Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Well, the other day I finally fell asleep some time between 5:30 am and 6:00 am. I then got back up about 7:45 am. *sigh*

Anyway, I weighed on Monday and I lost another pound since last Wednesday. So, I'm getting the weight off slowly. Slowly is good though, because if it comes off slowly there's more chance of it staying off. That's what they say anyway, isn't it?

Jayde's still staying with us (much to Kero's delight) and since she's due for her spay we've booked her in for one for Friday and my Grandma's given me the money to pay for it. In the meantime she - Jayde, not my Grandma - is having a great time playing with Kero and the cats. Bet she's missing being with my Grandma though.

OK, now I'm gonna give you all a laugh.

Yesterday (Tuesday) I got up late. I'd had a bit of a nap Monday afternoon so wasn't sleepy until about the time I should have gotten up Tuesday morning. Anyway, by the time I'd gotten up Kelly was in town and it was just me and the animals at home. So, I'm bearly out of bed and the buzzer goes for me to open the main door. But out button doesn't work so I had to run out of our front door to open it (turned out it was the mailman). Anyway, I didn't want Kero and Jayde slipping out, so, I pulled our door so it was open enough so it didn't close itself, but closed enough so the dogs couldn't sqeeze out, if you know what I mean. Big mistake! About the same time as the mailman handed me my mail I heared a soft "click" and turned to see that my door was now completely closed. One of the dogs had pushed the door closed and the latch had clicked. I think it was Kero since I know he was right behind me when I went out the door and I also know he throws himself at the door when he's shut in anywhere. And guess what? My front door wont open from outside without a key... and my key was in the house. Oops! Well, because this has happened once before I usually leave my back door unlocked when I'm at home (after all, Kero will tell us if someone is even inside the gate, so he will definately tell us if anyone tried to come in the door) and it was that door being unlocked that stopped me being locked out last time the front door shut on me. This time however, Kelly had come behind me and locked it. Big oops! So, the dogs are in the house with my key and both my phones, and I'm outside... in my PJs at that! Anyways, to cut a long story short, my next door neighbour was home (thankfully) and I had to use her phone to call my Mam (who has a spare key) to get her to come let me in. I'd have called Kelly but I don't know is mobile number by heart and as I've already mentioned, my phone was in the house. The good thing is, both dogs were being good and quiet and when my Mam let me in I checked and there weren't any 'little accidents' anywhere, which is great considering the state Kero usually gets himself in when he's alone and the fact that Jayde is only 9 & 1/2 months old and neither dog had been out since we'd gotten up because I was just about to get dressed to take them when the buzzer went. Funnily enough, when I got up this morning and Kelly had left for his computer class, the back door had been left unlocked. LOL!

I think that's the main stuff covered from the last few days.


Monday, June 26, 2006

Why am I not sleepy?

Well, it's a little after 2:00 am on Monday morning and I'm not the least bit sleepy. I should be since I walked through the park twice with the dogs, walked about half way to my Mam's place to meet her (she was coming down to help me figure out why my cooker wont work), walked back to my place, took the dogs and Mam's netball to the park to play (we played for about half an hour.... maybe longer), walked Mam back through the park, then walked back home with the dogs again. Plus, of course, the dogs had a few little walks throughout the evening (and the morning too). So, I think with all that exercise (which my body isn't used to) I should be practically crawling in to bed. But, nope, I'm wide awake. And that's why I'm here posting about my Sunday instead of laying in my bed snoring my little head off. lol! Seriously, when I weigh when we go to town later, the scales better show I've lost weight!!!


Saturday, June 24, 2006

Good dogs!!!

We are very proud of Willow, Kero and Jayde as all three of them are used to being the only dog about and managed to have all three of them running about together at the dog park without any problems. Kero and Willow have met many times before, but normally one or the other will get overly excited and we end up cutting the play time short so as to seporate them. And Jayde and Willow have only met once before when Jayde was about four months old, so, we didn't know how they would be together. Anyway, as it turned out we - my Mam, Elizabeth, my Grandma and I - were at the dog park with the dogs for about two hours with the three of them running about loose together without a single problem. Kero was even willing to share the football that we took with us with the other two dogs (which doesn't usually happen). So, like I said, we are all VERY proud of Willow Moonshadow, Keroberous and Jayde Bramblerose today.


