Saturday, May 31, 2008

Friday 30th May 2008

Didn't get on here in time to get this post actually on Friday, but never mind.


Kelly went to the market to get some fresh veg for us (like he does every Friday... at the moment). I'm not going right now because going out in to the sun light increases the pain, so we've both agreed that it's best if Kelly goes for now. Anyway, while he was in town, he got a rawhide bone for upstairs' dog (Daisy) as a "thank you" for the rawhide shoe they got for Kero Thursday. When he gave it to them they said we "didn't have to do that" but I already knew that. I asked Kelly to get Daisy a little treat because I wanted to, not because I felt I had to.

Not a lot else has been going on. I've been watching series six of "Full House" which I got on DVD a couple of months back (actually, Mam brought it for me back in February). I didn't get a chance to watch it before it got packed, and it was only a couple of weeks ago it got unpacked and labeled, so it was only now I could get to watch it. Just need to get series seven and series eight now and I have the whole set on DVD.

I also watched "Practical Magic" yesterday (Friday). It's one of my favourite movies, so I've seen it so many times I could probably resite it almost word for word if I wanted to. But, I LOVE that movie, so I thought I'd watch it again. "Practical Magic" and "The Craft" are the only movies I've seen more times than the Harry Potter movies (meaning, more times than I've seen each movie. If you add all the Harry Potter movie viewings together then it's a different story. LOL!)

Yesterday was my Uncle Philip and Aunty Bev's birthdays. So, a belated happy birthday to them. :)

Also - for anyone not reading their blogs, but interested - I thought I'd let you all know that...

MarmiteToasty's back in hospital, because things didn't go as smoothly as hoped with her op. Hopefully though she shouldn't be in there long. *Sends possitive thoughts for a speedy recovery to Toasty*

On a brighter note... Kaylee - who's spent the past few months stuck in hospital - is scheduled to get to go home and be with her family and friends in the comfort of her own home on Wednesday. So, I'm sure you'll all agree that that's fantastic news. :)

Right, I think that's enough from me for today. Besides, I'm tired and want to go to bed.


Thursday, May 29, 2008

Scan results and stuff

So... I went to the Gynaecologist this afternoon and found out the results of my scan. It was perfectly clear. Judging by the results of all the tests and scans, everything's looking normal. It seems it's a case of just trying to get some weight off and waiting, and hoping. And, if - when I manage to get down to the weight I should be - I'm still having no success, then I have to ask my doctor to refer me to the fertility clinic.


Not much been going on here, so I don't really have much to write about at the moment. The people upstairs brought Kero a rawhide shoe today, which was really nice of them. But that's about the most interesting thing I can think of right now.


Short post to say...

... "thank you" to everyone who commented on my last post.

Hope everyone else who's been feeling low lately is feeling better soon *hugs*


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fed up... Had enough!

Been feeling kinda fed up and low the past few days. I think there's something in the air or something, because a lot of people seem to be feeling the same way.

I think the main reason behind how I'm feeling is my up-coming eye op. Still waiting for the appointment to see the doctor who's doing the op for the "pre-op consultation" (or whatever they call it). I wish they'd hurry up so I can stop being in so much pain, and get on with the rest of my life. I understand these things take time and all that, but... Well... This waiting is really hard.

I'm glad I've made the choice I have, because soon the pain will be over. But, I have to admit, I'm a little scared. It's not going to make all that much difference now. I mean, it's gotten to the point where all I can see is light anyway. But it's just so much to take in. This time last year I was just having a little trouble with my eye - hardly more than I'd had all my life - and I was putting it down to tiredness. It was only last September I was forced to finally accept the truth. Now, I'm waiting for a letter that will bring me one step closer to the day when my world will become dark, and stay that way forever.

I've asked myself several times why I'm so eager to have the op over with when that's what it means. You'd think I'd want to put it off as long as I can, wouldn't you? But, no! I want it to hurry up and happen. Why? Well, funnily enough, answering that question is the easiest part of this whole thing. It's because I've had enough!

All my life there's been pain. Never as much as now, but always some. Until last September it wasn't constant, and could be explained by weather conditions, tiredness, etc. It could also be eased (in some cases actually stopped for a while) by drops or a cold, wet cloth. But since September the pain's been constant. It was worth it before because the eye still worked. What's a bit of pain when I was cheating fate? The doctors had told me I'd be blind before I hit 16. So, what was a bit of pain when I was proving them wrong? But now... Well... Why should I put up with the pain now when the sight is gone and nothing's going to bring it back?

That's why I want the op to hurry up and happen. Because I've had enough!

I don't want to be in pain any more!


Monday, May 26, 2008

Olivers, Nancys and my Monday

For anyone interested...

The three lads that are to play Oliver in the West End musical were named on Saturday evening. They are Lawrence, Harry and Gwyon. Gwyon was the lad I wanted to see make it, so I'm really pleased with the results. We're down to the final three Nancys now too. The difference is that the three Olivers will all get to play the part, but only one Nancy will get the part. The final three are Jody, Jessie and Samantha. I hope Jody wins. Although, it wouldn't be the worst thing if Jessie won. But it's Jody I "REALLY" want to win.


It's been a cold, wet, boring day today.

Kelly is up at my parents' place having a gaming session with my Dad, my brothers, and - I think - a couple of family friends. So, that leaves me all on my little own at home (well, apart from Kero). Mam was going to come down and spend the afternoon and evening with me, but she wasn't feeling too good. I think everything she's been trying to do these past few weeks has finally caught up with her.

I'm not entirely sure what prompted it, but Kelly said earlier that with some of the rubbish that goes on in my head, and some of the rubbish I talk about, I'd get on great with Luna Lovegood (for those that don't know, she's a character from the Harry Potter books who's a bit odd). I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing though. I took it as a good thing, and probably made him even more convinced of it when I replied that I'd quite like to meet her, because we could have some fantastic conversations. LOL!


Sunday, May 25, 2008

Gardens, parties, chipmunks and Idols

I've posted two other posts today. The one below this one contains a photo of the front of our place and the front garden. The one below that one contains photos of the back garden. They are the promised photos that Kelly took a couple of weeks back.

As I've already mentioned, the back garden still needs a lot of work done to it. We have (actually, mostly my Mam has) done a fair bit to clean it up, but it still needs some cleaning up, and there are a few things we want to do that don't "need" to be done, but we'd like to anyway. Once we're done I'll get Kelly (or maybe Mam?) to take some more photos for you. I just thought you'd like some to see what it looks like now.

