Sunday, November 30, 2008

C-C-COLD!!! (I really mean it!)

OMG! It's SO COLD!!!

I bundled Kero and myself up (Kero in his coat, harness and lead. Me in my coat, fluffy socks, gloves and wooly hat) and we went for a little walk. It was only a short one... Maybe 10 minutes or so... But in just that amount of time my face was numb with cold!! So I'm VERY glad I thought to put my gloves on, because where one hand has to be on Kero's lead and the other has to be on my cane I wouldn't have been able to put my hands in my pockets to keep them warm.

The cold doesn't usually bother me, but there's cold and there's cold!

And... We actually put the gas fire on for a bit today where it's so cold. I was hoping to avoid doing it (those things are expensive to run) but since even I was really cold I decided we should do it. And Kelly - who feels the cold a lot for someone who was brought up in a cold place like Canada - didn't need telling twice. LOL!

I'm off to make a nice, hot drink before going to snuggle up in my nice, warm bed... Hope you and your family are safe and warm! Enjoy the rest of your day! :)


Moving forward (FD)

November is almost over. It's been almost 3 & 1/2 weeks since my last operation, and - despite the lingering cold I have - my strength is coming back... Slowly, but it's coming back all the same. And what does this all mean? It means it's time to move forward... Time to fix the problems caused by all my trips in to hospital... Time for change! What kind of change? Change to my diet, and change to the habits I formed over the past few months. Habits are so easily formed, but not so easy to break. But it's time to try!

So, what does this involve?

1. Getting myself in to a better sleep pattern so that I'm sleeping at night not in the day.

2. Ditching the take aways and ready meals in favour of "proper" dinners.

3. Making sure to take Kero for a walk EVERY day, even if it's just a five minute walk.

4. Figuring out where to set up the rowing machine my Mam brought down for me to use, and making sure to spend at least 10 minutes per day on it (I figure I'll start at 10 minutes, then work up).

Pretty simple goals... In theory! In practice, however, maybe not? We'll see!

To help me out though, I was wondering if you can recommend any easy healthy meals? I want as much variety as possible, but if there's too much work involved then I'm less likely to do it and more likely to reach for the take away menu and tell Kelly to order dinner. ;)

So... Any suggestions?


P.S. If you want to see what recipes I already have then take a look on our online recipe page (see link on sidebar). A lot of them aren't healthy, but there are some that are. Also, feel free to snag any you like off of there... Some I actually snagged off people (and web sites) anyway, and others are our own recipes that I don't mind if you snag.

Trips down memory lane (LBE but AE&D + PTMI)

While reading Wifey's post for Saturday I was reminded of some of the not so pleasant public experiences I've had when out with my Mam's Goddaughter. I'm not going to post the one simular to Wifey's... It was very nearly identical anyway, so there's no point. But I thought I'd share a couple of them with you. Shireen is now 10 years old (today is her 10th birthday) and these happened when she was between the ages of 3 and 5 years old.


I took Shireen to town to run some errands with me. Jackie (her mother) needed some done too, so she gave me her bag to go run her errands while I was out so that she wouldn't have to do them later.

Picture the scene:

I walk in to a crowded shop. Shireen (aged 3) is in her pushchair with her mother's bag on the back of it, which also contains my wallet. I pick up the required items and go to pay for them. The items in question are for Jackie, so it's her purse that I pull out of the bag. I'm just pulling it open to remove some cash when...

Shireen: Hey! That my Mummy's purse! You not allowed to touch!
Me: Shhh... Mummy knows I've got it
Shireen: I tell Mummy! You not allowed!

I go to hand the cash over the top of the pushchair, and two little hands come up and snatch at it. So she's clinging to the money while I'm trying to pry her little fingers off without hurting her (which, by the way, isn't as easy as it sounds).

Me: Come on, Shireen... Give me that. I want to pay and get out of here!
Shireen: No! My Mummy's! You not allowed!
Me: Mummy knows I have it... It's OK! Give me it, please?
Shireen: No!
Me: Please?
Shireen: No!

The argument progresses something like that for a few minutes. Meanwhile - un noticed by me - the cashier has called security.

To cut a long story short, I had to phone Jackie to have her verify that not only was I allowed to have and use her purse, but I was also allowed to have her child.


When Shireen was about 4 years old she developed an obsession with the movie "Matilda"... She watched it so many times she knew it word perfect, but still she "had to" watch it again, and again, and.... You get the idea!

Well, I don't know how it works in Canada and the USA, but over here children are free on busses until they reach their 5th birthday. Shireen's age was often questioned once we stopped using the pushchair, however, because she's always been big for her age.

So, picture this...

I get on the bus and show my disabled bus pass.

Bus driver (pointing at Shireen): What about her?
Me: She's only 4
Bus driver: She's a big 4
Me: I know
Shireen: I'm not 4. I'm 6 & 1/2! I was 6 in August! I told you, I was supposed to start school in September! (An almost word perfect line from "Matilda")
Me: You're 4 years old
Shireen: 6 & 1/2!
Bus driver: So, which is it?
Me: She's 4 years old!
Bus driver: She's says she's 6 & 1/2!
Me: She's obsessed with the movie "Matilda" and is quoting a line from it. I'm telling you, she's 4 years old!
Bus driver: You sure?
Me: Yes!
Bus driver: Really?
Me: Look! She's 4 years old... If you want I can phone her mother to verify!

After a few more minutes of arguing the people behind me were getting impatient. I was getting nowhere (and Shireen's constant "I'm not, I'm 6 & 1/2" was NOT helping!)

Eventually, however, another woman with a child came to my rescue saying that:

Woman: You're going to believe a child over an adult? You know what imaginations children have! Surely - even if you haven't got kids - you've heard some of their nonsense while driving the bus!

There were a few muttered agreements, and the bus driver decided to admit defeat and allow me to take her on the bus free of charge.


Whenever we got on the bus and sat down, I always told Shireen to "hold tight"... One day she learned why I say that (this happened some time between the other two).

The bus was FULL (and I mean it... The only seats left were the two Shireen and I took). And we had seats right at the front of the bus... Directly behind the driver. These particular seats face sideways. So...

Me: Now sit there tidy, and hold on tight!
Shireen: Why you always say hold on tight?
Me: Because if you don't you'll fall
Shireen: No... Wont! I big girl!
Me: Even big girls fall sometimes

Now, it's very important that you know I was sat sideways on my seat, only balanced on the edge, and not holding on... I was too busy making sure she was.

Me: So, hold tight, OK?
Shireen: 'K!

Just then the bus went round the corner (luckily just as Shireen had grabbed the bar beside the seat tightly). I, however, as I've mentioned, was NOT holding anything.

You can guess what happened.

Yep, I ended up on the floor.

I got up as quickly as I could, but - of course - everyone had noticed, even the bus driver.

Bus driver (laughing): Maybe you should hold on too?
Me (to the bus driver): Shut up!
Shireen: That why hold on?
Me: Yep... That's exactly why you should hold on!

(Meanwhile, the whole bus load of people is in hysterical laughter)

Shireen: Me hold on! Me hold on tight! Me not fall like you!
Me: Good girl
Shireen (giggling hysterically): You fall! I tell Mummy and Auntie Ka... You fall! You funny!

Not only did she tell them... She told EVERYONE she met. She still tells people from time to time now.

And, of course, both Shireen and that bus driver (and a couple of the passangers who witnessed it) took great delight in reminding me every time I got on the bus for about the next year to "hold tight, remember?"

The only good thing is... To this day Shireen holds VERY tight to a bar while sat on a bus. So tightly, in fact, her little knuckles are white from gripping that bar.


OK, this next one happened one weekend shortly before I went over to Canada... Shireen would have been about 4 & 1/2 years old.

We were in a cafe, with bags of stuff, drinks, food... You get the idea. And, because Shireen had spotted a friend from school out with her mother we were sat with them.

Anyone who's been around kids of that age know how quiet they aren't.

Shireen: I need to go toilet!
Me: OK... Do you need to go bad or can you wait until we're done?

(She could always hold really well).

Shireen: I need to go bad... I need a poo!
Me: Er... Right
Shireen's Friend: And I need a pee!
Shireen's friend's mother: I'll take them if you want... If you watch my bags
Me: Sure

They go off to the toilets, and I sit quietly drinking my drink while I wait for them to come back. The cafe was quite busy (and somehwere they knew me well by my given name) and Shireen had recently learned my name was "Victoria" not just "Tori" so, of course, was using it every chance she got.

So, all of a sudden this little voice shouts over the noise of the rest of the customers...

Shireen: I did it Victoria! I had a REALLY big poo! And it was SO smelly!

Everyone went silent and looked from her running back to me with a big grin on her face, to me sitting there, red faced and wishing I'd taken her somewhere they didn't know me, or taken her to the toilet myself... Or both!


Those are the main ones that stand out. Embarrassing in different ways to Wifey's, but still embarrassing... And never going to be forgotten (especially now I've told you guys... LOL!)


Saturday, November 29, 2008

50 things I've done

Kati did a "100 things" game on her blog a few days back. I wanted to play too, but after reading the list I realised I'd end up saying "no" to most of them. So I've turned it in to a "50 things I've done" game instead. I used the things I would have said "yes" to from the list to start me off, and just added more things I've done to it in place of the things I haven't done.

