Thursday, July 31, 2008

Traveling to Norwich today

Today (Thursday) we are all traveling up to Norwich for Carl and Rachel's wedding. Although, Mam went up by train yesterday (Wednesday) because otherwise we'd end up over-filling Dad's car. As it is Nan, Wayne and I (plus all the luggage for the three of us and my parents) are traveling with Dad in his car.

It's going to be a long trip (about six hours, I think) so I spent last night at my parents' place so we can all leave together from there. That way it cuts a good half hour - maybe even a little more - off the trip for Dad. He's driving for long enough as it is.

I've got some books to occupy myself during the trip. They'll also come in handy for bedtime reading and for those times when I'm hanging around not needing to be anywhere or do anything. I've also got my writing frame, which I tend to take almost everywhere with me "just in case" anyway. And I put my rubix cube and a metal puzzle thing I haven't quite figured out how to do yet in the bag too.

I get home on Monday, but it'll probably be Tuesday before I post about my trip because I don't know what time I'll be home on Monday, or how tired I'll be when I get home.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Prayer request, update on my Mam, book reviews and more

A little while after I finished my post on Sunday, Eleri knocked on our door to say she was really sorry but she wouldn't be available this week to keep an eye on if Kelly needed anything after all. Her Dad's had a stroke, so they're staying with him. I told her it was fine. I mean, her Dad is much more important than if Kelly were to run out of bread or milk or something. I hope her Dad's OK. She's already lost one parent this year and could really do without losing another so soon. She only lost her mother a couple of months ago.

I know she'd appreciate any prayers or positive thoughts you can send their way for her Dad. So if you could spare some time to light a candle, say a prayer, or whatever it is you do then I'd appreciate it, and so would Eleri and Faye. Thanks.

Speaking of strokes...

My Mam's doing OK. She doesn't seem to have any permanent damage (though her right side isn't as strong as it used to be... But at least she can still use it). So physically she's doing fine. Mentally and emotionally though... I'm not so sure. It seems to have hit her really hard. She's always been stubbourn and very active, so she's not taking her body's insistance that she slow down very well. She wants to still be doing everything she used to when she was my age (but without the kids in tow) and she's hating it that she can't.


It was WAY too hot yesterday. Mam said when she was in her driving instructor's car she looked at the thermometer he's got in there and it said it was 27 C (about 86 F) and that was not long after she got in the car (so about 11:00 am) and trust me, it got hotter! I know at some point during the afternoon - I think between 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm some time - it went up in to the early 30s C (early to mid 90s F) which is too hot for me to deal with. Once it gets past about 24 C (about 80 F) it's too much for me and I end up grumpy because I'm so hot and uncomfortable. My Dad's the same way, so you can probably imagine what fantastic moods Dad and I were in yesterday. LOL!

My grumpyness was made worse by the fact the heat was making my head hurt more, not to mention the fact that when I was playing with Kero yesterday afternoon he accidentally gave me a bit of a swollen lip, which was kinda sore all evening. We were playing with an empty bottle (he's got a big box full of toys, but he LOVES playing with empty bottles) and he caught me hard across the top lip with it when he was throwing it about. Still, at least it was the lower part of my face. Would have hurt a lot more if he'd hit me higher up (especially on the right side). And it's not like it's the first time we've gotten carried away and I've gone and got myself hurt. I have a little scar on the side of my nose from him slipping when he was a puppy and I was holding a toy up to make him jump for it, but he couldn't do the jump and slipped, catching me in the face with his claws as he fell (I was on my back on the floor holding the toy above me, so it was my own stupid fault). He cut my head in two places just above the hair line too. *Shrugs* No big deal. I get cuts and bruises from stuff a lot. At least these ones I know where they came from. LOL!


We had a terrific thunder storm yesterday. It started some time between 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm. Not exactly sure when. Anyway, it only stayed impressive for maybe 20 minutes or so, but it was at least close to 9:00 pm before it actually started to fade off in to the distance.

Over the past couple of days I've listened to a couple of the audio books in my "need to listen to" pile. One was one of the ones my Nan got me, the other came from a friend of my Grandma's called Marie.

The one from my Nan was "Under Gemini" by Rosamunde Pilcher. It was a really good story too! The story was about a woman named "Tuppy" (I think that's how it would be spelled) who's really ill and wants to meet her Grandson's fiance properly at least once before she dies, and about a girl called "Flora" who pretends to be her twin sister in order to help fulfill Tuppy's wishes.

I have another Rosamunde Pilcher audio book to listen to. Hope it's as good as that one was. :)

The story from Marie was called "Therapy" and was by David Lodge. It was an interesting story, which was - basically - a journal written by a man who is suffering from depression and going through various forms of therapy in order to treat that and the issues he has with his knee. The journal is basically another thing he's doing as therapy. Like I said, it was interesting. I'm not entirely sure how I felt about it though. I mean, it was pretty good - especially in some parts - but it was a difficult one to get in to. Not too bad of a book... Probably not everyone's cup of tea though. Parts of it were... How should I put this? Er... Not for everyone's ears. Yes, that sounds like a good way to put it. Not for everyone's ears. Or - if you happen to spot a print copy - then I guess it would change to "not for everyone's eyes."

So... There you go. Those are the books I've listened to over the past couple of days.

I was going to post about Eleri's Dad, my Mam and the books yesterday, but I couldn't get signed in to blogger for some reason. It was really late last night when I finally got in and by the time I'd checked everyone else's blogs I couldn't be bothered to do one of my own. I did, however, go and post a few poems I've written on my poetry page (see link on sidebar) so if you want to go check those out then be my guest. There will be more soon... Just as soon as they're finished and I'm happy with them.

I've made a start on the first part of "The Adventures Of Zararose"... Don't think I've already told you that. If I have, sorry. I've not done loads, but I've made a start and that's what matters right now.

Pretty much everything is packed now. Just the last minute things that aren't packed, if you know what I mean. Why does going away somewhere have to involve so much work and expense?

OK, well... I'll probably be around checking blogs a little between now and when I leave, but I wont be doing another post until I get back. I do have a couple on "auto pilot" as Iggy calls it though. Nothing fancy I'm afraid, just a couple of little notes... Just so you don't miss me too much. LOL! ;)

Enjoy the rest of your day... And the rest of your week for that matter. :)


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday's random thoughts

It's too hot today! I'm sat here with the fan on it's highest setting but I'm still too hot. Plus I'm tired because of the fact I didn't get as much sleep as I'd have liked to have had last night, but I'm trying to stay up until a decent time in the hopes that'll mean I'll sleep tonight.

Anyway... Enough whining. I'm sure you don't want to be reading a whiny post. So I'll get on with posting about other stuff.

I've got most of my stuff packed ready for going to Norwich for Carl and Rachel's wedding. The only things not packed are things I can't pack yet. Like my pills, for example. But there are also a couple of things I want my Mam's opinion on. Mam's coming to give her opinion on those things tomorrow (Monday) afternoon. So they'll be packed then. I can't pack my pills until the last minute though. Especially the pain killers, because I need to take those before I leave.

I asked Eleri if she'd be willing to pop to the shop for Kelly if he runs out of anything while I'm away, because he can't leave Kero and go himself. She said she'd be happy to do that. He shouldn't need her to go get anything, but I figure it's best to have the option there and not need it than to have him run out of anything and not have a way of getting it. I'll make sure he's got a bit of money "just in case" though.

