Thursday, March 31, 2011

Words about walks

It's days like today when getting out there for a walk is least inviting. The miserable weather doesn't exactly cry out, "come outside," and I must have slept awkwardly last night or something, because I woke up with a lot of pain in my hip. I still went though... Actually, I've been for two walks so far today! As it turned out, the walk first thing this morning loosened up my hip from whatever cramped position I had it in while I was sleeping, so that helped me to find some enthusiasm for going for a second walk.

There have been a few other times when it's been very tempting to just not bother. But I've gone anyway. I know if I let myself start making excuses then it will start becoming a habit to make excuses, and I'll gradually do it more and more until I'm back to where I was a few weeks ago. Which is somewhere I don't want to be!

It helps that telling Kero I'm "going to put my socks and shoes on," or that I'm going to take him for "walkies" once I've finished whatever I'm doing means I have little choice but to go. If I say either of those things he goes nuts, and alternates between yapping excitedly, jumping up at me, trying to push or pull me in the direction of the door, and running to the door and throwing himself against it. And he wont stop until we're going for our walk. I'd like to see anyone manage to avoid going for a walk with that happening... I know it doesn't work for me! So, if I start thinking, "I should walk Kero... But I really don't want to," then I just tell him we're going, and he makes sure I don't change my mind. Well, whatever works, right? LOL!

Did I forget your birthday?

I did my best to say, "happy birthday," to people on the day this past month, but if I don't have your birthday then I would have missed it. So, if I did... Sorry, and consider a belated happy birthday wish sent out to you! The same goes for future birthday wishes. If I don't at least give your birthday a brief mention on my blog, it's because I didn't know your birthday was happening, but I still hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Quorn (FD)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"Quorn is the leading brand of mycoprotein food product in the UK and Ireland. The mycoprotein used to produce Quorn is extracted from a fungus, Fusarium venenatum, which is grown in large vats.

Quorn is produced as both a cooking ingredient and a range of ready meals. It is sold (largely in Europe, but also in other parts of the world) as a health food and an alternative to meat, earning the Vegetarian Society's seal of approval. As it uses egg white as a binder, it is not a vegan food."

(The above text, and the rest of the article can be found here).

OK, so I thought it had an "a" and it's an "o"... That's the trouble with spelling and screen readers... They don't go together very well!

Courses, thumbs, etc (LBE, FD, PTMI and R/WP)

This is going to be one of those jumping from topic to topic type of posts.

And... A little heads up... I'm serious about this being a long post!


Sorry if it's been taking me a bit to get to your blog lately. Part of it's due to issues with blogs refusing to load properly sometimes (and me getting bored of trying so leaving it until later). But part of it's due to my new obsession with an audio version of Scrabble I managed to get hold of for my laptop, which I can play by myself against the computer, actually play by myself, or play against other apponents (but using the same computer for us all... Just passing the laptop between us). I also have Chess and a few other games too, but having spent so much time on the Scrabble game, I haven't actually done more than quickly check that the others worked after installation.


For those still interested in what courses I'm signing up for, the latest batch contains the following:

Basic Writing Skills
Be An Inspirational Writer
Discovering Poetry
Dream Interviewing
Haiku Poetry
Tarot Revealed
Writing Poetry

More and more writing ones will appear in the list of courses in each batch, since I'm running out of non-writing themed courses I want to do. LOL! I'm going to do all the writing ones - whether they are for a genre I plan on writing in some day or not - just because... Well, because I can! Besides, if I do them now, while I can, then should I decide to dabble in that genre - even if just for my own enjoyment - then I have the course material to get me started, give me some tips, etc. That's my theory anyway. Ah, who am I kidding... I'm grabbing any courses I have even a passing interest in. As I've said before... Might as well grab them while I know they're free and available! :)


I lost 3lbs this week! That makes 6lbs 8oz I've lost in 3 weeks!

I'm surprised actually. I mean, all I've done is made a few tweaks to things I'm eating, and stopped making excuses not to take Kero for his walks. I think it's mostly the walk thing that's helping the weight come off. I'm taking him two or three times a day. He's loving it (especially on days like Monday, when it's been nice out so I haven't made him wear his coat). If I continue losing the weight like I am, I might actually make the 2 stone (28lbs) in three months goal "they" want from me!

Good thing is though... Because I've had some decent weight loss now, if I have the odd week with no weight loss it wont be too big of a deal, because I'm ahead of the goal I set myself, and it's that goal that really matters to me. Sure, I'd like to show up at the Gynaecologist's office having lost the 2 stone - or more - just to be able to say I'd done it, and point out that now we're back where we started - with me the weight I was when I first went to them - so now what are they going to do about things? But if I don't... Well, I know I'm doing my best... I mean, I have to be doing something right to lose almost half a stone in 3 weeks, don't I?

I weighed Kero and Gwydion on Monday - just out of curiosity - but, guess what? I'm not telling how much they weighed! Why? Because Gwydion is going to tell you on Friday. I only did it because I was curious, and then it started becoming one of those questions that - since you know you can easily get an answer - you just "have to" know!


I meant to say about this before, but... Remember the thumb incident?

Well, first of all... It wasn't quite as bad as I first thought. With the amount of blood - and the amount of pain once the numbness from the very cold water wore off - I thought it was really bad. It wasn't! OK, it was bad enough that it was hurting for a while, and still hurts a little if that part of the thumb touches something solid, or is pressed against something, and it still vaguely looks like Thumbelina tried to eat my thumb. But it's not nearly as bad as the blood and pain made it seem, and it's healing nicely.

When it was first done I had it wrapped up in a plaster (bandaid) or two, and was hoping it would be fine, but once I could touch it without feeling like someone was torturing me I discovered it wasn't as bad as I'd thought, kept a plaster on it for a while longer - so as to keep the anticeptic cream on it, and the dirt out of it - then, when it started healing over properly, I just left it alone. Like I said, it's now healing nicely.


I phoned the Sky people to get the multiroom package removed. Of course, they tried changing my mind. Said if I kept it they could offer it to me for half the price for x amount of time (I think it was 6 months or something like that). I havve two issues with that.

First of all, I'd just told them that I didn't want it any more, and I'd told them why (the box doesn't work any more, the TV isn't officially ours that it's set up on, and no, I don't plan on buying a new TV any time soon), so it's not like I was saying it was a cost issue - though it does save me £10.50 (around $21) per month to have it turned off.

And, secondly, if they can so easily offer it at the discount amount, why don't they just offer it at that price in the first place? After all, they're making enough with the amount they charge for the channels to start with, so it wouldn't hurt them to cut the cost of things like multiroom packages, or the addition of the HD versions of the channels.

