The week is just zooming by!

Mam and Dad came for dinner like they usually do on a Wednesday. Mam made a sort of lasagne thing for dinner, which we all enjoyed.

During the afternoon, Mam and I worked on getting more of the CDs labeled. We got quite a few done. I'm going to need to order more labeling tape again soon though. I've only got about 3 & 1/2 rolls left and still got a big stack of CDs to label. Not to mention the fact I want to put labels on the containers I store herbal tea in and the little jars of herbs and spices in my spice rack. The people from the R.N.I.B. have got to be wondering what I'm doing with all this labeling tape. LOL!

I found out today that Harry's cupboard really is an under the stairs cupboard. Not the cupboard from the book and movie... The one in my place. And how did I find out? Well, this evening Mam and I went and visited with the people upstairs and had a nice little chat with them. Anyway, the way the stairs in to their place work they actually work out that they go over Harry's cupboard. So, all it's missing is the wide-screen electric meter (as pointed out by my Dad) and, of course, Harry and his belongings. LOL!

Well... I think that covers everything. The only other thing I wanted to say is that I hope everyone who's been in need of possitive thoughts and prayers lately is doing better, and that everyone - regardless of who or where you are - is having a good week so far.

Enjoy whatever's left of your day. :)


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A random Harry Potter related question

People keep telling me I'm like a combination of Luna Lovegood and Hermione Granger from Harry Potter. I have Luna's imagination and dreamy ways, but Hermione's love of books and thirst for knowledge. There may be other points that make them say I am a combination of those two characters, but those are the reasons I think they say it.

I was thinking about this while posting my last two posts, and it made me wonder...

If someone was to compare you to a character (or combination of characters) from the Harry Potter books/movies, which character(s) would they choose? And why?


Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince: sneak peek

Some of these clips could be considered spoilers by those who haven't read book six in the Harry Potter series.



The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Webcast3 min 36 sec
Uploaded 1 year ago

Quidditch: Back in Style
A behind-the-scenes look at Quidditch from the set of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince!1 min 53 sec
Uploaded 7 months ago

Set Magic: Creating Wool's Orphanage
A new behind-the-scenes featurette from the set of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince!1 min 58 sec
Uploaded 7 months ago

Sneak Peak
New Sneak Peek of The Half Blood Prince that includes shots of Harry/Ginny!2 min 41 sec
Uploaded 6 months ago


Found these on a site called "Movie Web" and thought I'd share them. They've actually been on there a good few months (as you can see by the fact the most recent clip says it was uploaded 6 months ago) but I never thought to look before, so I've only just found them.



Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince: estimated release dates

The following are the estimated release dates according to the IMDB (International/Internet Movie DataBase):


Belgium = 19 November 2008
Argentina = 20 November 2008
Germany = 20 November 2008
Netherlands = 20 November 2008
Russia = 20 November 2008
Singapore = 20 November 2008
Brazil = 21 November 2008
Denmark = 21 November 2008
Finland = 21 November 2008
Italy = 21 November 2008
Japan = 21 November 2008
Mexico = 21 November 2008
Norway = 21 November 2008
Sweden = 21 November 2008
Turkey = 21 November 2008
UK = 21 November 2008
USA = 21 November 2008
France = 26 November 2008
Bulgaria = 28 November 2008
Lithuania = 28 November 2008
Poland = 28 November 2008
Romania = 28 November 2008
Spain = 28 November 2008
Venezuela = 28 November 2008
Australia = 11 December 2008
Egypt = 24 December 2008


I'm assuming the release date for Canada will be the same as in the USA? I think it usually is.


The IMDB has these listed without saying that they're estimated release dates. I'm the one saying "estimated" because of how often release dates change for things. But - in theory - the dates should be at least close to the actual date. You never know, they may even stay as the exact dates... Stranger things have happened... LOL! :)


Monday, June 23, 2008

Musings: Words, nature & mankind

Words. They're such powerful things. They always have been... Ever since mankind first walked the Earth. Even when language was not as developed as it is today words held power beyond the comprehention of even the wisest of wisemen/wisewomen. A simple word can save someone's life. A simple word can warm the hardest of hearts. And a simple word can cut a wound that will never heal in the heart and soul of a fellow human being. But - all too often - words are taken for granted. I was reminded of this fact when I read a particular post on a particular blog while reading through the posts on the blogs I visit. It was a very thought provoking post, and it got me thinking about all the other things that mankind takes for granted.

Since life first began on this planet, nature has provided everything the beings who live on the planet need to survive. There was a time when mankind remembered this fact and people were grateful for nature's gifts. But then mankind became greedy and now almost everyone takes nature for granted. There are those who still remember (or have taken the time to learn) what a wonderful thing nature can be. But too few people remembered too late, and now the damage is done.

It's a shame, because we could learn a lot from nature. The animals especially have many lessons to teach us. If we would only take the time to listen, watch, and learn. For example... Animals kill and eat only what they "need" to survive. They don't know the meaning of greed, and they make do with what they can get. Mankind, however, is greedy. The more we have, the more we want. We take it for granted that there will be more tomorrow... But, will there?


Poem: The Sun

The Sun

The sun’s been growing stronger
And now the Summer Solstice is here
The time when we have
The shortest night of the year

For more years than anyone knows
Since mankind first walked the Earth
The sun has been a symbol
Of life and of rebirth

It’s light helps us see danger
It’s warmth keeps frost at bay
Mankind could not survive
If the sun didn’t rise each day

But once the Summer Solstice ends
The Sun will lose its strength
The days will become shorter
While the nights grow in length

The darkness is coming
It’s not very far away
You’ll see it creeping up on you
A little more each day

Soon the Sun wont seem to shine
The world will seem to be
As dark as in the depths of
The deepest, darkest sea

© 2008 ~ Tori Zigler


I have a couple of other new poems that I have added to my poetry page recently. I'm afraid most of them aren't the most cheerful of poems though. Nether the less you are welcome to go and take a look at them if you want.