Mam and her friend Kelly came in for a bit this afternoon. Mam's been coming almost every day to clean around my eye for me. I suppose my Kelly could do it every day, but I think Mam feels useful coming to do it. Besides, I know she wants to come check on me each day, so it gives her an excuse to do so. Most days though she's just come in, cleaned around the eye, asked me how I am, then left. But they came in for a bit today. I think it was because they were hot and thirsty though. LOL!

I was just thinking... Is it really right to say "around the eye" now? I mean... There isn't really one there, so can I say "eye" still? Mind you, I expect "around the eye" sounds better than "around the eye socket" really. What do you think?

Sorry about that... It just popped in to my head. Enquiring minds need to know all sorts of interesting - though often weird - things, after all, don't they? LOL!

On that note, I think that's enough from me for today. ;)

Enjoy whatever's left of your day. :)


Saturday, July 26, 2008

Random question: Hobbies & interests

Almost everyone has several things listed in the "interests" section of their profiles, because almost everyone has several different hobbies and interests. Anyway... I was just wondering... If you had to choose just one of your hobbies/interests to name as your "main hobby"... Which one would it be?


"Tangled Threads" by Margret Dickenson

I had trouble sleeping last night. No valid reason for it. I guess I just had one of those nights where you just can't sleep. Of course, the fact I seem to have gotten in to the habit of taking a nap in the afternoon probably had something to do with it. I think I've ended up in that vicious cycle where you take a nap so can't sleep come bed time, which - of course - means you need a nap the next day. Then you just go through the same thing over and over again. *Sigh*

Anyway, since I couldn't sleep, I decided to listen to another of the audio books I have that I haven't listened to yet. This one was "Tangled Threads" by Margret Dickenson. It was about a young woman named "Eveline" (I think that's how you spell her name) for whom nothing seemed to go right. Both my Grandma and my Nan have listened to it and enjoyed it (which I think was the reason my Nan got it for me when she saw it). I enjoyed it too. It was a bit sad in places, but a great book.


Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday's medical and weather updates

I got an appointment through the post today asking me to go for a post op checkup. Unfortunately it seems they didn't listen to me when I said I was away from July 30th to August 5th (I'm actually away from July 31st to August 4th, but wanted to avoid a hospital trip the day before leaving and after coming back). The appointment was for about mid afternoon on August 4th. Well, since we're not coming home until that day we know we wont be able to make the appointment. If we're lucky we might be almost home by then, but the hospital is around an hour from home in the opposite direction to the direction we're coming from, so we couldn't even stop off on the way home, really. Plus - even if it was on the way home - we couldn't guarantee to be close enough to home to make it by that time. So Mam called for me and told them I couldn't make it. They're sending a new appointment for some time after that. Not sure exactly when, but I'll probably get the appointment through at the start of next week. I expect it'll probably be the following week or something.

Staying on the subject of my op for a moment...

Mam and Kelly say the swelling and bruising are going down nicely around the eye. I knew the swelling was and am glad to hear about the bruising healing up nicely. I'm hoping it continues to clear up as well as it has been so that the bruising is at least minimal in time for when I'm having my photo taken at Carl and Rachel's wedding. If it wasn't for the presence of cameras, it wouldn't bother me. I'd just kinda like it if I didn't look like I had a black eye when a camera is pointing at me. LOL! But... *Shrugs*... If it's still all bruised looking then there's nothing that can be done and people will have to just like it or lump it!

The pain isn't too bad either. I still get the odd twinge, but for the most part the Paracetamol is keeping the pain away. I'm only taking them one at a time though. I figure that way if the level of pain goes up and it's been less than four hours since I last had one I can take the chance of taking another one. Besides, no sense taking more than one if just taking one is doing the trick, right? I think the main reason only one pill at a time is enough is that I so rarely take anything like that. Normally the strongest thing I take is Calpol (childrens' medicine... Known as "Childrens' Tylanol" in Canada and - I expect - the US too). Compared to that a 500mg Paracetamol capsule is quite strong.

I've got some of my energy back too. I'm still getting tired easily, but not as easily. I'm able to help Kelly with housework without having to stop half way through it to sit down or lay down now (which is what I was having to do at the start of the week). I'm sure Kelly's very pleased about that. LOL! Don't get me wrong, he's been fantastic, but - like all men - housework isn't his strong point and, despite his best efforts, things were getting missed. After all, you can't expect one man to run a house completely by himself, can you? ;)


We've had a weird day (weather wise) today. It started out all gloomy and rainy (though still sort of warm-ish) and I thought, "I guess that was it for our Summer again then." But by this afternoon it was nice and sunny and dry again. We were even able to get the blanket from the sofa washed and out on the line. :)

I've made a start on the first part of "The Adventures Of Zararose" series of stories my Dad said about writing. It's going OK so far, though I haven't really done much of it yet. I've also put a few scraps of ideas together to form the starting points for a few poems I'm working on. Not sure how long either of these projects are going to take, but I don't think it matters. There's no real rush to get them done, and at least I have something to keep me busy now. :)

Oh, yeah... I listened to "A Bear Called Paddington" by Michael Bond last night before I went to sleep. I'm sure you're all familiar with the stories of Paddington Bear so I wont bother to tell you. And I don't think I need to tell you I enjoyed listening to them. That bear is always good for a chuckle. LOL!

Enjoy whatever's left of your day. And... I hope everyone who's not been feeling too good (be it physically, mentally or whatever) is feeling better soon. *Hugs*


P.S. "Happy birthday," to my friend Nancy who's birthday is today. :)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Is Summer finally here?

It certainly seems as though Summer may finally have arrived. So far this week every day has been beautiful and sunny... Nice and warm but not overly hot. I think the radio said the temperature was around 23 C today (I think that's about 78 F). I hope the day of Carl and Rachel's wedding is as lovely as this week has been.

We took advantage of the lovely weather and got some washing done and out on the line. The last few bits are out on the line finishing off getting dry before the sun sets. Almost everything is indoors and even put away though (we don't iron... Apart from anything else, I don't see the point in it... Your clothes will only get all screwed up when you put them on anyway).

My Nan got me a couple of audio books from the market on Friday. They've been sitting on the coffee table since she brought them to me on Sunday. We finally got around to labeling them today, so now they're in the bedroom waiting to be listened to (along with a couple my Grandma sent from a friend of hers a good few weeks ago, and one my Grandma sent me the other day). I might listen to one or two of them before I go away for the wedding, but we'll see. They'll be there for me when I get back anyway, so no rush.

It's hard to believe that this time last week I'd not long had my op and was laying in a hospital bed listening to the seagulls screeching outside the window (the hospital is really close to the sea, so hearing seagulls while in it is perfectly normal).

Anyway... I can't think of anything else to say at the moment. So... I hope you and your family are happy, healthy, etc. And, of course... Enjoy whatever's left of your day. :)


The stray dog article

When I was at the hospital waiting to fill out all the paperwork and such, my Mam got bored and found a magazine in the day room to read. She read out some of the funny little stories that readers sent in. One in particular stuck in my memory and I thought it was sweet and funny. So - just 'cause I can - I've decided to share it.

I think the magazine it was in was called "Take A Break" or, if not, it was one of the ones simular to that magazine. Anyway... This is how the little story went:

"My Grandaughter, Olivia, was visiting me one day when a stray dog came in to the yard. Olivia went to run out to see it, but I stopped her and told her that, 'that dog might not like five year old children.' Smiling brightly, Olivia replied, 'that's OK. I'll go out there and tell him I'm six.'"

