Sunday, August 31, 2008

Trying to heal (AE&D + PTMI)

I remember someone on another blog - I don't remember who at the moment - wondering about how much gunk is in the human head. I believe said person thought it was way more than it should be and couldn't believe that the human head could hold so much gunk. At this moment I couldn't agree more!

The eye area is trying to heal properly from the surgery... Probably starting to disolve the stitches and all that... And the result is that the area is all gunky and gross. Especially when I first get up after a solid couple of hours sleep. When I've been sleeping I wake to find the eye's been producing this gunky stuff so much that it's actually stuck in the closed position because of it. So I've got to clean it up before I can open it.

I think part of it is due to the fact it's doing what all parts of the body do when they have something in them they don't recognise and trying to fight the so-called invader... Except it's not all that easy for it to fight the implant thing that's been put in there "to help with cosmetic results" (or something like that). So while it's attempting to tell this implant thing that it's intruding, it's also attempting to do as the stitches have been trying to persuade it to do since the op and heal around the implant. The poor thing's probably confused!

But does it have to be so gunky and gross with it? I mean, how much gunk can be available to come out of there anyway? Which brings us back to the question asked by the other blogger about how much gunk the human head can produce.

And I think I've entered a bit of a vicious circle with it... Because it's being all gunky I need to clean it and mess with it. BUT I think part of the gunkyness is caused by the fact I'm fiddling around near it. But I have to because I need to keep it clean... Do you see where I'm going with this? LOL!

It's been a bit swollen and puffy from time to time (especially soon after I get up). I've been doing what they said to do and holding a cold cloth on it for a bit too cool it down... Which does sort out the swelling... Shame it doesn't sort out the gunkyness. LOL!

There is one good thing though... I'm not needing pain killers any more (though I do have some on hand "just in case"). It's a bit uncomfortable when I've had to take the shell thingy out to clean and have to put it back in (the taking out is fine, the putting in is the uncomfortable bit). But not painful. So that's a good start. :)


Saturday, August 30, 2008

Random question: bedtime drink

What's your favourite drink to have before you go to bed? Or don't you have a favourite bedtime drink?



As it turns out one of the things my Mam got me seems to be a form of "tinker toy"... Though we call it "K'Nex" (it's the newer, plastic version). Carl (my brother) had some when we were younger (he had Meccano too). I just didn't know it was the same thing... They've really got to start using the same names for stuff everywhere. *Sigh*

She also got me a slinky... Can't go wrong with a slinky... Especially one that's purple. LOL!

She got one of those puzzle balls to see if it was possible to do it without being able to see the picture. Unfortunately it wasn't. But it was fun trying, and Mam had fun doing it while she was watching "Full House"... LOL!

I've found a couple of things while browsing online that I'm going to get at some point. But I figured I'd wait a while and spend some time playing with these things for a bit first. Don't want to get everything at once and then be bored again in a few months and have nothing new to buy... Besides, my birthday and Christmas are just around the corner. ;)


Friday, August 29, 2008

Where to start... (LBE & FD)

I've got a lot to say - not that that's unusual, lol - and I'm not 100% sure where to start. I think the best thing to do would be to start from when I did my last "proper" post and discuss things in the order they come up. Yep, that makes the most sense!


Wednesday... Mam and Dad came for dinner, and Mam made a lovely toad in the hole (sausage, onion and tomatoes cooked in a batter) with roast potatoes, peas and carrots. There was some left so we've put it in the freezer for Kelly and I to have some time in the near future.

Despite the fact it was a bit drizzly, Mam and I took Kero for a walk before dinner. It wasn't raining all that much, besides all of us - especially Kero and I - needed to get out and do a bit of exercise. It was a nice little walk. Would have been better without the dampness, but we do live in Wales after all. LOL!

During our walk - and while Mam made dinner - Mam and I were talking about finding me things to do. The thing is, a lot of what I was doing a year or so ago (and had been doing all or most of my life) needs eyesight... Computer games, drawing, photography, cross stitch... You get the idea. So now that I can't do those things I'm finding that I'm getting VERY bored.