We're making quite good progress with the decorating and sorting out we want to do inside, so "hopefully" it shouldn't be too long before you get photos of that too. :)


Apparently the party my Mam did for Carl and Rachel was a great success, and everyone appears to have enjoyed themselves. At least, as far as I can gather from Mam's post and a brief conversation with my Mam on the phone earlier. So, that's good news. :)

I "finally" got around to watching "Alvin And The Chipmunks" on Thursday evening. Actually, Kelly and I watched it together. Anyway... It was a fantastic movie. Really funny! I'm definately glad I got it!

So... David Cook won American Idol. Apparently Simon Cowell wanted the other David to win (there was something on MSN... Can't be bothered to look for it right now though). Acctually, I was kinda surprised about which David won too. Especially when you take into account the large difference in the number of votes each David got. I've got no problems with David Cooke winning, don't get me wrong. I was just surprised, that's all.

Anyway... I think that'll do for now. Enjoy whatever's left of your day, and... I hope those of you feeling under the weather at the moment are feeling better soon. *hugs* :)


Front garden

Here's a pic of the front garden for you. The front garden isn't ours to maintain (it "technically" belongs to the people upstairs) so sorry if it looks a bit of a mess. This pic is more to show you the front of the place. So, anyway... This one's the front of our place and the garden that's out there. Kelly took this pic (along with the ones of the back garden, which are in the post below this one) earlier in the month, but it was only Friday we got around to getting them off the camera and on to the PC.

The back garden

We aren't finished doing the work we want to do out there. No, not even close! BUT Kelly took some photos of the back garden for you all to see anyway.
Once we're done out there (whenever that happens to be) I'll get him to take some more. These will just give you some idea of what the garden looks like.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

My afternoon with Carl

Carl and Rachel are visiting for a few days to attend the pre-wedding party my Mam is throwing for them this evening. And, this afternoon, Carl came down to spend some time with me.

We cooked ourselves pasta, hot dogs and cheese for lunch, which was really nice. Then we took Kero out for a walk along by the river, which I know Kero REALLY enjoyed, and we enjoyed it too. It would have been even more enjoyable if my eye had stopped hurting though, but that can't be helped. I don't think I'm going to get pain-free time until after the op now. *Sigh*

Anyway... After we'd taken Kero for a walk, I washed up the lunch dishes in between showing Carl a few things I wanted him to take a look at. Then we baked some cakes, which were very nice, if I do say so myself. LOL!

While the cakes were cooking, we played battleships. We only played one game, which I won. Then we played Snakes and ladders. And, guess what? I won that to. We'd planned on playing best of three, and it turned out I won two games in a row, so we never played the third game. Besides, by that time it was pretty much time for Carl to go.

Yep, it's been a good day... I'm knackered now though! LOL! :)


Friday, May 23, 2008

Kero's 4th birthday

Yep. That's right. My little boy is four years old today! Seems like only yesterday I was picking up a 9 & 1/2 week old Westie puppy from a breeder. Now it's almost four years later, and that little puppy has grown in to a big dog. But not just any dog. Nope! He's my baby. And, I can't believe he's already four!
The pic above is one Kelly took for me this morning of Kero with his birthday cards (the big one's from us, the little one's from my Grandma and Grandad) and the rawhide treats we got him. My Grandma and Grandad sent him some money in his card, so when Kelly went in to town to get this week's veg from the market, Kelly used it to buy him a tub of meat flavoured chews and a new football (the one my Mam got him a little while back - which was meant as an early birthday present - is already looking like it's in need of retirement. LOL!) We didn't get a photo of him with his new ball though.
OK, yeah, I know some of you probably think I'm weird celebrating my dog's birthday as if he was a kid. But, I don't care! I'm going to keep on doing it anyway! :)
Kelly took Kero to the park this afternoon for a bit of a run around. They didn't stay out long though. It turns out Kero's figured out that the gate is easy to open, and he decided that visiting a pretty little local dog (Kelly was told by the owner that it was a girl) was much more fun than playing in a field. They spent only a few seconds in the field by the park, but a good five minutes with Kero running down the street to visit the dog, and Kelly running after him. For some reason, after that Kelly wasn't all that eager to let Kero loose again. So, they came home. LOL!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

5th wedding anniversary

Today (Thursday May 22nd 2008) is mine and Kelly's 5th wedding anniversary.

I can't believe it's been FIVE years already!

We got a few cards and some money from family and friends. And, of course, we got each other cards. I told you a few days ago what Kelly got me (a couple of games and a talking clock - in case you've forgotten) and I'm getting him something he wants for out in his shed. He wants to set up a little painting area out there for his Warhammer figures so he can keep them out of my way, so he's asked me to buy him a desk for out there. *Shrugs* If that's what he wants, then that's what I'm getting him. Got to wait for the money to go in the bank so I can get it for him though. Providing it's in stock, he'll have it by the end of next week.

We've decided we're going to order take-away for dinner tonight, because he doesn't feel like cooking, and I don't feel like scrubbing pans (and vice-versa). So, we're having our dinner delivered, which means no cooking or washing of dishes for either of us. YAY! LOL!

Anyway, I'm going to let this do for today. Enjoy whatever's left of your day, :)


Chickens, cups and CDs

So, my Mam ended up coming to sort out the chicken in the end. LOL! She said it doesn't bother her, so we told her if that was the case then she could do it herself. So, she did. LOL! And, if you were wondering, yes, it was a lovely chicken dinner.

Kelly and I have these nice, big mugs that we use a lot for warm drinks. We've had them since the Christmas before we got married. Apparently though, it took my Mam a good five years to notice these cups. LOL! Anyway, she recently developed the habit of using mine to make her drinks in when she's here. So, yesterday Kelly went and got her one of her own. It's not exactly like ours because ours are Christmasy mugs and hers says "Mum" on it. But, she's really pleased with it. She proudly showed it to Dad, then said about a dozen times, "I've got my own big cup now!" *Shrugs* Whatever makes her happy. LOL!

While Mam and Dad were here yesterday (Wednesday) Mam helped me get some of my CDs labeled. We haven't finished labeling the movies, but it was the CDs she wanted to do. It doesn't matter to me either way. They all need to be done eventually anyway, so does it really matter what order they get done in? I taught her how to figure out the label maker, so she was making the labels then I was checking they said what she'd meant them to say and sticking them on the CDs. I think it made the job a bit quicker to be honest. Plus, it meant both of us always had something to do, so nobody got bored.