Like I said, I thought it was sweet and kinda funny, so I thought I'd share it.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Books, blogs, sunshine, dinner, Scrabble and dogs

I never mentioned the books I took in to hospital with me (both of which I'd read before I even went down for my op) so I figured I'd start today's post off by mentioning them.

The first one - which I read with my Mam before she had to leave - is called "Touch The Universe" and is a NASA braille book designed to allow blind people to see some of the images captured by the Hubble Space Telescope. The author's name is "Noreen Grice" and the book contains tactile versions of some of the images the HST has captured along with some information on what's in the pictures. I found it fascinating and even my Mam - who's not big on all the space themed stuff that I enjoy - actually seemed to be enjoying the book (though she insists she was just bored)... LOL!

The other one was "Misty The Guide Dog" by Phyllis Flowerdew. It was the first grade 2 book I ever read and is really special to me because it was a gift from Carl (my brother) because he was proud of my learning braille and had promised it to me if I practiced hard and learned well (this was a good ten or more years ago mind you). I think he regrets giving it to me now though, because it means he no longer has a copy, and we both think it's a cute little story. It's the story of a yellow Labrador and how she goes from being a playful little puppy living on a farm to being a fully qualified guide dog for the blind. Like I said, it's a sweet little story, and I've always loved it. I took it with me because I wanted something happy and fun to read while I was stuck in hospital (I didn't know at the time I'd be using it to keep myself occupied while waiting to go in for the op).

And... Staying on the subject of books for a moment... When I got home yesterday a package was waiting for me containing a couple of books I'd ordered. "Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them" by Newt Scamander and "Quidditch Through The Ages" by Kennelworthy Whisp. Yes, the same books Harry Potter has. I'm taking them with me to read when I go to Norwich for Carl and Rachel's wedding. If any of the others I've ordered arrive in time I'll probably take them too, but for now it's just the two books since they're the only ones that have arrived so far.

Since I enjoy reading and writing so much and am missing playing World Of Warcraft, my Dad's suggested I write some stories telling the adventures of the characters I played (in particular my main character... A rogue named Zararose) using what I can remember and - if I get stuck on remembering anything - asking him, Kelly or Mam for any info I need. I think it sounds like a fun idea! Which brings me to the second part of my title... Blogs! My Dad is going to post the stories on the forum for Y Ddraegau (the guild I created, which is now his) but you have to be in the guild and a member of the site to read the stuff on it, so I've decided I'll also post them on my story blog. So, if you're interested in reading them, keep a look out for them showing up on there.


It's been a beautiful day today, and it was made even better by the fact I was able to go outside and enjoy it. Mam and I spent a lot of the afternoon out in the garden (accompanied on and off by Eleri and Faye).

My parents came for dinner today. Mam made toad in the hole (basically sausages, onions and tomatoes in batter) with roast potatoes, carrots and peas. It was very tasty. She doesn't usually make it because one time she did and the batter went wrong so it shook her confidence and she became convinced she couldn't do it. But I asked her to try for me and as it turned out she did a fantastic job.

We had some strawberry cheesecake too, but Mam didn't make that.

Before and after dinner, Kelly and Dad played on the computers while Mam and I played Scrabble (in between trips outside to enjoy the sunshine). Mam won every game, but most of the games were really close. Besides, it doesn't bother me. If I only played to win I'd have given up on Scrabble a long time ago, because it's very rare for me to win at it. LOL!

Kero slept beside us while we played... Man can that dog snore! LOL!

And, speaking of Kero... I think he thinks it's his fault I'm in pain or something. He sniffed near my eye the other day and then put his head down and flattened his ears like he does when he thinks he's in trouble. He's done it a few times since then too. I've tried to tell him it's nothing he did, but I don't think he's convinced. Bless him!

I think that covers everything I wanted to say. I'm not feeling so drained today, and the pain's hardly noticeable (though that's because of the pain killers, but at least they're working). But I'll let this do for today anyway. Enjoy whatever's left of your day. :)


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tiring trip out

I got to go outside all day during a nice day without a hat. :)

That might not seem like a big deal to you, but to me it is because I haven't been outside during the day without a hat since I was about 8 or 9 years old. Sure there have been times my Mam's whipped my hat off my head for a quick photo, but that's it. But today... No hat! :)


Today was a very tiring day with a tiring trip out. It wouldn't have been a tiring trip out if it wasn't for the fact I'm still a little drained and such from having the op. I did have a good day though... Despite the fact I was exhausted afterwards.

I went in to Swansea with my Mam. She needed to get her hair cut for the wedding and I needed a few things so we'd arranged a good week or more ago that we'd go in to Swansea today (before we knew I was having the op last week). Mam said I could give it a miss if I wanted to, but I decided I'd go. My Dad drove us instead of us having to get the bus though.

I got a new wallet and 2 new pairs of 9ct gold stud earings. One pair is heart shaped, the other pair is round with a stone in them that Mam says is pink. The other things I got don't need to be mentioned.

I had to have something to eat around lunch time because - hungry or not - I needed to eat something to be able to take my antibiotic pill. So I had McDonalds. Good excuse or what? LOL! :)

When I got home all I wanted to do was sleep. I napped for a couple of hours (I think about 3) but wasn't sleepy after that (although I was still really tired) so I laid on the sofa watching a kids TV series called "David The Gnome" that I recently got on DVD. I'd have laid in bed watching it but we don't have the TV and DVD player for the bedroom set up yet (partly because the TV is at my parents' place waiting for them to have a chance to bring it down here).

Now I think I'm gonna go get something to eat so I can take my last lot of pills (I'm a bit late taking them because of my late nap) and maybe check some blogs while I wait for them to kick in.

Hope everyone's doing OK... Enjoy whatever's left of your day, or - if there's nothing left of it - enjoy tomorrow. :)


Monday, July 21, 2008

Post about my op

Gonna start from Thursday morning and work from there. I figure that's the best way to tell you exactly how it went.

Got up early and had a nice cup of tea. Mam and Dad arrived for me a little before they were meant to, but no big deal... I was ready anyway. Besides that gave us time to find where we needed to be in the hospital.

Spent half the morning filling out papers and such. They originally told me I'd get to go in for the op by 11:30 am, but that so didn't happen. Mam had to leave a little before that, and when 11:30 am arrived the only thing they came to me for was to draw some blood to check my iron level and a couple of other things that go along with other health issues I have. Problem was that I was getting quite dehydrated (sp?) by then, so rather than the five minutes at most it should have taken it took a good half an hour for them to get one of those little pots full. If I'm not dehydrated they can fill a couple of them in five minutes or so and the hard part is getting me to stop bleeding, but when I'm dehydrated it's like my body says, "are you kidding me? I've got hardly any fluid in here as it is, who do you think you are trying to take what little I have?" LOL!

Anyway, about 12:30 pm they came and got me and took me to see the surgeon so he could tell me again what was being done and give me a chance to ask questions or change my mind if I wanted to. Then they took me back to my bed and told me the anesetist (sp?) would be around in a few minutes. An hour later she finally showed up!