For those new to my blog... There's a link on the sidebar to my poetry page (and the other pages connected to my blog) so feel free to go and take a look, if you want to.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

What happened on the lightest weekend of the year

I think this is going to be one of those long posts I do sometimes. So you might want to grab a cuppa or something before you start reading. Don't say I didn't warn you... LOL! :)


The only problem with the Summer Solstice is that it's so easy to forget just how late it's getting. However, this could be considered a good thing in some ways since less time in bed means you achieve a lot more than you otherwise would have. We (Kelly, Mam and I) for example, achieved a fair bit this weekend. Of course, we would have achieved even more if it hadn't started raining again Friday evening and continued to do so right through Saturday. Nether the less, we did get a fair bit done.

OK, I'll stop rambling and get on with telling you about my weekend. LOL!


The rest of my DVDs arrived (the ones I mentioned ordering some time last week) so, while we labeled some of the other DVDs and videos we had, Kelly and I watched some of them. A couple were just some of the cartoons I enjoy (well, you all already know I'm a big kid, lol) but there were a couple of movies among the DVDs we watched on Friday too.

The first was "Driving Lessons" (another movie starring Rupert Grint). The following is what Play.Com said about the movie:

"This rites of passage comedy introduces a shy and downtrodden Ben (Rupert Grint) with yet another dreary school holiday coming around. Seventeen years of living in an absurdly conservative and traditional household with his highly-strung and overbearing mother (Laura Linney) and quiet, mild mannered vicar father have taken its toll on young Ben. While the other kids are out having fun, Ben spends these precious few weeks attending bible classes, having driving lessons with his mother and helping out at a local old people's home. However, Ben's world is turned upside down when he's employed by an eccentric retired actress Evie (Julie Walters). Vulgar, dignified and childish all at once, she certainly is not the kind of person Ben expected when searching through the job listings in the stuffy parish magazine, "Hello Jesus". Evie enters Ben's life with a cataclysmic force, whisking him away on a series of adventures from camping, to performing Shakespeare in the garden, to attending the Edinburgh festival - where he finally meets a girl much nearer his own age. Evie's unconventional and often downright bizarre behavior challenges Ben's beliefs, and forces him to confront the very idea of who he wants to be. Then, when it seems that his new-found freedom is about to be taken away, Ben has to suddenly choose; should he continue to conform, or break out and live his life as his own man?"

And what's my personal opinion of the movie?

Well... It's not Rupert Grint's best movie. But when you take in to account that it was a low budget movie that's understandable. It was a pretty good movie though. Not nearly as enjoyable as Thunderpants or the Harry Potter movies, but pretty good. It was a bit of a slow starter, but towards the middle and end was an enjoyable and - for the most part - funny movie.

The other movie was one of the early Olsen twins' movies. One of the ones they did pretty much right after Full House ended. Anyway, it was called "How The West Was Fun" and was about how a set of twin girls called "Susie" and "Jessica" (played by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen) went to visit their Godmother's ranch with their father and ended up helping to save it. I've always enjoyed the early Olsen twins' movies, and this one was no exception.


Kelly and I ended up staying up VERY late since we got in to watching the DVDs and doing the labeling and didn't realise how late it was getting. It was only when the sky began to lighten again that we realised that we'd better get to bed now if we wanted any chance of sleep. I'm not sure what time that was though.

This weekend was my Mam's weekend for visiting. Every two weeks my Mam usually comes and stays the night while Kelly goes and plays some kind of role-playing game with my Dad and some friends and stays the night at my parents' place. The role-playing game was cancelled this weekend though, but Mam still came to visit. Kelly was still going to go spend the weekend with my Dad, but he decided not to. So there were three of us here this weekend.


Mam got here about 11:00 am and announced that she felt like baking since it was too wet to finish the garden. So that's what she did. She made some cakes, which are very nice by the way.

Then she finished reading "Charlotte's Web" to me. As I mentioned in the comments section of one of my posts a few days back, this was my first time actually "reading" the book itself. I'll just say one thing... It is most definately as enjoyable as the movies (animated and live action). If not more so!

After that Mam and I got some of my CDs labeled, then Mam and Kelly worked on some things on their games on the PC while taking it in turns to read out titles for DVDs and videos for me to label them. We ended up finishing labeling all the DVDs and videos. So now they're all nicely in their places on the shelves where they belong! We're all VERY pleased that they're done! LOL!

At some point in the evening my Mam decided she wanted to make some bread rolls. So she did. And while the dough was being left to rise and all that, we all watched some of season 3 of "Full House" (that's how far through watching it my Mam is).

While we watched that and Mam made bread, we worked on getting more of my CDs labeled. We have about half of them done now. And all the ones that have been labeled are nicely on the shelves.

It was 2:00 am before we realised what time it was and finally went to bed (after a nice, hot, freshly baked bread roll with butter on it). Mam and I were still up long before we "needed" to be though. LOL!

Sunday (today):

Since Mam and I were up so much earlier than we needed to be, Mam helped me to burn some CDs I've been wanting to burn from the mp3s I still have on my laptop. It's not that I can't do it as such, it's that it's easier with help from a sighted person. Especially since I need someone to write in print on the CD with those special CD pens for me. Anyway, we got them all burned and even got the CD inserts with track lists and such printed out for them. So not a bad morning's work. :)

By the time we'd done that it was time for Mam to see about cooking Sunday dinner for us all. Nan, Dad and Willow arrived about half an hour or so before dinner was ready, and Wayne - who'd been away since Friday - arrived just as Mam was dishing it up. We had a roast beef dinner this week.

While they were all here, Willow found out how much fun a bath can be. She followed me in to the bathroom when I went to wash my hands and was trying to figure out what the bath was (my parents only have a shower and Willow's never seen a bath before). So - just to see what she'd do - I turned the tap on for her. She tried to climb in the bath but got one of her back legs stuck out of it. I helped her lift it over and she stood there lapping at the water coming out of the tap and splashing about with her paws in the water. She wasn't in any hurry to get out afterwards - not even when I turned off the tap - so I had to pretend I was going somewhere to get her to think she needed to get out to follow me (she doesn't like to think she might be missing out on something). She really did seem to be enjoying herself.