Yes, OK, there are still things I can do that I did before. Like reading, listening to music, watching movies... Etc... But between the weather and my as yet not fully regained confidence the walking thing isn't very easy right now, which means that I'm feeling as though I'm spending all my time either in front of the TV screen or in front of the laptop... With the occasional break to read or listen to a book.

The result of this boredom is that I've started boredom eating. I'd gotten out of the habit of it when I was so engrossed in playing World Of Warcraft, but in this last year I've gotten back in to the habit of it and as a result have put back on all the weight I'd managed to get off. :(


Mam and I were trying to come up with ideas. The best one we could think of was to find things to keep my hands busy. After all, if my hands are busy doing something then I can't pick up the snack food. ;)

So yesterday (Thursday) my Mam and Dad got me some new "toys" to keep my hands busy.

My Dad got me some Meccano and some Magnetix. The Meccano you'll probably all be familiar with... It's that toy where you get different shaped bits of metal with holes in and some screws and stuff so you can build things. The Magnetix is a new-ish thing... It consists of plastic rods with magnets in them and little ball bearings, and the idea is that you use the magnetic rods and those little balls to build stuff. They brought them in early evening yesterday and it was around midnight when I realised what the time was and thought maybe it was time to pack up and go to bed. LOL!

My Mam got me some bits too, but she wont let me have them until when she comes tomorrow. :(

She did let me have the new cup she'd gotten me though. It's got butterflies on it. It's one of those tactile ones that I've taken to using. They're plastic (so less likely to break when dropped... Though they do crack after a lot of contact with the floor from a great height) and the pictures and/or writing on them is tactile so I then know which cup I've got and that it's definately my cup. I've now got 8 of them. Two of which are replacement for my "Princess" one and the one with my name on it... Those two cups are how I know that getting dropped too many times cracks the cups. *Blushes*

Anyway... Back to Wednesday...

After dinner my Mam finished reading "Pongwiffy And The Spellovision Song Contest" by "Kaye Umansky" to me. I love the Pongwiffy books! This one and one other I hadn't heard/read before. They were in my "need to read" pile before I gave my Mam my print books. Anyway... The Pongwiffy books are about a filthy, smelly witch called "Pongwiffy" and all the things she gets up to. They're all cute, funny childrens' stories that can amuse children and adults alike with some of the things said and done in them. And this book was no exception!

It was while we were reading Pongwiffy that the moth incedent I posted about yesterday happened.

I didn't really do much on Thursday... In fact, I don't really remember any of what I did before Mam and Dad came with my pressies. LOL! I think I was just fiddling on the laptop or something. *Shrugs*

Oh, yeah... There was the yummy Chinese food we had (though if I'd known my Mam and Dad were popping in I'd have waited and had them grab it from my favourite place). I had sweet and sour chicken, chicken fried rice and a couple of spring rolls. Took me most of the evening to eat it all. LOL!


Today (Friday) has flown by! I'm hoping I manage to keep myself as occupied - at least most days - as I was today, because with everything I was doing I haven't been snacking. :)

First of all, due to the fact I was up until a later time than I have been lately (I mean, I was on here doing my random question post at about 12:45 am ish) I never got up until around 10:00 am (lately I've been up by 7:00 am). And when I got up I had to sort out some washing. By the time I'd done that (and gotten some dishes that didn't get done last night washed) Kelly had gone in to town and been gone for a bit. I knew he was bringing me a baguette home so I didn't see the point in having anything and figured I'd wait for my baguette.

While he was in town he'd grabbed a magazine he likes to get, and it has some free Warhammer figures with it this issue. He got a couple of copies because it works out cheaper for the figures that way (and they're ones he wants) and since he doesn't want his orcs he said he was giving them to Dad. But I decided I wanted an orc. Don't ask me why, but I did. So, he gave me one. I put it together this afternoon... Kelly's going to paint it for me, then we'll put it on the shelves with my ornaments. Dad can have the rest of the orcs though... LOL!