1. Started my own blog (in case you didn't notice, lol)
2. Been camping (LOADS of times)
3. Played in a band (I played recorder and cornet in bands when I was a kid... I wasn't all that good though... Plus, my brother, a couple of friends and I had a band where I was a back-up singer)
4. Had a pillow fight (who hasn't?)
5. Held a lamb (I've bottle fed one too)
6. Seen a total eclipse of the Sun
7. Watched a sunrise or sunset
8. Taught myself a new language (it's just a shame that most words didn't stick)
9. Gone rock climbing (and absailing)
10. Sung karaoke
11. Walked on a beach by moonlight
12. Been transported in an ambulance (way too many times, thanks)
13. Played in the mud (who hasn't?)
14. Taken a martial arts class (it was Judo)
15. Saved a favourite childhood toy (well, sort of... He's safely in the attic at my parents' place)
16. Seen the changing of the guards in London
17. Had my picture in the newspaper
18. Had chicken pocks
19. Met someone famous (a couple of people, actually... But I was too young to remember properly)
20. Owned a cell phone (owned several at different times)
21. Been stung by a bee (and by a wasp)
22. Read an entire book in one day (on more than one occasion)
23. Picked blackberries
24. Got a tattoo that carries more meaning to my life than simply "it's cool." (this applies to both my tattoos)
25. Visited Cyprus (twice, in fact)
26. Recited poetry in front of a crowd (on at least three occasions)
27. Ridden a horse (I have a 3rd place rosette from the only compatition I ever entered)
28. Ridden an elephant
29. Ridden a camel
30. Gone barefoot in the snow
31. Made a daisy chain
32. Milked a cow
33. Bottle fed a goat
34. Visited Canada (and lived there for a few months)
35. Grown a plant or flower from a seed
36. Helped out at a retirement home (did this a few times while in Girl Guides)
37. Learned first aid (was taught by a member of The Red Cross while in Girl Guides)
38. Baked "cookies" for charity (for Childline, to be exact)
39. Stayed up all night to raise money for charity (we did a couple of sponsored stay awakes when I was in Girl Guides, and I went to all the ones they did while I was still in Guides)
40. Used chopsticks (I can use them, but not very well)
41. Gone swimming in a thunder storm (in an outside pool)
42. Been fishing (but we never ate the fish... They had to put it back, because I got too upset when I realised we were intending eating the fish we caught that day. We ended up having from the chippy instead)
43. Been on TV (OK, it was just clips of me wandering about when they were filming the opening of the place I did my classes at - and I was at the opening - but I was still on the TV)
44. Played on a local sports team (only the school's netball team, but still...)
45. Learned to dance (I did some ballet when I was younger... Probably couldn't do even half of it now though)
46. Built a computer from scratch (OK, I just helped my Dad, but he says I built it too, so I'm putting this one down on my list... So there!
47. Been to France via the channel tunnel (only to the duty free shops not far from where you get off the train, but I've still been... On at least two or three occasions)
48. Had some of my work published (I've had a couple of poems published through "The International Library Of Poetry"... One day I'm hoping to have my work published properly though)
49. Listened to a real harpest play (it's a very soothing experience, which I highly recommend)
50. Knitted a blanket from scratch (I've knitted a few baby blankets, and knitted squares to make a couple of those patchwork knitted blankets as well)

So... What have you done?


The Rachel Morgan series (PTMI)

I recently listened to the six books currently in existance in Kim Harrison's Rachel Morgan series. I say it like that because, if I'm not mistaken, a seventh book is due out next year... So Kelly tells me, anyway.

The series goes by another name as well, but I can't remember it.

Anyway... The titles are as follows:

1. Dead Witch Walking
2. The Good, The Bad And The Undead
3. Every Which Way But Dead
4. A Fist Full Of Charms
5. For A Few Demons More
6. Outlaw Demon Wails

I'm not sure what the title of the book that's meant to be coming out next year is.

So, what's the series about?

Well, to cut a long story short, it's about a bisexual living vampire named Ivy who hates herself for being who she is, a rogue witch named Rachel who seems to attract trouble just by opening her eyes in the morning, and a foul mouthed pixie named Jenks with an ego bigger than most humans are tall... Not to mention a sex drive that could put most teenage boys to shame (and the kids to prove it).

The basic plot is that something called "The Turn" happened about 40 years before this, so most of humanity was wiped out by a virus in a genetically engineered tomato. Once "the inderlanders" (witches, vampires, etc) realised their combined numbers now equaled that of the humans they decided to admit to the humans that they actually existed and weren't just fairy stories. The result being a mixed population of humans, witches, vampires, werewolves, etc all living together somewhat happily. It's when the "somewhat" part gets rocky that "The I.S." and "The F.I.B." (and people like Rachel) have to enforce the laws put in place after "The Turn" to keep the peace between the different races/species that now co-exist.

It's a really weird story, but a fantastic one!

If you like books involving witches, werewolves, vampires, etc and don't mind some offensive language, some scenes that could use a "PTMI" warning on them, a bit of blood and gore, and some romance all thrown in to one book, then I highly recommend this series to you.


Where's the logic in that? (AE&D)

There are a few things I could mention that I can't see the logic in. For instance:

1). When my Dad was growing up the children's programme's weren't on until about 10:00 pm, bearing in mind that 8:00 pm was usually the latest a child was allowed to stay up. Now that children are being allowed to stay up as late as midnight, however, most of the children's programmes (and most of the children's channels too) are closed down by 8:00 pm at the latest.

2). The R.N.I.B. - which is supposed to be an organisation that caters to people with little or no vision - sells mostly items you need at least half decent vision to use. Even worse, they send out print instructions with the items they sell that actually can be used by people with no vision.

3). The council nag at you to recycle, making a big deal about how you should limit even those items. They then promptly send you a 10 page letter just to tell you that you're up to date with your rent payments.

I could go on and on...

But what got me yesterday was this:

Me: What are you up to?
Kelly: Rotating a picture for a friend
Me: Why? Can't your friend rotate a picture?
Kelly: My friend doesn't know much about computers
Me: Neither do you
Kelly: OK... But I know enough to open a programme, rotate a picture and save it
Me: Er... You're opening a programme just to rotate a picture?
Kelly: Yes
Me: You know you can just right click on it in the folder and click on rotate until it's how you want it and it automatically saves it like that, right?
Kelly: This way's easier
Me: Let me get this straight... You're saying it's easier for your friend to send you a picture - which you then have to open up, rotate, save, then send back - than it is for you to just tell your friend to "right click on the picture and select rotate"? Which - by the way - is something even my Nan could do! (Not my Grandma who comes on the blogs, my other Nan).
Kelly: Yes

*Shaking head*

Is it just me, or does that fall under the "where's the logic in that?" catagory?


P.S. The "AE&D" warning may not have been necessary, but I figured it would be better to add it than to be held responsible for any damage done to monitors due to food or drink being spat out or shot through the nose while reading this post.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Award, Willow, eyes and cards (PTMI if you're really squeemish)

OK, first of all... I got another award today. From Wifey. You can see it at (this way is easier for me).

I don't know who to pass it on to. Most of the people who's blogs I read already have it, I think. So I'm not going to bother passing it on to anyone in particular. You all have inspiring/encouraging blogs in one way or another. So, if you want it and nobody's given you one then help yourself. :)


Willow (my Mam's Black Labrador) is four years old today.

For those who don't know... We ALWAYS celebrate pet birthdays. The "kids" even get cards and presents.

We got her a new doll. Not the typical dolls you'd get for a human child. It's a "battle toy" designed to withstand rough play from a big dog like Willow. But it's made in to the shape of a doll.

I think she had a good birthday, but I haven't spoken to my Mam today, so I can't honestly say.


I "finally" got around to calling about an appointment for a new eye (is it just me, or is that a really weird sounding sentence? LOL!) They're going to send me a letter with an appointment date on it. Would have been easier for me if they could tell me now when they want me seen, but whatever!

They said they "haven't got anything for at least three weeks," but since I'm meant to wait another three weeks before my eye socket is fiddled with anyway that works out great.

I'm not sure which of "the girls" (their words, not mine) I'm seeing. I hope it's the one I had before when I had my other eye done. She was nice... A bit nosier than she should really be, but I liked her.

Actually, I should have still been seeing someone. These eyes are meant to be checked. I think they give them a good clean, make sure they're not getting too loose or anything in the socket... That sort of thing. But where I went to Canada all my appointments got dropped and it took until last year when I had to be rushed in to A&E to get appointments set up with any kind of eye doctor again.

I think it'll be a six monthly appointment (once my new eye is made).


I got all the Christmas cards written with my Mam, and Kelly posted them yesterday morning for me. The only ones not posted are ones I hadn't gotten yet and only realised when we were writing them... Like the card for Carl and Rachel.

And, of course, I've still got to get the cards sorted for the people who are actually nearby... Family and friends alike.

But almost every single card that's being posted is now on its way to whoever it's for.

I think I got everyone. If I forgot you then I'm sorry! If you were forgotten then it's nothing personal... It's a genuine mistake.

To all those "the other side of the pond" who have cards on their way from me:

Post from the UK to the US and Canada generally only takes a week or two. However, it can sometimes take a bit longer. So, if your Christmas card isn't with you on time then sorry. In theory I posted it in plenty of time. In practice... *Shrugs*... Well, it's not my fault if the postal service decides to be a pain in the butt. Just remember that - if I asked for your address - then you DO have a card on its way.


I can't think of anything else to write about right now. So I'm going to let this do.

Enjoy the rest of your day. :)


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy American Thanksgiving :)

I just wanted to say, "happy Thanksgiving," to everyone who's celebrating it today.

I hope you have a wonderful day filled with family, friends, good food and happiness! :)


Oops AKA Kero's last 2008 grooming session

I knew there was something happening yesterday (Wednesday) but I couldn't for the life of me figure out what it was. Even when there was a knock at the door at 8:45 am I still didn't figure it out. It was only when I heard Kero's groomer say, "hello," to Kelly when he opened the door - closely followed by Kero deciding making a mad dash for the bedroom to hide was a better idea than greeting "his" visitor - that I actually realised what it was.

Yep... Kero had a grooming appointment yesterday. I'm just glad about two things:

1). His groomer picks him up... If she didn't then he wouldn't have made it to his appointment.

