Friday, May 30, 2014

May 2014's reading challenge

One of the groups I'm a member of on Goodreads had a reading challenge similar to April's for this month. There were 12 holidays you could read books to celebrate, but I didn't do them all. Here are the ones I did, along with the books I read for them...

May 4 is considered by many Star Wars fans to be Star Wars day for "May the fourth be with you" sounding similar to "May the force be with you". Read a book that is in the Science Fiction genre.
Read: Only You Can Save Mankind (Johnny Maxwell, #1) by Terry Pratchett (read on May 11th 2014).

May 5 is Children's Day in Japan and Korea. Read a book that has children on the cover or that is in the child/middle grade genre.
Read: Fairy Rescue by Gwyneth Rees (read on May 1st 2014).

The last Monday of May is Memorial Day in the United States, first celebrated on May 5, 1866, in Waterloo, New York. Read a book that has fireworks on the cover or Read a book that the author is from the USA.
Read: Please Don't Tell My Parents I'm A Supervillain by Richard Roberts (read on May 4th 2014).

May's birthstone is the emerald which is emblematic of love and success. Read a book in the Romance genre.
Read: Breathe Me by Alexia Purdy (read on May 5th 2014).

National Smile Month in the United Kingdom. Read a book that will make you SMILE!
Read: Fairy Secrets by Gwyneth Rees (read on May 1st 2014).

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Character interview: Kero the Westie

Since he has his own series of books, which are the six books in the 'Kero's World' series, for the benefit of anyone who doesn't know, my Westie, Kero, had the oppertunity to be interviewed by Alexandra Butcher of

You can read the interview at

Friday, May 23, 2014

Kero is 10 today!

My little puppy is all grown up... Well, I say puppy, because he'll always be one to me, but he's 10 years old today!

It seems like only yesterday I was bringing home a little 9 week old Westie puppy, with a floppy ear that hadn't learned to stand up yet, and here he is all grown up... Time flies, huh?

A couple of times in the past year I've wondered if we'd make it to this day, but we did, and my little boy is officially in the double figures!

Happy birthday, Castellan Keroberous!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

11th anniversary outing (FD)

Today is our 11th wedding anniversary, and tomorrow is Kero's 10th birthday, so we decided to have an outing today to celebrate both.

We took Kero to the pet store to pick his own birthday gifts. He ended up with a blue stuffed elephant and a selection of treats, including one called a "salami" (it's not like a regular salami; it's a sort of soft rawhide covered in meat juice or something). The salami is the one he picked himself, and he wanted it right away when we got home. He's already eaten it, LOL!

Then we went to lunch at a local cafe I really like. It's a vegetarian friendly cafe, and also allows dogs in, which means Kero can come with us when we go there. I had a vegetarian cooked breakfast with some Victorian lemonade, then an organic banana milkshake to take away (they don't usually do milkshakes to go, but I asked if they'd put one in the cups they have for hot drinks to go, and they said they would). Kelly had a burger and coke.

There was a storm last night, so I'd been worried about the weather, but it was nice all morning. The rain came back this afternoon, but we were home by the time it came back so I don't mind.

We took a cab from home to town, then took another from town to the cafe, but we walked home from the cafe... Since it was a nice day and only 4 blocks away.

Kero was an absolute angel the whole time. We were all ready for a nap when we got home though... Even Kelly, LOL!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

When Kero met Tramp

Here are the photos taken when Mam came to visit at the start of May with her little puppy.

The puppy is a Cairne Terrier; a closely related breed to the West Highland White Terrier, which is what my Kero is.

His name is officially Tramp, but he's also known as Buddie. I tend to use Tramp, Mam tends to alternate between Tramp and Buddie, but you can use which you like.


Here's one of Kero on his own:

Here's one of both Kero and Tramp:

And here's a photo of me with both the boys:

Sorry if they're not very clear, but Tramp wasn't very good at staying still.

I hope they publish up the right way, because even though Kelly made sure they were up the right way they turned themselves when we put them on Facebook. If they didn't, sorry.

Here's another photo of Kero. This one was taken a couple of weeks before the others, but with how much Tramp tired him out it could have easily been taken after my Mam and Tramp left, LOL!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Gerbils and a gnawing block (FD)

Bilbo and Baggins, being typical gerbils, love their food. They especially love pumpkin seeds, cheese and oatmeal. But, being typical gerbils, they also love to gnaw on things in general. So, we brought them a big gnawing block of their very own like the degus have.

Here's Baggins trying to figure out what it is:

Bilbo is curious too...

We did try to get a photo afterwards when Baggins was actually gnnawing on the block, but it didn't come out clearly enough for him to be made out, so we didn't keep it.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Thistle The Fairy Trickster - officially released today

"All fairies love playing games and tricks, and Thistle is no different. So when she gets bored one day while watching to make sure no children are in trouble near the stream, she decides it’s time for a bit of fun. But the other fairies quickly get fed up of her tricks, and when a small boy really does need help they don’t believe her.