Kero actually asked her to come play with him today. Normally he is reluctant to play - no matter how hard she tries - but today he actually initiated the play session, which we thought was fantastic.


It may not seem like we achieved all that much to some of you. But we felt we achieved a lot. We've been trying to get all those movies and CDs sorted since early May, so to have the movies done and the CDs half done is a great achievement. Especially given how many DVDs, videos and CDs we own.

Had it not been raining Mam would have finished sorting the garden (well, mowing it anyway) and Kelly would have painted the outside of the shed. Unfortunately, that wasn't to be. But at least we got some other projects finished or - at the very least - nearer to completion.


Those are the main points of the weekend. To be honest, I think that really does cover everything, but even if it doesn't I'm going to let this do for now. I think this post is probably long enough. LOL!

If you haven't already seen it, scroll down for the little post I did earlier with a couple of photos of Kero in itt.

Enjoy whatever's left of your day. :)


P.S. *Sending possitive thoughts to all those still in need of them* :)

Who's bed is it?

Yes, that's right... It's Kero's bed! LOL!

And, Kero is very tired after a restless night caused by being forced to share "his" bed with two humans. LOL!
Thought you'd enjoy these photos... Kelly took them Friday morning when we got up and Kero promptly made himself comfy in our bed. LOL!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hail storms and Thunderpants

The weather was quite nasty last night. About when I was finishing last night's post the wind started to pick up. Then the rain got quite heavy... It actually changed to hail for a while some time after about 10:00 pm. It never came to more than a hail storm though, and the weather's not been too bad today. Shame it was so wet last night and the outside of the shed is too damp to paint.

I watched "Thunderpants" today. It was one of the movies I ordered and it arrived today. I've seen it before. Can't remember if I mentioned it on here though. It's a funny movie, though not everyone's cup of tea. Some people may not find it amusing. It's about a boy named "Patrick Smash" who has a problem with constant farting, and how is friend "Alan" (played by Rupert Grint who plays Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter movies) tries to help him with it. I can't really add more than that without giving things away though, I'm sorry.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mid-week mutterings

Mam and Dad came for dinner today, and Mam made the "sausage, egg and bacon pie" she makes that I absolutely adore! She made it with minted new potatoes, and baked beans. And it was delicious!

While dinner was cooking, and after dinner (before they left) Mam and I got some more of my CDs labeled, since we can carry on now we have the new labeling machine. LOL! We're getting through them nicely - same goes for the movies - but I "REALLY" can't wait for them all to be done. For one thing, it would be nice to be able to look for a CD I fancy playing, find it, and put it on without having to have someone find it for me (same goes for DVDs and videos). For another thing, it would be nice to know everything's sorted out and in its place.

Speaking of sorting stuff out...

Mam couldn't finish the garden today because it's too wet. We've had rain all day (and on and off Monday and Tuesday). This weekend is her weekend staying over though, so "hopefully" the sun will come back for her to finish the job.

In a couple of weeks time, I'm going to go with Mam and get the other bits and pieces we need to finish inside, and the stuff we need to do the fencing in the garden. All being well, most - if not all - the stuff should be done before we go to Carl and Rachel's wedding in about six weeks time. Any that's not can then be finished when we get home. So, we're definately still on track for our goal of being finished before Mam starts her cooking course in September. :)


I finished reading "Flat Stanley" by Jeff Brown last night. It's not a very long book, and I couldn't sleep, so... *Shrugs*... I can't think of anything better to do when you can't sleep, can you? Anyway, the book - for those who don't know - is about a boy named "Stanley Lambchop" and the things that happen to him after a bulletin board falls on him, and he becomes flat. It's an interesting, and - in places - funny childrens' story. Yeah, I know I'm not exactly a child any more, but I love my "childrens' stories" and probably always will. And, this story was no exception. :)

On the subject of books...

As I mentioned about a week and a half ago, Mam is reading "Charlotte's Web" to me. She read some more today, before she went home. We're about half way through it now. I expect we'll get some more read over the weekend (especially if the promised sun doesn't show up).

I think that covers everything for today. So... Enjoy whatever's left of your day. :)


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Not much going on, but...

It's been a few days since I did a "proper" post. So, I thought it was probably about time I did one. I'm sure anyone who reads my blog for the purpose of wanting to know what other people spend their days doing will be longing to know what I've been up to. Well, sorry to disappoint those people, but I haven't been up to much.

I ordered a few things from "Future Aids - The Braille Superstore" a couple of weeks back, and one of the parcels have arrived. Not the one my Mam wants to hurry up though. The one my Mam wants to hurry up contains a couple of games she's dying to play with me. This one was a different parcel. In it was a braille book called "Flat Stanley" by Jeff Brown. I've got one of the other books in the set ("Stanley's Christmas Adventure") and wanted this one.

Carl and I were also curious about whether there was a difference in braille in America and Canada to braille in the UK. We know - for example - that there are different contractions used for Welsh, French and German braille (neither of us know the Welsh, but Carl knows most of the French and German ones). Anyway, I decided the best way to find out was to buy a book and compare the braille (since nobody seemed to know for sure). It turns out there's no difference. None that I've been able to detect with what I've read of the book so far (I think I'm about 1/4 of the way through the book). Obviously some things are spelled differently (like in print) but the contractions are the same and that's what matters.

OK, how many of you actually understood that? If you didn't and would like to, feel free to ask. :)


I'm afraid that's pretty much it for things that have been going on here. I've just been messing about online looking for interesting stuff for future blog posts, and playing "Egg Hunt" (got my score up to 10 now, lol), playing with Kero, and that's about it. I've got a few movies coming though, so I should have some movie reviews for you soon. :)

Kelly's been doing more. He even did a couple of blog posts over the last couple of days, which is quite rare for him. LOL! So, if you want something more interesting than this post to read, and you've got some free time on your hands, you could always pop over to his blog and take a look. :)

Hope everyone who's not well, or is just feeling a bit out of sorts, is feeling better soon. :)

Enjoy whatever's left of your day. :)


Some YouTube videos

Just a couple of links to videos on YouTube for some of my favourite songs (in no particular order).