2). I had remembered the other day, which meant we did have cash on hand to give to her to pay his bill. Admittedly I had to give her £40 for a £27 bill and have her bring me home change. But at least I had cash to give her... Better to need her to bring me change than to have nothing to pay her with, you think?

So... Kero's now freshly groomed. I'm afraid we didn't take any new photos though... Sorry!

By the way... For those who aren't familiar with Kero's views on grooming...

It's not so much that he doesn't like being groomed. It's that he doesn't like:

1). Water. If it's not in a bowl, bucket or puddle where he can drink it without getting more than his face wet then he doesn't want to go anywhere near it. That's why we put a coat on him to take him out a lot of the time... He'd rather go without "walkies" than get rained on. Funny thing is... He absolutely LOVES snow! LMAO!

2). He doesn't like being cooped up. He's always hated confined spaces... Especially if they involve a barrier that stops him getting to anyone else. So since the groomers have to crate the dogs to keep them seporate - meaning that the only time Kero's not in a cage during the whole time he's there is when the actual grooming is taking place - Kero doesn't approve of their methods.

Which is why he runs as far in the opposite direction from his groomer or the grooming parlor as he can when he catches sight of them... It's not that he doesn't like being groomed as such, it's that he doesn't like that it involves a bath and being put in a cage. I expect he's not all that thrilled about the noise some of the things they use (like the clippers) make either.

That's him tidied up and - hopefully - clean for Christmas now. I'm not going to hold my breath on the clean bit though. LOL! Kero's not all that good at staying clean. But then... He is a white dog, so what do you expect?


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wednesday morning's scribblings

Wifey over at Living The Life With The Wife Of Riley has just given me an award... Thanks Wifey! :)

I can't get it to post for some reason, but I still appreciate it. :)


It's really, REALLY cold here. The ground is covered in frost in the mornings, and some of it is still lingering most afternoons. There's still no sign of snow though. Never mind, Winter's only just got started, so there's still plenty of time for me to get my snow. :)


We got Carl and Rachel's Christmas pressies sent out on Monday, but we never managed to get anything else ready on the weekend. Why? Because my Mam ended up going home Saturday early evening.

Mia and Daisy have been really noisy lately and it was getting on my Mam's nerves. It's not doing much for mine either, but I am home, so... *Shrugs*...

So we're going to have to sort the cards today when my Mam and Dad come for dinner instead. Then Kelly's going to take them and post them either tomorrow or Friday. I've got a present I want to send out to someone else too, but since I haven't actually brought that yet it wont be being sent out just yet. Got to get it sorted soon though... Christmas is only four weeks away!


I forgot to mention on Saturday (November 22nd) that it was Kelly's sister's birthday. So, a belated, "happy birthday," to Sherry. :) I had planned on doing either another post on Saturday to mention it, or one on Sunday to mention it... But I didn't get to it (partly due to not being too well).


There's probably a lot more I could post about, but I think I'll leave it for now. Maybe I'll see if I can get a bit more sleep before it's time to get up and start the day? Maybe!

Enjoy your day! :)


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Random question: Missing activity

What would you miss doing most if you couldn't do it any more? And... Why?


Monday, November 24, 2008

Eye update (AE&D... PTMI)

Thanks for all the get well wishes on my last post. I'm still not feeling too great, but thought I'd come on and post about my post-op check-up... Which was today.

They really annoy me when they keep insisting on wanting to check my vision. Normally I just explain that there's no point and keep repeating that (along with the reason) until it sinks in. Today, however, I was tired, I was feeling like crap, and - to be perfectly honest - I'd had enough of their stupidity and refusal to read and think about my medical notes before taking action. Not to mention the patronising tone they adopt when talking to me (and every other disabled person). The result was a conversation that went like this.

(Bear in mind that this same nurse has seen me and tried to check my vision every time I've been there in the past four months or so, and says she remembers me).

Nurse: We need to check your vision, sweetheart
Me: There's no point
Mam: Do we have to go through this every single time? Can't you read her notes? She's had her eyes out... There's no vision to check
Nurse: Well, it's the procedure... We have to check everyone's vision
Me: Well, you checked... I've got none... So, we're done here. Let me know when it's time to see Mr S... Thanks!
Nurse: Er... Right

She goes off for a moment (presumably to read my notes) then comes back.

Nurse: I just looked at your notes... I know you've had that op done but can I check for light perseption?
Me: I have no light perseption... If you read my notes properly you'd realise the op was to remove my eye. And - before you ask - the other one's not real either, so you don't need to check that one

(I've dealt with nurses like her before... She knew there was no light perseption, she just wanted to get a good look at me... I hate that... I'm not a bloody science experiment!)

Nurse (while attempting to look in to my eye): Well, let me just check
Mam: We've told you... There's no point!
Me (deciding I've had enough of this): OK... Fine... You want to look at my eye... Here, take it!

At the same time as I said that last bit, I pulled my artificial eye out and held it out for her to take.

I'm not sure why, but after that she decided I didn't need my eyes checked after all. *Grins evily*

My Mam says her face was a real picture, and that it was worth watching me take the eye out (which always makes her squemish) for the look on the nurse's face.

Mr S and his assistant said I was evil, but that "that was fantastic!"

And my Dad says she might remember my eyes don't need checking the next time I go there. *Winks*


Everything seems to be healing nicely now. I haven't needed pain killers for about a week now, and the only pain I have at the moment is from the headache going along with the head cold I have. The pain I always had before seems to be gone. :)

Mr S (my specialist) is happy with how my eye looks. He just thinks it's a shame we had to go through all that hastle before it would get to this point. Still, at least we seem to have gotten there this time.

I'm allowed to call back the person doing my artificial eye to book an appointment now. He says I can ask her to see me for a fitting in four weeks... Or as soon as she can after those four weeks are up. I doubt she'll be able to fit me in before the holidays, but it'll be something nice to look forward to for the start of 2009.

In the meantime I've got to keep the shell thingy in, taking it out "once a week or something" to clean it. And I've got to keep putting ointment in "once or twice a day" and - if I think it needs it - do the ointment more often (like 3 or 4 times a day instead). But we all agree that once or twice a day will be plenty... It's just to keep out infection until they get me an eye sorted.

I'm supposed to see Mr S again on January 26th at 2:15 pm. But if anything happens that I'm worried about in the meantime then I'm supposed to call him right away.

Oh yeah, and... I was right about my appointment for Mr D not being necessary. We mentioned it to Mr S and he said, "cancel it... You don't need it, but someone else might." So we cancelled it while making the one to see Mr S in January.


That covers everything I want to post about today. I'll probably come around checking all your blogs some time tomorrow. If not, then I'll definately be around before the end of the week. I'm still not well, but I managed to get some sleep and it has helped a bit.

Hope you and your family are doing OK, and that anyone not well gets better soon. *hugs*

Enjoy whatever's left of your day. :)


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Award from LadyStyx

I got an award from LadyStyx yesterday. Thanks Styxie! :)

I'm not feeling 100% though, and can't be bothered with fiddling to persuade Jaws to copy what I need from the post and sorting it in here (it's not just a click and hold to select, click copy, then click paste thing when you're using a screen reader). So I'm just going to link to the post with it in.

I wouldn't know who to give it to anyway... So I'm going to do what ChicagoLady did with hers and say it's an open award to those who haven't gotten it yet that visit my blog. They can either post it or not... Doesn't bother me.

Sorry I haven't posted it properly, but - like I said - I'm not feeling 100% and I can't be bothered with fiddling about to get it posted properly. But I wanted to make sure I gave it at least a quick mention.


Friday, November 21, 2008

Hair cuts and shopping (LBE & FD)

Yesterday (Thursday) my Mam came over to spend the night here so we could get an early start in to Swansea today (Friday). The trip in to Swansea takes a little over an hour, and there's only two busses an hour that run from here to Swansea, so to be able to have time to do more than one or two things we had to catch the bus from up town at about 8:15 am... I think it got us in to Swansea a little before 9:30 am.


We went and got the Christmas pressies for the furkids. I ended up spending about £60 in the pet shop. But since it was for Kero (my Westie), Willow (Mam's Black Lab), Jayde (my Grandma's Yorkie) and Loppy & Mouse (Carl and Rachel's rabbits)... Not to mention the fact that - apart from a big teddy Kelly wants to get Kero - that's all the pet stuff I'm getting for Christmas sorted out. I don't mind too much. I mean, last year I somehow managed to spend £100 just on Kero... Not counting the bits Kelly picked up. So, I think compared to that I did a much better job this year. Last year I went a bit over the top... I know I did... And I promised myself that, this year, I wouldn't give in to the temptation to get one of each version of something and give him more presents just for himself from us than Kelly and I got from not just each other, but from everyone combined.

The pet shopping bill also included a birthday present for Willow, since it's her birthday at the end of next week.

I also got a couple of bits for people. Not all that much, because things took longer than we'd hoped, but I did make a bit of a dent in my Christmas shopping. So, I'm happy. And, I've got my Mam's birthday presents sorted. So that's another good thing. Her birthday is six days before Christmas, so I tend to just get an extra couple of bits when I go Christmas shopping and keep those extra bits for her birthday instead of wrapping them up for Christmas. Works for me, and she's usually happy with what she gets, so it seems it works for her too. LOL!

Shopping for my Mam when it's her who takes me to do at least one of the Christmas shopping trips is really easy. Why? Because she usually forgets even by the next day what we brought, so she picks her own pressies and still her pressies are a surprise to her by the time her birthday and Christmas arrive. That's why it was so important I did her stuff today... To make sure she's had plenty of time to completely forget even which shops we went to before her birthday arrives. ;) I know it's not nice using someone's poor memory to your advantage, but it means I can find her presents easier, and she gets something she wants... It's a win, win situation. And, yes, she does know I do it... So it's not like I'm sneakily doing it behind her back. LOL!