Friday, June 23, 2006

Yesterday and today

Well, it's Friday again and I've finally finished listening to the Harry Potter audio CD. So, since I've finished it I've started listening to an audio book called 'The Pearls Of Tessa Kent'. Still haven't finished the other book that I'm reading though.

Kero's enjoying having Jayde staying with us. In fact, even the cats (including Chance) seem to be enjoying playing with her.

Speaking of Chance. Chance has started going outside now. He doesn't go any further than about two feet away from the window, but at least he's gathered up enough courage to go that far, eh?

I spent most of yesterday out of the house. First I went to town with Elizabeth and Mam, then I walked Willow for my Mam, then I walked all the way home, then I took Kero and Jayde for sevoral short walks throughout the evening. So, if I don't loose some weight after that I will be very surprised.

Anyway, I didn't go to pool last night. I told my brother and my Mam that I'm not going any more. I'll go for a few games with them from time to time, but as they don't need me to make up the team any more, and as I only intended going just for a night out and not to compete anyway, I decided to stop going with them.

Today I've been spending time with the dogs and also had to reformat Kelly's PC and re-install everything because the stupid PC wasn't working..... again! Hence my lack of post yesterday since my PC was busy 'trying' to install the new patch for World Of Warcragt. And I do mean TRYING (it's still not done).

Well, that's about it, except... if you can't read the writing on the picture I posted today today today then I advise that you click on it to enlarge it, because it's worth reading.

Oh yeah, by the way, the estimated due date for my Godchild (Elizabeth's baby) is December 15th 2006. My Mam hopes it will be four days late and be born on her birthday (December 19th) but I hope it isn't because it would be nicer for the kid to have it's own birthday and not have to share it with someone it's going to have a lot to do with, if you know what I mean.


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Sultanas & Raisins

Did you know that the difference between sultanas and raisins is that sultanas are dried green grapes and raisins are dried black - or purple as some call them - grapes? Well, you do now!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Jayde Bramblerose

Well, I have been on more walks since Jayde arrived this evening than I have in the past three days. I forgot how much energy this little lady has. Man, if her visit doesn't get some weight off me, nothing will! lol! And she's even more beautiful in the fur than in her photos. I mean, I'd seen her in the fur before, but she was only about five months old then and puppies chance a lot in five months you know.

Anyway, she's playing with Kero right now (or she was until she decided it was cuddle time and jumped into my lap). Anyway, most of today has been centered around Jayde and Nan coming, so, there's not much else to say.

I'm just going to write my shopping list for tomorrow then I think it's bed time for the lot of us.


Monday, June 19, 2006

My Monday

It's Monday today and normally I'd have been out shopping this morning, but my routine for this week has changed, so, I'm not going shopping until Wednesday this week instead. Anyway, it was raining here this morning and the alternating between raining and 'trying' to be sunny all afternoon. I wish it would make up it's mind. Stupid weather!

Kero and I went for a long walk today (despite the weather) and Sakura came with us. Luckily it didn't rain much while we were out. Sakura got a bit upset though, because we weren't going as slow as we normally do and she had a bit of trouble keeping up with us. But, power walking is better for me, and Kero was having a great time running ahead then coming back to me to urge me on. LOL!

Chance is thinking about the idea of going outside. He's gotten as far as jumping out of the front room window and sitting on the windowsil outside, but he's too scared to go further and didn't stay out there for long. I don't think it helped his courage level when he jumped out the window to find it pouring with rain. Poor little man got soaked... bless him!

I watched 'Monster In Law' on Sky Movies on Satuday evening and it was a pretty good movie. Don't know if you have seen it, but if you haven't and were wondering what it was like then you can stop wondering because I've told you. lol!

Well, that's about it I think.


Sunday, June 18, 2006

Last chance for a lazy day

It's Sunday today. All day funnily enough. lol!

I don't know if any of you have noticed, but I've added a load of new links to the list down the side of the pages on our little blog site. I also updated the 'Importand Dates' page the other day.

Anyway,I've not been doing much today. Just walked Kero a couple of times and watched some TV. That's about it. As from tomorrow though I will be making the effort to do more in the way of excercising. Could do with loosing a bit of weight.

That's all for today as there's not much to write about since I've not done anything worth writing about.