I have that same exact issue with the "half price" and "buy one, get one free" and "3 for the price of 2" offers you see all over the place these days... If they can afford to sell them at those prices, why don't they just do that in the first place?

Actually, I can answer my own question... Money! Or, more to the point, greed! That's why the world is in such a financial mess these days... Companies want so much extra money that those of us down at the bottom of the pecking order are suffering for their greed!

It's like how the government here came up with a "brilliant" plan to help the country get out of the economic crisis... Raise the VAT to 20%! I'm sorry, but that helps us how exactly? I mean, sure, it helps the government... Because all the tax goes to them... But what about us? What about those of us, for example, who now have to pay £1.55 (about $3) just for a 2 litre carton of milk? I get that there are costs for the suppliers, costs for transporting the goods to the supermarkets, etc. But I also know for a fact that only a few pennies of that go to the farmers. Most of that money actually goes to the supermarket. And if they really have to charge that much for milk, then how come some of the supermarkets are happily selling it at 2 of those cartons for £2 ($4) - though only if you buy the two at the same time - almost constantly? If they can afford to sell them at £1 per carton, why don't they just do that in the first place? *Shaking head*


My Art Of Knitting magazine was meant to arrive by the end of last week, but instead I got a letter saying they were sorry, but due to such high demand they have to print extra copies of the magazine before they will be available. Apparently I'll get my copy just as soon as they can get more copies printed and sent out to those who subscribed. Well, at least they let me know, I guess! Although, it would have been nice to be told before my 28 days of waiting were up, rather than on the final day. I mean, they could have said something in the letter I had from them the week before saying how my magazines would arrive. Like I said though... At least they did actually let me know... Eventually!

I did get my first parcel from the Baked And Delicious magazine last week though... Complete with a couple of cooking utensils and a loaf tin.


It's been quite wet for the past 24 hours. I'm not really complaining though. We've had lovely weather most days lately. A couple of times I even went out without bothering with a jacket, and a couple of other times I only bothered to put my jacket on because it was easier than trying to hold on to my mobile, use my cane and hold Kero's lead, and my clothes had no pockets in them. It's just a shame that because of the workmen Kero and I couldn't sit outside in the garden and enjoy the nice weather.

Yes, they're still here! Last week we got told - again - that the scaffolding was going to be pulled down at the end of the week (as in the end of last week). But, surprise surprise, it's still here! Someone came to move the satalite dish - and it took us ages to convince him that since we'd stopped the subscription to the bedroom box, and it wasn't working anyway, there was no point in him checking the signal on that box - but nothing else has happened, and that was last Friday. He did move the dish to a spot where we have signal despite the scaffolding still being there though, so that's a good thing. Still... It would be nice if the scaffolding would actually come down when they say it's going to! I'm sick of it being there, but - more than anything - I'm sick of empty promises! It's either coming down at the end of the week, or it isn't. The point is, don't say it's coming down then leave it up because you aren't done... Say you don't know when you'll be done and able to take the scaffolding down! Is that so hard?


I've made some pretty good progress with the last piece of the throw set I'm making for my Mam over the past 24 hours. It's now about half done. I'm hoping to have it done in the next few days - at least by this time next week - because I'd like to have the scarf I'm making for Louise (Emma-Jane's Mother)done in time for her birthday at the end of April.

There are two reasons for that:

1. It would make a nice birthday present for her.

2. I have a load of other projects I want to get done this year, and since I need them all for Christmas, and some of them will take a while to do... Well, I need to be starting them in May (if not before) to guarantee time to get them done in time for Christmas.

That's the only thing with handmade items. You really do have to start them early. I know generally people don't want to be thinking about Christmas until at least the end of October, but when you make at least some of the things you intend giving to people as presents, then you really do have to start thinking about it early. I promise not to mention Christmas too much until Halloween is over though! ;)

I'll tell you about each project as I start working on it though.


I tried something called "sweet and sour crispy bites" from all the food items I found on Asda the other day. They're basically chunks of quarn in batter with a sweet and sour sauce. I thought they were pretty good. I'm not usually a fan of quarn... Mainly because people keep only offering it to me plain - but I really did like these! There are a few other quarn items with sauces and flavouring at Asda, so I think I'll try some of them. After all, you don't know if you like something or not if you don't try it, do you?


I've added a couple more reviews to the stacks I still need to share. I will get to them... Honest! I just have so much to say that I end up moving the reviews aside and posting other stuff. Still, there may be a time in the future when I'll be glad of reviews to give you all something to read when I can't get on to post. At least when that time comes there will be plenty of reviews for me to choose from for you! ;)


The roleplaying sessions Dad, Kelly and I were having every couple of weeks have now turned in to movie nights. Mainly due to lack of roleplaying enthusiasm on my part. Dad has some movies I want to watch (yep, more reviews to add to the list, lol) and I do a lot of knitting when I watch movies, because I need something to do with my hands if I need to sit still, so it kills two birds with one stone, so to speak. I get to watch some of the movies Dad has that I want to watch, and I get to make some decent progress with my craft projects. And Dad doesn't mind what we do together, enjoys watching movies, and wants to get through his stack of unwatched DVDs too, so it benifits him as well!

We're still having him have dinner with us though. Well, actually, this week he's having dinner with Kelly and I'm having different, but you know what I mean. Dad and Kelly are having a Shepherd's pie, and I'm having a baked potato with salad, because I don't eat shepherd's pies, obviously, since they are basically made of minced meat and potatoes, so aren't exactly vegetarian meals. LOL! We're all having salad next time though. Although, Kelly is having a pasta salad and Dad and I are having an ordinary salad, since Kelly eats so few of the actual salad items that he needs the pasta to make his meal worth having. But we're still all technically having a salad next time.


Mam couldn't get to come and get washing to do it for us last week - she can't really drive with a splint on her leg - so Dad brought her to fetch some on Monday, then they split the week's worth of washing between them and brought me my clean, dry stacks of washing back today. I was expecting to need to dry it when they brought it back, but they split it so that Dad had everything that could go through the tumble dryer without fear of it shrinking (towels and such) and Mam had the other items (because she doesn't dry with a dryer either). I have to say I'm extremely greatful that they did that, because I wasn't looking forward to trying to find places to dry a whole week's worth of washing!


Mam hardly ever reads my blog, and my Dad reads it even less, but... Thanks Mam and Dad!

If they don't see that, it's not my fault... I did say it to their face too though, so at least they know about that thank you... I can't help it if they don't know about this one!