The only other thing I wanted to say in this post is that yesterday (May 21st) was Kelly's uncle Keith's birthday. So, a belated "happy birthday" to him. :)


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Charity, chores and chickens

Today is our usual shopping day. Well, the day the bulk of the shopping is done anyway. The fresh fruit and veg we usually get on a Friday from the market, and we sometimes end up getting a couple of other bits we've forgotten then too. But, you get the idea. LOL!

Anyway... While he was going in to do the shopping, Kelly took the bags of stuff we didn't want in to the charity shop. The walk to town isn't far so he normally walks (even when it's raining) but with two big bags full of "stuff" (which weren't exactly light) he decided to take a taxi instead. Can't say I blame him. I'd have done the same. LOL! Apparently, the people from the charity shop were very pleased with all the stuff. Don't know how much of it they'll end up selling, but they were pleased at getting a tidy sized donation at any rate.

Meanwhile, I stayed home and got a few chores done around the house. I've still got some laundry to finish up, but for the most part everything housework related is all caught up. Of course, that's not going to be the case for long, is it? I mean, is it ever possible to keep housework completely up to date? In my experience, the answer to that is "NO!"

My Mam and Dad are coming for dinner tomorrow. Mam's making a chicken dinner. Kelly got the chicken today and Mam asked us if we'd stuff it and put it in the oven an hour before she's due to arrive. Actually, she originally just asked me to do it, but I told her there was no way I was sticking my hand in a chicken's arse. So, Kelly's stuffing the chicken instead. I've got no problems eating chicken, but I DO NOT like to handle it more than absolutely necessary when it's not cooked, and I DO NOT like the idea of sticking my hand inside a chicken then spooning stuffing in to it. I've never liked the idea of doing that, and I never will. If I have to be the one to do the chicken, I buy chicken pieces that are already cut away from the chicken and serve the stuffing seporately. If people don't like it they can stuff their own hands in the chicken. I have, however, agreed to make the stuffing... As long as I'm not the one putting it in the chicken... LOL!

OK, I think that's enough of my nonsense for one day. Enjoy whatever's left of your day. :)


Monday, May 19, 2008

"Which Witch?" by Eva Ibotson

Some time around the end of last week, I listened to "Which Witch" by Eva Ibotson.

I've heard the story before (borrowed it from an audio library when I was younger) and enjoyed it, so I brought it recently and eagerly listened to it again. It's a story about a dark wizard - who's name I can't spell - and how he decides he needs someone to take some of the burden of causing chaos off of him, so he goes to see a fortune teller who tells him a VERY powerful wizard is coming to take over for him. But, when the wizard shows no signs of coming, he decides to hold a contest for local witches in order to decide which witch he'll marry.

I enjoyed it just as much as I did when I was younger. And I think Kelly was enjoying it too, because when each disk finished he'd nudge me and say, "more story." LOL!


Sunday, May 18, 2008

Models, Nancys and other stuff

I've finished putting my Triceratops together. My Stegasaurus still needs some of its spiky bits put on it, but other than that it's done too. Will get Kelly to take a photo of the dinosaurs when the Stegasaurus has all its spiky bits.

My prediction for who would be voted off on "I'd Do Anything" was correct. Neeph was the one with the least votes, and - when faced with the choice between her or Rachel - Andrew Lloyd Webber didn't save her. It's a shame, but it can't be helped. At least Jody is still nice and safe. In fact, I don't think she's even been in the bottom two at all. So, next week is the "Nancy Semi-Final" and the four Nancys left are Jody, Jessie, Samantha and Rachel. Next week is also when they anounce which three boys will get the part of Oliver.

And, it turns out that next week is also when "Britain's Got Talent" finishes up the auditions and starts getting in to the actual compatition stage. So, with all that plus the final of "American Idol" it's going to be an interesting week of TV for me.

This time next week, Carl and Rachel's party will have happened and be over with (it's on Saturday May 24th). Mam is doing everything possible to make the party as enjoyable for them as possible, so I hope they enjoy it. Kelly and I wont be going. Nothing personal to them or anything. It's just that with us not being big fans of parties anyway and the fact we live a bit further away now, we decided it'd be best for everyone if we didn't go. Otherwise we'd have to arrange for someone else (like Wayne) to miss part of the party so we could go to it (we can't leave Kero alone, and we don't think it'd be fair to him to take him to a crowded party). Not to mention we'd have to either pay for a cab to bring us home and grab Wayne (from Mam's place to ours it costs a little over £10 for a cab during a weekday, can you imagine how much it'd cost to go from Mam's to ours, wait for Wayne, then take Wayne back to Mam's? AND on a Saturday night at that!) Or, we'd have to have either Mam and a co-driver or Dad not drinking anything (at least until we got taken home) so we could get home. So, we - Kelly, Mam and I - all agreed it would be easier if we didn't go. Besides, we're going to the actual wedding and the "evening do" for it, so it's not like we're not helping them celebrate.

I'm sure there were other things I was going to say, but I can't think what they were. So, I'm going to let this do for today. Enjoy whatever's left of your day, :)


Saturday, May 17, 2008

Saturday night's nonsensical dribble

I ordered some talking kitchen scales, more labeling tape (to sort the rest of those movies) and a couple of other bits from the R.N.I.B on Monday, and they arrived on Thursday morning. It was only early this morning I figured out how to change the scales from grams to ounces though (a lot of my recipes are in ounces so I needed to know how to change it). And Kelly and I got some more movies labeled today. Still got loads to do, but between needing to get other stuff done and the fact the machine is hard on the wrist after a bit, it's taking longer than it should. And me having to keep stopping because I can't concentrate because of the pain in my eye doesn't help matters.

The "couple of other bits" consist of two games and a talking alarm clock, all of which are early anniversary presents from Kelly (I didn't know what I wanted, and he didn't know what to get me, so he told me to pick something from somewhere, order it and tell him what he was paying for... lol). The games are Snakes And Ladders and Solitaire. I do have a 3D Snakes And Ladders game my Dad got me for Christmas, but I wanted the ordinary version of the game too. And the Solitaire game is that game with the pegs where you have to try and get down to just one peg left. Mostly I only manage to get down to four left, but I did get down to three this morning. LOL! As for the clock... Well, my old clock had finally given up - after something like ten years of use - and I needed a new one, so figured "why not?" It's a little cube shaped one. I wanted a burgandy and cream one, but they didn't have any and weren't entirely certain when (or even if) they'd get more. So, since I needed one and couldn't just wait and hope, I ordered the grey and yellow one instead (it was that one or just a plain black and silver one, and just because I can't see the colours doesn't mean I don't want to know they exist, so I went for the one with some colour in it).