Saturday, June 17, 2006

Pool, pets & Potter

Well, it's Saturday evening and as you've probably noticed I've been neglecting my blogger a bit these past few days. Oops!

Our pool team had a team meeting on Thursday. We're only just getting off the ground so we're just sorting things out right now. I'm a bit annoyed though because I was told it would be just once a week and wasn't pleased to hear that it's to be Mondays and Thursdays. I mean, yeah, I like playing pool, but at the same time I agreed to join the team when it was once a week and was not happy to be told otherwise.

Anyway, we've been having some beautiful weather and Kero and I have been really enjoying it. We've been out as much as possible (especially the last two days) and to be honest, I've really enjoyed it. I'm sure the excercise is doing me some good too!

Chance still doesn't want to go out, but I'm not going to force him. He's taken to stretching out on the windowsill in the afternoons and sunbathing. lol!

I'm about two thirds of the way through both my Harry Potter audio CD and the first book of Lemony Snicket's A Series Of Unfortunate Events. I bet you're wondering why I've got both on the go at once, right? Well, that's because I like to listen to an audio book (or a story on CD) before I go to sleep and I also like to take a book with me whenever I go out, so, I've usually got the two on the go at once. And sometimes - like if I forget to take a book with me and go buy a new one when I'm out - I'll end up with two reading books on the go so will have three stories on the go at once. And, yes, I do manage to keep track of what's going on in all of the stories (before you ask).

Well, that's about it I think.


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

It's Wednesday today

We have had beautiful weather today. It was nice and sunny and warm but not hot. Perfect! I guess who ever it was that stole my sun decided to give at least some of it back. lol!

Chance is definately over his neuter already. He's in to EVERYTHING and racing around like nobody's buisness. Want to know something funny though? Up until Tuesday morning I was having real trouble keeping him in. Today, we had all the windows open (and for a while the door too) and let him know he could go out and he didn't want to know. In case he wasn't sure he was allowed out, Kelly picked him up and put him on the mat just outside the door and he just flattened himself to the florr and did the fastest combat crawl that I've ever seen - well, the nearest thing to one that a cat can do - to get inside as quick as he could. Then he hid in his pet carrier for a few hours. So, I guess he doesn't want to go out now, eh? lol!

My Mam and I went out to dinner tonight with Mam's Welsh class at the Chinese place where Mam, Dad, Kelly and I had our join anniversary dinner last month. I've not long got back, actually. Anyway, we had a great time. But then, we always do when we go there. Plus, the women from the class are really nice and loads of fun to spend time with. The class has been going on for four years and every six months - at Christmas and in June (at the end of the year of lessons) - the whole class goes out to dinner (and I get to go too). Anyway, the class is over with now, but we're still going to 'try' to keep up the meals every six months. Also, I think the class is meeting up every so often between those times to practise their Welsh.

Anyway, that's pretty much what's been going on today. So, good night!


Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Chance's neuter & more

The cat on the left in this photo is Chance, the cat on the right is one of his littermates. The photo was taken before he joined our family, but it's a nice photo, so, since I haven't posted it before I thought I'd post it now. Besides, blogger didn't want me to post the one I was going to post. LOL!

Anyway, Chance's neuter went well. He was declared to be 'perfectly healthy' in his pre-op check-up and there were no problems with the op itself. He was a bit upset with us when we went to pick him up (we being Kero, Kelly and myself) and I think he's a bit sore now that the stuff has worn off (I daren't try and spell the word, but you know what stuff I mean). But then, I'd be sore too! He still loves us though, and has came for pets and cuddles since he's been home. So, he's either crazy, glutton for punishment or a bit of both, lol! We aren't allowed to let him out for 'at least a day or so' - the vet says so - so, tonight we are keeping the windows shut tight. As from tomorrow afternoon though, if we want the windows open we're opening them, and if he gets out... well... what does it matter? He's neutered now, and 99.99...% of the time he comes when called. Besides, I don't think we'll physically be able to keep him in much longer. He REALLY wants to be outside!

I wish our weather would make up it's mind. Rain, sun, rain, sun.... I mean, pick one already! Sheesh!