Aselin Debison - Sweet Is The Melody:

Connie Talbot - Imagine:

Ronan Keating - If Tomorrow Never Comes:

Ottawan - Hands Up:

Kenny Chesney - Young:

Johnny Cash - A Boy Named Sue (uncensored version):

Burl Ives - The Ugly Bug Ball:

I do have LOADS of other favourites, but I'm not going to sit here and look for videos for all of them. LOL! Besides, some of them I looked for and couldn't find videos for them.


Monday, June 16, 2008


My dinosaurs are all finally finished. So, while Kelly had the camera out to take those photos of Kero yesterday (Sunday) I had him take a photo of them too.
The T-Rex was put together a few years ago. I just never got around to doing the Stegasaurus and Triceratops back then.
The Stegasaurus was definately the hardest to do. I had to have Kelly help with putting those spikey bits on its back. It was getting that sorted that made putting them together take so long. Even Kelly had to do one, let it completely dry, then do another... And so on. Very time consuming!
The Triceratops was more complicated than the T-Rex, but not nearly as difficult to do as the Stegasaurus. I got that one done while waiting for the Stegasaurus to get finished.
Triceratops are my favourite kind of dinosaur.
By the way - not sure how well you can see in the picture - but, just in case you can see... The T-Rex's left "hand" is a bit deformed because it got chewed on. I put the T-Rex together when Kero was a puppy, and he got hold of the arm (I obviously dropped it) and chewed on it. I rescued it, but it now looks kinda like the T-Rex had a bit of an accident that cost him the use of that arm.
And, before anyone asks, no... I'm not getting them painted. If I could do it myself, I'd paint them. But, I don't want anyone doing it for me, otherwise I didn't make them myself. As it was I had to have Kelly help put the Stegasaurus' spikes on its back.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Kero's Summer photo shoot

It's been a little while since we took some photos of Kero. So, Kelly took some today for me to share with you all.
The first one was taken in our room with him sat on our bed. The other two were taken in the back garden.
We did try to get more, but Kero wasn't in the mood for photos today. He was much more interested in watching out the living room window for his Mamgu and Dadci (my Mam and Dad). He was convinced they were coming for dinner again this week, I think. We did try to explain to him that they weren't coming, and that he'd have a VERY long wait if he was staying there until they showed up (they're not due to visit again until Wednesday). But, I don't think he was listening. Either that, or he thought we were winding him up.
Not much else to say, except for...
"Belated happy birthday" to Kelly's Aunt Sue (her birthday was yesterday).
"Happy birthday" for today to Nathan (the youngest son of one of my Mam's best friends).
And, of course...
"Happy father's day" for today to my Dad, and all the other Dads out there. :)
Enjoy whatever's left of your day. :)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Connie Talbot - Three Little Birds

Connie Talbot's new single came out a few days back (I think it was on June 9th) and the new version of her album - which includes the songs from the single in place of the Christmasy ones on her original album - is due for release on June 23rd 2008. So, I thought I'd post the link to a video I found of Connie singing "Three Little Birds" (which is her new single).



Friday, June 13, 2008

Groomers, nurses, giraffes and memes

Yesterday (Thursday) Kero had his grooming appointment. I know I usually post a pic for you after it, but I never had a chance to get Kelly to take one. All he had done was a bit of a trim (and a bath) anyway. He's going back in September. I think it's the 4th or the 9th - or something like that - but I can't remember right now. The groomer gave us the bit of paper when she brought Kero back, and we put it up where we put other appointments. The thing is, we were getting ready to go to our nurse's appointments, so I never paid much attention to it. And, Kelly's busy right now, so probably wouldn't appreciate me asking him to go check just so I can post it here.

Our nurse's appointments went well.

With how the nurse changed my inhalers, I'm down to only needing one of them regularly, and having the other only when "needed" (which hasn't been much). So, she's really pleased she was able to cut down the amount I needed my inhalers. So am I, to be honest. LOL!

As for Kelly... After doing the peak-flow diary for the nurse, she agreed with what I've been saying all along. He doesn't have asthma, he's just prone to regular chest infections. So, she took away the inhaler (which wasn't helping any anyway) and has told him to just have some medicine if he isn't feeling well. And, if that doesn't help, to get in to see a doctor. So, that was good too. Admitedly it's not good that he's prone to chest infections. But, at least he doesn't have asthma, so doesn't need an inhaler on hand 24/7.


Wayne had Kero for us while we went to the nurse. Then he stayed for dinner, and over night.

He (Wayne) is watching my Full House DVDs, but is a few season behind me on them. So, he finished watching season 3 while we were with the nurse. After that he wanted to watch "Alvin And The Chipmunks" so I watched it with him. Yeah, I know I only watched it a couple of weeks ago. But, it's a good movie (despite what my Dad thinks).

Wayne went home this morning. He walked up town to get the bus home when Kelly was walking up town to go to the market for the veg for this week. My Mam and Dad were probably hoping we'd keep him a bit longer though. LOL!

And, - speaking of my Dad - today is his birthday. We gave him his card (and a bit of money) on Wednesday when he was here though, because we didn't plan on seeing him today. Although, I did phone him this morning to say, "happy birthday" to him. And, of course, I'm saying happy birthday to him on here too... "Happy birthday, Dad!" :)


This morning I listened to "The Giraffe And The Pelli And Me" by Roald Dahl (the last story in the box set I mentioned before). This one's about a ladderless window-cleaning company that consists of a giraffe, a pellican and a monkey, and a little boy named "Billy" who they meet after buying "The Grubber House" near where he lives. It's a silly - but cute - story.

Then, this afternoon, I watched the rest of season 7 of Full House.

That's pretty much all I've done today though.


Kati had these memes on her blog, and I thought I'd do them too.

If you want to do them on your blog too, then go ahead, I'm not passing them on to spacific people though. You either do them, or you don't. I'm not bothered either way. It'd be nice if you could let me know if you're going to do them though, so I know to come look for them on your blog.


The first is "What wont you give up?"

What wont I give up?

1. My family. They may be a pain at times, but their my family. And, family is very important. I couldn't and wouldn't give them up. This includes my dog, Kero.