Almost done putting my dinosaurs together. My Stegasaurus just needs a few more of those spiky bits that are on its back put on, and my Triceratops just needs it's two top horns and its feet.

We (Kelly and I) did intend sorting the photos of the garden out today, but we didn't get around to it. We will sort them soon, I'm just not sure when "soon" is just yet. LOL!

That covers most of what I wanted to say. The only other things I have to say are comments on two of the TV shows I watch. "American Idol" and "I'd Do Anything" to be exact. I'll do "American Idol" first because what I have to say about that show will take the least amount of time. So...

I think almost everyone saw the "David Vs David" final coming. I know I wasn't the least bit surprised when it was Saisha who was voted off. So, now the question is, "which David will win?" *Shrugs* does it really matter?

As for the girls from "I'd Do Anything"...

I was glad that Ashley was voted off last week. I think Andrew Lloyd Webber did the right thing in saving Neeph. Unfortunately, Neeph had a VERY bad night and I think she's going to be the one to leave tomorrow. I don't think she got even one good comment from the judges tonight. It's a shame, because she's good. I guess not enough people feel that way though. But then... Maybe I'll be wrong and Neeph will survive to be in the "Nancy Semi-Finals" next week? That would be nice. I mean, it's Jody I want to win, but I'd like Neeph to make it to the semi-final at least. Maybe even the final? Personally, I'd send Samantha or Rachel off this week. Thing is, it's not up to me. Oh, well, I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens tomorrow night, wont we?

Anyway, that's all I wanted to say today, so... "Goodnight" from me, :)

Oh yeah, I forgot to say yesterday (and almost forgot again today) that yesterday was my Mam's cat, Felix (AKA Baby)'s birthday. So, belated happy birthday to her.


Friday, May 16, 2008

An eye, a scan and a dinner

I'd planned on getting this done and out the way before going to bed, but I was so tired when I came home that I ended up going to bed without even thinking about turning the laptop on (just a shame I was up again within a couple of hours). Anyway...

As most of you will know from a post I did about a week ago, yesterday (Thursday) was my eye check-up. As you will also know from recent posts, my eye has been hurting me so much recently that I'm even admiting it on my blog. It's always given me pain from time to time, and since September has been almost constantly bugging me. Recently, however, it's gotten worse. I'd been told what my options for dealing with the pain were, and with the recent increase in pain and loss of the one visual capability that was still remaining to me (colour recognition... though it was limited to certain colours and I needed strong contrasts in the colours in order to diferentiate) I decided it was time to opt for the one thing that would guarantee pain relief. I've been using so many different drops that I'm certain if I put them in the socket where I have an artificial eye it would float away, and at first they helped with the pain relief (well, they got it down so it was bearable) but recently even they don't touch the pain. And when - just to be able to look in my eye - the doctor had to use a whole thing of those drops that are meant to numb the eye (and even then it still hurt a bit) I knew I was making the right decision. This opinion was confirmed later by a colegue of my eye consultant. But I'm getting ahead of myself with that bit. So, let me back-track a bit and tell you what the decision is...

I've decided to let them remove my remaining eye. In fact, to tell you the truth, it wasn't so much letting them do it as begging them to do it.

I'm sick of not being able to go outside because the light (even on a dull day) increases the pain too much for me to cope. I'm sick of waking in the night in so much pain I wake Kelly with crying. I'm sick of not being able to go out for too long if it can be avoided because of needing to get back for some drops (they need to be kept cold, so wouldn't work if I took them with me). But most of all I'm sick of being in pain.

My consultant had a colegue (it turned out it was the same person who had told me that if the drops didn't keep the pain at bay I may need to consider having the eye removed) come and look at the eye too. He's a Cornial Specialist (or something like that) so if he said there was nothing he could do to save the eye then that was that. So, he came in the room, looked at my eye, asked me if the drops had stopped helping (he remembered seeing me a few months back and giving me the recent additions to the drop collection) and when I told him they weren't he just said, "I see," then got up off the chair - telling my doctor that there was nothing he could do and if I had decided I'd had enough and wanted it out then it should come out - and he walked out of the room.

They did do this sort of light test thing where they turned off the main light and the doctor had some kind of portable light (I assume a strong torch) and I was meant to say which direction the light was coming from. It didn't work too well though, because the pain was too much (yes, even after all those drops) for me to concentrate on even keeping my eye open long enough to pin-point the direction of the light.

So... Now we're just waiting for an appointment with the doctor who's to do the op. He's the one who will be able to tell us how quickly he can get it done. They're hoping to get it done as quickly as possible and at least have the eye out in time for Carl and Rachel's wedding at the start of August (we're hoping I'll also have at least a temporary artificial eye by that time too, but we can't guarantee that because it depends how quickly they can get me in to whether we have time to do that). If they can't get it done before the wedding then they'll definately get it done within a couple of weeks of us coming back from the wedding. Personally I hope they get it done before the wedding so I can be pain-free and enjoy myself.


Yesterday was also my scan. They were checking for any problems that may have cropped up in the last couple of years - like polycystic ovaries (not sure if I spelled that right) - they never said anything about seeing any problems when we asked them, so we're hoping that's a good thing. However, we wont know exactly what the results from the scan are until May 29th when I go see the Gynaecologist to find out the results. We're hoping the lack of mention of cysts is a good sign that there's no problem in there.


As I mentioned a couple of days ago, yesterday was my parents' wedding anniversary. What a way for them to spend their anniversary, eh? Anyway... We all went out to dinner (Kelly and I paid for their meals as an anniversary gift to them) and Wayne had Kero for us (as usual). We went to the Chinese place we all like that's now really close to us. It's called "The Royal Kitchen" and it's our favourite place to go eat out (well, mine anyway).

We had a lovely meal. Mam and I were having trouble deciding what we wanted so, since we both wanted the same things, we ordered both and shared them between us (the stuff comes in serving dishes so you can do that there). I can't spell half (OK, most) of the names of the things we had, and I'm not going to try, but we enjoyed them! Mam, Dad and Kelly all had a desert, but I didn't want one. All the deserts contain ice-cream and I really didn't want anything involving ice-cream. Besides, I was kinda full anyway. Although, I think if I hadn't been so tired I'd probably have had some just for the hell of it. LOL!