I don't watch things like "The Biggest Loser" usually. But... I've been watching this season of The Biggest Loser (the US version). I tell you what, most of the people on it are real jerks! Actually, that's not the word I would have chosen to use to describe some of them, but the word that springs to mind isn't one I've ever used - or ever plan to use - on my blog. So, we'll go with Jerks! Anyway, I don't even know why I keep watching it... I think it's rubbish! Seriously... I think the show is rubbish, and most of the people are jerks... And I wouldn't be caught dead on that show (despite being around the same weight as some of the lighter ones started out). So why do I keep watching it?

I can only come up with one explanation... During the brief times when I watched bits of it before - when Mam was watching it while we were living with my parents for a while last year - I was hypnotized in to thinking I have to watch it! That's the only logical explanation!


Owen has another storytelling event coming up in April. Not sure if we'll be going. I hope so. I'll have to ask Dad when he's here Friday, because it's only a couple of weeks away (one is April 12th, the other April 20th, I think).


That's all I had to say today. Hope I didn't bore you too much with my rambling and ranting! ;)

Enjoy whatever's left of your day, and stay safe!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mam's armchair throw

As I mentioned in the post about the sofa throw the other day, I finished the first of the two smaller ones to match it late Monday night before going to bed. Well, Wednesday I took a couple of photos of it, and Iggy very kindly sorted them for me. Here they are:

I have started the second one, but haven't gotten all that far with it yet.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy birthday Rita

Today is the birthday of a relatively new friend of mine, but one I have quickly come to view as one of my very good friends. I'm talking, of course, about Rita.

Happy birthday, Rita!

I hope today is a wonderful day for you, and that it sees you surrounded by the ones you love, well rested, pain free, and with a smile on your face!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday walk musings

Our clocks went forward this morning. I have no idea why the clocks change here on a different week to when they do in the US and Canada, but there you go!

Anyway, I didn't get much sleep last night so was up, dressed, done with chores, etc, by 8:30 am new time and figured I'd go ahead and walk Kero early. Man was it quiet out there! The only sounds - until just as I was getting home - were the river, the birds, and the scraping sort of sound my cane tip makes as it rolls back and forth across the path (I was wearing my plimsoles, so they weren't making a noise). Even for a Sunday that was quiet!

Not that I'm complaining... It was nice having my walk in peace, listening to the birds singing all around me, and the river - still quite high from all the snow then rain we had - roaring as it rushes past. And with the sun shining too... And the smell of the grass and dirt - still damp with the morning dew - it was a pretty good way to start the day!

The first sign of another human being was just as I was coming back off the path to walk the short distance from the entrance to the path to our gate. Someone came out of their front door, got in their car, and drove away. I thought it was a shame. Not that they were disturbing my peace and solitude - though that was a shame - but that they were going wherever they were going by car on such a nice morning instead of walking.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cherry blossom

On Wednesday evening Kelly joined me and Kero for one of our walks. I took the camera "just in case" and asked Kelly to keep an eye out for anything worth photographing. The result was the following photos of what we're pretty sure is a cherry tree in bloom:

I thought those of you who are still waiting for Spring would appreciate the photos.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Furkid Friday: Kero's grooming photo, etc

Hi humans... This is Kero!

Gwydion didn't think to mention it, but I had my grooming appointment a week ago Monday. Of course, I always get a photo taken after my appointment... I only just make it through the door before Mami's asking me to pose! So, here's the best from the photos taken:

They did cut me shorter than they usually would have at this time of year, but it was because I had a few knots in my fur - where it had gotten wet so many times - and the humans decided it would be easier to just cut me a bit shorter than to make me sit still long enough for them to comb the knots out. So, because it's still so cold out, I have to wear my coat for some of my walkies. Sometimes it's sunny enough so I don't have to, but a lot of the time - especially when we're having our evening walkies - Mami says it's too cold for me to be out without my coat with such short fur. I prefer not to wear the coat (unless it's raining) but if it's a choice between wearing it or not getting walkies... Well, I guess I'm wearing the coat! Wouldn't you, given that choice?

And here's another couple of photos of me:

Firstt with Mami's laptop...

And then with some kind of toy...

The toy was for that little human pup they call, "Emma-Jane," who visits sometimes. She was having a birthday apparently. Personally, I don't think it's fair... Everyone else is getting their birthday now, but I have to wait until May for mine! I wanted to try and play with the human pup's toy, but beyond sniffing it I didn't get to do much, and I wouldn't even have gotten to do that much if Mami hadn't put it on the bed while she was sorting out the wrapping paper and tape to wrap it up for the human pup. I'm not even sure what a toy like that does... Mami did ttry to show me - after the photo was taken - but she did something that made something else pop up from where there had been nothing before, and that was scary, so I went away, and decided the toy was too scary to bother with after all. I hear the human pup really liked it though... She can keep it!

Those are the most exciting things that happened recently. The noisy humans are still around, but I'm getting bored of them. I don't even bother barking at them most times when they arrive now. Well, except for when one of them sometimes knocks on the door because they have to come inside to do something... Then I have to bark, because he needs to know that this is my home, and that I'm watching him closely while he's in it!

OK, so I'll let this do then. Besides, Mami sometimes takes me walkies in the afternoon as well, so I have to go and keep an eye on her... Just in case I spot her putting shoes on!

Licks and sniffs,

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mam, courses, weight and vegetarian items (FD)

My Mam did do a post about what happened to make us leave the party early, so visit her blog if you want to read about it.


After my Zen Philosophy, Yoga, Chinese Astrology and Aromatherapy courses finished a week ago, I had Kelly help me sign up for another batch of courses. They were:

Cosmology And The Universe
Creative Visualization
Fiction Writing
Origins Of The Universe
Planetary Guide
Subconcious Dream World
Thirty Day Novel

Half of them I already have all the lessons for, and the other half should finish in a couple of days, then I'll be having Kelly help me sign up for another batch. As I've said before, I'm grabbing all the ones I like the look of while I know they're still free and available. I mean, why not? After all, I can do them at my own pace, so it's not like it's a big deal if I don't keep up with the work for all the lessons. Plus, some of them are information only courses.


I lost 1 and a half pounds this past week. I was surprised actually. Especially since I weigh on a Monday... Two days after the day when my meals mostly consisted of party food. I expected to have at least stayed the same if not put some back on. But, nope! 1 and a half pounds lighter! Must be all the extra walks with Kero?