2. My white cane. It might seem like an odd thing not to want to give up, and it does seem weird me including it when just last year I was still refusing to admit I needed it. But, my cane is my freedom. Without it I'm stuck at home or atatched to someone's arm. With it I can go out on my own, or - at least - walk along the street without holding someone's arm.

3. My books. I couldn't cope with nothing to read ever. Even if I was stuck with just having to keep one favourite, or something. I'd have to have at least one book.

4. Something to write with. I don't care if it's the brailler and some paper, the braille slate and some paper, or my laptop. I "need" something to write with. Writing is my way of coping with things. I could cope with almost any situation if I could at least have a way to vent my feelings through my writing.

Everything else I would - if absolutely necessary - be willing to at least consider giving up. Obviously I "need" at least a certain amount of food and drink. And, clothes on my back (even if they've seen better days) and a roof over my head would also be something I would rather not be without. But, since everyone needs those things, I didn't see the point in adding them to the list.


The other one is "The Two By Two Meme"

Two things you are wearing right now: PJs and a robe (well, it's late and kinda chilly, lol)

Two of your favourite things: Writing and reading

Two things you want very badly at the moment: To get that eye op out of the way, and to be a Mami

Two favourite pets you have, or had: One of them is my dog, Kero (who I have right now) and the other one... This one's hard... I think I'm going to have to go with my Oriental cat, Chance (who died at the end of last year).

Two people you hope will fill this out: I'm not sending it to anyone so can't really answer this one. Whoever wants to fill it out can do so.

Two things you did last night: Watched TV and trimmed excess wax off of some of my big candles, which I then bagged up to melt later to make more candles with.

Two things you ate last night: Sausages and potatoes

Two people you last talked to: Kelly and my Mam

Two things you are doing tomorrow: Laundry and... Well, I don't really have anything else planned.

Two of farthest trips taken in last five years: Alberta, Canada and Norwich, England.

Two favourite holidays: Samhain/Halloween and Guy Fawlks Night (AKA "bombfire night")

Two favourite beverages: Tea and dandelion and burdock pop/soda


OK, I think that about covers it for today. LOL!

Enjoy whatever's left of your day. :)


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Injustice, gardens (again) and fish

Mam brought her mower down and got the front garden finished up. She did do some of the back garden too, but - between the fact she got tired, and the fact it started to rain - she wasn't able to get it finished. Never mind, she's down here enough to get it done soon enough.

Our neighbours were VERY pleased with the work she's done on the front garden. They must have said "thank you" a million times. Mam doesn't mind doing it though. I mean - apart from anything else - we benifit from the garden looking nice too. Besides, we're happy to lend a hand to people like them who seem to appreciate it.

Mam made a fish pie for dinner today. We were a bit worried that I wouldn't like it, because I'm not a big fish fan. But, it was nice. Not something I'd want to eat on a regular basis. But something that would be nice every once in a while.

Mam used two different kinds of fish in it. One kind (Cod) we were pretty sure I'd eat, because I do eat fish fingers (though, only every once in a while). The other kind (white Haddock) we were a bit worried I wouldn't like, because when I tried yellow Haddock I didn't like it. My only issues with the fish were the fact that they - especially the Haddock - were quite dry. Once they were mixed in with all the other fish pie ingredients though, they were kinda nice. Like I said though... Not something I'd want to have too regularly. I'd still rather a bit of meat to a bit of fish.

Kelly finally - with my Dad's help - got the desk I got him for his shed put together. He seems really pleased with how his shed is coming together. I think he's liking having a little space that's just for him.

I teasingly asked him yesterday where my place that's just for me is. And, after some consideration, he told me that I could have Harry's cupboard if I wanted to. Hmm... So, he gets a shed, and I get shoved under the stairs with Harry Potter? That doesn't seem fair! Besides, if I have Harry's cupboard, where's Harry going to go? I pointed this out to Kelly, so he suggested I have the crawl space in our bedroom then. I dunno! First he shoves me under the stairs with Harry, the hoover, and the shoes and coats. Then he wants to shove me in the crawl space with the Christmas decorations? Talk about injustice! If those are my choices, I'd rather not have my own little space! LOL! And, anyway, if he's out in his shed, I can just claim the whole flat! *Evil laugh*

I think that covers just about everything for today.

Enjoy whatever's left of your day. :)


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Paint, dogs and ice-cream

I'm sure there was something spacific I wanted to blog about. But, I've been sat here for a while now, and I'm having no luck remembering what it was. So, instead, I'll post about my day.

Not that there's much to say, because I haven't really done much today.

Kelly started painting the sheds, and Kero thought he would "help" so now Kero has paint on his paw. We washed it off as best as we could (the rest'll come off when the groomer baths him on Thursday). I was actually trying to get a nap in when it happened. But, Kelly told me about it. Kero went out to Kelly, and stood there watching him for a bit. Then, Kero put his paw on the wall, pawed at the wall a bit, and - obviously deciding it wasn't as fun as it looked - shook his paw (probably to get the paint off, since he'd pawed at a bit Kelly'd painted already) then he walked off. After that he wasn't interested in what "Dadi" was doing. LOL!

Kero, Kelly and I sat out the front for over an hour this evening, waiting for the ice-cream man. And, guess what? He never showed up! All these cold, wet, miserable days when he's showed up, and we haven't wanted one. Then, on a beautiful, warm, sunny evening - the kind of evening when you'd kill for an ice-cream, if you know what I mean - he doesn't show up! He usually comes around twice a day. Once around lunch time (well, between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm... Usually closer to the 11:00 am mark). Then after dinner (between about 6:00 pm and 9:00 pm). I know that's a pretty wide window, but he stops only a few houses away, so we hear him easily, and I listened for him from 5:00 pm, so I know I didn't miss him. So, I ended up with no ice-cream. :(

Daisy came out to wait with us. Not sure if she knew what we were waiting for, but she sat with us anyway. LOL! The neighbours had to actually come and get her when they wanted her to come in. Mind you, I think Kero'd have been the same if it was them out there, and us wanting him in. LOL!