I hadn't gotten to bed until gone 2:00 am, and was up again by about 6:00 am (well, it was 6:00 am when I checked the time anyway, and I'd been laying awake for a bit at that point). I knew there was no chance of going back to sleep (I needed to be up at 8:30 am so would have been "clock-watching") so I just got up. Needless to say, by the time we got home at about 8:45 pm I was just about ready to just curl up on the nearest flat surface and go to sleep. You'd have thought with being that tired I'd have slept more than three hours, right? Wrong! Got in to bed a little after 9:00 pm and was awake again around midnight. About 1:00 am I decided to get up and sort this post since it would be a much more productive use of my time than tossing and turning trying to get back to sleep when I knew I was much to wide awake to even contemplate the idea.

Right... I think that covers everything for today. Oh! Wait! I didn't say "Happy Anniversary" to my Mam and Dad. I can't end the post without saying that! So... "Happy Anniversary for yesterday Mam and Dad!" :)

AND... "Happy Birthday" to Rachel (my soon-to-be sister-in-law) for today (Friday), :)


Thursday, May 15, 2008


For anyone interested, this is what's wrong with my eye...

"glaucoma is a condition in which pressure inside the eye (intraocular pressure) is raised abnormally as excess fluid accumulates. It occurs when the normal outflow of fluid within the chamber of the eye (aqueous humour) is interrupted. As pressure rises, the optic nerve suffers irreversible damage, leading to a reduction in the field of vision and, ultimately, loss of eyesight."

Glaucoma is more common in people over 40, but "Congenital Glaucoma" - though more rare - can occur (obviously, since it's what I have). If caught early enough most types of Glaucoma are able to be at least stopped from progressing (well, in a lot of cases anyway) but not generally Congenital Glaucoma. As a general rule, the best you can hope for with Congenital Glaucoma is that you can find the right combination of medication (eye drops, etc) to buy you as much time with eyesight as possible.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The slug that wasn't a slug

I haven't done anything worth writing about today, so I thought I'd tell you about something funny - well, Kelly and I found it funny - that happened about a week ago.

Before I tell you, there are three things you need to know...

The first is that our kitchen sink is near the back door. In fact, when the back door opens it opens against the side of the sink so that you could stand at the sink and stick your head around the door and look out of it if you wanted to.

The second is that I'm not usually a girly type of person, but I act like a "proper little girl" over just one thing... Bugs. I can't stand bugs! Especially the icky slimy ones (like slugs). If they stay away from me, fine! But if they come anywhere near me... well, let's just say that's one of the few times I'm in a hurry to get anywhere... LOL!

The third is that I only ever have anything on my feet if it's either VERY (and I do mean VERY) cold, or I'm going out anywhere. The rest of the time I walk around in bare feet. Yes, even in the garden.

OK, so now you know those things, I can tell you what happened.


I pulled everything out of the sink to run fresh water to wash the dishes, then put some stuff back in to soak. I'd shut the back door because it was getting late, but - of course - no sooner had I shut the door than Kero wanted out. No problem... I just opened the door and went out with him.

When I came back in I turned and shut the door. It was then that "something slimy" touched my foot. My first thought was, "OMG! Slug!" And off I ran in to the front room where Kelly was.

Me: There's a "something" on the mat by the door!
Kelly: What kind of something?
Me: I think it's a slug! Go get rid of it!
Kelly: Inside or out?
Me: INSIDE! If it was out I'd just shut the door on it, wouldn't I?

So, Kelly gets up and goes out to the kitchen.

Within less than a minute he's back in laughing.

Me: What's so funny?
Kelly: It wasn't a slug
Me (wondering what it could have been then): What was it then?
Kelly (laughing harder): A wooden spoon with some mashed potato still on it. You must have knocked it out of the sink when you were sorting the dishes. If you'd bent down to check you'd have felt the handle and known that.
Me (slightly defensively): Yeah, that may be. But if I'd bent down to check and it wasn't a wooden spoon I'd have felt a slug! Better to send you to rescue me from a wooden spoon than for me to bend down and touch an icky, slimy slug!

At that point we were both laughing too much for the conversation to go on any more. LOL!

So, there you go. The story of the slug that wasn't a slug but was, in fact, a wooden spoon in need of washing.


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dogs and dinosaurs

I haven't really done much today, but since I'm kinda bored I thought I'd blog about the few things that did happen today.

While unpacking stuff I found my unassembled model dinosaurs. I'd already put the TRex together, but the Diplodocus and Triceratops were still in pieces in the box. So, I started to put them together today. I've got the body and legs of the Diplodocus all together, but they need to set properly before I can put the rest of him together. Not doing the Triceratops until I've done the Diplodocus because I don't want too many things on the go at once. Anyway, Kelly says he'll take a photo of them when I'm done for me to put on here.

I'd ended up with a tidy stack of papers to sort out again. Mostly this was from just adding any papers I found while unpacking to the pile instead of finding out what they were and either shredding them or putting them where they belong straight away. I'd managed to keep my desk clear, but this was only due to my cunning idea of using one of the shelves on it to put the pile of papers on. LOL! Anyway, I had Kelly help me sort them out today and now all paperwork is where it belongs... Well, until the next lot of mail arrives, LOL!

There's a field near the kiddy play park where it's fenced off but people can take their dogs in and let them loose. So, early this evening - when it was starting to cool down - Kelly took Kero there to have a run around. Apparently Kero loved it. They weren't gone long though, because Kero never stays out very long if I don't go for some reason. Besides, this place isn't far from us, so they were probably there in less than a minute with how fast the two of them walk without me. LOL!

There you go... Those are the highlights of my day. LOL! Hope your day has been more exciting so far, and that you enjoy whatever's left of it. :)


Monday, May 12, 2008

A birthday, an update and other bits and bobs

Today (Monday May 12th) is my friend Pam's birthday. So, happy birthday to her.

Kaylee posted another update yesterday (Sunday) to let us know the pain isn't so bad now, which I for one think is fantastic news. And, I'm hoping the pain continues to lessen for her. :)

So, those are the birthday and update bits of this post. Now for the other bits and bobs...

I called to make my appointment for the gynaecologist this morning. My appointment is for Thursday May 29th at 3:55 pm. So, that's one appointment a week (well, two for this week) for the next four weeks. How fun... NOT! Well, it can't be helped, can it? *Sigh*

I also called and ordered more of that labeling tape stuff. I think the R.N.I.B. are loving me at the moment. Especially since I ordered a few other things while I was on the phone. LOL!

We're having some lovely weather at the moment. I wish I could be enjoying it more. *Sigh*

Kelly took some photos of the garden the other day. The garden still needs some sorting out, but we thought we'd show some pics now and do some more when we "finally" get finished sorting things out. We haven't had time to get them off the camera and labeled and such yet though, so I can't post them at the moment. I'll post them as soon as I can though... Promise.