While I was putting my orc together my mind wandered - as it often does - and for some reason came to rest on hobbits. I don't know if it was the fact I was putting together a fantasy game model, or if it was the mention earlier in the day about my Dad's comment that I remind him of his hobbit on the Lord Of The Rings game they play (short, barefoot and no objections to living in a dark hole in the ground). Or maybe a combination of these things? But whatever the reason, my mind settled on the subject of hobbits. It was then that inspiration hit me!

I remembered that there is a Lord Of The Rings game like the Warhammer game and that you can have a hobbit army. So I decided I wanted a hobbit. Just one little hobbit to put together, have painted and call my own. But when we went on the Games Workshop web site I ran in to a problem... There are so many hobbits to choose from... How do I pick just one little hobbit? Especially when they come in packs of two or more... LOL! After some consideration I decided that I most liked the pack with one hobbit on foot and another on a horse. Yep, that sounded like the perfect hobbit pack! And yet... The other hobbits sound so cool too... So I was back to square one! Until, that is, I decided that the only way to deal with my problem was to just get the lot. LOL! So I'm going to have a hobbit army. I doubt I'll ever use them to play the game. But they'll be fun to collect and put together anyway. LOL!

And with my little hobbits to put together and all the new things we're buying to keep my hands busy, hopefully we'll keep me away from the snacks long enough to get some weight off me. ;)

We're trying to make sure that the things we find me to do are on-going things... Things where there will be new bits to collect, or where you can do so many different things with them that by the time you've done them all you can go back and start again without thinking "I've already done this... This is boring!" And if both of those things are covered - like with Lego, Meccano, etc - then so much the better.

We've found some ideas... But if anyone has any others then feel free to make suggestions. If I don't like them I just wont use them... But I will definately appreciate your effort. :)


I think that covers everything worth mentioning... And even if it doesn't, this post is long enough now, I think. LOL!

Enjoy whatever's left of your day. :)


Random Question: Boredom buster

Sometimes you get bored of the same old routine and need a break from the same old activities. When these situations arise you need to have something to do rather than sitting there twiddling your thumbs. So... What do you do in these situations? What's your boredom busting solution?


Thursday, August 28, 2008

The moth murder (AE&D... PTMI)

There's a moth - at least, I think it's the same one - that has been coming in most evenings. It has even been known to be flapping about in here during the day (isn't that unusual moth behaviour? I thought they were only around in the evenings and night times). We almost got a photo of it the other day when it settled itself on Kero's nose. Definately a "shouldabeenakodakmoment" there!


I guess Kero decided the moth was here to play with him. He was playing with it yesterday. The moth would flap around near him, and he'd pretend to snap at it.

That's when it happened... I think he got carried away with excitement or something. Either that or the moth didn't fly the direction he thought it would. But whatever the reason it ended up in his mouth.

He spat it right out with a noise that sounded very much like the word "yuck!" But after being in his mouth it's mobility was somewhat lacking. After it happened the second time the poor moth flapped no more!

Kero was devistated! He nudged at it. He pawed at it... He even tried picking it up... Nothing worked.

One thing did happen though... The moth ended up in pieces from the nudging and being pawed at. So there were bits of moth all over the floor! Yuck!

Kero spent most of yesterday evening sulking about it. Bless him!

I'm not sure if it was because he was sulking or if the moth being in his mouth gave him a bit of an upset stomach, but he was off his food yesterday evening too. I don't think he was sick or anything (if he was he made it outside) but he didn't eat anything, which is unusual in the evenings since it's usually then that he wants his food.

I doubt this has taught him that moths are neither toys nor snacks though. LOL!