She weighed me because they needed my weight in Kilos and I only knew it in lbs. I made a point of remembering it in kilos so I could find someone who knew how to convert it and find out if I've lost any weight since April (or put any on). Turned out I lost 7 lbs since when I was weighed in April (or was it the end of March?... Well, when I registered with my new doctor anyway). So that's good. :)

Anyway, she told me it would be "about 4:00 pm" that I'd go in for my op and gave me some pills to keep my stomache settled (because of how long it had been since I'd last eaten) and wanted me put on a nebuliser for a bit to make sure there was plenty of oxygen in my lungs. I HATED the smell of that oxygen mask!

It turned out it was actually 3:00 pm they came to get me and take me in to theatre, by which time I was really hungry, really thirsty, really bored and - partly due to the other stuff, partly due to being fed up of answering the same questions over and over again - VERY irritable. When the second person in ten minutes asked me something I'd been asked several times throughout the morning I told them I'd already answered and to remind me next time I was coming in to hospital to record myself answering the questions the first time so I would be able to play back the tape instead of repeating myself every five minutes. Told you I was irritable... LOL!

They had trouble getting the thingy for the IV (I forget what it's called) in my hand because of the trouble they were having with my veins (again due to dehydration). I can still actually feel the cuts where they finally got it in (and where they "almost" got it in) and because of where it had to be (pretty much on the side of my hands... Near my wrists) using my hands was kinda painful until today. Not good for someone who NEEDS use of her hands, you think? But they're OK now. I'm just covered in cuts and bruises from things they had to do to me.


I'm glad the anasthetic (sp?) sends you in to a dreamless sleep, or I'd have probably had nightmares. I drifted off hearing a discussion about them being concerned about me because I was so dehydrated and that I shouldn't have gone so long without anything to eat or drink. I went to point out to them that since I was there in time for breakfast and they knew it would be this late before I went down for the op (they'd just said so) they could have given me something to drink at least, but I fell asleep before I had a chance. There was a conversation about the kinds of knives and such they'd need for the op too, but I was more concerned about the one involving lack of oxygen in my lungs due to dehydration and how that was concerning them.

When I woke up it was to find one of those masks on me again, but this time it was on with the elastic thing. I can't stand it on like that. For one thing I feel like I'm suffocating with the smell (reminds me of gone wrong play dough) for another the mask was pushing on the pad that was over my eye and was hurting me. So I decided I wanted it off. It was me vs about three doctors (judging by the number of hands and voices) but I won. The mask came off. They did make an attempt at sticking the tubes up my nose to give me oxygen that way, but I covered my nose and told them to, "Go away and leave me alone!" They did try to persuade me, but after I kicked one of them I think they got the message. *winks*

While this fight was going on I over heard a conversation about how my stats had dropped big time when I was under anasthetic and they'd given me something to bring them up but I must have been alergic to it or something because it had the opposite affect and made me stop breathing. I wish I could remember what they said it was so I can warn them not to give it to me again... I've tried to remember, but I really can't.. I know it started with a "b" or a "v" but that's all I can remember.

Someone said it was about 5:20 pm at that point and that my stats had been quite low but now that I was relaxed (they'd stopped trying to force masks and tubes on me) whatever was meant to be 95 or above was sticking around 96 to 97 instead of the 84 it had been. Not sure what it was, but they were pleased so I'm guessing that was a good thing. I dozed a bit after that, and only vaguely remember someone coming and wheeling me back to the ward then I remember telling a nurse who was lifting me from the trolley to the actual bed to, "be careful you don't hurt your back 'cause I'm kinda heavy." And I heard that food was being served and someone mentioned egg sandwiches so I told them they had to save me some for later. I kept on about it until they agreed they would, then let myself drift back off to sleep. LOL!

Next thing I knew it was about 6:15 pm (I heard someone say so) and people were asking each other if anyone was visiting them, and a nurse was asking me if my Mam was visiting. I told the nurse it depended on how her scan went and that Mam, Dad and Kelly were meant to be coming. I stayed awake after that, and by the time they got there (I think about an hour later) I was sitting up just fine. I was even able to walk fine when Mam took me to the bathroom and helped me change in to a pair of PJs (I'd been stuck in one of those awful hospital gowns all day).

A male nurse saw us going there and asked if I was OK. I told him I was hungry and wanted him to go see if they kept my egg sandwich, so he laughed and went off to look. By the time I got back to the bed it was waiting for me. :)

The nurses were all really impressed with how well I did. I had my egg sandwich, some bottled water and a cup of cocoa (and, yes, I kept it all down). I was in a bit of pain just before Mam, Dad and Kelly left so the nurse brought me some pain killers and I went to sleep, comfy and content in the knowledge that it was over and they'd FINALLY given me some food and drink. LOL!

Soon after 10:00 pm the night nurse woke me up to see how I was feeling. I hate when they do that, but I hate it even more when they do what she did and go away for a bit then come back a few minutes later saying, "are you still awake? because I'd like to give you some medication... But I'd hate to wake you!" I so wanted to slap her for that comment! Especially since - now that I'd been woken - I was WIDE awake and knew it would be a while before I'd fall asleep again. I was right and ended up awake half the night. Grr!

The day nurses were pretty good, but I was disgusted with the night nurses. Due to where the bathroom was I needed someone to take me there. I was told to press the buzzer and they'd come as soon as they could. After half an hour of pressing it, a young girl (I think her name was "Ffion" but I could be wrong) took me. She was only 17 and had only come back from surgery herself about ten minutes before I went down (she had her tonsils out). Two people only out of theatre a few hours should NOT be left to make their way down a corridor at 11:00 pm without a nurse or doctor in tow. But we had no choice. I had to pee, and someone had to take me because I had no idea where it was. She had attempted to locate a nurse for me, but couldn't find one. I found out later there was a confused man so they were down with him reassuring him and didn't know the buzzer had been pressed.

What I want to know is... What if it had been an emergency? There was an 84 year old woman in the bed beside me (her name was "Mary") who had to walk with a zimmaframe (sp?)... What if she'd fallen? AND according to my chart (a, I heard it mentioned, and b, Mam read it) they were "meant to be" keeping a check on me because of my breathing issues... What if I was pressing the buzzer - or someone else was pressing it for me - because I couldn't breathe?

Anyway, I had no issues over night. The night nurse did "try" to give me a nebuliser, but I didn't want it because she kept putting the elastic around my head. Eventually we comprimised and I agreed to have it if the elastic didn't go round my head so I could hold it so it wasn't quite touching me. I think I got sick of it sooner than they'd hoped though, because I got fed up of the smell after a bit and put it on the cupboard by my bed and did a bit of writing with my braille hand frame thing for a bit while munching on the chocolates Mam and Dad brought me.

Yeah, I know, I'm a stubbourn cow. LOL!

One of the night nurses commented on how well I was doing and - annoyed at having to go looking for a nurse when I had to pee again and everyone was sleeping and nobody was answering my buzzer - I replied snappily that, "I don't exactly have much choice, do I?" She muttered that I had a point and that's when she told me about the confused man, using that as the reason why buzzers were being ignored. *Shaking head* I know the man needs care too, but there were plenty of other patients and at least one of the nurses should have been keeping a check for any of them needing anything.

Friday morning some of us were talking and someone called "Elizabeth" (or "Liz" as she liked to be called) asked when I was going home. I told her "Today" and she asked if I'd seen the doctor. I said, "No, but I've decided I'm going home with or without his or her say so. I've had enough and the question isn't whether I'm going home, the question is what time!"