I didn't get on here yesterday because first I went to Tesco with my parents, then Mam, Kero and I went to Neath on the bus and never got home until around 5:00 pm. When we did get home we pretty much just had something to eat, sorted out the baby clothes that I've somehow managed to get LOADS of (despite having no human kids of my own yet) so as to give Elizabeth some for her baby, then watched some TV. After that I just went to bed.

I know, Elizabeth's baby isn't even due until December, but I had so many baby clothes that to be honest I was eager to give some away. I mean, I gave away about three black bag fulls and still have a very big suitecase full left. And, anyway, clearing out some of that lot has given me a bit more space. So, that's a big plus.

Well, that'll do for now because I'm bored of typing (well, I told the truth, didn't I? lol!)


Sunday, June 11, 2006


I never went to bed until late again. But this time it was my own fault. I did technically go to bed about midnight, but I was listening to Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone on CD and next thing I knew it was almost 2:00 am. Oops! Anyway, I was still up by 10:00 am.

I've been having a lazy day today. Well, appart from when I was sorting out some of my books because a certain cat *coughmegancough* knocked them off the shelves and my bedroom floor was covered in books. But, anyway, other than that I've had a lazy day. I have taken Kero out for a couple of short walks, but I don't think that even he feels like a long walk today. Bless him! It's cloudy today and there's a bit more of a breeze, but somehow it still seems to be just as hot as yesterday (if not hotter).

Chance almost got out just now. We opened the window and forgot and Chance was beside me and then he wasn't. Anyway, luckily I called his name so he stopped for a second which gave Kelly the oppertunity to grab him (he was walf way out of the window) so, that was close. After his neuter on Tuesday, he can go out as much as he wants. But, until then we don't want him out. I'm pretty sure someone has a female cat in season and I don't want him spoiling his pedigree, if you know what I mean. Both my girls go outside (when they want to) but that's because they are both spayed. Like I said, once Chance has been neutered, he will be allowed out too. Until then we just have to keep closing the window when he's awake and wondering about. Man, I can't wait until Tuesday! LOL!

We're having a proper roast dinner today. I know it's a warm day, but as I said the other day, if we don't eat a proper dinner we end up picking at rubbish. Besides, my Mam spent Friday afternoon with me and she cooked me loads of chicken and stuff, so, I don't have to do a lot to make the dinner. It's not that I mind cooking as such - though I am quite happy to let someone else take over - it's just that in this heat cooking is the last thing anyone wants to do. But, like I said, if I don't make us a proper dinner, we will end up eating rubbish, and we can't have that, can we? Anyway, we're having chicken, potatoes and mixed veg.

The blogger site wont let me add photos in my post today for some reason, so, I guess today has to be a text only post for a change. Oh, well, never mind. Anyway, that's all for now.


Saturday, June 10, 2006

Photos of Willow

I meant to post these yesterday, but I forgot. My excuse is that I was too tired to think straight. lol! Anyway, these are some photos I took of my Mam's 18 month old Black Lab, Willow, when I was at my parents' place on Thursday evening for dinner (after my exam and before we went off to play our pool games).

I'm really proud of these photos actually, because it's quite hard to get Willow to sit still long enough to take a photo and since these were taken with a camera phone they aren't as good as they would have been with a proper camera anyway. So, like I said, I'm really proud of them. Hence me showing them off. lol!



Just wanted to let you know that I've posted some poems on my poems page. A couple of them I wrote today, but I've also posted a few of my old poems. Two of them were written about the events that happened on the night that I read the third one at the local library (did you follow that? lol!)

Anyway, don't forget that you should check the poems page from time to time as I will be adding more poems - some new, some old - every so often.


Another sunny Saturday

Kelly never got home until like 1:00 am this morning, so, I was up really late. But, I was good and was up by 10:00 am this morning.

Well, anyway, it's been another lovely day here. It's been a bit overcast and windy so it's been a bit cooler than it has been for like the past week, but it was still a beautiful day. And I don't just mean weather wise.

I spent the morning at home with the cats and Kero and then we went for a picnic in the park. Just like we did last week. This week there were different people though. This week there was me and Kero (of course), my Mam, a family friend named Jo, Jo's 2 & 1/2 year old son Owain - the little boy in the pic to the left (isn't he adorable?) - and my 'honorary sister' Elizabeth.