As I mentioned the other day (Monday... I think) Mam and I both had appointments to have our hair cut at "Tony & Guys"... That's why we didn't get everything done, even with how early we were in town... Having our hair cut took over an hour... And that's not counting the bit of time we were waiting around for them to be ready to do our hair.

I don't generally bother paying out for a haircut. I mean, I always had to wear a hat before, so I didn't see the point in it. I always just had my Mam cut it the best she could and had done with it. I think the last time I actually paid someone to cut my hair was when Kelly and I were over in Canada... So, about 5 & 1/2 years ago. LOL!

Well, the price was a bit more than I would have liked. But... *Shrugs*... I needed (and it was a "need" not just a "want") my hair cut properly now that I'm not wearing my hats. Plus, I guess it was worth it for the scalp massage you get while they wash your hair and the back massage the chair gives you while it's being done. I actually thought at the time that all I was missing was someone to rub my feet and I'd be well away. LOL! I still wish it hadn't cost quite as much though. And, I only agreed to do it because I know they are as good as they claim (I know from my Mam going there) and because I desperately needed my hair cut and tidied up.

The woman who cut my hair did make me feel a bit better about the cost though... I have a natural wave to my hair when it's kept from getting too long (which is one of the reasons for keeping it shortish) and I also have natural blonde and red highlights in my hair. They aren't always noticeable, but sometimes they are. When the light catches my hair just right, for example, it looks almost red. And, I swear it's all natural. Anyway, the woman complimented me on those two things (the nice wave to my hair, and the natural highlights) and told me how much it would have cost if I'd had to pay someone to get my hair like that... She said at least close to £200, and I would "have to" go every six weeks or so to make sure it stays that way. So, I guess when put that way, it's not so bad. And - since my hair is pretty much my only feature that I actually like - complimenting it was a very smart move on her part. ;)


After we got our hair cut we went to Starbucks for a cup of cocoa and a piece of cake (carrot cake in my case). It was wonderful sitting there with a big mug of cocoa (they said it was a medium, but the mug it was in was a little bigger than our biggest mug at home, lol) and listening to Christmas music. And it was a perfect day for it... Weatherwise, I mean. You know? One of those days when it's not raining, but it's damp and cold from recent rain, and there's a chill in the air.

Mam got a candy cane each for us while we were there, because that's pretty much the only place over here that you can get any that taste of anything other than mint. They're strawberry flavoured. We haven't eaten them yet though. No real reason, just haven't gotten around to it. We'll probably eat them over the weekend.

My Mam's never tasted candy canes in anything but mint before, but I have. I tasted some different ones while I was in Canada. The blueberry ones are my favourite of the ones I've tried (I don't remember which ones I tried... Blueberry, strawberry and - I think - banana? Not sure on the last one though). Mam didn't know until after she'd brought them though. Not that I mind... Personally, I'm just glad it's going to taste like something other than mint. LOL! Besides, I did like the strawberry one I had in Canada.

We're thinking we'll go back to Starbucks before Christmas and grab some of their candy canes for the stockings.

That's pretty much all we did. Well, apart from popping in to the market to get a watch strap I can use to put my ipod on instead of clipping it to the waste band of my trousers, or having it loose in my pocket. We did try and find a proper strap for it on our last few trips out, but nobody seems to do any. They seem to think people would prefer the ipod clipped on their waste band. I wouldn't though. Too easy not to notice it's gone until it's too late. You're going to notice something on your wrist a lot easier than you're going to notice something clipped to your trousers. Especially if that something is only about 1 & 1/2 inches long by about 1 inch wide.

And, before we came home, we grabbed a sub each from Subway. We got one for Kelly too. I knew he wouldn't have eaten dinner yet, because he would have been waiting for me, and since I was so tired I didn't know if I could stay awake long enough after getting home for him to cook something. So, I got us a sub each, and Mam got herself one. Turns out I did the right thing, because when I got home I literally ate my sub, put on a pair of PJs and jumped in to bed... Woke up about three hours later.

I had every right to be tired though. 1). We only got maybe three or four hours sleep last night... Not from not going to bed, but from noisy neighbours. 2). This was only the second time I'd been anywhere further than the end of our road since my last op (which was only about two weeks ago). 3). I walked all the way from my place to the bus stop, walked around Swansea, and then walked all the way back home from the bus stop, which meant that I had an extra 40 minutes or so of walking (20 minutes each way between my place and the bus station in town) without counting the time we spent walking around in Swansea (which was about three hours before our hair cuts, and about another two afterwards). Needless to say, I was VERY tired, and extremely sore when I got home. I'm mostly fine now that I've had that nap though. It's just that I'm not used to all that walking after all the time I've spent sitting or laying down over the past few months because of my ops.

OK... I think that covers everything... If it doesn't then it's tough. Because I think this post is plenty long enough. LOL!

Enjoy whatever's left of your day. :)


Thursday, November 20, 2008

The seagull (FD but AE&D)

I've waited this long to post about this because I was waiting for my Mam to get a photo off her phone and on to the PC for me. It was a photo of the seagull in question. Unfortunately, she deleted the photo (possibly thinking she'd already given me a copy). So, I'll have to do the post without a photo. The photo isn't important to the post anyway... I just thought you'd all like to see it.


The hospital I go to for my eyes is right by the beach, so seagulls are seen and heard near the hospital on a regular basis. I've gone there since I was a new born baby, so I don't think about it.

Well... During my trip in to hospital in July, I was told about how the seagulls had been fed so often by patients of the hospital that they've learned when food time is and come to the windows just as it's being served. I did hear them at the windows, but never thought anything of it. I mean, I heard them there every other time I was at the hospital, so why would I?

When I went back in hospital in September I never really noticed whether they were there or not... I mean, that trip was quite stressful for me, and seagulls were the last thing on my mind.

But, when I went in again at the start of October, I had no choice but to notice the seagulls. Well, one of them at least. Why? Because this particular seagull showed up at the window to my room and proceeded to actually knock on the window with his/her beak about when food was being served... Scaring the life out of my Mam. LOL!

Every meal time it was back... Knocking on the window and staring at us with - as Mam put it - "It's beady, stary little eye." LOL! So I had my Mam take a photo of it (which I'd planned on posting on here when I was home).

My last trip in was the funniest with the seagull though.

We know it was the same seagull who came to the window and started knocking on it, because my Mam still had the photo on her phone at that point and compared the picture... It has a little red patch somewhere near it's beak that she used for comparison. So, either it's the same seagull, or the seagull has a twin.


It was stood there with it's beady eye on Mam, pleading with her to share her marmite breadsticks with it. And that's when it happened...

Mam said to the seagull, "Look at you over there... Staring at me with your beady little eye!"

And, just as the seagull opened it's mouth - possibly to squalk (or whatever it's called that they do) or possibly just hoping she'd throw it some food - someone said, "Hello."

Well... My Mam jumped so much I swear she left the floor! She also almost said something you really shouldn't be saying in a public place... Especially one where there are probably kids not too far away. She did recover herself in time to say, "Sugar," instead though. LOL!

Of course, it wasn't the seagull that had spoken, it was a nurse. She (the nurse) thought it was her coming in that had scared Mam so much, but I was pretty sure I knew differently. So, when the nurse was gone...

Me: You thought it was the seagull that spoke, didn't you?
Mam (trying not to laugh): No... I didn't
Me: Yes, you did. You always do that laugh when you're trying to hide something.
Mam: Well, it was staring at me... And it opened its mouth... And, I didn't know she was there.

She really thought the seagull said, "hello," to her. LOL!

She then decided to see if the seagull liked marmite. Turns out seagulls really do eat anything... They'll even fight over a marmite rice cake. LOL!

Mam: He likes it!
Me: Thought he probably would
Mam: He didn't wipe his chin
Me: Well, if it bothers you that much, wipe it for him
Mam: No way! I'm not doing that
Me: Well, maybe if you throw him a tissue he'll wipe it himself?
Mam: You think he will?
Me: Well, either that or he'll just eat the tissue

We were both quiet for a while, then...

Mam: How do you know it's a boy?
Me: I don't... But you seem sure it's a boy
Mam: No... I don't want to go close enough to look
Me: Sexing birds doesn't work the same as sexing dogs and cats... You can't just look underneath
Mam: Well, how do you tell if it's a boy seagull or a girl seagull then?
Me: I don't know... Ask it?
Mam: Are you a boy seagull or a girl seagull?
Seagull: Squalk!
Mam: It says it's name is Squalk
Me: But you asked it what it was, not who it was
Mam: I don't think it wants to answer
Me: Maybe it's too young to know?
Mam: No, it looks grown up
Me: Then maybe it just doesn't want us to know?
Mam: Maybe

Another pause.

Mam: There's more of them out there
Me: There would be
Mam: Awww... There's a baby one! Squalk, is that your baby?
Seagull: Squalkkkkk
Me: I think that meant yes
Mam: Wonder if Squalk is it's Mami or Dadi?
Me: Well, when you figure out whether he's a he or a she maybe you'll know the answer to that question.

She talked to the seagulls for a while longer, but it was just general babbling, so I wont bother posting it.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wednesday at my place (FD)

This post has taken a lot longer to write than it should have. Why? Because Kero decided it was play time about when I started writing. So, I've just been alternating between "trying" to write this post and playing with Kero with his toys. I'd have made him wait until I was done, but... Well... It's surprising how much it hurts when you get hit on the leg by a squeaky toy or rope tuggy. LOL!