They don't like when you check yourself out, but if you're not hooked up to any machines and have someone at home with you then they know there's nothing they can do to stop you leaving if you really want to. As it turned out the doctor signed me out though. :)

The doctor came to see me about 9:00 am and took the pad off my eye. He said it could stay off if it didn't swell up too much, and it didn't so the pad stayed off. He also said he was really pleased with how the op had gone and I could go home as soon as the "oral antibiotics and antibiotic eye ointment" he wanted me to have were ready from the farmacy.

About 10:00 am a male nurse came and asked about how I was getting home. I told him they needed to call my Mam but if they didn't do it soon I was sticking around until late afternoon because she had a driving lesson and I wasn't letting her cancel it to come pick me up. He came back a while later telling me she was on her way and my stuff would be ready by 11:30 am.

Mam arrived about 11:45 am, at which point I was STILL waiting for the stuff from the pharmacy and nobody had made any attempts to take me anywhere to get dressed (I wasn't getting dressed in there with doctors and nurses popping their heads round curtains every five seconds... No way!) So Mam chased down my pills and ointment and - when she had them - took me to get dressed.

I think they wanted rid of me, because when we got back I had to sit on "Ffion"'s bedside chair to put my shoes and socks on while my Mam tryed to get to pack up my stuff since the nurses were already changing the sheets on my bed ready for the next person who'd need it. *Shaking head* Talk about a hint! They did say they had people due to come in, but I've never been kicked out so fast in my life! You think they were sick of me? LOL! Never mind, I wanted to go home anyway. It just would have been nice to be done over there before they started preparing for the next patient.


Mam and Dad got me McDonalds on the way home, then - when I got home - I went for a nap. I've been doing a lot of sleeping over the past few days. Between the medication, the lingering anasthetic in my system and the fact that - believe it or not - the pain isn't as bad now as it was before the op (well, for the most part)... Well... All those things combined make sleeping very easy! :)

I'm not doing too bad. The pain's not too bad (as long as I don't move too quickly) but I'm really tired. I feel like someone's sapped my strength and then buggared off and left me to get on with it. But I'll be alright soon and at least it's over with now, which means that - since everything went so well - the pain will soon be over with.

I was in a fair bit of pain on Friday evening because they gave me stuff to keep away infection but gave no thought to pain relief, but Kelly went and got me some Paracetamol and I was OK after that.

I'll post more and check your blogs when I'm feeling up to it. As it is it's taken me more than two hours to write this, and now I'm tired and it's time for me to find some supper so I can see about having my pills and going to bed soon.

Hope everyone's doing OK. *hugs*


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Phone call from the hospital

This afternoon, while Mam and I were sat on the sofa checking out a new recipe book and Kelly and Dad were fiddling on the computers, the phone rang. I answered it and the caller told me she was calling from the hospital where I go for my eye appointments, asked if I was me (if you know what I mean) and if she was correct that I was on a list for an op with the surgeon who's doing my op (luckily I remembered his name). I confirmed that I was me and I was on said list. Anyway, to cut a long story short, he's had a cancelation and she wanted to know if I could come in for my op TOMORROW!

So... I'm not allowed anything to eat or drink after 7:00 am tomorrow morning (I wont be eating after about midnight though, because I know from experience that eating up until the deadline isn't a good idea and usually results in being really sick after an op) and I've got to be at the hospital for 8:00 am tomorrow morning to have my op some time tomorrow (I think early afternoon).

All being well I should be coming home Friday (though I doubt I'll be up to blogging on Friday). But it depends how well I do after the op to when they'll actually let me come home. I hope I do get to come home Friday though. I don't want to be in the hospital longer than I "have to"... But, who would want to stay in longer than absolutely necessary anyway?

Knowing I'm hardly getting anything to eat tomorrow made the dinner Mam made tonight even more enjoyable than usual. LOL! She made steak, chips, egg, curried mushrooms and peas (Dad and Kelly didn't have the curried mushrooms though).


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Question: home library

I know that at least most of the people who visit my blog love to read.

So I have a question for you all... What kinds of books make up your home library?

Meaning... Are most of your books by the same author? Or, are most of your books the same type of book (e.g. ghost stories, poetry, books on photography, autobiographies of favourite celebrities, etc)?


Today (Tuesday)

Haven't really done anything today because we made sure to keep today clear because someone was meant to come read our gas meter today, but they showed up yesterday instead. I'm not entirely happy about that because they never even gave us any warning that they were coming. They just showed up a day early expecting us to be in. I spacifically told them when it was arranged a few weeks ago that there was a chance I would be in hospital so would need to arrange for someone to be here and if they were coming on a different date I'd need to be informed so I could arrange for someone to be here on the right day (this was arranged before my eye appointment, so I didn't know what was happening with my op at that point... Not that I really do now, but still. lol). Luckily Kero's not allowed in B&Q and Asda (I could take him in as my service dog, but since he's got a habit of "marking" everything as his I don't think that's a good idea) so as it turned out Kelly and Kero were home. But that is so not the point! But... *Sigh*... Well, it's done now, isn't it? And what's done is done I suppose.

I am, however, really pleased with the R.N.I.B.'s customer service team at the moment. I guess they're sorting out the braille books I ordered. Anyway, with a couple of them that I ordered after the others I accidentally shut the browser while heading to the "checkout" page and had to go back in and do the order again. I only got one confirmation e-mail so I assumed I'd only placed one order for those particular books and didn't think any more of it since I only wanted one of each book, obviously. Anyway I got a call from the R.N.I.B. customer services people today asking me if I'd put in two orders intensionally or if I only wanted one of each book. I told them the duplicate order was an accident, so they said, "no problem," and scrapped the duplicate order so that it's only one of each book ordered. I was pleased because they'd phoned to ask me rather than just assuming I wanted both copies and charging me for them both then leaving me with spare copies of those two books. Mind you if they had done that then Carl would have probably enjoyed them anyway, since he - like me - enjoys the childrens' Christmas stories, and that's what those two books are. But I'm still glad they took the time to ask me if I meant to order two copies. :)

I'm afraid that pretty much covers my day today. Yeah, I know... Not the most interesting of days, eh? LOL!

Enjoy whatever's left of your day. :)


Monday, July 14, 2008

Trip to B&Q and Asda

I felt like a receptionist this morning. Various people kept phoning me. At one point I had one person on hold on the home phone while talking to another on my mobile phone. After over an hour of calls from various people I actually answered the phone by saying, "Hello... Reception." Much to the amusement of the caller (who turned out to be my Mam). LOL!


Mam and Kelly (not my Kelly... Mam's co-driver and friend) took me to B&Q today to get a few bits we need to sort out the flat. Stuff like a towel rail for the bathroom, a new kitchen bin and that sort of thing. We also got the garden twine type stuff we need to properly secure the fencing in the back garden between our garden and the garden next door to stop Kero sneaking out.

Dad's "hopefully" putting the towel rail and some hooks we need for things up for us on Wednesday when they come for dinner. Not sure who's sorting the fencing. Both Mam and Kelly (my hubby this time) have said they'll do it, and I don't really care who does it as long as it gets done some time soon. I figure I'll just see who gets to it first. LOL!

After we went to B&Q we went to Asda. I needed a couple of things but - as is always the case - I came out with more than I went in to get. And, of course, I forgot something I'd actually gone in there for. Isn't that how it always goes? LOL!