And, speaking of Kero and Owain. I was very proud of my little man today. Kero doesn't have a lot to do with little kids (kids under 5, I mean) and to be honest, he's never had the oppertunity to freely play with one. But, he did today. Anyway, he was an angel! He was VERY gentle with Owain and played with him and an empty pop bottle for about an hour. Both of them absolutely loved it. And, when Kero decided he'd had enough, he just went to lay under the bench where he couldn't be reached as easily and stayed there until he was ready to play with Owain again. Also, he never tried to take any food from Owain. He did sit by him though. I think he's already figured out that kids are more likely to give or drop stuff than adults. lol! Anyway, like I said, I was very proud of him.

I was watching a show on Sky One that was called 'Top 50 Greatest Celebrity Animals'. It was counting down the 50 best-loved animals from TV. It was pretty interesting actually. I don't remember all 50, but thought I'd share the top 10 with you.

10. Skippy
9. Mickey Mouse
8. Black Beauty
7. King Kong
6. The PG Tips Chimps
5. Danger Mouse
4. Miss Piggy
3. The Andrex Puppy
2. Lassie
1. Jaws

So, there you go. Now you know, eh?

Well, that'll do for now.


Friday, June 09, 2006

From Thursday to Friday

Well, that's that then. My exams are over with and I have to wait until August to find out how I did. Everyone keeps asking me how I think I did, but as I keep telling them, it doesn't matter how I think I did, it's how the people who mark it think I did that matters. Good point?

Anyway, that's Kero's grooming session over for another three months too. I love when he's freshly groomed. He's so handsome and white! And he smells lovely! It's just a shame he's not too good at staying that way, isn't it? But then, he wouldn't be my Kero if he stayed clean all the time, would he?

I did pretty good with pool last night. I mean, I wasn't the best played there, but I never said I was a great pool played, I just said I liked to play. Either way, I played in six or seven games and out of those me and my partner (we were playing doubles) won three games. So, like I said, I did pretty good. Especially when you think I've only ever had the odd game here and there with relaxed rules. Anyhow, we're making a team and playing once a week. For now it will be on a Thursday, but the night might change if we find it doesn't suit everyone.

It was VERY hot here again today. Apparently it's not just my imagination that it's getting hotter. I wish it was though.

Kero and I went out for a walk and after a bit we were joined by a certain black cat. That's right, my Sakura. I swear she thinks she's a dog, because she was walking along beside Kero copying what he did - except when he was scenting stuff - and even panting along with him. I know some of you will find it hard to believe that the cat came for a walk. I mean, you should see some of the people's faces when they see me walking along with a dog and a cat strolling along beside me. So, I took a couple of photos. Yes, the ones in this post.

Got some laundry done today so that I don't have to worry about it tomorrow. Didn't have much to do though, because Kelly did a load for me yesterday while I was out. I just hope he knows how much I appreciate what he does. I put the stuff out on the line today - for a change - and it didn't half dry quick! I swear I've never seen clothes dry so fast before in my life! At least, not when the clothes are outside on the line anyway, lol!

OK, Nan, so, there's just one 'e' in 'shepherds' pie. Fine! But, what if I wanted two of them? Maybe I just like the letter 'e'. lol! Seriously though, I did think I'd spelled it wrong, so, thanks for telling me how it's meant to be spelled. After all, we both know that I can't spell to save my life, don't we? LMAO!

By the way, isn't this photo of Kero (the one to the right) lovely? I took it while we were out today. Not bad for a photo taken with a phone's camera, eh?

It's really noisy here tonight. But, it always is on a Friday night. See, the people who live above me have a baby (I think she's about four months old now) and on a Friday night the baby's grandmother has her and they have a party. I never get an invite thoug *sulk* Anyway, they can get a bit noisy sometimes and it's quite annoying, but I don't want to complain to them, because I figure it's not worth the hastle. Still, it's only been once or twice in the whole time we've been here that the noise has gotten a bit much. Last week - for example - I had an early night, but I ended up being woken up after only a couple of hourse because of the noise. And let me tell you, waking me up is not an easy task! But, like I said, it doesn't happen often. If it happened a lot though, I would complain about it.

Anyway, it's pretty close to midnight, so, I'm going to go watch some T. V. while I wait for Kelly to get home (he went to see X-Men 3 with my brother, Wayne). I would go to bed, but he's left his key at home, so, I can't go to bed in case I fall asleep and he can't wake me up. After all, Kero's not exactly going to be able to open the door for him. I bet Sakura could if I left the key in it though. Ok, maybe not, but give her long enough and she'll figure it out!