Mam took Kero out for me today. I was going to go with her, but because I didn't seem in any hurry to go anywhere she just took him herself. I guess she was fed up of waiting for me. I can get ready to go places quickly if I either want to or "need" to, but if I don't "need" to then I don't tend to bother rushing. My Mam's not very good at taking her time doing anything though, so it's not unusual for her to get fed up of waiting for me when she doesn't "have to" wait. Oh well... Kero got a walk, and that's what matters most at the end of the day.

We had some of Mam's fish pie with some peas for dinner. Home made fish pie is the only kind I'll eat... I wont touch the shop brought, premade stuff. We don't have it often though, because - although I've started eating some kinds of fish, and do enjoy it - I'm not a big fan of fish, so couldn't eat it too often. My Dad's the same way. Mam and Kelly could easily have it once or twice a week though. Well, if it wasn't so expensive.

We (Mam and I) had a game of Ludo while dinner was cooking. It was a good game... One of those games that's anybody's game right up until the very last second. Mam won, but it could have easily been me, because it was the luck of the dice that gave her the game in the end. We both needed the same number to win... She just got it first.

And that's my day... Not all that exciting, but... *Shrugs*... It was a pretty good day. Hope yours has been a good one too. And - if it's not over yet - then I hope the rest of it is too! :)


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New recycling scheme

I've not really done anything today, so I'm just going to talk about the only new thing going on right now...

Our local council has FINALLY decided to start up a proper recycling scheme. There have been a couple of places you can take recyclables to for several years, but you need a car to get to them, and it's quite a treck, so most people don't bother. I mean, some people don't have the time or the means to run a car full of recyclables however many miles it is to the nearest recycling centre. Most of the councils nearby figured this out several years ago. I mean, the council my parents are under (which is only the next one over) has had a recycling scheme for more than six years (I know definately six, but not sure how many more than that... I can't remember). Admittedly they recently revised the scheme and put limits on how much of each thing they will pick up. But they've still had a scheme for years. Our scheme is due to start on December 1st.

I just wish they were clearer on some of what goes in which bin. I also wish they weren't starting it right on top of Christmas... Can't they give us a bit of time to get used to this rather than throwing it at us just as we're heading in to the part of the year when it will be hardest to keep to the limits of how much of each thing they'll pick up per week? Ah, well... At least they're making an effort now. ;)


Monday, November 17, 2008

My VERY wet Monday (LBE & FD)

I was under the impression I was seeing my specialist (Mr S) today. But on Friday I got an appointment to see the doctor I used to be under before I was refered to him (Mr D). The appointment is for next week (Wednesday 26th November). And I was confused as to why I was getting an appointment to see Mr D next week when Mr S is the specialist, and Mr S requested to see me... But there was no sign of an appointment from Mr S.

(Did you follow that? lol!)

So... I called them up to ask... They aren't sure why I have an appointment with Mr D, especially since the appointment I thought would be for today for Mr S is actually next Monday (24th November). So they suggested I go to the one for Mr S next Monday and ask while I'm there why I also have an appointment for Mr D. We have a sneaky suspicion it's just that I haven't seen him for six months (it was six months ago he refered me to Mr S) and someone just looked at the date of my last appointment and never bothered to check if I actually needed another. Sort of like how they keep insisting on taking me in to check my non-existant vision. If that's the case, someone's gonna be mega embarrassed when I point their mistake out to them.


Since I didn't actually have a hospital appointment, but Mam and I had gotten ready to go out, Dad took us to do a bit of shopping. We didn't do much, but it was nice to get out. It's just a shame that it was VERY wet and quite cold out, but the shops had their heat on full blast - as usual - which meant that with the constant change from hot to cold Mam and I weren't feeling too great.

Regardless of that though, it was a nice little outing.

I got Rachel (my sister-in-law)'s Christmas pressies while we were out. Not saying what they are though, because she sometimes reads my blog. So that means that both Carl and Rachel's presents are sorted out (just in need of wrapping). They're the ones that are most important to get sorted, because they need to be wrapped and up in Norwich in time for Christmas. Post doesn't usually take more than a few days, but as Christmas gets closer I know for a fact that the time it takes to sort post increases due to the increase in items being posted.

I also got myself a new pair of shoes. The ones I got just before Carl and Rachel's wedding are still in perfect condition, but since they're a heavy shoe, and they have laces, and I prefer a light shoe on my foot with velcro straps rather than laces, I decided to give them to Wayne (my other brother) and get myself a new pair. Especially since he's in desperate need of a new pair. We got those for me because it was the compramise I had with my Mam... I had those trainers, or I had dress shoes... And I knew my feet would be even less comfortable in dress shoes. So, I agreed.

Anyway, my new trainers are blue and white, nice and light on my feet, and have the velcro straps that I prefer my shoes to have (I have no trouble doing laces, but I can't be bothered with it... It makes putting shoes on take twice as long, and they can come undone and trip you up. It's just annoying!)

Then, on the way home, we stopped to grab some food. I knew we were near the KFC, and Kelly LOVES his fried chicken, so I promised him some. Since I was getting him KFC I knew he wouldn't be interested in dinner though, so I grabbed myself something too. I also got something each for Mam and Dad.

We ended up with a bucket of chicken for Kelly, a couple of burgers for my Dad, and a sub each for Mam and I. Wasn't I a good girl? We were stopping at McDonalds, but I still opted for a tuna, cheese and onion sub from Subway instead of the cheeseburger and chips I love so much. Yes, I'm proud of myself! Especially since my attempts to start watching what I eat better and work on getting rid of the weight being stuck on my back or butt for the past few months has made me put on isn't "meant to" start until the start of January. So I could have had the burger and chips. I think it helps though that I absolutely LOVE the Italian Herb & Cheese bread they do at Subway, so it's not all that hard for me to be persuaded that Subway is the better option. LOL! I did also have a bit of popcorn chicken (the only thing from KFC I can honestly say I like). But I ended up giving half of that to Kero when I got home so as to keep him busy while I enjoyed my sub. ;)

Interesting combination of food today... Egg and cress sandwich, popcorn chicken and a tuna, cheese and onion sub. *Shrugs* Well, I enjoyed it all. And nobody can say any of it was something I should feel guilty for having. LOL!


Apart from any walks I attempt with Kero I'm not going anywhere until Friday now. Mam and I are going to Swansea Friday. We both have appointments to get our hairs cut at "Tony And Guys" Friday lunchtime, and are planning on doing some Christmas shopping while we're in Swansea.

I'm going to be VERY tired after Friday... Even the little bit of shopping we did today meant I came home and slept for almost five hours. Not that I'm complaining. Actually, I'm pleased... That was the best sleep I've had without the aid of anasthetic or pain killers since.... Heck, I don't even know when! :)

It's just a shame the sleep happened so that I was up soon after 11:00 pm. LOL! Ah, well... Let's work on getting some sleep first, then we can work on getting it at the right time. ;)

Speaking of pain killers though... The pain in my eye has gone down so much that I'm not even bothering with pain killers. I get the odd twinge (especially if I sneeze) but since I hardly even notice it, and since it happens so little, I don't see the point in wasting the pain killers. *Crosses fingers and hopes it stays this way*

And the pain in my hand where the IV was has gone too. There's a nice little lump where it went in, but I think it's starting to go down a bit... And, besides, at least the pain is gone. It's not even been two weeks yet, so I can't expect it to be perfectly healed, can I?

OK... I think that covers everything... Enjoy the rest of your day! :)


Fuzzy felt

My brother told me last week that the pressie he was sending me was a "sort of use your imagination and do stuff kind of thing." I got it today, and... Yeah, I think that's the best way to describe it.

Know what fuzzy felt is?

Personally I haven't seen fuzzy felt in ages. I mean, I'd seen mention of it online, but that's as far as it went. Carl and I used to sit for ages with the little felt shapes... Making pictures with them on the special boards. It was great fun!

So, in honour of childhood memories and my request for "something I can do that's creative, but that doesn't mean I'm going to need to find more shelving space to store what I make... And if it can be expanded on, so much the better," my brother got me a fuzzy felt compendium (sp?)... Basically, a sort of fuzzy felt starter set in a special box with drawers to store the little felt bits in.

So I can make pictures with it... Buy some of the little sets you can get (if you know where to look) to expand on it and get more pieces to use, then put it all away in it's special box when I'm done. Works for me!

Thanks Carl And Rachel. :)


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Random question: Wintery evenings

What's your favourite way to spend a cold, Wintery evening? Do you, for example, like to curl up with a mug of hot cocoa, a warm blanket, and a good book? Or, maybe you like to curl up on the sofa and watch TV? Or, maybe you know a better way to spend a cold evening?


I don't know... (R/WP)

I've spent so much of the past few months either in hospital or under instructions from the doctor not to do anything (in hopes resting will help me heal quicker) that it's given me loads of time to think. Yeah, I know... "Uh-oh!" LOL!

Two years ago I was doing streams at "The Wolven"... I loved doing my streams. They gave me something to do that gave some enjoyment to others. And I'd decided that I was going to go do some sort of class at a local colege or something. I actually did start doing one. But then the headaches started.

I put them down to eye strain. So I stopped doing things in the order I could bear to part with them. First I quit the colege class, then I quit doing my streams... And so on. Until the day came when I had to admit that it was time to accept that the doctors' predictions were coming true. Several years late, but still...

And now? Now I don't know what to do with myself!

I can't do the streams because I can't hear Jaw's attempts at telling me what's on the screen while music is playing on the computer. I can't do the classes in the colege because, by the time they got the items required so I could do the class, the class would be at least half over... And that's if I could find somewhere I could get to that does something I'd want to or be able to do, since most places close enough to get to easily seem to do at least mostly computer classes or art classes. But I want to do something... I just don't know what.

I feel like I'm stood on a path with loads of different paths leading off it that I could take, but I don't know which to take... Nor how to decide which path is the best one for me.