Asda have always claimed to have a large selection of vegetarian meal options available, and The Vegetarian Society kept insisting that they - meaning Asda - stocked meals by Cauldron Foods. But I'd seen no evidence of this. Yes, they had loads of soups available for vegetarians, but that seemed to be it. However, I was bored this morning so decided - for reasons unknown - that it would be fun to type, "vegetarian," in to their search box on their website to see what food items would come up. Well, I'm glad I did! All the things they claimed to stock were right there in front of me... Meals by Cauldron Foods, Asda vegetarian meals, the other Linda McCartney foods (all I'd been able to find before were her sausages).

And why hadn't I found them before? Simple! When you have vegetarian sections in various departments, you expect to find the stuff in those sections... Not just some of the stuff, but all of it, right? Well, apparently that's not how Asda work since the bulk of the items were - by the look of things - actually hidden among the meat and fish items instead of being in their own section as they should have been. Idiots! Still, I know now, so I can actually have more choices for foods, and actually have the option of grabbing the ocasional microwave meal without it having to be cauliflower cheese, maccaroni cheese, or micro chips and/or microwave pizza. All of which are nice, but I get a bit fed up of having no choice but the above mentioned options all the time. And, let's face it, it's nice to actually have something because that's what you've decided to have, not have it because that's your only option. I mean, I don't plan on having microwave meals all the time, but sometimes it's easier to grab a microwave meal, and it will be nice to actually have a few options to choose from on those days!

Mind you, I'm kinda kicking myself here, because... Why didn't I think to check in the other sections? But, at the same time, why should I need to? I thought the whole idea behind a "vegetarian and meat free" section in most departments was so you could go directly to the items not containing meat or fish without having to wade through stacks of animal products to find what you're looking for. Or, is that just me? *Shrugs*


This will do for now, because my dinner is just about ready. I will check all your blogs - and respond to comments on here - after I've had dinner, walked Kero, etc.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Emma-Jane's party (LBE and FD)

Since Iggy - despite being busy - very kindly got these photos sorted quickly for me, I can do the post I wanted to do about the day of Emma-Jane's 1st birthday party. So, here it is:

Saturday afternoon there was a party to celebrate Emma-Jane's first birthday. Mam picked me up about lunch time, then we went to Jane (Emma-Jane's Grandmother)'s house so I could give Emma-Jane her birthday present (and get in some cuddle time with her) before it was time for us all to go to Louise (Emma-Jane's Mother)'s place for the party.

These first few photos were taken just after I gave her the toy we'd brought her for her birthday. It's one of those toys where you push the little tiles that have pictures on them down in to slots, and then you press buttons and stuff that make them pop back up. This one has different buttons though... Most I've seen before all the buttons are the same... And the buttons and knobs on it make different noises when you use them. The toy was an instant hit with the children... From the 5 month olds, right up to the 50 year olds! ;)

Emilee (Pia's 5 year old daughter) was convinced it was magic, because the pictures on the tiles are colourful, but when they go down in to the slots they appear as just siluettes because of the film type stuff in front of the slots (if that makes sense). She couldn't get over how they magically had colour when they popped back up, so Mam explained it to her and showed her, and she thought it was fantastic. What it is to be 5! LOL!

Anyway... I don't think the toy is visible, but it's on the table beside us, and we were actually playing with it between photos (and at least one person was probably playing with it during the photos too, LOL!) OK, so here are the photos...

More photos of Emma-Jane:

When it was almost time for us to see about going to Louise's for the party, Chelsea (Jane's eldest grandaughter, who turns 13 in a couple of weeks time) took Emma-Jane on ahead, then Mam, Emile and I followed, leaving Jane and Pia (Jane's oldest daughter) to eot Ryan (Pia's 3 year old son) and baby Max (Pia's 5 month old son) ready. Then I kept an eye on Emilee, Ryan, Emma-Jane and Max while the older three played and Max sat quietly in his buggy (stroller) watching them play. And the other adults did any finishing touches that needed doing to get ready for when all the other children arrived... Which was right after I got done taking a bunch of photos of the older three playing.

Emilee, Ryan and Emma-Jane playing together:

Emilee and Emma-Jane:

Emilee spotted the baloons Louise had put in the play house for the children:

Then Emma-Jane noticed them too:

It didn't take long for Ryan to notice them as well - especially after the girls started pulling some of them out - but I never managed to get a shot of them all playing with the balloons. Besides, because all the others started arriving and I only wanted photos of Emma-Jane and Pia's three, I put the camera away for a bit (figured it was safer with about 20 kids, most of them aged 3 and under, running around). And, besides, I couldn't cuddle babies while holding a camera, and there were plenty of babies to cuddle!

I gave Mam the camera when Emma-Jane was having food so she could get a couple of photos though:

And she grabbed a photo of the birthday cake for me too:

Emilee wanted to be helpful and bring me a plate of food, so they let her. Unfortunately, they neglected to mention that she would have to say something and not just hold it out to me. She did well in that she let the plate touch my hand, but - knowing there were loads of kids with food, and assuming one of them had let their plate touch my hand as they passed (since nobody said anything) - I never took it. So she went in and asked Pia what she should do, and Mam came with her next time to tell me she had a plate of food for me so I'd take it from her. I was pleased she wanted to do that though, because last time I saw her she wouldn't come near me or speak to me. Couldn't shut her up this time, LOL! I expected more questions - once I figured out she was planning on talking to me - but she only asked me one. I have to chuckle about the conversation:

Emilee: "Can you see enough to see I have a scar?"
Me: "No, because my eyes don't work like yours do."
Emilee: "Oh, OK. Well, I do... I got it from Chicken Pox."

(She had Chicken Pox just before Christmas).

And that was all she said on the matter. Although, when I was amusing Emma-Jane by spinning the roller tip on the end of my cane and making silly noises, she did ask if the cane was making the noise, and why I had it. I told her the truth - that it was me making the noises - and then I told her the cane was "my special magic stick that helps me see where I'm going if I have to walk somewhere by myself," and she seemed to be happy with that answer, since she just said, "oh, OK," and went back to playing with the toys.

She was much more interested in telling me - after figuring out that I was the "lady what made Max's blanket" in telling me how he has it in his cot most nights (something I was pleased to hear... Well, the first time... Not so much the other four times though... LOL!)

Anyway... enough on that... Back to the party...

I got to cuddle an 8 week old baby who is the youngest of two children (the other is 13 months old). The reason for the mention is that their Dad is one of the lads who used to be a regular at my Dad's gaming club. Didn't get to speak to him, since he just dropped his wife and kids off and left, but I did have a nice cuddle with his youngest, and spent a lot of time talking to his wife (and having my feet stepped on by his oldest, who left some lovely sticky handprints all over my trousers... As did several other toddlers).