Of course, since I went to Asda we had pizza for dinner tonight. We almost always have pizza when I go to Asda. I've not long had mine. It was a 10 inch, filled crust, bacon, onion and mushroom pizza (with extra cheese on top, of course). And yes, I did enjoy it. I'd have brought everyone else pizza, but I couldn't remember what everyone wanted and had no way of asking. :)


My Mam is still not quite right. She keeps trying to do things and getting frustrated when she can't. I can understand that more than I think she realises. But she's doing "OK" considering. And, if I remember rightly, her scan will be on Thursday.

Anyway, that's all I have to say today. So... Enjoy whatever's left of your day. :)


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday's scribblings

It's actually a nice day today. The weather's been lousy most of the last couple of weeks, but the sun's decided to shine today. And it's a nice temperature too... Not sure what the temp is, but it's somewhere in the range where it's warm but not too hot.


I've been trying to work on some writing, but I can't seem to concentrate. I don't know if it's just because of everything that's going on right now (I'm assuming it is) but it's annoying. I have a few ideas, I just can't seem to get them down on paper properly. Hopefully after the wedding and my op are over with I'll be able to concentrate better.

And - speaking of my op - I got a letter on Saturday confirming that I'm on the list for the op. Not sure why they send these letters out. Maybe they think people will forget they're on a list for an op? LOL! Anyway, it's "usually" only about six weeks (give or take) after recieving this letter that letters for appointments and operations arrive. So - all being well - I "should" get my letter about the date of the op a couple of weeks after coming home from Carl and Rachel's wedding. If this is the case then it should be early to mid September that I have the op. I'd hoped sooner, but I've got to wait for them to be ready... *Sigh*... Well, at least it will be all over with before my birthday and Christmas. And, you never know, they might - if I get lucky - decide to do the op at the very end of August. Yeah, I know that's wishful thinking. But I just want it over with so I can get on with the rest of my life.

On the subject of hospital trips...

MarmiteToasty is going back in to hospital tomorrow (Monday). Things really aren't going well with her leg. I hope this time they can sort it out and she can get on with recovery. Anyway, I'm mentioning it on my blog because I'm sure she'd appreciate any thoughts and prayers sent her way for things to go as planned this time.

*Sends hugs, get well wishes, positive thoughts, etc to Marmite Toasty*

And, I hope everyone else who's not been too well lately is feeling better soon too. *Sends hugs, get well wishes and positive thoughts to those people as well* Hope everyone is feeling better soon.


Saturday, July 12, 2008

Random question: Home

Where is home to you? Meaning, where is the one place that you would be able to live and know that you are "home" and feel happy and secure? Or, are you already "home"?


Friday, July 11, 2008

Full House & books

My "Full House - Season 8" DVDs arrived this morning so I decided that - since I didn't have any other plans for today - I'd sit and watch them. So I've FINALLY been able to see the last episode. I watched all but that last episode when I was in Canada during one of their re-run sessions. I'd sat and watched them every day but ended up missing that one episode. Then, of course, by the time it would have been back on I was back here in Wales where they don't show the re-runs on TV (they never even showed past about season 3 in the first place). But now I know what happened in that final episode. :)


Since I watched the whole series (4 disks with about 6 episodes per disk) that didn't really allow for me to do much else today. LOL! Well, apart from fiddling with the scheduled post thingy. But I did a post a little while ago about that, so I wont repeat myself.

I have been browsing some web sites and adding stuff to my "stuff I want" list though. Mostly it's books. Some of them I had in Print and now want in braille or audio, others I'd either forgotten about from childhood or never heard of before. There were a couple of movies and CDs I added too. That list is getting kinda long... Despite the fact I keep buying things off of it. LOL! That's the list I'll be picking things from for lists for my birthday and Christmas. I'm hoping that'll help shrink it quicker. :)

I did order myself some of the books off the list. I'm hoping that at least most of them will be here in time to take with me for the car ride - and for bedtime reading - when I go to the wedding. Thing is, I'm not sure they will be. Two of them I'm almost possitive I'll have. But the rest... *Shrugs*... I dunno. It takes a few weeks for braille books to get to people. The ones from one place it's because of the fact they've gotta get half way around the world. From the other place it's because they don't print them until you order them. In theory they should all be here, but in practice it depends on the postal service.

OK, well, on that note... I'm tired, so I think I'm going to go to bed. Will catch up on blogs tomorrow.

Enjoy whatever's left of your day. :)


I think I've got it

OK, well - thanks to LadyStyx's explanation in the comments section of my last blog post - I think I've figured out the scheduled posts thingy. And Jaws was pretty cooperative too, which is a rare but wonderful thing. :)

Anyway, if I've done it right then the post should publish itself at 11:30 am on Saturday August 2nd 2008. And, I think I have done it right, because blogger says it will publish the post on that time and date. So fingers crossed, eh? :)


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Three weeks today...

... I will be in a hotel room in Norwich.

Why? Because three weeks on Saturday is Carl and Rachel's wedding... It's hard to believe it's so close! They must be extremely excited... Not to mention stressed beyond belief!

I have to say (and, Rachel, I mean this in the nicest way) hearing about everything they're having to get done - not to mention how much it's all costing - is making me very glad that Kelly and I just had a small, quiet wedding. But, hey, if that's what they want... It's their wedding day, after all. :)


I told you last week that I got my clothes for the wedding. The only thing I needed was a hat. I wouldn't normally bother with a hat when dressing for something like a wedding, but I know I'm going to need something to shield my eye on the day, and I don't think a baseball cap would go with my outfit. LOL! Anyway, I happened to mention this to my Grandma, so she very kindly sent me a hat she had that she thought I might like and that she thought - from the descriptions I gave her - would go with my outfit. It arrived yesterday (Wednesday) and Mam and I both think it will do nicely. It'll shield my eye while still looking like it belongs, if you know what I mean. So that'll save me going out and buying a hat. :)

There was another thing I needed though. But this thing wasn't an item of clothing. Nope. It was a suitcase. The small suitcase I had was lent to someone and I never got it back, and the big one is much to big for just one person to use (I could almost fit in it). So Kelly went out and brought me a new set of cases on Tuesday. It's a set with two different sized suitcases and a shoulder bag type thing. The biggest suitcase in the set isn't much smaller than the big one we already had, but the other one is just the right size for me to use for the time I'll be away for the wedding. And the bag is just right for carrying some books and stuff for the car journey. And the whole set only cost £12 (that's a little over $20 US) because the place he went to has a sale on because of it being so close to what they call "the miner's fourtnight" (which is the last week in July and the first week in August, and is the time when most people go away on their Summer holidays). So not bad, I think. :)


I've already packed my clothes for the wedding in the case. I figured it would stop them getting dirty or anything if I put them away. And, what better place to put them than in the suitcase? Especially since - as I've already mentioned - this time in three weeks I'll be in the hotel already.

Kelly's not coming to the wedding. He'd have liked to come (and we'd have liked him to come) but all the people we could trust to have Kero for the amount of time we'd need a puppy-sitter are going to the wedding too. And before anyone suggests it, a kennel is not an option. So Kelly's staying behind with Kero.

I'll be away from Thursday July 31st until Monday August 4th. And, no, I wont have internet access while I'm away. I might see if I can figure out the thing blogger does where you can arrange posts to be published on a future date though so I can post a little post on the day of the wedding to say "congratulations" and all that. But unless I do that there wont be any posts from me for almost a week.

Anyway... I think that's enough of my nonsense for one day. Don't you? LOL!