This Thursday is my parents' wedding anniversary and the following Thursday is ours. Because of how close the dates are we all go out to dinner some time between the two to celebrate. This year we're going on my parents' anniversary though. Apart from anything else, it'll be something nice for them to look forward to after spending their anniversary carting me around hospitals. We go together because that way they provide the cab service for us to be able to go out for dinner, but at the same time we treat them to dinner out for their anniversary. So, it's a win-win situation. And, Wayne gets an evening alone with our movie collection, so he's happy too (he puppy-sits Kero for us)... LOL!

Well, I think that covers everything I wanted to say today.

Enjoy whatever's left of your day, :)


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Updates on things

First of all - for the benifit of all who don't read their blogs - both Kaylee and MarmiteToasty have posted updates. Kaylee is doing OK but still in a lot of pain (which I hope goes away soon). So, it seems the op went well for her. Toasty, however, isn't doing all that great. If her doctors can't keep the swelling down she could end up back in the hospital. So, not such good news from Toasty. Keeping my fingers crossed she doesn't end up back in the hospital, and that Kaylee gets to come home from the hospital soon.

Sticking on the subject of medical issues for a moment...

I got a letter for what's meant to be my last appointment with the gynaecologist before I get refered to the fertility experts. Not sure exactly when it is yet because the letter is just one that tells me to call and make the appointment and I can't call until Monday. I do know, however, that this means I'll be adding yet another medical appointment to my appointment diary this month. *Sigh*


I didn't end up going to town yesterday (Friday) because I couldn't go. My eye is really bugging me and I knew I couldn't go out there with my eye hurting like it was. So, Kelly did what needed doing instead.

I got the rest of my audio books labeled (including the new one I got the other day) and Kelly and I also got a little over half of the movies labeled. We couldn't finish them or sort the CDs because we ran out of labeling tape. I'll be ordering more on Monday, so when it comes we can carry on (until that lot runs out too, lol!) I'll be glad when all the movies and CDs are labeled and it's just a case of labeling new stuff when we get it... That dymo thing is hard on the wrist when used for long periods of time. LOL!

On the subject of movies and audio books (well, audio books anyway)...

I listened to "Our Mutual Friend" by Charles Dickens over the last couple of days. It tells the story of a man named John (I forget his "real" last name) who staged his own death in order to get to know the woman he was meant to marry in order to come in to the money left to him by his dead father, and all the things that happened as a result of this. At least, that's the best I can give you without re-telling the story. Anyway, it was an "OK" story. Kinda hard to get in to though.

... ... ...

I wasn't all that surprised by who got voted off American Idol this week. As LadyStyx mentioned on her MySpace (see, I do read it, Styxie, lol) he made a fatal mistake (forgetting a good line or so of the song). Earlier in the compatition it wouldn't have mattered, but at this point in the compatition it really does. And this wasn't exactly one of his better weeks even without that mistake. Or, I didn't think so anyway. Still, it's probably better for him that he can go off on his own anyway. So, it's bye-bye to Jason. I wonder who'll be next? Saisha maybe? That would make it a David vs David final... LOL!

... ... ...

Yesterday (Friday) was Elizabeth's birthday. I did mean to get on here and post a "happy birthday" to her, but I never got around to it. So, a belated happy birthday to Elizabeth. :)


It's getting close to 1:00 am and I need to finish getting stuff done so I can see about bed soon. Not sure how well the sleep thing will work, but I need to try. LOL!

*hugs to all in need of them*


Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Today's goings on and possitive thoughts still needed

It's been a warm and sunny day today. Perfect weather... Just right for walking Kero. Or, it would be, if bright light and a lot of heat doesn't mean pain for you. Unfortunately, it does for me. *Sigh* Don't get me wrong, I've had a good day, I just wish the pain in my eye would go away so I could enjoy the nice weather like everyone else.

Mam and Dad came down and we all had dinner together. Mam cooked spaghetti bolagnese (don't know if I spelled that right) which we all enjoyed. They only stayed a couple of hours though. Just long enough for Mam to mow our lawn (when she arrived she announced it needed doing and she'd do it if we had no objections... So, we let her) and for Mam to help me get some of the movies labeled. Well, and for dinner too, obviously.

Got most of the stuff unpacked and sorted now. Still need to label most of the movies and CDs, but most of the other stuff is unpacked, sorted out and put in its place.

The crawl space in our bedroom now only contains things like Christmas decorations and empty suitcases, and Harry's cupboard only contains things like the hoover, shoes and coats (if Harry shows up, we figure he'd prefer the spare room to the cupboard, so we didn't put his bed in there, lol!) There's a cupboard in the spare room I need to sort out, and - as I've already mentioned - all those movies and CDs to label. Other than that we're unpacked. YAY! Actually, we're more unpacked now than we ever were in the old place. LOL!

We've got a tidy sized bag of stuff to go to the charity shop. I'm not sure how much of it will be wanted by other people, but at least I can say we tried to help out. It's just some things we kept around but never really wanted. That and clothes that don't fit in one way or another. Hopefully at least some of it will be useful and help raise some money for them (I think it's the "British Heart Foundation" who the money from the stuff sold goes to).

Haven't seen any updates from Kaylee yet (unless she's put one on her blog since I last checked for one) so I'm keeping her in my thoughts and hoping she's feeling better soon. Not surprised she's not posting updates yet anyway, I mean, she's probably not even feeling like sitting up in bed yet, let alone worrying about updates on blogs. So, I'm sure she'd appreciate you keeping her in your thoughts.

MarmiteToasty isn't recovering as quickly as she'd like to be. I don't know much detail, but things aren't going too well for her and she's REALLY not well at the moment. So, I'm sure she'd appreciate a few extra possitive thoughts and such sent her way too.

*sends hugs and get well wishes to Kaylee and MarmiteToasty*

I think that covers everything. If not, I can always mention it tomorrow or something. LOL!


Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Dentist and appointment diary

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, today (Tuesday) I had a dentist appointment. Just a routine check-up. Actually, Mam, Dad and Kelly had appointments too. We had a good run this time and none of us have to go back. Well, not until the next check-up, but that's not for six months. YAY! It's just a shame that for the next month I'm going to be feeling like I live in the hospital or doctors' surgery. LOL!