I also spent a lot of time looking after this little cutie:

Yes... That's Pia's Max. He's the sweetest litttle baby I've ever met! I thought Emma-Jane was a good baby, but Max even makes her look naughty! He doesn't really cry much... And when he does it's more of a whimper than a cry... Doesn't fuss, and when he's tired he just gives a little whimper, cuddles in to you, and goes to sleep... None of that crying because he's tired like every other baby I've ever met has done.

I was looking after him by choice. Pia did come and ask several times if I wanted her to take him, but I was enjoying looking after him. I enjoy looking after babies anyway, but I was especially enjoying looking after Max, because he's such an angel! Pia really got lucky with little Max, that's for sure!

Besides, having Max to look after made me feel useful, because otherwise I'd have just been sitting there joining in any conversations I could, and observing the children playing, since all the other adults had things to do, toddlers to keep an eye on, etc. So, I quite happily spent most of the party playing with, cuddling and feeding baby Max, and had just gotten him to sleep when it was time for us to leave and I had to give him back. I always hate that part... Giving them back, I mean!

Mam and I were going to be staying for Mam to help with cleaning up, but we had to leave early. I'll let her post about that... It'll give her a reason to come on her blog and post!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mam's sofa throw

OK, as promised, here's a photo of the knitted throw I made recently for my Mam's sofa:

I think the stripes of colour look yellow, but they're actually meant to be white and gold... A thin stripe of white, with a really thin stripe of gold, then another thin stripe of white.

I'm making similar ones for the chairs. They're not as long, obviously. In fact, I finished one of the two chair ones last night before I went to bed. I haven't had a chance to even take a photo of it yet though, so you'll have to wait to see the chair versions.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Come walk with me and search for signs of Spring

As promised, I have some photos to share with you from when I took my camera with me so as to allow you to join me for my walk a couple of weeks ago. So... Wont you walk with me?

There aren't really any flowers to be seen yet... Plenty of brambles though:

But the sky is bright blue between the branches of the trees:

And the sun is shining through the gaps in the branches too:

And there is, at least, some ivy growing on the trees:

And, look... Here's a bird watching us walk by:

Goodbye Mr Blackbird... See you tomorrow, perhaps? I'll be there... Will you?

I hope you enjoyed walking with me. Sorry that there didn't seem to be any sign of any beautiful Spring flowers or anything... Maybe soon? Perhaps it's still too cold for them to feel like poking their pretty little heads out of the ground to say hello?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Moon and the Equinox

Last night there was a Perigee Moon - the biggest in almost 20 years - and today it's the Vernal - or, Spring - Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. Well, today is the "official" date given, though the actual Equinox may just be occuring around the date, because it does that sometimes. If you don't know, the Equinox is the time when days and nights are equal length. One occurs in Spring, the other in Autumn/Fall.

I had intended getting Kelly help me take a photo of the moon last night, but I was home a lot later than planned, and by the time I got home I was too tired to be thinking about much. I more or less just had some supper and went to bed. I only remembered I hadn't had the photo done when I got up this morning, and since I had the longest sleep I've had in absolutely ages (I slept for almost 10 hours) the sun was definately up by the time I was getting up, so it was too late. Mind you, with sunset being the best time to try for the photo, I was too late getting home anyway, and I couldn't have called him and asked him to take the photo, because the camera was with me, since I'd been using it at Emma-Jane's party.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Emma-Jane is 1 year old!

Yesterday (March 18th 2011) Emma-Jane had her first birthday. Can you believe it? It seems like it was only yesterday she was a tiny baby who couldn't even roll over, and now she's turning in to a proper little girl... Walking, talking, and getting in to absolutely everything! I can't believe she's a year old already!

I want to share a couple of photos with you today. This first one was one my Mam posted on her blog several months ago. I believe it's from when Emma-Jane was about 12 weeks old.

This next one is of Emma-Jane with her Mother (Louise). I'm not entirely sure when it was taken, but I know it's a fairly recent photo.

And, finally, this last one is the one that was taken a couple of weeks ago (which I mentioned at the time, and promised to post)... The one that Mam took with her phone for me when I spent the day with her and Emma-Jane, and we went to McDonalds. It was taken when we were back at Mam's place after our trip out... We were getting her to say, "star," for us (because she sounds so cute when she says it!)

A year old already! Can you believe it? Where has the time gone?

Happy birthday, Emma Sydney Jane... May this be the first of many wonderful years in your life!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Furkid Friday: Gwydion's first ever birthday

Hi there humans, it's Gwydion again.

So... As Kero and the Mami human told you, I had something called a "birthday" recently. Now, I've never had one of these before, but I have heard them mentioned loads of times. Mami had one a few months back - before that "Christmas" thing happened - and I keep hearing the humans talking about people they need to get cards for for their birthdays. I had absolutely no idea what a birthday was though... Until last week, that is!

I was shown something they call a "birthday card" which the humans had written my name in along with a message that said it was from "Mami, Dadi and Kero"... Plus a lot of other writing was in it, but they didn't write that. Anyway, here it is:

I didn't get what the card was all about, but I remember Kero and I had one something like it at Christmas, so I figured maybe it was a good sign. I was right!

After that they presented me with the biggest carrot I've ever seen in my entire life! I swear it was as long as I am! See for yourself... Here I am eating it...

I've come to the conclusion that birthdays are like that Christmas thing, only that "Santa Paws" guy doesn't sneak in... At least, nobody mentioned him.

I like birthdays! I hope I get another one soon!

Squeak soon,

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Midweek mumbles

I was going to post some photos today - the ones I took last week while out with Kero - but I can't... Apparently Blogger doesn't want me to, since I've now tried three times to add them, and they don't want to add themselves to a post for me at all. *Sigh*

Anyway... The workmen are still here... So much for the work taking no more than four weeks!

I've finished getting the lessons for my Walking For Health, Freelance Writing For Magazines, and Aromatherapy In Pregnancy courses. I'll be done with the Aromatherapy (as in regular aromatherapy), Chinese Astrology: An Introduction, Yoga: An Introduction, and Zen Philosophy courses in the next couple of days, then I'll have Kelly help me with the word verification needed to sign up for the next batch of courses I want to grab from the site.

I must be doing something right with trying to lose some of this weight, since I'm now 2lbs lighter. I weighed on Monday, after weighing the Monday before. 2lbs is good, I think.

The weather's still mostly sunny and cold with the odd bit of rain from time to time.