I'm not sure what the point of this post is... Just a bit of a rant, I guess... *Shrugs*


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Random question: The holidays... What do you believe?

The holidays are coming up fast... They're less than six weeks away... Are you ready for them? Have you figured out where and how you're celebrating this year? Have you decided who you're spending the holidays with? Have you figured out what you're getting for the special person/people in your life yet? Have your kids/grandkids/nieces and nephew's started on their lists to "Santa" yet? So many questions... So many things to arrange... So little time!

But those aren't really the most important things about the holidays, are they? They're just the things people "think" are most important. But... Do you remember why you're celebrating?

It doesn't matter whether your beliefs center around the birth of the son of God, or the rebirth of the Sun and the new life to come when Spring arrives, or something else. What matters is that you take the time to stop and think about them. That you stop - even just for a few moments - to remind yourself that there's more to the holidays than presents and stuffing yourself silly on tasty food.

So... What do you believe?


Friday, November 14, 2008

Yesterday AKA my birthday (FD)

I don't think I need to tell you that yesterday (Thursday) was my birthday... But I will anyway. LOL!

I had a good day, and got quite a few pressies. Only one of the teddies in the above photo is a birthday present though. The one with the pink hoody... It was from Kelly. The other two were ones I got just before my last hospital trip. The one with the scarf was from Kelly, the little lamb was from my Mam. But since we had the camera out I thought I'd include them in the photo anyway. :)


My Mam made me a birthday cake. See...

And, yes, it is a very tasty cake. ;)

Mam and Dad came for the afternoon. We were meant to have egg and cress sandwiches for lunch... Dad got some cress for me special. But I wasn't really hungry, and neither was anyone else. So we just had a piece of cake and then waited for dinner... Which - if you're interested - was toad in the hole, roasties and sprouts.

So... What did I get?

Well, I'd already had my main pressie from Mam and Dad early because of going in to hospital (my Ipod Shuffle) and Kelly let me have the main pressie from him early too (a new stereo for the bedroom). I also had the teddy mentioned above, £30, a little box of my favourite chocolates (Guylians chocolate seashells), a bottle of my favourite perfume (Charlie blue) and the fairy globe in the picture below.

I also had a couple of candied apples. Dad and I had a good laugh over them. Why? Because - according to the label - they "may contain traces of nuts" and "contain traces of spinach." The nuts I can see... Most chocolate carries that warning, so I get that. But spinach? WTF??? Who the hell puts spinach in candied apples? And, more importantly... WHY??? *Shaking head* Well, at least that explains why the last one I had tasted a little weird. LOL!

I also had the obvious things... You know? Cards. LOL!

Oh yeah, and Eleri and Faye got me a pair of PJs. They also got a little treat for Kero so he didn't feel left out with me having pressies.

I've got a pressie coming from my brother that I don't know what it is too. He has ordered it, but it's not got to me yet. Shouldn't be too much longer though. :)

All in all... A nice selection of pressies, and a really good day. :)

And... Speaking of pressies... I had a nice surprise the other day. A new audiobook from MarmiteToasty. I'm going to listen to it once I'm done listening to Kim Harrison's Rachel Morgan series (I'm on book 5 of 6 with that now).

Thank you, Toasty! :)


Thanks to everyone who did "happy birthday" posts for me on their blogs, posted "happy birthday" comments on here, sent me birthday e-mails, etc, etc. :)


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Kero's new coat

Kero grew out of his old coat last year, and the weather has gotten very, very cold. Not to mention the fact Kero wont go out in the rain without a coat... He doesn't like getting wet.

So, we decided it was time to get him a new coat. Mam helped me measure Kero on Monday, then yesterday (Tuesday) Kelly went in to town and got Kero his new coat.

We planned on getting a blue one since his collar, lead and harness are all blue, but they didn't have blue ones in his size, so Kelly got him a red one instead.

So, now Kero can go out without freezing to death or getting too wet. I think it's the wet that bothers him most, to be honest. Either way, he seems pleased with his new coat, and didn't have to even be asked to pose for the photos. LOL!


Quirks (LBE & FD)

Wifey did a post on her blog to do with her quirks. She invited everyone to post theirs in the comments section, and I was going to. But then I decided I'd do what Styxie, Iggy and Punkn (I think it was Punkn) did instead... In other words, do the post on my blog. So...

Some of you may have heard a couple of these before, but...

1). My favourite thing to eat depends on who's doing the cooking. Even down to prefering fried egg sandwiches from my Nan, but boiled egg sandwiches from my Mam. So everyone thinks they make my favourite food, because - with certain things - they make it my favourite way.

2). I like my cups of tea made scolding hot, but I wont drink them until they are almost cold. This means it takes me about half an hour from when a cup of tea is made to when I actually drink it. But I don't like people to actually cool it down for me... It has to cool naturally. Because of this, I almost never drink tea when I'm out somewhere.

3). I wont use a hair dryer on my hair. I prefer it to dry naturally. Plus, the noise of them irritates me.

4). I'm afraid of escilators (moving stairs). It's a fear I've had since childhood that I can't shake. If someone's with me I'll reluctantly go on them, but I'm off as soon as possible and if I have a choice then will do everything in my power to avoid them. I'd even rather walk up a couple of flights of stairs.

5). I hate having things on my feet, and when I do have something on my feet it's because it's really cold or I'm going out. But it has to be something light. I can't cope with wearing heavy shoes... I'd sooner wear sandals in Winter than wear a heavy shoe/boot.

6). I wont do something if it sounds more like an order than a request. Ask me to do something- making sure I know it's a request - and, as long as I think it's a reasonable request and it's within my power, I'll do it. Tell me to do something - making it plain I have no choice - and I'll dig my heals in and fight you all the way. Why? Because requests give me the option to refuse if I choose... Keeping me in control of what I do, when I do it, how I do it, etc. But if you tell me to do something then it's an order and means someone else is controling what I do, when I do it, etc. I need to feel I'm doing something because I want to, not because someone says I have to. For example: Tell me to, "put the kettle on, now," and I'll tell you where to go. But ask me, "would you put the kettle on?" And unless there's a VERY good reason (like i'm doing something that can't wait) then I'll do it.

7). I can make almost anything out of clay. As long as I either know what it looks like really well or have the item to duplicate. All I need is enough clay to comfortably work with, and some time and peace to work in.


There are probably others, but those are the only ones I can think of at the moment. Besides, I think the original post for this said seven things.


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Surgery #4 (PTMI... AE&D)

I'm going to make this as short as possible because I'm hoping I've at least got the energy to pop over to wifey's blog and check out the pay it forward thingy when I'm done here. So...

There was an awesome firework display somewhere near enough to the hospital for me to hear it perfectly with the window open (probably Swansea's anual display). So I spent Wednesday evening listening to that. Was just dozing off when a stupid male nurse decided to wake me up to ask a stupid question. An argument followed because he claimed to know more about my sleeping pattern than I do, and because he was stupid enough to tell me the contents of my notes is none of my buisness... And, because the idiot woke me up, which all the rest of the nurses have learned is a big no-no. But this idiot obviously had a death wish. LOL! After that I had a bad night... Like I knew I would because I'd been pulled awake before I was ready... And nurse "I've-got-a-death-wish" decided to be dumb enough to come in when I was up and eating breakfast and ask me if I was in a better mood. *Shaking head*... Some people never learn!

They gave me an early breakfast Thursday morning because I was first afternoon appointment. And, 1:30 pm I was heading for the opperating theatre like I was meant to be. The time after this op may have been uneventful if it hadn't been for the nurse who held my hands down when I went to hold my own mask (it's the deal I have with the anesthatist... The mask can stay on if I'm the one holding it). And if they hadn't said about moving me. I tried being nice and just telling them it would be better not to. But, no... They weren't listening to niceness. First they ignored me, then they did two mega huge no-nos for anyone who's getting stressed... Told me to "shut up" and to "calm down." Big mistake on their part. Especially when the sentence "I've been working with blind people for more than 5 years, so I know what I'm doing better than you do," was included. Since when does a sighted person with 5 years of experience with blind people know more about them than a blind person with almost 24 years experience of eyesight issues? So I told her....

Me: I think I might know a bit more about blind people than you
Nurse 1: I doubt that... I know what I'm doing...
Me: If you really knew what you were doing then you'd know how stupid you are for wanting to move a blind person. Don't you think the world is confusing enough without you making things worse?
Nurse 1: I thought I told you to shut up!
Me: Don't you tell me to shut up! I wont shut up! You listen to me! You CAN'T move me! What's the point of me being put in a room and shown where stuff is if you're just going to move me out of it?
Nurse 2: Calm down... She knows what she's doing!
Me: I wont calm down! And if she knew what she was doing then she would know not to move me from MY room!
Nurse 2: Calm down... You'll start having trouble breathing.
Me: Well, as long as I'm shouting at you, I'm obviously breathing fine... Duh!
Nurse 1: We need to move you in with others so we can...
Me: Don't tell me... Keep an eye on me better?
Nurse 3: Yes
Me: Well, if you answered the damn buzzers you'd be able to keep an eye on me properly without moving me!
Nurse 2: We do answer the buzzers properly
Me: Yeah, right! This isn't my first hospital trip... I'm not stupid! I know how long it takes to get the buzzers answered! I timed them the last couple of times... If I was buzzing because I wasn't breathing I'd be long dead by now! You don't answer the buzzers properly! And don't tell me you do!
Nurse 2 (clearly not sure what to do now): Well, how about we see what the ward nurse says?
Me: Alright... But if she says I'm being moved then I'm going to have to yell at you some more!

Lucky for them (and my throat) the ward nurse didn't want me moved.