Next Thursday (May 15th) I've got both an eye appointment and a scan. The eye appointment is just a check-up. The scan is to make sure nothing's happened "inside" since the gynaecologist last checked. Two different appointments, two different hospitals. Oh, yes, it's going to be a fun day... I don't think! *Sigh*

The following Friday (May 23rd) I've got an appointment with my doctor. I have a couple of things I want to discuss with her. Besides, it would be nice to actually get to meet my own doctor, since I've only seen the nurses so far. LOL!

And, on Thursday June 5th, I've got an appointment to see the asthma nurse again to see how things are going since she changed how my inhalers are done.

Which reminds me, I must make sure Kelly drops in an order for a repeat prescription for my drops, etc, tomorrow (they don't allow over-the-phone orders any more because of concerns about people phoning and pretending to be other people... Or, something like that).


Wayne had Kero for us while we all went to the dentis, then he stayed and kept me company while Mam, Dad and Kelly went and did some shopping. Then, when he went home, I went for a nap because I was tired (due mainly to only achieving about 3 or 4 hours sleep last night).

Didn't get any more unpacking done today because I couldn't be bothered. Besides, most of it's done anyway, so it's no big deal if I don't do any today. It's not like there's a huge rush anyway, is there?

Can't think of anything else to say today, so I'm going to go make a cuppa and go check for new posts on blogs. Maybe someone will have a nice, long, interesting post for me to read?

Enjoy whatever's left of your day, :)


Monday, May 05, 2008

Boxes, boxes and more boxes

Firstly, Kaylee has surgery today and I just wanted to take a moment to let her know I'm thinking of her and hoping all goes well.


We've spent the best part of yesterday (Sunday) and today (Monday) unpacking boxes. Finally starting to see that progress is being made. There are still some boxes in the crawl space to be unpacked, and some things in Harry's cupboard that can't be put away until the crawl space is free for them to go in to, but that's about it. Well, apart from the movies and CDs in stacks on the spare room floor waiting for Mam and I to label them. But they don't count because technically they are unpacked. We're hoping to get at least the bulk of the movies and CDs labeled and put on their shelves this coming weekend since it's Mam's weekend with me.

I discovered there were a load of audio books I hadn't labeled either. They were probably ones I got for Christmas. I'm working on labeling them myself though, because with audio books they say the title and author at the start. There has been the odd time I've had to ask Kelly how to spell someone's unusual name, but other than that doing them myself has been easy. It's harder with CDs and movies though. They don't tend to announce the titles (or in the case of the CDs, the artists and album/single titles)... Well, a couple of the newer DVDs have audio description and tell you the title when it comes on the screen, but that's it. Anyway, that's why I'm waiting for Mam to help with those.

Right, well, I'm tired and achy and can't be bothered to type any more. Besides, I need to dry the dishes I've washed and then see about bed since I've got to be up early for a dentist appointment in the morning. So... I'll let this do for tonight.


Sunday, May 04, 2008

TV related thoughts

Just a few of my thoughts on some of the shows I watch on TV...

I'd Do Anything:
Every week I've agreed with the two in the bottom two. I haven't always agreed with which of the two Andrew Lloyd Webber has saved, but I've agreed with the two of them being the ones who deserved the least votes. That is, until this week. What the heck was Sarah doing in the bottom two? Rachel... OK, I haven't got a problem with her being in the bottom two (although, I don't think she deserved to be the one who got the least votes) but it should have been Ashley with her. Ashley has never, in my opinion, been an option for the role of Nancy. She can sing, and she's a good actress, but she's not Nancy. It's Jody I vote for, but if it weren't for Jody it would have been Sarah. And, if it wasn't bad enough that Sarah was in the bottom two when she didn't deserve to be, Andrew Lloyd Webber made it worse by saving Rachel instead of Sarah. What was he thinking? Even the Olivers liked Sarah. Yeah, I know they're only kids (boys between the ages of about 8 and 13) but they're the ones who have to work with the Nancy who wins (well, three of them do). Besides, even without that, Sarah was good. Needless to say, I am NOT impressed at the results of this week's show.

American Idol:
Not too happy that Saisha (I think I spelled her name right) was in the bottom two. Still, at least it was Brooke and not her who left. Nope, I wasn't really surprised that Brooke was in the bottom two, nor that she was the one who left. Don't get me wrong, she isn't a bad singer, but... Well... She doesn't exactly stand out and shine, and you need to at this point in the competition. To be honest, none of them really shine. I think what kept the guys out of the bottom two was nothing to do with their singing. Don't get me wrong, they are good singers, but so are Brooke and Saisha. I'm not stupid. I've heard the comments about their looks from the judges, and heard the whistles and cheers from the audience... What kept the guys out of the bottom two this week was those people who've fallen for their looks. That's my opinion anyway. The talent is too close, if you know what I mean, so whoever has the biggest group of admirers is going to be the winner of American Idol this year.

Britain's Got Talent:
There are certainly a lot of dancing acts going through this year. I wont comment on them because it wouldn't be fair. What I do want to comment on though is the fact the judges don't seem to be on the same page - so to speak - when it comes to a lot of the acts that go through. I swear on more than one occasion one judge has let someone through just to spite another. Could make for some interesting "debates" later on in the series.


Saturday, May 03, 2008

2 years and 739 posts ago

Two years and 739 posts ago (that's 739 including this post) my blog was born! I can't believe it's been two years. The time seems to have flown by. And yet... A lot has happened in two years. Oh, yes, it's amazing how much activity can be fitted in to that amount of time. *Sighs as memories of the last two years emerge from the depths of my mind* Two years ago I was looking forward to Myskanco Chance Silva Flame - or, "Chance" as we called him - joining our family. His addition to the family made us 2 humans, 1 dog, 3 cats and 3 hamsters. And now... Now there is just Kelly, Kero and myself. No more hamsters, no more cats. Just 1 dog and 2 humans. Like I said, a lot can happen in just two years. *Sigh*

Many other things have happened over the last two years, but I don't feel like going in to them. If you haven't been following my blog that long and are curious, you can go read through the old posts and find out about the things I decided to share if you want. Not all of the last two years contains sad memories though. There are some happy things that happened too. Those, of course, can also be found among the old posts if you'd care to look. It's just that Chance was the main topic of my posts at first, so when I think of the start of my blog I think of him. Unfortunately, at this moment in time I couldn't honestly tell you if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

When I first started my blog I didn't know what I could possibly find to write about on a blog. As you can see though, I managed to over-come that issue. My problem now is finding the time to post all the things I want to post. LOL! OK, I do have the odd time when I'm not sure what to post, but most days I could do a good half a dozen posts with all the things I want to post about. LOL!