I'm about half way through knitting the first of the two armchair throw things for my Mam to go with her sofa throw thing. Haven't gotten around to taking a photo of the sofa throw thing yet though. I'll get to it soon though... Honest!

And that's about it... Nothing else has really happened here. So, I'll let this do for today, get to your blogs either later or tomorrow, and I'll get those photos posted when I can. In the meantime... Enjoy whatever's left of your day, and have a good week!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wayne's birthday 2011

My brother, Wayne, has his birthday today (March 15th).

Wayne is the eldest of us, though you probably wouldn't think it if you saw the three of us together and didn't know it, since most people say he looks younger than Carl and I, but he really is the oldest, and today is his birthday.

So, happy birthday Wayne!

P.S. For anyone wondering... The above photo was taken during a camping trip that Mam and Wayne took almost two years ago. Mam did post it on her blog at the time, but I used it since it's pretty much the only photo I have of Wayne on my computer that I haven't already posted on here. Sorry if it's not a particularly good photo.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy birthday Lynn

While checking blogs just now I discovered that it was Lynn's birthday today. So, I thought I'd do a quick post on here to say, "happy birthday," to her. So... Happy birthday, Lynn! Hope you are having a wonderful birthday so far, and that it continues to be a great birthday for you!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday's random scribbly thoughts (LBE and FD)

As I mentioned a little in yesterday's post, now that I've finished the first batch of courses I'm doing more. I originally did:

Alternative Medicine: A Guided Tour
Creative Writing
Story Telling
Vegetarian Eating
Yoga Explained

And this week I signed up for:

Aromatherapy And Pregnancy (since I think if you're doing one, you might as well do the other)
Chinese Astrology: An Introduction
Freelance Writing For Magazines
One Minute Workout
Walking For Health
Yoga: An Introduction
Zen Philosophy

There are also others on the site I plan to sign up for in the future (by which I mean, when I've finished getting the lessons for those I just listed). Don't be too proud of me for getting the coursework done though, because I haven't been. I'm WAY behind. I figure though that I'll grab the information now (while I know it's available and free) and do the lessons in my own time. I'm grabbing them in batches though to make it easier to keep track of whether I've gotten all the lessons.

The One Minute Workout one has already ended, since it's only a very short course. It wasn't too bad, though I did think there would be a bit more to it than, "here's how to do different kinds of stretches, depending on whether you're sitting or standing," which is all it really seemed to be. Still, it was free, so I suppose I shouldn't really complain.


My washing machine has given up. We don't know why, but it just refuses to do a cycle. I can only assume it's an electrical thing? I could be way off though... I don't know much about how washing machines work, after all! Whatever the issue is though, we are without a working washing machine. I'm not all that surprised. I kept telling the guy who came to look at it when it wasn't spinning before that - despite his insistance it was fine - there was something not right with it. I may not know how they work, but I know how they should sound, and mine didn't sound right to me.

I'm not bothering to call the guy out again. If he didn't find the issue before, I doubt he'll find it now, and I'm not paying another £40 (roughly $80) to have him come out and tell me he thinks nothing is wrong with it again. So, for now my Mam is doing our laundry, and I'm buying her some soap powder and softener to do it with (and for her own use for her laundry, since it's only fair). Then, when I can, I'll get a new washing machine.


I had to replace the house phone on Wednesday. The one we had was a cheap standard phone we brought in October when the cordless phone we'd had for about 6 years wouldn't hold its charge any more. Well, on Wednesday that phone decided it didn't want to work any more.

What happened was that someone was trying to phone us, but every time I answered it the phone would make a funny beepy type noise, then go dead. After a few times we got sick of it and unplugged the phone. When I checked between calls there was no dial tone or anything. I knew it couldn't be the phone line though, because our modem is connected to the phone line, and I was online just fine. So, I went and brought a new phone - a red cordless one - and when I plugged that in the dial tone was back, and we've had no issues since.

I never did find out who was trying to phone me though.


The Sky box in the bedroom isn't working. It keeps saying something about a technical issue. I don't care though, because I'd already decided to stop the multiroom package with Sky and just have the one box that's in the living room. I had it set up originally because of a combination of a good offer on it and the fact we were going to be at my parents' house with them, so there would be 6 people wanting the TV, and I figured I'd beat the crowd by having one in our room. Then, when we moved back here, I kept it because I wasn't allowed to remove it until 12 months had passed with me having the same contract, and only about 5 or 6 months had passed. We don't really need it with just the two of us though. Especially with how the main box (the living room box) can record two shows at a time, or record one show while you're watching another. Plus the fact that most shows are repeated sevral times, and many channels have a +1 channel so you can watch something an hour later, anyway. So next week I'm just going to call them and tell them to stop the multiroom package. It'll save me £10 (roughly $20) a month anyway! And I can have the radio or an audiobook on in the bedroom without it costing me for more than electric (well, and the cost of any new audiobooks I'd buy, obviously).


I've been sleeping pretty good lately (hope I haven't just jinxed it). I'm sleeping at night, going to sleep soon after I start trying, and sleeping for a good few hours. OK, not solidly... I'm waking up at least once an hour for at least a couple of minutes... But I'm getting a good few hours sleep in total, and waking up feeling refreshed, ready to face the day, etc. I'm hoping it continues for a while... Makes trying to get some kind of walking and eating routine sorted so much easier when I know roughly when I'll be sleeping!


On Thursday, I finished knitting the sofa throw for my Mam, and have started work on the first of the two smaller versions for the armchairs. I'll get a photo of the throw when I can. I meant to try and take the photo Friday, but I forgot. I'll get to it though... Honest!


Mam came to get me Friday morning. She had Emma-Jane for the day and we were going to walk to town if it was nice. It was nice... Until when we were in town (without the car, which was parked outside my place). We almost got a taxi home, but we did walk in the end, since it ended up being just a short shower... Which was quite lucky really, since we didn't have the raincover for the baby's pushchair with us.

We were both tired after doing that walk, since neither of us have walked that far in a little while. I think my Mam was glad she'd come to mine by car and could, therefore, drive back to her place instead of having to walk all the way back in to town to get the bus. There are busses that go most of the way from here to town, but they only come about once an hour, and by the time you get to the bus stop you're generally at a point where you figure, "I've come this far, I might as well walk the rest of the way," so we've never used a bus to get in to town properly from here. If it's too wet to walk, we just call a taxi (unless Mam has already offered to take us, then we wait for her to arrive).