The only other issue I had was with the IV thing in my hand... I don't know why - maybe because of all the times they've forced veins up on my hands? - But after my op it started burning around the area it was in. By the time I'd been crying for three hours about it and was at the stage where I was literally begging for it to be taken out (and telling them I was just about ready to pull it out myself) my whole hand felt like it was on fire, and the burning was heading up my arm. My Dad went to talk to a nurse... All he said was, "Get this out of her hand... Please!" And within 30 seconds a nurse was pulling it out of my hand. I can't tell you how relieved I was! It stopped burning almost straight away... Apart from the odd twinge I've had. But even those are dying down now.

As for the op itself...

Though the implant was exposed in front it was very well anchored in the back, so he had to pretty much hack it out, which is why I'm so sore. The good thing is though that - unless I get an infection bad enough to need antibiotics via a drip - there's not really anything else that will need doing to this eye socket (apart from sorting the artificial eye).

I've got a plastic shell thing in to help it keep it's shape while it heals. I'm on antibiotic tablets, antibiotic drops and pain killers. And I'm seeing my specialist on Monday to see how it's doing. In theory it should heal itself some time in the very near future. In the meantime it's a bit gunky, but at least the level of blood escaping from it has drastically decreased. The first couple of days after the op it bled a lot. I think the actual blood has stopped now though. And the swelling (and level of pain) has gone down a lot too. He said it was normal for it to bleed as much as it did. That's why I had to stay in until Friday. If it wasn't for the fact he needed to know exactly how much it was bleeding he'd have let me come home late Thursday evening. But he needed to know how much it was bleeding, and he needed people on hand in case it bled so much I went in to shock from blood loss or something.

All for now... I'm tired!

Enjoy whatever's left of your day! :)


Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Bonfire night

About Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night is traditionally celebrated on November 5th. It was on that day in 1605 Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament.

The purpose was to Kill King James I and everyone in government, they hoped to return England to Catholic faith. They warned a friend of their plan by letter, to stay away from the House on the day of the plot. However, the letter giving details of the “Gunpowder Plot” was intercepted and passed on to the King. Soldiers discovered Guy Fawkes with barrels of gunpowder in the cellars of the Houses of Parliament.

Guy Fawkes was tortured and executed along with his co-conspirators. A year after the failed plot an effigy of the Pope was burned on a bonfire which at the time was called a “bone fire”.

"Remember, remember
the fifth of November,
Gunpowder, treason and plot,
We see no reason,
Why gunpowder treason,
Should ever be forgot!"

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Someone's birthday and senseless babbling (LBE & FD)

If I could only post about one topic per day then I'd have no trouble deciding on today's topic. Why?

Because someone I know - and consider to be a great friend - has his birthday today. And who is that someone? Iggy, of course! :)

So... "Happy Birthday, Iggy!"... Hope you have a great birthday... Even if you're not doing anything to celebrate it. *HUGS* :)

And... Since I am, in fact, allowed to post about more than one topic in one day, and since the important part of my post is sorted... On to my nonsensical dribble and senseless babbling! ;)

Where to start? Ah! Now that is the question! I have so much rubbish floating about in my head that it's hard to know which piece to extract and write down first. Not to mention excluding those thoughts not quite formed or analysed enough to post as yet. So... Let me see... Ah! Yes!

If I don't come back online by the end of the month then it might be something to do with the fact I posted my previous post... Avenge my death! ;)


We're already four days in to November and Christmas is coming up fast. Normally by this time I've gotten at least half of my Christmas shopping done. But not this year. The extra trips in to hospital are slowing progress of everything else down. I've hardly scratched the surface of the Christmas shopping I want to get done. I'm going to have my work cut out for me when I come out of hospital! I'm sure Kelly would do it if I asked him to, but I like buying things for my family and friends. Besides, most of the people on the list I know a lot better than he does, so would have a better idea of what they'd like.

The "everything else" also applies to getting this place sorted out. I've still got loads of things I'd hoped to have done before Christmas. And now that the frosts have started there's no way the fencing around the front can be sorted before Christmas because the ground will be too hard to get the posts in. And we never did get a chance to finish sorting the garden out.

Styxie asked everyone what they wanted for Christmas the other day, but I didn't have an answer. I think though that - on reflection - I should have said that what I want for Christmas is for all the things I wanted done to be done, all the furniture that needs replacing to be replaced, and to be able to start 2009 with a fresh slate, so to speak. It's a pipe dream for definate, but Styxie did say pipe dreams were allowed. LOL!

And, speaking of blogs... I don't know if anyone noticed, but I figured out how to add urls to my list of blogs I follow. So all my favourite blogs are on the list now! Well, the ones that could be added... It said Ausgrl and AK's blogs couldn't be added... Something about not being able to find a feed...?

All The cakes and stuff from Halloween are finally eaten. I've still got stacks of the sweets though. Actually, I'm really proud of myself with the sweets because I'm normally terrible for scoffing sweets, and I've hardly touched them. And I didn't pig out on the cakes and such either... That's why they lasted all weekend. Every other time my Mam's done baking I've done nothing but pick at the stuff all day. But - despite how tasty it all was - I was really good this time and ate it in moderation. *Smiles proudly*

I'm not taking any of the sweets in to hospital with me tomorrow, because I know I'll be so bored there that all I'll want to do is pick at them. And Thursday - when I'm "nil by mouth" - will be the worst. It'll be bad enough wanting food without knowing there are treats in my bag I could be eating if I wasn't nil by mouth.

I can't wait to have this op over with... I hate hospitals! I've spent so much time in hospitals that I know how most things work better than half the nurses there. I just want this over and done with so I can come home and get on with my life... And my Christmas shopping... LOL!

In theory I'll be home Friday. It should be a case of in tomorrow (Wednesday) to have the op on Thursday, then home some time Friday. But, of course, it depends how well I am and all that rubbish. If it's up to me though then I'll be home in time for lunch on Friday. Actually, if it was up to me then I'd go in Thursday, have the op and come straight home... Which would mean I'd be fast asleep in my own bed within about two hours of having the op... LOL!

The only good thing is that my Mam brings all sorts of yummy home-made things in to me when I'm in hospital... She must remember how Gross some of the hospital food can be from her trips in to hospital... LOL! And she makes sure I have something nice to eat after my op. They've got it in to their heads that no patient is able to keep food or drink down after having an op. Whatever! I've always eaten and drank stuff within an hour of the op ending and been fine almost every time. Sure, a couple of times I've been a bit sick, but most of the time I'm fine. The trick is to take your time with the food... No matter how hungry you are... And take sips of water or juice between bites. It's worked for me with all the ops since I was old enough to make my own mind up. So bang goes their theory. ;)

And - on the subject of food - while I'm writing I'm eating a really tasty candied apple (the kind covered in chocolate rather than caramel). My Dad got it for me yesterday and my Mam brought it down with her just now.

Still on the subject of food...

I sent Kelly to do some shopping today to make sure that he and Kero have everything they'll need while I'm in hospital. My Mam and Dad would probably take Kelly to get anything he needs on the way home from visiting me, but it's much easier if they don't have to. Besides, today's shopping day anyway. So I had him get food and treats for Kero (yeah, like Kero really needs more treats... But... *Shrugs*) and - of course - food for himself. You know? The essentials... Bread, milk, juice/pop, stuff for meals... Etc, etc. So I know my "boys" are sorted until at least next week, by which time I "should" be home and able to stay with Kero while Kelly goes shopping.

OK... Moving on...

I've got a post scheduled for you to read tomorrow, but other than that one you'll have to wait until I get home and am feeling up to blogging. It's not so much that I haven't had the time to schedule more but that I wasn't sure what to search for. The last couple of times I had Autumn themed posts set up, but since most of the Winter stuff is Christmasy I wanted to wait until December to post it. Especially since so many of you follow the Gregorian calender's views on when seasons start and finish, so you're probably not ready to hear about Winter yet. ;)

The weather here is definately Wintery though. It's cold and frosty (not just in the mornings) and up on the mountains they've actually had some snow. None of it has gotten down here though - unfortunately - but the way things are going some of it might make it down here before Winter's out. I sure hope it does! I LOVE snow!

Kero loves snow too, which is weird because - as a general rule - he hates getting wet. He hates baths, he hates rivers, he hates ponds, he hates rain... But yet he absolutely LOVES snow! How strange!

I actually feel kinda sorry for Kero at the moment. For one thing, where it's been so cold we've been keeping our doors closed, so Kero, Daisy and Mia haven't been able to see much of each other... Just quick sniffs and yaps on the odd ocasion they all get taken out for a pee at the same time. The other reason is to do with me keep going in to hospital all the time. Poor Kero just gets his Mami back and... Poof... I'm gone again! And when I come back I smell of a place he's never been to before and doesn't know what it is. It must be really confusing for him.

OK, well, I think that's enough out of me for today... I could write more, but I really do think I've written enough for today. ;)

Hope you and your family stay safe and well while I'm in hospital (well, and afterwards too).


P.S. We managed to get the fireguard replaced... It's now in place too. So, thanks Mam! :)

MEN... LOL! (AE&D)

My sleep pattern is all over the place lately, so I ended up asleep really early and ended up waking up about when it would have been time for bed. Of course, this meant Kelly was still up. So, I heads off in to the living room and...

Me: How come you're still up? I thought you were tired?
Kelly: I am
Me: Then why are you still up?
Kelly: Busy
Me: Doing what?
Kelly: Dishes
Me: Couldn't they wait until morning?
Kelly: I'm going shopping in the morning
Me: I know... I was going to wash the dishes
Kelly: No!
Me: What?
Kelly: I said, "No!" I'm doing them... You do too much as it is

I'd have been stupid to argue that one, so I decided a tacktful subject change while I was still ahead was in order...