Oh yeah - in casre you were wondering - my sunburn is healing nicely. It's not sore at all any more and I'm actually keeping a bit of colour on my shoulders for a change. Normlaly as the sunburn heals I go back to being white, but I'm not this time. Do you think maybe it's because I don't really get much of a chance to stay out of the sun? I dunno. Either way, it's a good thing. I think it is anyway.



Here are the photos that I said yesterday that I would post when I got around to it. You know, the ones of Kero playing with the new purple football that my Mam got for him as a late birthday present. Well, better late than never, eh? That's what they say, isn't it.

Anyway, as you can see, he had a GREAT time with his new ball. But then, he loves footballs and he loves to be outside, so, that's not really a big surprise.

I did get a video of him, but I haven't sorted that out yet. Will sort it out when I have the time. Hopefully tomorrow!


Wednesday, June 07, 2006

VERY warm Wednesday

It's been VERY HOT here again today, even with the fan (which I am REALLY glad we have). I swear it's getting hotter as each day passes! Anyway, I haven't really done much today because I wanted to have a relaxing day since tomorrow is going to be so busy for me and yesterday was busy too. Besides, it's too hot to do much!

Speaking of tomorrow, I dubt I'll be on to blog tomorrow, because I have a day that's about as full as they get. I have to be able to leave the house just after 9:00 am so I can give Kero a long walk before we get on the bus about 10:00 am to get him to the groomer for his 11:00 am appointment. Then I'm going to my parents' plade for lunch. Then I have my other exam in the afternoon (so Mam is fetching Kero from the groomer and taking him home for me). After that I'll just have time to go to my parents' place and eat the dinner my Mam will have ready for me before Mam, Wayne and I have to head to our pool games which we will be going to once a week from now on. Anyway, by the time I get home I'll be pretty much crawling in to bed.

Anyhow, back to today....

I just got back from taking Kero for his last long walk. Not his last actual walk, because he's going to need to go out again before bed, but his last walk where he gets to run around loose in the park. He's had two walks like that today, each one lasting almost an hour. We also played football in the garden for about half an hour this morning and both enjoyed ourselves. I took a few photos and did mean to post them with this, but they are still on the camera and I can't be bothered to fiddle with it right now. lol!I'm cooking dinner while I'm writing this, so, it's taking me quite a while. lol! I wouldn't normally bother with a cooked dinner with this heat, but I know if I don't make a cooked dinner then we will end up picking at treats and that's not good for us, is it?

Anyway, in case you are interested in what we are having, we're having sheepherds pie and beans. Yeah, I know, it seems like we always have beans, but this time it's not because I couldn't be bothered to make anything else, it's because the sheepherds pie is just about done and I just realised I never put the veg on. So, beans it is. LOL!Well, I think I'll call it a day here and concentrate on sorting the food out.


Nan's Birthday

We would lGrandma to say happy birthday to my Nan who's birthday it is today. So, happy birthday Grandma.

From, Kelly, Tori & all the animals x

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

First exam is over

I had an early morning because of going for my exam. I think I did ok with the exam, but I wont know for sure until August. I've got the other part of the exam on Thursday afternoon, but, as I said, I wont know the rusults until August. I think it's something like August 24th or something that I find out. I forget. Either way, after Thursday my course is over and it's just time to play the waiting game. While I was in taking the exam Mam and Dad were up town and while they were there they got Kero a new football (which she promised him for his birthday but didn't get for him) and they picked me up a fan, because I've been meaning to get one for a couple of weeks now but keep forgetting. And after the exam was over I went and had lunch at my parents' place. When I got home I played football in the garden with Kero for a bit - have taken the ball away from him now though because it's about 9:30 pm and Kero gets very yappy with footballs - then I put the fan together. I haven't really done anything else today though, and I'm a bit tired, so, I'm going to call it a night and go crawl in to my bed.