Anyway, going to let this do for now, because I'm hungry and it's coming close to time for "I'd Do Anything" and I don't want to miss it because it's getting down to the final half a dozen Nancys now.


Friday, May 02, 2008

Kelly's birthday 2008

Today is Kelly (my hubby)'s birthday. So, of course, II'm going to say, "happy birthday," to him before I do anything else! :)

It's been a pretty good day, I think. He says he's enjoyed his birthday anyway. LOL! I gave him some money to do as he wants with and he's using it towards some Warhammer figures he wants. He had some money from a couple of other people too, as well as a few little pressies. Like I said, he says he's enjoyed his birthday, which is always good!

I've had a pretty good day myself. A couple of parcels I've been waiting for finally arrived, and so did a couple of audio books sent to me from my Grandma from a friend of hers. Haven't started listening to those yet, but I did have a good look at the braille astronomy book I'd ordered that arrived today. It's really good (or, what I've read of it is).

I also finally got a braille writing frame thing I'd ordered. It's a small, pocket-sized writing frame with a "stylus" (a little tool with a sharp point designed to push through the gaps in the frame to make the dots for the letters) and little notepad of braille paper in a little pouch. It's designed as a sort of braille notebook and pen. Based on the old way that braille was written before the introduction of braillers, and braille printers. I thought it would be handy to use as a little notebook like the one I used to carry around for any writing ideas when out and about. Much quicker to set up than a laptop, but not as bulky (or heavy) as an actual brailler. Using it is a slow process because you have to write the letters backwards because of doing them with the frame, but it seems to work for what I wanted it for, so I'm happy with it.


I didn't go in to town today because I thought I'd spend the day at home with Kelly instead. We didn't "need" anything anyway. We didn't end up doing much. Just investigating our newly aquired possessions and enjoying each others' company. But, we enjoyed the day, and that's all that matters, isn't it?

Will let this do for today.


Thursday, May 01, 2008

Sunny May Day

OMG! It's May already! What happened to April? *Looks for it but can't find it... Shrugs helplessly* LOL!

Well, May's started off beautiful and sunny here in Wales. I'll be very surprised if it stays nice all through the month, but at least it started off nicely. Yesterday (Wednesday) was a horrible day (weather wise). There were some sunny spells, but it was one of those days where it would be sunny one minute, raining the next. Unfortunately, the bits where it rained lasted longer than the sunny bits did. Still, we got our carpet sorted so that's all we cared about at the time.

The guy who came to do the carpets was a bit early. Luckily we'd gotten up in plenty of time and Kelly had moved a lot of the stuff out of the way already. Mam, Dad and the carpet man arrived at the same time. Still, we got the carpets down and paid for and got all the furniture back where it belongs, so no complaints here.

We did also make a start on unpacking a couple of bits, but we didn't get very far on that. Mam and I were unpacking movies and CDs and putting braille labels on them as we did so, so it slowed the process a fair bit. We had to unpack the stuff, write the braille label for it, put the label on, then put it on the shelf. A lot slower than just grabbing it and sticking it on a shelf, but it'll be easier in the long run to do this while we're unpacking the stuff.

Mam and Dad stayed for dinner. We all figured they might as well since they were helping us put furniture back well in to the afternoon. So, Mam cooked a beef dinner for us all, which we all enjoyed.

While Mam and I were getting CDs and DVDs labeled, Dad had a fiddle with "his" computer to see if he can get it fixed. It looks as though he might have had some success - *touch wood* - as the machine seems to be working again now. Question is, will it stay that way once the programmes are put back on it? We shall see!

They were here until about 7:30 pm, and I was VERY tired when they left - having had only about three hours sleep Tuesday night - so I went straight to bed. Didn't help much though, because I was still laying there, wide awake, at about 2:30 am this morning. I did fall asleep not too long after that, I think, but I didn't have a very restful night and ended up being up since 9:00 am. I did try to go back to bed, but first Kero wanted out, then the post came, then the vet called... After that I gave up and decided I obviously wasn't meant to get any more sleep. Maybe I'll have better luck tonight?

Haven't done much today. Sorted some washing, unpacked a couple more bits, that kind of thing. Nothing special.

My Mam's doing a pre-wedding party for Carl and Rachel near the end of the month, so I'm hoping to have all the stuff unpacked before that so it's all done before they come visit while they're down from Norwich for the party. Would be nice having the place actually looking like a home by the time they come visit.

I've abandoned my attempts at playing "Sarah And The Castle Of Witchcraft And Wizardry" because I wasn't getting on with it all that well, and my trial is nearly up. I'm not paying for a game I can't figure out how to use properly, because I'm not paying for something I'm not enjoying.

I finished listening to the other audio book I borrowed from the library. It's called "The Kitchen Maid" and is by Valarie Wood. The book tells the story of the life of a kitchen maid named "Jenny" in the 1800s who is accused of murdering the son of the house. I can't really say any more about it without giving too much of the story away. All I can say is that I enjoyed listening to it, and that any of you who enjoy stories about people who deal with a lot in their lives (love, loss, etc, etc) will enjoy it too.

The only other thing I wanted to say today was that today is the birthday of a family friend... Emma. She's been a family friend since I was a baby (possibly before for all I know) and today is her birthday, so I thought she deserved a mention. So - though I doubt she'll read this - happy birthday Emma.

Enjoy whatever's left of your day, :)


Phone call from the vet

Since the cats left on Saturday morning I've been worrying about them. I kept wondering if I should call the vet and see if they were doing OK, and if they'd gone to their new home yet or not. I finally decided that if I didn't hear anything by tomorrow then I'd call and check. I don't need to now though.

A little after 11:00 am this morning the vet called and told me that the cats are both fine and that today (Thursday) they go to their new home together. I was very pleased to hear this - as you can probably imagine - but was even more pleased when she told me more about their new home. It's a small-holding with other animals on it (including rats they're allowed to chase and... well, we all know what cats do with rats...) and that's exactly what I'd hoped to find for them. I know they'll be happy in a place like that. I mean, what cat wouldn't be? Fields to play in, rats to chase, other animals to make friends with (or decide they don't like and avoid, lol) and humans to trip up. Yep, it's cat heaven! LOL! :)

This is the first time I've actually felt happy about our decision since the girls left on Saturday. I knew all along it was what was best for them, but I wasn't happy about it. Now, though, I know they're going to have so much more than even I could have given them. So, now I'm happy, because they'll be happy, and that's all I've ever wanted for my furkids. :)