We didn't do much in town, just ran a couple of errands and had lunch. There's a bakery in town called, "Greg's," which does a really nice sandwich called a cheese savory sandwich. It's grated cheese, onion, carrot and lettuce with a little mayo to bind it, and it's pretty much the only vegetarian sandwich they do (the only other one being egg and tomato, but not always being available). The only other option there is a vegetable pasty or cheese and onion pasty, but I'm not a huge pasty fan, so I usually go with the cheese savory sandwich. That's what I had Friday. Mam had a chicken one of some kind (chicken and mayo, I think) and Emma-Jane had a sausage roll and the buttons off a gingerbread man (should have been the whole thing, but I guess she didn't fancy it at that moment, because she ate the buttons then said, "gone," as she went to drop it over the side of the pushchair... It was only saved because Mam was actually right beside her and watching her, so Mam grabbed it in time).


There's another new magazine I like the look of that's relatively cheap and Kelly said he'll get on the computer for me to be able to read. It's called "Baked And Delicious", contains recipes from around the world (apparently), and comes with free bakeware. Mam and I picked up a copy each of the first one - for just 99p (a little under $2) with free cupcake moulds, and it seems pretty good, so we're both getting it. We would have just had one of us get it, but though we can share the recipes, it's more difficult to share the bakeware when we live in different places, so we both agreed it would be best to have seporate subscriptions to it.


For anyone who may be wondering... The scaffolding is still up, but from what we can tell the workmen have very nearly finished. I hope so! They've been pretty quiet recently, but I really want that scaffolding to go away!


Like I said, it rained a little on Friday, but not much. It rained a lot more yesterday. It's nice again today... Another of those sunny but cold days you get a lot in Spring... Memories of Winter lingering still, but a promise of Summer hinted at in the sunshine. The kind of day you think of when you think of Spring, I suppose... Well, it's the kind of day I think of when I think of Spring anyway!


I really don't get why people like some of the music they do these days. Mam was playing a song from a CD she and Wayne picked up the other day, and it started off nice enough, but... Just as I was thinking how nice it was to hear some new music that wasn't filled with rap and/or swearing... A little way in to the song a new voice took over with rap and swearing, which - in my opinion - ruined the song. Rap is bad enough in general, but I can deal with that OK. My big issue is with the swearing. It's the same with most things... Why do they have to swear? Instead of, "f****ed up," why can't they say, "messed up," or something like that? It would sound so much better, I think.


OK, on that note, I think I'll let this do for today. It's taken me a VERY long time to write this post, and I want to get the dreaded housework done out of the way so I can spend some time working on my knitting (probably while watching the TV).

Enjoy whatever's left of your weekend!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Evaluation of eating and exercise (LBE, FD and kinda R/WP)

For a while now I've been looking around at different "diet" recommendations, both online and offline. One of the main things I've noticed is that they all claim to be the best way to lose weight, they all claim to have a high success rate, and they all have different recommendations for what you should and shouldn't be eating. The only thing they have in common is that they do all agree that you need plenty of fruit and veg (though I did find one that said even that should be limited). Some I've tried, and others I've dismissed as not being worth even considering trying. As I mentioned not long ago on here though - I think a couple of weeks back - diets don't work for me. I'm the kind of person who, if you tell me the paint is wet, I'll touch it to check, and - more imporrtantly for this topic - I'm the kind of person who, if you tell me I shouldn't be eating something, will go out of my way to eat it to spite you. Not because I want to be mean, but because I have a tendancy to be defiant and do what I can to show people that I'm perfectly capable of making my own choices, and if I want to eat something I really like - even if I know it's bad for me - then, damn it, I'm going to eat it! Why? Because I can, and nobody can stop me!

So, here's the thing... However you look at it, I do need to get some weight off. Not because the Gynaecologist wants me to. Not because my Mam wants me to. No... Because I want to. Some people think that isn't the case... In fact, one person actually told me that if I could see then I'd see how "big" I was, and actually want to do something about my weight (which is actually the most hurtful comment I've had directed at me on the subject). It's like people look at a heavier person and make up their minds that they choose to be that weight. But they don't... We don't... I don't! If it was up to me I'd be much lighter than I am! If only people would think before making such hurtful comments...

Anyway, since diets don't work for me, what I'm doing is attempting to figure out what I eat, then fiddling with it to make changes where needed. I did get offered to go and see a dietitian, but I refused. I have two reasons for this. The first is that I saw one a few years back and was told I was eating as I should be, so I know it's the bad habbits I've picked up again - too much chocolate, for example - that are my problem. The other is that a dietitian will start telling me what I should and shouldn't be eating, so I will start rebelling against it, where as if it's my decission then I know I can have the chocolate - or whatever it is I'm wanting - if I want it. The ffunny thing is that knowing I have the option, the chances are that most times I probably wont bother... Purely because I'm free to make my own decission on the matter. It might sound strange to you, but that's how it works with me. Tell me I can't do something, and - if it's something I would normally do - I will still go ahead and do it. But, tell me it's up to me, though I'd be better off not doing it, and the chances are I wont do it. What can I say? I'm an extremely stubbourn cow!

After spending some time evaluating my eating habbits, this is what I've come up with:

Snacks - I eat too many of them, and usually the wrong kinds. I mentioned recently that I would be exchanging them for healthier options and drinks, which I've done - for the most part - but I still have some work to do with this. This past week I've done really well though. I've not snacked all that much (especially not compared to how I normally would) and about 90% of my snacks have been fresh fruit or other healthier snack choices (mainly fresh fruit, but with the dried fruit snacks I brought thrown in from time to time). The key is to keep it around that average. If the other 10% is chocolates, cakes, or whatever, then it's not a huge deal... As long as most of the snacks are healthy snacks (like fruit) and only some are unhealthy snacks (like chocolate).

Meals - My meals were always as and when, with snacks being eaten almost constantly in between. I've seriously cut down the amount of snack times now though, and have rough times for my meals to happen. I don't eat at exact times, but having the rough guidelines will - I think - stop some of the snacking. For example, if I'm feeling a bit hungry and I know dinner is going to be started soon, then I know I'd be better not to snack, but if I don't know when dinner will be started, I'm likely to grab a snack.

Drinks - Grabbing the small cartons, cans and bottles was a great idea to stop the snacking when I'm really thirsty, "just because I can't be bothered to try and pour some drink," thing, but my drink choices aren't always the wisest. Fruit juices and flavoured waters aren't bad ideas, but the stacks of pop (soda) aren't really the best things to be drinking when trying to eat and drink healthier. Not to mention the fact I have this really nasty habbit of adding sugar to all my fruity teas and herbal teas (even when they don't need it). So the plan with this one is more juices and waters, less pop. Plus, I've been working on the sugar in the tea thing... I've actually been working on it for a few months, and have gotten it down to no sugars at all in the fruity teas, and only 1 level teaspoon (or a very small amount of honey) in the herbal ones (the more bitter ones - like pure nettle - that really do need something to sweeten them).