So... Enjoy whatever's left of your day. :)


Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Potato puppy

My Mam and Dad came for dinner today as usual. The only difference was that Dad and I helped Mam with the dinner this week since - despite what she says - Mam's still not feeling too great, and we all thought she should take it easy today.


I peeled and chopped the potatoes before they arrived, but an onion needed to be done and Dad said he'd do that since it would irritate my eye too much. Anyway, my veg goes in the veg drawer in the fridge, so Dad went in there to get an onion. And this is what he found in with the potatoes.

I've decided to name him Spud. I think that's an appropriate name for a potato puppy, don't you? :)

Spud is back in the drawer with the rest of the potatoes now. We did consider sending him to one of those people who collect animal shaped vegetables, but - despite his striking resemblance to a Cocker Spaniel - we decided we'd just put him back in the drawer and eat him for dinner on the weekend. LOL! Not before taking his photo though, of course! :)


Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The parent and the princess

My Mam ended up going in to hospital today. She had what appears to be a minor stroke. We all think it was probably due to all the stress she's been under lately with trying to do so much. Anyway, she didn't have to stay in so she's home now, but she's got to go for some scans and tests to check and make sure there wasn't more to it and/or that it didn't do any lasting damage to anything.

I'm afraid that's all I can tell you on that subject at the moment. When I know more, I'll post more.


I haven't done much today. Mostly I've been watching some of the DVDs I brought a while back and haven't gotten around to watching. A lot of them are just kids' shows - like "Rugrats" and "The Adventures Of The Wishing Chair" - but I did also watch another movie today.

The movie was "A Little Princess" and it's one that I'm sure at least most people will be familiar with (whether it's from reading the book or watching the movie). I've seen it before and read the book when I was a child (I think I was about 10 or 11). Anyway, it's the story of a little girl from India called "Sarah" who's sent to a boarding school when her father has to go and fight in the war. Her Dad's always told her that all girls are princesses, so that's what she believes. Not sure what else to say about it without giving the story away. It's a lovely story though, and if you're a fan of "The Secret Garden" then you'll enjoy this one since the book was actually written by the same author if I'm not mistaken (I'm afraid I don't have a copy of the book in order to verify, and I don't feel like looking it up right now, sorry).

OK, well... Enjoy whatever's left of your day. And... Get well soon to everyone who's not well, or is still in and out of hospital. *sends hugs to those people* :)


Monday, July 07, 2008

My relaxing Monday

Today (Monday) I've alternated between watching DVDs, messing about on the PC and curling up on the sofa reading. Not a bad way to spend the day in my opinion. :)

The book I read was "Aesops Fables" retold in verse by Tom Paxton. It's one of my recently aquired braille books. I'm sure you're all familiar with Aesop's fables ("the tortoise and the hare" and all those stories) so I wont go in to details on the book. I'll just say that I enjoyed spending half the afternoon curled up on the sofa reading it.

Most of the DVDs I watched were more of the childrens' cartoons I said I was collecting. You know? The ones I always enjoyed. The ones I watched today were "Rugrats" DVDs.

I've also just finished watching "Batman Begins" with Kelly. It's my favourite of the Batman movies. Although, I'm not really being fair when I say that because the only other one I've actually seen is "Batman And Robin" but... *Shrugs*... Alot of people seem to like "Batman Begins" best. I know Kelly does. It's "technically" the first Batman movie, though it's actually one of the most recently made. It's annoying when they do that. Anyway, we both enjoyed watching it and that's all that matters. In fact, Kelly enjoys the movie so much he's watched it about four times in the past week. LOL! So I guess it was definately worth its money. :)

Going to leave it at this because my wrist is a bit sore from all the labeling I did over the weekend. Hope everyone's having a good day and that you enjoy whatever's left of it. :)


Sunday, July 06, 2008

How to be lazy and busy at the same time

That title pretty much sums up the theme of this post. It might sound weird - and probably does - but that's the kind of weekend I've had.

Warning: Food mentioned several times in this post.

So... Let me tell you about my lazy but busy weekend.

Friday night, after I finished my blog post, I had my pizza (a bacon, mushroom and onion pizza) and went and listened to the rest of "Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix" before eating my jam and cream scones. After that, I went to bed.

I didn't sleep too badly. Nowhere near as good as Thursday night, but definately better than most nights.

There was an awesome storm Friday night (well, actually, it was VERY early Saturday morning) and it carried on until well past sunrise. After that it eased off, but it still kept raining all day yesterday (Saturday).

This was Mam's weekend up, so Kelly was with my Dad for the weekend. Because of the weather my Dad brought Mam here and picked Kelly up late morning ish.

Mam made us (me and herself) an egg and bacon roll for lunch yesterday. It was very tasty! And after the roll we sat and ate some pink waffer biscuits I'd gotten in the shopping on Friday that both Mam and I are very fond of.

While we were eating the biscuits, we watched some TV. Mam wanted to watch the "Home And Away" omnibus (I wasn't bothered myself, but I said she could if she wanted to) and then she wanted to watch some more of my "Full House" DVDs. Good thing I don't mind watching that show over, and over, and over again, eh? LOL! Anyway, I figured that while Mam was watching TV would be a good time for us to label the rest of the CDs since she could just quickly tell me the details of the CD then go right back to her show while I made the label for it. So that's what we did.

We stopped for dinner some time around 5:00 pm ish. We had crispy duck pancakes. The shop brought ones aren't as good as in the Chinese resteraunt we like, but they're still pretty good. And at some point in the evening we stopped for a rhubarb yoghurt each too. Also very tasty!

Anyway... To cut a long story short... We never got to bed until close to 1:00 am this morning. The good thing is though that we managed to get ALL of my CDs labeled!!

Neither of us slept very long though. we both fell asleep pretty quickly, but I was up by 6:30 am, and Mam woke about 7:15 am. Not too bad for how we've both been sleeping lately.

Today (Sunday) Mam cooked a roast chicken dinner for us all ("us all" means Mam, Dad, Nan, Wayne, Willow, Kelly, Kero and myself). It was really nice. We had some pudding this week too... Strawberry cheescake. I don't think I need to tell you that I enjoyed that. :)

There was enough left over (dinner and cheesecake) for Kelly and I to have tomorrow, so I'm really looking forward to that. :)


I put away all the CDs today. I'm very pleased they're all labeled and put away now. It's nice knowing they're done and that I can find any CD I want to now. :)

We're planning on labeling the herbs and spices jars in my spice rack, and the pots I store herbal tea in (I might have already told you that). We did get a couple of them done today, but we ran out of time before dinner, and after dinner we got side-tracked playing scrabble (I won the game by the way, but only just).

There you go. That's how to be lazy and busy at the same time. LOL! We may have spent the whole weekend watching TV shows and - in the case of this afternoon - playing board games, but we still managed to get the last of the CDs labeled. :)

OK... Well... I've got some things I need to do, so I'll let this do for now and will check your blogs later or tomorrow. Hope everyone is doing OK... Enjoy whatever's left of your day. :)


Friday, July 04, 2008

Curtains and clothes

Yesterday (Thursday) Dad came and put the curtains up in the living room and spare room for us. So now all the curtains are up. :)

It was Faye (the girl from upstairs)'s birthday yesterday. Eleri (her mother) mentioned it in passing last week, so we thought it would be nice if we got her a card. She was really pleased with it and said thank you at least half a dozen times. Adding that we "didn't have to." I know we didn't have to, I just thought it would be a nice gesture. And, it's not like it costs much to buy a card.