Monday, June 05, 2006

Boiling hot Monday

Well, it's about 8:00 pm on Monday and boy is it hot!!! You should see my poor arms after today. They are bright red and boy do they hurt! But I'll get over it! lol! Anyway, after I posted about how bored I was because Kero didn't want to do anything, Kero came up to me and told me he wanted to go out. So, I took him in the yard for a pee, but he wasn't having that. He walked up to the gate, put his paws on it, then turned back to me and begged. Doesn't take a genius to work out what he was trying to tell me. So, I got my shoes on, put his harness and lead on him and grabbed my hat (gotta have the hat, lol!) And off we went for a nice little walk. A little walk that in actual fact lasted about an hour. lol! So, that stopped me being bored, didn't it?

After we got back I watched some TV until about 11:00 pm then went to bed. Woke up about 6:00 am this morning.. I wouldn't have gotten up then, but I woke up and - thinking I had dishes to do - thought I better get up and get on with stuff. As it turned out though, Kelly had already done the dishes and put away Kero's toys. Which, was really nice to wake up to I thought. But I didn't see the point in going back to bed since I was wide awake by this point and had to get up at 8:00 am because of going shopping anyway. So, instead of going back to bed I cleaned the litterboxes and fed Kero and the cats early and then I took Kero for a nice long walk (while it was still sort of cool out).

Got the shopping done early and then ate my lunch with my Mam in the yard. It was VERY hot by this point and I was a bit worried about Kero so we made him a special shaded spot to lay in by putting two chairs near each over and putting a sheet across them so that they made a sort of tent where he could lay in the shade. I think Sakura liked it too, because she went to lay under it with him. My Mam spent the whole afternoon with me and we took Kero for another long walk. She also made me a sausage, egg and bacon pie and a sausage and bacon quiche for me to freeze to use towards meals this week. She does this for me most Mondays. It's not that I can't cook, 'cause I can, it's just that she seems to feel better if she knows what we're having.

Anyway, other than that, I didn't really do anything today. So, I'll say goodnight as I think I'm going to see about bed soon, because I have to get up early in the morning since tomorrow is the day of my first exam. By the way, the picture of the Westie with the halo that is to the right of this bit of text isn't my Kero.


Sunday, June 04, 2006

Hot and bored

Well, I'm on here writing again, because I'm bored! It's boiling hot so Kero doesn't want to be outside, he just wants to sleep. Can't blame him though, because it's too hot for me and I don't have fur and can eat ice-cream. I know I said earlier it wasn't as hot as yesterday, but I changed my mind! I think it might actually be hotter today!


Sleep, Sunday & stuff

Well, I lost the battle with staying awake about 8 o'clock last night. So, that wasn't too bad. And I really must have been tired, because it was about 7:45 am that I woke up this morning. Needless to say I woke up full of energy. So, Kero and I spent about half an hour or so running around the garden (just 'cause we could). I didn't go out there with the intention of racing around with him. I just took him out for a pee and he did the thing he does to say "come on, chase me!" So, I chased him.

Anyway, I woke up with slightly sore and very red arms from the sun yesterday, so I bed my Mam (who caught a lot more sun than me, 'cause I was in the shade as much as possible) is in a fair bit of discomfort today. I'm just glad I managed to keep the amount of sun I caught to a minimum.

By the way, the dog to the left here is my Mam's black lab, Willow Moonshadow. It's one that I took of her on her 1st birthday (November 28th 2005).

Right now I'm cooking dinner. OK, at this exact second I'm typing on here, but the stuff is on cooking. Anyhow, I had planned on doing a roast today, but I can't be bothered. So, instead I asked Kelly what he wanted and he fancied sausages, which gave me the idea to do bangers, mash and beans. I know it's normally peas, but I wanted as little cooking as possible, because it's warm here again today. It's not as hot as yesterday though.

After dinner I'll be taking Kero for a nice, long walk again and letting him run around at the park. Not sure what I'll be doing after that. But, if I do anything exciting I'll let you know about it tomorrow, ok? lol!


Saturday, June 03, 2006

Sunny Saturday at the park

Well, it's about 5:30 pm and I'm shatterred already. But then, I've been up since a little after midnight thanks to the people above me making so much noise and setting Kero off barking, which woke me up.