The two dogs were as good as gold, and nice and quiet. Well, apart from when the guy who lives next door came home, and both Kero and Daisy barked at him. We tried to tell them that he's allowed to walk in to his own home. But they barked at him anyway. Neither dog made a move to go towards him mind. They just stood up (they'd been laying near where Kelly and I were sat) and barked. Perhaps they were telling him to keep away from us?


That's all I've got to say today.


Monday, June 09, 2008

Crocodiles, tortoises and sheds

It's been another beautiful, sunny day today. Actually, - weatherwise - today was better than yesterday, because it was beautiful and warm without being too hot. It's amazing how much difference a bit of a breeze makes, isn't it?


Last night, I listened to two more of the stories from the Roald Dahl set I mentioned some time last week.

The first was "The Enormous Crocodile" and was about a crocodile who wants to have a nice juicy child for lunch, which all the other animals think is very cruel. Can't say more than that about it without giving anything away though.

The other one was "Esio Trot" and was about a retired man who loves the widdow who lives below him. But, he's too shy to tell her. So, when she tells him that she wishes her beloved tortoise would grow, he comes up with a plan to impress her.

I really enjoyed both stories. :)


I ordered my new labeler today. It WAS in stock, and they told me it should be with me in "about 5 days." Of course, this depends on the postal service. But, at least it's on the way. I ordered more labeling tape too, because I'm getting really low again, and I know for a fact I don't have enough to finish the labeling with what I have here.

This afternoon, Kelly and I cleaned out the garden shed. The one we keep all the garden tools and such in. We'd put some things in there that needed to be thrown out, saying we'd "sort them later" - but, of course, later didn't come - and we thought that since they've been there for about two months now it was time to get them "sorted out." Besides, the rubbish men come in the morning, so today's a good day to do that sort of thing.

Haven't really done anything else today. So, I don't really have anything else to say. Well, except...

Today's my Mother-In-Law (Jenifer)'s birthday. So, I just thought I'd say "happy birthday" to her on here. :)


Sunday, June 08, 2008

Gardens, neighbours and weather

Mam didn't manage to get the lawns finished yesterday (Saturday). She did do a little more this morning, but still didn't get them finished. She's hoping the weather stays nice so she can finish them on Wednesday. They are mostly done, just not quite.

Our neighbours from upstairs raked up the grass from Mam cutting the lawns this afternoon. They wouldn't let Mam do that as well as cutting the lawns. They said it wasn't fair that she did all the work. I thought that was really nice that they felt that way.

Nan, Mam, Dad, Wayne and Willow had dinner with us again this week. Mam did a sort of shepherds' pie type thing (recipe's already on our recipe page). It was really good. There's some left over, so Kelly and I are having it for tomorrow's dinner. That'll save us cooking tomorrow. :)

I had a really bad night last night, so I "tried" to have a nap after Mam, Dad, Nan, Wayne and Willow went home. It didn't work too well though. I ended up getting back up and sitting on our front door step talking to the neighbours.

We (Kelly, Kero and I) only really went out to say, "hi," when we noticed they were out there raking up the grass. But, it turned out we ended up staying out there talking with them for a good hour or more. LOL!

It was nice to be outside in the sunshine. I paid for it all the rest of the afternoon and in to the evening though. My eye's been VERY painful, and if I'm out in the sun too long, I get a sort of "heat rash" wherever the sun's touched and all over my back. That one was easier to sort out though. A cold bath and I was fine. I only wish my eye could be soothed as easily. *Sigh* Oh, well. Hopefully I'll be having that op very soon, then it wont hurt any more.

Today was VERY hot, and we (Kelly, the neighbours and I) were wishing we had a swimming pool so we could cool off in it. People keep saying the warm weather isn't going to last much longer (which wouldn't surprise me in this country) so we were making the most of being able to be out in it. Like I said though, we were wishing we had a pool. And, I would have enjoyed it more if I hadn't been in pain. Still, it was a beautiful day.

Daisy and Kero were quite happy to play together and wander from person to person getting petted. We did feel sorry for them with all that fur though. Especially Daisy, because she's black (well, it's called "roan" her colouring, but it basically means black).


I think that covers just about everything for today.

Enjoy whatever's left of your day! :)


Saturday, June 07, 2008

Gardens and recipes

Today (Saturday) is my Grandma's birthday. I phoned her this morning to wish her a happy birthday, but I thought I'd post a happy birthday on here for her to. So... "Happy birthday Grandma!"


As I mentioned yesterday, my Mam is with me this weekend. And we've been quite busy today. Mam started mowing the lawn, but the mower doesn't seem to be working. So, I sent her in to town to buy a strimmer (we figured that since the grass is so long it'd be easier to use). Anyway, she got it alright, but it turned out the battery needs several hours to charge so it can get anything much done. With what we've gotten done today we "would have" had our lawn done. But, we offered to do the front lawn for our neighbours (this was before we knew the mower wasn't working properly) so we don't actually have either lawn finished. The strimmer's charging again, and Mam's going to see how much more she can get done tonight. She's hoping any she can't finish tonight can be done in the morning.

During the gaps in the lawn mowing, Mam helped me get some recipes up on the recipe page. The warm salad thing we had on Wednesday is up there. So are tomorrow's dinner (pretty much a shepherd's pie, just with a bit more veg in it) and the dinner Mam's trying us with on Wednesday (fish pie). I also posted the bread recipe my Mam usually uses, and my Mam's mushroom and tomato sauce recipe. So, feel free to go take a look at those, if you want to.


My Mam brought me a pressie today. It's a new DAB Digital Radio. We've put it in the kitchen so we can listen to it while we're doing stuff out there (i.e. cooking, washing dishes, doing laundry, etc). I've been wanting one for a while now, but never got around to buying one. So, thanks Mam. :)

OK, well, I think that pretty much covers everything for today.