Me: So what are you watching?
Kelly: Football
Me: Which kind?
Kelly: American

("Soccer" is also called "Football" here... For those who don't know)

Me: I thought you didn't like football?
Kelly: I don't
Me: So why are you watching it then?
Kelly: There's nothing else on
Me: So turn the T.V. off
Kelly: I don't want to
Me: Why not?
Kelly: Because it's too quiet without it on

I decided not to piss him off by pointing out that:

1. People generally listen to music they like when they just want some noise in the background rather than watching something on T.V. that they don't like.

2. Since he was playing a game on the PC with his headphone's on I'm not sure how he could hear the T.V. anyway.

And I know he couldn't hear it over his game, because he all but admitted it when I asked him who was playing. LOL!


Monday, November 03, 2008

Random Question: Camera lenses

Since a camera has a round lense, why are the photos it produces rectangular in shape?

Shouldn't they be the same shape as the lense?


Frustration from fireguards (R/WP)

On Tuesday I ordered the fireguard I said I wanted to get for the fireplace in the living room. It was meant to be delivered on Thursday. But Thursday came and went and there was no sign of it. So I called to find out where it was.

Their answer was, "Well, it was on the van, I don't know why it wasn't delivered. I'm really sorry, and will arrange for a replacement to come out to you. It will be delivered on Monday."

OK, fine. I'm not impressed but I say that's OK and thank you. And I hang up.

I was told it would come "any time between 7:00 am and 6:00 pm," which meant that not only did we have to be up early to recieve it, but that we had a bad night since that's generally what happens when you have to get up early... You can't sleep because you're worried about sleeping in. Needless to say we didn't exactly get up in the best of moods (I often get up quite early, but Kelly doesn't generally get up until at least 10:00 am - at the earliest - unless there's a reason for it. And I can never sleep properly when I know I "have to" be up early... Even if the "early" is later than I normally get up).

The fireguard came around 12:30 pm. But the fact we got up at 6:30 am for something that didn't come until 6 hours later isn't the problem. No, the problem is the condition it came in.

It's broken. And the bits that aren't broken are so battered it's not going to take much to finish them off.

I'm not impressed! And now I've got to go through the hastle of getting a replacement AGAIN at the same time as making sure that Kelly and Kero have everything they're going to need (food wise, etc) while I'm in hospital, since I go back in on Wednesday.

Luckily my Mam's offered to sort out the fireguard issue for me, but still... If they'd done their job properly then she wouldn't have to. I mean, she's got a million and one things to do as it is! *Sigh*

So, by now I should have had a fireguard around the fire. But no! Instead I have a broken fireguard that needs replacing, and yet another thing to add to the list of things that have to get done before Wednesday!

OK, rant over!


Sunday, November 02, 2008

Scribbler award

Intense_Guy at Intenseguy has just awarded me this.

Thanks Iggy. :)

I'm meant to award it to four people. Some of the people I'd have chosen have already been given it, so I'm going to make sure I pick people that - to my knowledge - the award has yet to go to, but who deserve it just as much as those already awarded it. So, I pick...

CelticSpirit at CelticSpirit

WhimsicalBrainpan at The Babblings Of A Whimsical-Brainpan

Kati at Dragonfly's Musings

Robyn at Diary Of A Mika Freaka

They may not post regularly, but what they do post is always interesting and - in my opinion - worth reading!

Added 7:25 pm (aprox): In light of Jess' information that Robyn decided to delete her blog, I've decided to use the loop hole that Iggy found with the award, so I'm adding a fifth person to my list of recipients. And that person is:

AliceKay at AliceKay Is Here
(This is a private blog, so unless you've had an invite from her you wont be able to read it, but I'm sure those who are able to read it will agree with me that it's a fantastic blog and well worth taking the time to read).

Enjoy your awards!

There are so many others I could have awarded it too, but I'm pretty sure that most of the others will get it via some of the other people Iggy passed it on to (at least, I hope they will).


Here is what you're suppose to do but if you don't want to then you don't have to...

1) Each Superior Scribbler must in turn pass The Award on to their most-deserving Bloging Friends.

2) Each Superior Scribbler must link to the author and the name of the blog from whom he/she has received The Award.

3) Each Superior Scribbler must display The Award on his/her blog, and link to this post, which explains The Award.

4) Each Blogger who wins The Superior Scribbler Award must visit this post and add his/her name to the Mr. Linky List. That way, we'll be able to keep up-to-date on everyone who receives This Prestigious Honor!

5) Each Superior Scribbler must post these rules on his/her blog.


Today is Robyn's birthday, so I just wanted to take a moment to say, "happy birthday," to her... Hope you're having a fantastic birthday, Robyn! :)

And - to all my blogger friends - Enjoy the rest of your day. :)


Firework videos

We decided it would be easiest to put the clips on our video page and link them in here because it takes longer to add one clip in to the post via Blogger's link than it does to upload four on to ClipShack. So, instead I'm just linking them on here instead of directly putting them in the post. If you know what I mean.

Well, whether you do or not... Here are the clips...

(I think they're backwards though... LOL!)


Saturday, November 01, 2008

Films, food, fireworks & photos (LBE & FD)

Firstly I want to catch up on a couple of things I never got around to mentioning through the week. About a film we watched last weekend and about some things my Mam cooked down here that I never mentioned the other day.


Last weekend we watched "Mama Mia" together (we being Mam, Dad, Kelly and I). For anyone who doesn't know, it's a movie about a girl called "Sophie" trying to figure out which of three possible guys is her Dad in time for him to walk her down the isle for her wedding. And the Abba songs are incorperated in to it to make it an Abba tribute or something like that. Anyway, it's a pretty good movie... Well, apart from the fact I found the ending very disappointing. It's not so much it wasn't a good ending, it just wasn't a satisfactory ending.

Anyway, on Wednesday my Mam came down with some of her recipes to see what I was interested in her trying here. She ended up cooking us dinner. LOL!

She made a lovely potato and cheese pie with bacon and ham in it (we added the meat because Kelly prefers to have meat involved in his dinner). And I do mean it when I say it was lovely. :)

Then, on Thursday - when Mam was here making the pumpkin pie and Halloween cake - she made me a Blueberry Roly-Poly. And that was really tasty too! :)

So... Moving on to yesterday (Friday)...

We made last minute plans which consisted of Chinese food for dinner (picked up by Mam and Dad on their way here) and a movie. Well, there was more, but you'll have to wait until a bit further down the post for that. ;)


Dad had chips (fries) with chicken curry and some spring rolls, Kelly had chicken fried rice, lemon chicken and another chicken that I can't remember the name of the sauce for. Mam and I split portions of stuff between us... We had spare ribs, chicken fried rice and sweet & sour chicken, and some duck pancakes... Can't forget those! LOL! Also, Mam had some prawn toast and I had some saute chicken. Plus there was a free pack of prawn crackers because of how much we spent, so Mam, Dad and I ate those between us.

We all ate our fill last night, and Kelly and I finished up the leftovers today. LOL!

Oh! I almost forgot... Kero had some chicken and some duck. We also gave him the bones from the spare ribs. Well, we couldn't sit there eating chicken and duck and stuff and not include Kero, could we?

After dinner...

My Mam took this photo of me so she could tell Dad and Kelly - neither of whom are big on having their photos taken - that it wasn't just them having their photos taken. I was going to delete it, but Kelly seems to think it's a "kinda nice" photo, so... *Shrugs*...

Apparently the sores on the side of my face from the tape that holds my patch on aren't as visible in this photo as in the one where I'm holding the pumpkin. So that's a good start. Shame it's from the angle I'm at rather than because they're healing. LOL!

And here's the photo that MarmiteToasty and Punkn requested of Kelly. :)

And one of my Dad... Since he wasn't included in the photos when we were holding the pumpkin either. ;)

Anyway, as I said, we did something else too...

We had fireworks!

Why fireworks? Well... Wednesday is November 5th. November 5th is Bomfire Night over here. That means fireworks, fireworks, and more fireworks. All because some guy (named "Guy" actually) tried to blow up the houses of parlament a few hundred years ago. Unfortunately for me November 5th is also the day when they want me to go in hospital, which means that my plan of asking my Mam to do a little firework display for me on Wednesday went right out the window. So, she did it last night instead. LOL!

Here's one of the videos my Dad did during the fireworks. At least, I hope this is going to work... I've never tried it this way before.

There are about half a dozen more videos (there were more, but I didn't keep them all). I'll have to post the rest later though because Kelly's busy and either Jaws or Blogger (not sure which) has decided that I'm not allowed to use the keys to click on the add video icon.

If I find this hasn't worked though then I'll have Kelly give me a hand putting the videos on our video page instead (I can't do that myself because Jaws doesn't get on with the site).

After the fireworks we watched the movie Mam and Dad brought with them for us to watch together.

It was "Demon Seed" and I'd never seen it before and my Mam just got it so we thought it would be a good movie to watch last night. For anyone who hasn't seen it, it's about a sort of synthetic brain that becomes too smart and decides it needs more than just to think and listen to things. So it hacks in to one of the terminals from the building where it is in to the home of the guy who helped create it and forces his wife to produce a child for him. It's not too bad of a movie. Kinda weird, but being an old movie it wasn't all that scary to me... I think probably because I've grown up with things like The Exorcist and Halloween, which make this one look like a kids movie. But it was still a pretty good movie.


We didn't get many Trick-Or-Treaters. With this being our first year here I wasn't sure how many to expect, but I did expect more than we got. I'm thinking perhaps there were parties going on and the kids were at those instead? *Shrugs* Either way it means I have a load of sweets in the shapes of frogs, bats, spiders, etc to munch through. Wait a sec... Why am I complaining about that? They're sweets aren't they? And they're mine! All mine! *Evil laugh*

OK, well...I think that covers everything I wanted to post about. At least, it does until Kelly's free to help me post the rest of the firework photos.

Enjoy whatever's left of your day. :)