Anyway, it's another beautiful day today and when I saw this I decided I didn't want to spend all day inside, so, I made up some sandwhiches and stuff and decided that Kero and I would go for a picnic in the park. That way we could be outside longer. But then I thought, it's a bit silly having a picnic by yourself. So, since my Mam had said she wanted to go to the park with her 7 & 1/2 year old Goddaughter, Shireen, this afternoon I called her up and asked if she wanted to come down a bit early and have a picnic with me and Kero. She did. So, I got all the chores done this morning out of the way, then packed up my lunch (and a few treats and a bottle of water for Kero) and headed for the park to meet my Mam and Shireen for a nice little picnic. And it was really fun, actually. I had my camera with me because my keys were attatched to the case from yesterday and I couldn't be bothered to un-hook them, so, I figured since it was with me I'd get a few more photos.

I know, I know, me and my photos. LOL! I can't help it, I just love taking photos of the animals. Especially Kero. And the fact he's so willing to pose encourages me to keep doing it. But I know you not only don't mind really, but like seeing the photos. And, even if you don't, I'm still going to keep taking and posting the photos. Just 'cause I can.

By the way, this little girl here is my Mam's Goddaughter, Shireen.

Well, anyhow, we - Kero and I - left the house with our picnic supplies just before 1:00 pm and never got back home again until just before 4:00 pm. As you can see from the grin on his face in this photo, Kero had a great time again today. But then, he was outside, and he absolutely loves to be outside, so, that's no surprise really, is it?

Kero's now fast asleep and to be honest, I'm very tempted to crawl in to bed myself. But, I can't let myself go to bed this early, because I need to stop being nocturnal (I think that's how to spell it) or I'll have no chance with my exams next week as I'll be too tired to even read the question, let alone thing about the answer. So, instead of going to sleep, I'm going to mess about on the PC for a while then watch some movies. I just want to keep myself up for a few more hours, that's all. I would kind of like to still be outside, but I burn quite easily and my arms are already looking a little red so I don't think it's a good idea. Shame though, 'cause I'd have better luck staying awake if I was outside. Doesn't matter though. I'm sure I'll find some way to keep myself awake. I'm going to aim for staying awake until 9:00 pm. If I managed longer then that's even better, but I figure if I aim for that then I should be able to do it.

I know for a fact that I'll be asleep before Kelly gets home tonight though. He's got his usual weekly gaming club with my Dad and a bunch of their mates today and he rarely gets home before 1:00 am Sunday morning. Still, at least I know where he is, eh? I mean, sure, it means that unless I make plans with my Mam or someone I know then it's just me and Kero (and the other animals, of course) from about 11:00 am Saturday until about 1:00 am Sunday, but at least Kelly's not at a bar or doing something else to waste money. I have to admit though, I do get a bit lonely some Saturdays. It's not too bad on days like today, but when the weather's miserable and my Mam's busy.... well, you know how it goes. But, I wouldn't want to stop him going to the gaming club just because I sometimes don't want to be by myself. I'm not selfish like that.


Kero 9 & 1/2 weeks - 2 years

I know I wasn't going to post again until tonight, but I decided to post some pics of Kero as he's grown up. Anyway, this first pic - to the right - was taken in the car when we were on the way home from the kennel with him. So, he was 9 & 1/2 weeks old. I do have some of him from before he left the kennel, but I wont bother showing you them right now. I'll just start from when he came home. He was a good boy in the car, but was a bit sick because he'd been fed just before we picked him up.

I can't find the pic I told you about, Kerry, so, I'll show this one - to the left - instead. This is what happens when you leave a puppy alone. I only left him alone long enough to pee. Luckily the stuff he has all over the place was just his stuff this time (appart from the magazine he'd started to rip up). lol!

This one - to the right - was taken on Kero's very first Christmas. So, he was just over 7 months old. That's my older brother, Wayne, who's holding him and wearing the Santa hat. That's the closest thing to a photo with 'Santa' I have of Kero. I'd love a proper photo of Kero with 'Santa' but they don't have a guy who does that in pet shops or the groomers around here, so, I'll have to settle with Wayne in a hat. lol!

This one - to the left - was taken literally a few hours after Kero had his first ever haircut, which was about a week after his 1st birthday. He was very proud of his new haircut, but was a bit upset with me for leaving him at the groomers for the day and my little man does NOT approve of being left anywhere. Especially if that 'anywhere' involves him being cooped up (which he has to be in the groomers, obviously).

And this one - to the right - I took on Thursday. He wasn't all that sure of what to think of the bubbles. Bless him.