Wayne came to stay the night with us last night. He spent the evening watching TV. I think he watched "Batman Begins" with Kelly too. I'd have watched it with them but I was really tired and sleepy, so instead I went to bed.

I think pure exhaustion caught up with me or something, because I finally managed to get a decent night's sleep. Hopefully my busy day today will make that happen again tonight. :)

Today (Friday) I went out with Mam and her friend Kelly.

We did the food shopping for this week and also went clothes shopping. I needed some new trainers and trousers, so I got a pair of trainers and a couple of pairs of trousers. And, Kelly needed a new sweater, so I got him one. I also got my clothes for the wedding. There's only a few more weeks to go, so we thought it was about time I sorted out what I was going to wear.

I had some Cornish pasties for lunch while I was out. I did buy a fresh cream scone in the shopping too, but I haven't eaten that yet. I'll probably have it later.

Asda (which is where I did the food shopping this time) does a make-your-own pizza thing. You can pick any four toppings for your pizza for just £3 (it's just under the £3, but I don't remember the exact pennies). That's about US$6. The pizzas aren't properly cooked and you have to put them in the oven to finish them off, but it's worth the trouble because they're fantastic pizzas. Anyway, while I was in Asda I picked up one each for Kelly and myself. We're having them for dinner tonight (going to be sorting them out in a bit).

That's it from me for today, so... Enjoy whatever's left of your day. :)

Oh yeah... Happy Independence Day to everyone in America. :)


Thursday, July 03, 2008

Question: Mongoose

If the plural of goose is geese why is more than one mongoose still called a mongoose? Shouldn't it be mongeese?

Question regarding escaping reality

We all have moments when we wish we were somewhere else and doing something else, right?

So I was just wondering...

If you could be anywhere in the world right now, doing anything you want to do, and with anyone you want to be with (or alone if you wish). Where would you be? What would you be doing? And who - if anyone - would you be with?

And, yes, you are allowed to name people who are no longer living.


Wednesday, July 02, 2008

More on the eye appointment,and my week so far

Quick warning for you... This is probably going to be a long post, so you might want to grab a cuppa. There's also a few food related parts, so if you're one of those people who get hungry when reading about food then you might want to grab a bite to eat too. LOL! I have tried to keep things short for you though. :)


You all seem under the impression it was only my eye appointment that tired me out on Monday. It wasn't. For one thing I was already tired due to lack of sleep. For another thing I did a lot more than just going to my eye appointment on Monday. Before I go in to the rest of the day though, I thought I'd give you a bit more info on the eye appointment.


We got there a few minutes before my appointment expecting the hour (at least) wait we usually have. Didn't happen though! We'd pretty much just sat down when we got called by a nurse who intended doing one of those tests where you've got to see what letters you can see from that lit up board thingy... You know what I mean? So we walk in the room and a slightly embarrassed nurse asks if there's any point in us doing this (I think it was when I walked in holding my Mam's arm with one hand and my cane with the other she realised). Shows how well they read the notes before hand, eh? Anyway, we told her there wasn't and she told us to take a seat back in the waiting room. We just sat down when the actual doctor was ready for us. I've never been seen so quickly in my life! Well, that I can remember anyway.

The doctor was one of the ones I've seen on and off since I was about a week old. I swear the people in that hospital (the eye department of it anyway) know me better than the wizarding world knows Harry Potter! I actually mentioned this to one of the nurses while we were waiting for the surgeon and she laughed and said she thinks I might be right. We both agreed though that Harry was famous for something a lot nicer than I was.


The doctor looked in my eye, shone lights in it, etc (to see what - if anything - I can see) then asked if I was still sure I wanted it out. I said I was sure so he sent for the surgeon. While the nurse went to ask him to come see me, the doctor asked if I knew what had been done with my other eye when that one came out. I told him what I could remember and he said they'd probably do the same thing again.

The surgeon (who seems really nice btw) came in, started looking in my eye again, announced that he was happy to do the op, agreed that he would in fact be doing the same thing as was done with my other eye and told me more about how it's gonna work. I knew it already, but they have to say it all, don't they?

For those interested...

The op only takes about an hour. I'll be going in one day and "should" come home the next day (as long as I'm well enough). What they do is scoop out the eye - leaving some of the bits around the edge - then put something (they gave it a medical name that I can't remember) in the hole they've made to make it so the eye moves and - to a certain extent - acts like a working eye. The difference being you can't see out of it. I think it's a bit of coral they use. I know that's what was used in the other one anyway.

Like I said Monday... It's going to be a good few weeks before I can have it done though because the surgeon is "very busy this time of year." Mam and I wondered if a holiday had anything to do with it. Not that we could do anything if it did. Would be interesting to know though.


As we were leaving the hospital (we'd literally just walked out of the door) an elderly woman had a nasty fall. We're not sure if she fainted and fell and then hit her head, or if she tripped and fell and then hit her head. All we know is she fell and Mam ran to get someone while another woman who had also just walked out of the hospital tried to get some kind of response from her. We know she came around pretty quickly, but we couldn't hang around to find out if she was badly hurt. We just waited to make sure she was being cared for then left. Hope she was OK.

After that we went to Tesco and did a bit of shopping. Mam and Dad do their weekly shop on a Monday so they needed a fair few things, I just needed a couple of bits though. I hate shopping for food. It's SO BORING!!!

When we were done in Tesco we went to B&Q to get the curtain poles for the spare room and the living room. We've been meaning to for a while but never seemed to get around to it. We've got them now though.

Then we went to a couple of clothes shops because I needed a few things (like some new trousers) and Mam... Well... She just likes looking in clothes shops. I got myself 2 new pairs of trousers and I got some socks for Kelly and didn't even spend £10 (£10 is about $20 US).

On our way home we (Mam, Dad and I) had an ice-cream. A Mr Whippy ice-cream! And man was it good!!! :)

I'd left home a little after 1:30 pm and it was somewhere between 6:00 pm and 6:30 pm when I got home. By that time I was VERY tired. I just had something to eat, did that quick blog I did on Monday and went to bed.

Just a shame I didn't sleep much even with how tired I was (and still am).

Tuesday (yesterday) I didn't do much. I didn't feel like doing much. I did make several attempts at getting some sleep, but it wasn't working too well. I got quite a bit of the Harry Potter book I'm listening to listened to though. I'm about 3/4 of the way through it now.

Kelly couldn't go shopping (long story... Not going in to detail) so Mam ran some errands for us yesterday. So, thanks for that Mam. :)

The only other thing I have to say about yesterday is that it was Canada day and Kelly's Granma's birthday. So belated happy Canada day to everyone, and belated happy birthday to Kelly's Granma. Not sure how old Kelly's Granma was, but apparently Canada is now 141 years old. :)

As for today...

A package arrived this morning that I've been waiting almost six weeks for. It's a couple of games I REALLY wanted that I can no longer get over here so had to order them from somewhere in Canada (at least, I think that's where the company is based).


My Mam and Dad were down for the afternoon (as usual) and my Dad made a start on putting the curtains up. He couldn't finish though because of screw issues. He's "hopefully" finishing up tomorrow.

My Mam made dinner again. This week she made a beef, mushroom and onion pie with roast potatoes, carrots and swede (sp?). It was delicious!

She also made a "Jam Rolly-Poly" for pudding. That was fantastic! At least, I thought it was!

Right... Well... I think that'll do for today... Going to go curl up with Kero.

Enjoy whatever's left of your day. :)