Enjoy the rest of your day. :)


Friday, June 06, 2008

Friday evening's nonsensical dribble

The neighbours from upstairs made a start on sorting out the front garden a few days ago. We wondered why they never did more than about half of it. But, we found out why today. The people upstairs are a mother with a teenage daughter (and, of course, Daisy the dog) and it's the mother's father who usually comes and does the yard for them. Anyway, he's about 70 years old, so only got about half way through the job before he was too tired to carry on. The next dry day when he's not too busy (or too tired) he's planning on finishing the job. So, hopefully the front garden will be looking nice and tidy very soon. :)

And, hopefully, it shouldn't be much longer before we get the back garden sorted too. :)

We've almost finished sorting inside. We've had to stop at the moment though, because my braille labeler got broken (don't ask). So, until I can get a new one we can't finish sorting the movies and CDs. And, until they're sorted, there are a few things we can't get to sort out. It shouldn't take long to get the new labeler though. I'm ordering it on Monday, so I should have it in a week or so (unless they're out of stock, in which case it could take longer).

We're aiming to make sure that all the work (both inside and out) that's our responsibility is done before my Mam starts her cooking course in September. We think that's a realistic goal.

Watched some more "Full House" yesterday. I only have one more disk and I've finished Season seven. There are only eight seasons, so I only have one more set of disks to buy and I have the lot on DVD... Yay! Then I can watch them any time I want! :)

My Mam is spending the weekend with me. Well, actually it's only Saturday that it's just the two of us (well, and Kero) because on Sunday everyone's coming here for dinner again - like last week - and Mam's cooking for us all.

Anyway... I think that'll do for today.

Enjoy whatever's left of your day. :)


Thursday, June 05, 2008

Medical type news

I got the appointment to see the doctor in charge of doing my op. The appointment came today, and is for June 30th at 2:15 pm. Not sure when the actual op will be, but it shouldn't be long after that... Thankfully! :)

And... On the subject of eye ops... Carl is doing fine after his op. He's getting on with stuff, and - apart from a bit of a headache - isn't suffering any lasting affects from the surgery. So, that's good news.

Oh, yeah... He said to say, "thank you," to everyone who wished him luck, sent get well wishes, etc.


Kelly and I were both meant to have an appointment with the asthma nurse today. The problem is that it turned out Wayne had a hospital appointment too. This meant nobody was available to have Kero for us (for those who don't know, Kero can't be left home alone). Anyway, we had to call and change our appointment (luckily we realised on Sunday, so I was able to call on Monday). We've now got to go next Thursday instead. Shame I couldn't have made our appointments earlier next week, because then we wouldn't have needed a puppy-sitter. Kero goes to the groomer next Thursday. But, of course, he gets home just before we need to leave for our appointments (he gets home just before 2:00 pm, and our appointments are 3:00 pm and 3:15 pm). Oh, well, can't be helped. Besides, I think Wayne enjoys having Kero anyway (though probably mostly for the TV privaleges, LOL!)


As you may have read in the comments of my last post (or on her blog) Kaylee is home now. So, that's fantastic news! Let's hope it stays that way. :)

And, MarmiteToasty seems to be doing a lot better too. Which is also very good news. :)

Hope everyone else who's not been well, or has been in hospital for something, or has just been feeling down for no apparent reason - which happens to the best of us - is feeling better very soon. *HUGS*

Enjoy whatever's left of your day! :)


Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Food, "Full House" and foxes

Yep... That basically sums up my day. LOL!

Mam and Dad came down for the afternoon and early evening - like they do most Wednesdays now - and we all tried a recipe my Mam had found for a "warm bacon salad" (I think that's what it's called). I have to admit, I hadn't really been looking forward to trying it, but it turned out to be pretty good. Although Mam and I agreed (and, so did Kelly when I asked him his oppinion afterwards) that it would have been better with some warm veggies rather than the cold lettuce the recipe called for. The lettuce just didn't seem right with the rest of it. That was our opinion anyway... Others may feel differently. Either way, I'll see about getting Mam to read the recipe out for me to put on our recipe page on the weekend, so then you can try it for yourself some time. If you want to, that is.


I did end up watching a movie last night. It was "It Takes Two" but I wont post about it, because I'm sure I've mentioned it on here before. It's one of the movies I can watch over and over again without getting sick of it. Mind you, there are a lot of movies I can do that with. LOL!

Then, today (Wednesday) my "Full House - Season 7" DVDs arrived. So, after my Mam and Dad left I sat and watched the first disk (1/4 of the series). I don't think I need to tell you that I enjoyed that. LOL!

I also listened to "Fantastic Mr Fox" by Roald Dahl. It's only a short story, which is about three farmers who get sick of losing their animals to this fox, so they decide to try and catch him. But, of course, "Mr Fox" is too clever for them. It's a cute little story, and I enjoyed it. Mind you, I'm a big fan of Roald Dahl's stories, so it stands to reason that I'd enjoy it.

The little story collection I brought the other day (which arrived today) contains four of Roald Dahl's stories... "Fantastic Mr Fox" "The Enormous Crocodile" "Esio Trot" and "The Giraffe And The Pelli And Me"... All short stories. I'm planning on listening to the other three some time in the next week or so, and will tell you about each one as I listen to it.

Hope everyone is happy and well today. :)


Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Barking & bits

Don't know what's up with Kero today, but he's spent most of the day barking. Mind you, Daisy (upstairs' dog) hasn't been much quieter. And, I'm sure I heard - in the gaps between barks from Kero and Daisy - some other local dogs barking a fair bit today too. Don't know what's up, but it's given me one heck of a headache! The dogs are all quiet now (thankfully). So, either whatever it was bugging them is over with, or they've tired themselves out. It's days like these I'm glad we only have the one dog now. LOL!


I just spoke to Rachel, and Carl did get to come home today. I didn't get to speak to him though, because he was sleeping. Mind you, he could probably do without me chatting ten to the dozen in his ear the day after surgery anyway. LOL!

And, isn't it tomorrow that Kaylee gets to go home too? I know it's "meant to be" tomorrow... I hope that's still the case. She's had enough time in hospital lately to last a lifetime, and I'm sure she's looking forward to being in her own home at last.