Loosely based on the well-known story of ‘The Boy Who Cried wolf’ but with not a sheep or wolf in sight, ‘Thistle The Fairy Trickster’ tells the story of a bored little fairy who plays one trick too many."

The above is the synopsis for "Thistle The Fairy Trickster" - my latest book, which is officially released today.

You can already buy it from Smashwords and some other ebay retailers, and will soon be able to buy it from others.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Of degus and coconuts

The degus have a coconut treat. It used to be a few coconut shell halves atatched via some grasses, but they pulled it apart. Jenks recently decided that making one of the coconut shells spin like a top was a fantastic game. It was really cute how he sat there for ages playing with it.

We tried to get photos, but every time we went near him with the camera he'd stop playing to squeal angrily at us as if telling us to get away from his toy. We would have tried videos too, but we can't remember how to work the video function on the camera. Plus, as I said, every time we went close he went nuts.

I guess Jasper decided it was a fun game too, because after a while they were taking it in turns, and most of the day one or the other would be there happily spinning the coconut shell.

Jasper wasn't much more eager to be photographed than Jenks, but at least he'd alternate between playing and squealing, so we managed - with patience - to grab a couple of shots of Jasper sort of playing with the coconut shell. Here they are:

And here's a close-up of Jasper:

Here are two of the degus enjoying some lunch, while the other two take turns on the wheel:

OK, time for all the degus to go to bed...

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Canadian Mothers' Day 2014

Today is Mothers' Day in Canada, as well as in the US, Australia, and maybe some other countries for all I know.

I wanted to say "Happy Mothers' Day" to my Mother-In-Law.

I don't know if she'll see this, but I want to say it anyway.


Happy Mothers' Day, Mom!

Also, happy Mothers' Day to all the Mothers who are in the countries that celebrate it today!

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Random ramblings - May 7th 2014

I was sleeping at night, so I thought I'd try for a routine. But once again the moment I tried for one my sleeping pattern changed. Figures! Ah well, I'm getting the things I need to done, and I'm sleeping, so I guess that's all that matters. I probably wouldn't have stuck to the routine anyway; I'm really not good with them, and don't really know why I keep trying to sort one out when I know I won't stick to it anyway.


My Mam is visiting tomorrow. She's staying with my brother, Carl, and I have some stuff for both her and Carl, so she's going to come down for a couple of hours and then go back to Carl. She was going to stay with us for a couple of days, but since I have stuff for Carl and Carl has somewhere proper for her to sleep, where as we only have a sofa to offer, she decided to just spend a couple of hours with us then go back to Carl.

Mam got a puppy a couple of months ago; he's a Cairne Terrier. He'll be coming with her for a visit.


Kero had stopped scratching, but now he's started up again. He's not scratching much, but if he starts scratching a lot again then I guess we'll end up taking him back to the vet, which we don't want to have to do, but we also don't want him making a mess of himself scratching himself until he's bleeding.


I don't know what else to post, so I think I'll leave it at this. Besides, I should start thinking about attempting to persuade my body and mind that night time means sleep time so I can potentially get some sleep between now and when Mam gets here, otherwise I'm going to be wanting to go to sleep about when she arrives, which would be really annoying. Besides, I'm pretty sure going to bed when someone comes to visit for a few hours would count as being rather rude.

Saturday, May 03, 2014

Reflections on eight years of blogging

I started this blog eight years ago today.

Time sure flies, doesn't it?

I still remember my first posts though; even without looking.

My very first post was a belated happy birthday to my hubby, Kelly, because his birthday is May 2nd. I then posted about how we were about to add my Oriental cat, Chance, to the family. A lot of my early posts were about Chance, because I was mostly using my blog to show him off to my Grandma at first, and as a result I can't think of my blog without remembering him.

My blog was mostly focussed on my pets for a while, then became about everything that was happening in my life, then articles and random things I felt like sharing too. These days it seems to be mostly about my writing, but that's at least partly because most of my time is spent focussing on my writing these days. I do sometimes think I'll come on and do a post about just random things happening in my life, but I either don't get around to it or decide it's probably not interesting enough for people to consider it worth reading.

Actually, in the past couple of weeks it's been more a case of not getting around to it; there haven't been enough hours in the day lately. Well, I suppose I could have made time if I eased up on the reading. But, by the time I was done with sorting things for all the interviews and guest posts you probably noticed last month, got housework done, then sorted e-mails, I generally just felt like stepping away from the computer and either playing with the furries or curling up with a book.

On that note... The laundry won't sort itself, no matter how nicely I ask it, so I better go do it.

Thank you to new followers, but an especially big thank you to those who have stuck with me and put up with my nonsense for years!