I think cutting out many of my snack times, replacing most of my snacks with healthier options, and removing the sugars from those teas that don't need them is at least a step in the right direction. So, now we can move on to my other issue... Exercise!

Walking - A couple of years ago, before I lost my sight completely, and before we moved here, we lived by a nice park which was - and still is - right near a river, and right near a nice riverside walk. Every day I would do that walk. If it was wet the dogs and I (since for part of the time we lived there we had more than one dog) would get dressed up in our rain gear, trudge across the muddy field, and walk along the riverside walk until we reached the bridge. Then we would turn around and head home. If it was dry then we would cross that bridge, walk along the pass on the other side of the river, walk through the park (following the park's path around so that it looped back to where we started) cross the bridge at that end of the riverside walk, and walk back to where it was easy to cross the field (there was a path that had been created by so many other people taking the same route... It got really muddy when it was wet, but it was pretty easy to use even then). If we had someone with us then we would usually go the road way (wich only added maybe about 2 minutes on to the walk, but which I avoided when I could so as to keep the dogs away from the road). Anyway, then we moved here and things changed. For one thing, I spent a lot of time not walking much around the time of my operations, for another thing, the walk we have by the river here is only as long as the part of the walk we used to do when it was really wet before. On top of that, I used to do the walk at least twice a day, but I got in the habbit of only doing this much shorter walk once a day, and often making excuses not to do it at all... "It's too wet," "it's too cold," "I'm too tired,"... You get the idea! I mentioned recently that I know I need to stop this, and I've been trying to do so. Most days I've been taking Kero out twice a day - despite needing to get Kelly to take me to the gate because of the scaffolding. Kelly does come on some of the walks, but I can't persuade him to join us for more than one a day. I also accepted my Mam's offer of picking Kero and myself up and taking us to do the riverside walk by the park we used to live by, since she lives within walking distance of it. We're hoping to make that a weekly thing, but we'll see how that goes, since my Mam has a lot going on at the moment, so can't guarantee much free time.

Other exercise - I tried the gym... It didn't work for me, because of a combination of the machines not being accessable (touch screen controls are all well and good... If you can see) and the fact I refuse to pay to be made to feel I'm performing for the others in the gym. I tried borrowing some of Mam's gym equipment, but the novalty wore off quickly, because I found it boring from the start, and when you aren't interested in doing something, you're not going to stick with it. I had fun playing some of the games on the Wii with my Mam, but the Wii isn't accessable to me on my own because of reading the menus. However, one of the things I was enjoying from the Wii were the yoga exercises. The idea of a more relaxed approach to exercising, with none of that jumping about like an idiot to do jumping jacks, etc, appealed to me. Do you remember me mentioning the course I was doing called "Yoga Explained"? Well, this is why I have been doing that course. I've also got another one I've started recieving called "Yoga: An Introduction", which takes you to the next stage, teaching you bits and pieces from the different types of yoga. I don't like the idea of going to a proper class full of people to do it, so I figure these courses are the next best thing... Basic yoga lessons, with tips for how I can practice in the privacy of my own home. And, it's something I liked when I tried it when Mam was helping me play on the Wii, so being enthusiastic about doing it makes me more likely to stick with it.

My hope is that these small-ish changes will give big results. We shall soon see! The point is though... It's not a diet, and I'm doing it my way, not everyone else's!

If, say in a month's time, I find these changes are making no difference to my weight, then I'll evaluate things again and see what else might need tweaking. For now, this is what I'm trying, and we'll see how it goes. I mean, though I want to lose the weight, I don't want to be stopping myself from eating and drinking the things I enjoy or anything, and I don't want to be doing exercises I'm not enjoying if I can help it either. After all - as I've already mentioned - if I'm not enjoying it, I'm not going to stick with it.

One other thing I meant to mention is portion sizes. Somehow - probably around the time I started eating so many snacks - I got off track with portion sizes. I had them down nicely, but then I started eating more... Partly for comfort, partly out of boredom, and partly because I wasn't listening to my body when it told me it had actually had enough food so ended up thinking I needed more than I actually do need. Now I need to teach myself again to listen to my body and what it really needs, and how the huge portion sizes served up for people these days are actually much larger than people need to be eating.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Furkid Friday: walkies, etc

Hi humans, it's Kero here.

Well, Gwydion had one of those birthday things, which I was really jealous about, so the humans gave me a treat too, and then I felt much better. There are some birthday photos for him, but I have a couple of my own photos to post, so he can post them himself next week.

I was meant to have an appointment with my groomer at the start of this week, but it got moved to this coming Monday. I planned to post the photos of me nicely groomed today - because there are always photos of me after my grooming sessions - but I guess I wont be doing that now. Don't worry though, there are still photos to post today. My humans and I have had lots of walkies, and Mami took the camera during our Tuesday morning walkies this week and took some photos. There were a couple of me among them, so I decided I would grab them to put in today's post. I don't know when she will post the other photos from the walkies, but here are mine, anyway:

First, just me walking down the path. I always get to be in front... It means I sometimes get hit with that stick thing Mami has, but it's worth it to be first to places that could be nice to sniff or pee on. Besides, I have to be in front to protect the humans.

And here I am having a good sniff about in the grass... Just checking to see who - or what - has been here recently. A dog needs to know these things, after all!

We've had loads of walkies! Mami and I have been taking a couple of walkies every day, and sometimes Dadi comes too! But the best walkies I've had this week happened yesterday... Mamgu came to fetch Mami and me, and then we went to Mamgu's house and picked up Willow. I wasn't sure where we were going, but Willow seemed excited about the route we were taking, so I figured it had to be somewhere fun. It was! We went walkies along the path we used to use before we lived here... The one that runs along beside the river by the really big park! I was really tired after it - because it's been a while since Mami and I have done a walkies that long - but it was worth it for all the outside time!

I think I heard Mami and Mamgu saying we were going to do that walkies again soon... I hope so... I was exhausted afterwards, but it was great!

Anyway, that's about it for this week. Like I said, Gwydion will be posting his birthday photos for you next week. Before I end this though, I want to thank my pal Iggy for helping Mami, Gwydion and I sort out our photos! Wag tails and doggy kisses to you for doing that for us again! You're a real pal!

Licks and sniffs,