I'm still waiting for the letter about my op. Hope they get it sorted soon or it wont be done in time for Carl and Rachel's wedding on August 2nd. I need to be out of hospital by July 30th at the latest to be able to make it to the wedding, since we're going up to Norwich on July 31st. Although, ideally I'd like it out the way a good week (at the very least) before that so I have time to heal first. But, in reality, I've got to just go in when they tell me to really, right?


Haven't done much today. Did a few things that needed doing around the house (OK, flat, but let's not be picky). Got my score on "Egg Hunt" up to 10 (not the best score, but... *Shrugs*... Well, it's better than the 0 I keep getting on "Metris"... LOL!) But, that's about it.

I think I might go watch one of my movies in a bit. Not sure which one though. If I can decide then I'll watch one. Otherwise, I guess I wont. Before I think about that though, I think I'll go see if anyone's posted anything interesting on their blogs today.

Enjoy whatever's left of your day. :)


Monday, June 02, 2008

Audio games, photos and more

I've FINALLY managed to get "Egg Hunt" and "Metris" working. Don't ask me how, because I haven't a clue. All I know is that I haven't tried for a week or so, then I tried again last night, and they worked first time. Been playing them on and off since. I'm not very good at either at the moment though. LOL!

Staying on the theme of computer related things...

I got an e-mail today from "Ringo" (where I store my photos for you all to look at, if you want). Apparently they're shutting down at the end of this month. It's no big deal to me though. I mean, I've got all the photos backed-up on disks, and some of them as actual photos. But, it does mean that any I didn't post on my blog (or one of the other pages of our site) will no longer be accessable to the public. I did consider looking elsewhere for a photo storage site and putting them all up on it. But, I have HUNDREDS of photos, so I said, "sod it" and decided that if I mention a photo and you guys want to see it, it'll be easier for me to just post it on my blog. It took me AGES to get all those photos on that site, and I could see them then. Now... I don't even want to think about how much work it would be and how long it would take! So, as of June 30th 2008, we don't have photo album sections. *Shrugs* I think most people never even looked in them anyway. LOL!


We've had some weird weather today. Mind you, it's been weird most of the past couple of weeks. It doesn't seem to be able to make up its mind whether to be sunny, rainy, or both at once. This, of course, means that if you go anywhere you need to be prepared for both types of weather, which is quite tricky when it's BOILING HOT one minute, and FREEZING COLD the next. Ah, yes, just another wonderful example of British Summertime. LOL! And, of course, when you get this kind of weather there can be only one result. That's right... Thunder storms. Not that I mind all that much. Personally, I quite enjoy curling up on the sofa, or my bed, and listening to the storms. Unfortunately, Kero disagrees, and I seem to be the only one who enjoys them. LOL! Although, if they're having any up in Norwich, I'm sure Carl is enjoying them too.

And - speaking of Carl - today (Monday) Carl went in to hospital and had the same op I'm waiting to have done. Carls situation is a bit different, but it's the same eye condition responsible. Anyway, I've been told that his op went well. And he should be able to come home tomorrow. I hope mine goes as smoothly, and I get to come home as quickly. But, in the meantime, I thought I'd post get well wishes for Carl on here. So... "Get well soon, Carl!" :)

And, I hope everyone else not well, or feeling down, is feeling better soon too. *hugs* :)


Sunday, June 01, 2008

"I'd Do Anything" and other stuff

WOW! It's June already! The months are just flying by, aren't they? The way time is flying by, pretty soon it'll be Christmas again. In fact, people are already talking about things they'd like for Christmas, and what they're planning on doing to celebrate it.


Yesterday (Saturday) was the final of "I'd Do Anything" and Mam was down for the weekend, so we watched it together. First to be out was Samantha, which I was pleased about because it meant that it was between Jessie and Jody. It was Jody I wanted to win, but I did want to see Jessie in the final two. And, guess what? JODY WON!!! So... Jody is the new Nancy, and will be starring along-side Gwyon, Harry and Lawrence (the three lads playing Oliver) when the musical begins showing in about six months time.

So... I was pleased with the results. Not as pleased as Mam though, it seems. Seriously, if she'd cheered any louder we'd have had people knocking on the door asking if she was OK. LOL! Poor Kero got scared with all the noise she was making (not to mention the fact she jumped up suddenly, and he was laying between us on the sofa) and he hid under Kelly's computer desk for quite a while.

After the results show, Mam and I watched "Flushed Away" I've seen it before, and I'm sure I mentioned it on here then, so I'm not going to bother doing so again. It was Mam's first time watching it though, and she LOVED it! She actually sat and watched the whole movie right through (VERY rare for her, especially since she'd been watching TV for a bit before we put the movie on). And, she actually told Dad she'd willingly watch the movie again with him (he hasn't seen it yet). That's rare for her too. Normally she watches a movie once then wont watch it again because she's seen it. LOL!

"Britain's Got Talent" is over now too. I didn't think much of the acts this year, so I didn't bother wasting my money voting for them. The guy who won (I can't remember his name) did a sort of Michael Jackson impersonation act, but with a bit of a twist. Wayne thought he was fantastic, and was glad he won. Personally, I think he was just "OK" - just like the rest of them - and don't think it really matters when there wasn't really anyone who stood out as being "awesome" anyway. The young lad (Andrew something) who came third was pretty good. But, though he was a great singer I knew he wouldn't come first because the style of music he sings isn't exactly popular these days.

That's it for TV shows for me for a bit. The only ones on to watch now wont get much of a mention - if they even get mentioned at all - because they're either re-runs or something that's on so often I don't give them much thought. LOL!


Mam, Dad, Nan, Wayne and Willow came to us for dinner today (Sunday). Mam cooked a beef dinner for us all (beef, yorkshire puddings, parsnips, roast potatoes, carrots, cabbage, broccoli and gravy). She enjoys cooking, and we're all happy to let her do it. Especially when there are six humans and two dogs to feed. LOL! Anyway, it was really nice.

Mam, Dad, Wayne, Nan and Willow went home an hour or so after dinner. I think Mam was kinda tired, and I know I was. That's why I went for a nap after they left. LOL!

Hmm... I think that's everything I wanted to say today. So... Enjoy whatever's left of your day. :)