And - as far as I'm aware - no new moths came to visit last night... So it's quite possible that it was - as I suspected - the same moth coming to visit each time.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Blog rating system, book review and stuff (FD)

As you may have noticed, I put a "blog rating system" up on the top of the sidebar. The idea came from one of Intense_Guy's blog posts a little while ago (maybe a month ago or something like that?) I liked the idea so have adopted it. I hope he doesn't mind. :)


In an effort to keep yesterday's post just about meeting up with Sam and Carl - which I thought would be best considering we were linking it to the guild's site - I neglected to mention that I "finally" got a chance to read more than a couple of lines of my book in one sitting, so was able to finish reading "Quidditch Through The Ages"... At last! As I mentioned before, it isn't a long book... Kelly was able to read the print version in an hour (if that). It's just that I kept getting interupted or realising I needed to do other things first, then getting side-tracked and doing something else (like checking blogs or something) instead. But yesterday - after we got home - I was actually able to sit down with my book and read it in piece. Partly due to the fact Kero wore himself out doing laps around the living room to show how pleased he was to have me home, and partly due to the fact that Wayne - who had Kero for the day for us - had washed up the breakfast dishes (which I hadn't done before we left) and anything he had made dirty, meaning there wasn't anything that needed doing (and no dinner needed cooking due to the food at the buffet and the leftovers we brought home).


"Quidditch Through The Ages" by Kennilworthy Whisp is a book that most Harry Potter fans will at least recognise the title of. It is meant as a copy of the book that is in the library at Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry, where Albus Dumbledore was able to persuade a reluctant Madam Pince (the librarian) to allow a copy to be made available to Muggles in support of the charity Comic Relief. For the benifit of those not familiar with the Harry Potter books... "Quidditch Through The Ages" contains the history of the popular broomstick sport of quidditch. It's an interesting book to read... A must for all quidditch fans. :)


Before Kelly and I went out yesterday, I thought I'd check a couple of blogs. As it turned out, the one I checked first was Intense_Guy's blog. I never got to any others after that. I'd have had time, but I spent so long sitting there trying (and failing) to find the words to thank him for all the effort he's putting in to his posts in order to let me experience them properly, and to tell him how greatful I am for his efforts... And how happy it made me to read that post... That I didn't even get a chance to comment on his blog before I had to turn off the laptop and get ready to go.

I still never managed to say what I really wanted to say... Even when I did finally comment last night.

It means a lot to me that people are trying so hard to include me. I hope Iggy - and everyone else - realises that, though I appreciate it and am greatful for it, I don't expect it. Nor do I want anyone to feel they "have to" do something like that for me.

That was a wonderful start to the day though... Thank you, Iggy. *hugs* :)


I got my new headphones today. Well, actually, Kelly got them for me, but let's not be picky. LOL! So now I don't have to put up with the poor quality of the laptop's own speakers (laptops aren't built with speech software in mind - neither are other computers come to think of it - so you really do need a pair of headphones or some tidy speakers to plug in to them).


Yesterday was a bank holiday... We get a lot of those. But that means that today "Crumbs" (the place where I have my very tasty tuna, sweetcorn, cheese and onion baguettes from) is closed! It's always closed the day after a bank holiday for some strange reason. Unfortunately, shopping day is usually either Monday or Tuesday (mostly Tuesday, but there are occasions when it's done Monday instead). So no baguette for me today. *Cries*

Kelly did bring me a couple of very tasty corned beef pasties home with him. But it's not the same! Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the pasties... But I absolutely LOVE those baguettes!


I just realised what the date was today... August 26th... That means it's LadyStyx and "Ranger"'s wedding anniversary... So, "happy anniversary!" :)

OK... I think that's enough of my nonsense for now. ;)

Enjoy whatever's left of your day. :)


Monday, August 25, 2008

The alliance united (FD)

I've called this blog "The alliance united" for the simple reason that... Well... That's what it is. You see, the people we met up with are people from a guild on World Of Warcraft called "Balance Of Judgement" which is allied with "Y Ddraegau" (the guild I created and left in my Dad's hands when I could no longer play the game). And, of course, their two kids... Kai (5 & 1/2) and Seren (7)

As those of you who read my post yesterday will be aware, we had planned to have a picnic today. Unfortunately the wonderful Welsh weather (AKA rain) decided otherwise. So, the planned picnic turned in to a buffet at my parents' place.

It was a good thing in a way, because even my Mam wasn't entirely sure how exactly she was going to find enough containers to transport all the sandwiches, chicken pieces, scotch eggs, Welsh cakes, biscuits, crisps, etc that she'd made to the picnic site. LOL!


It was wonderful to meet up with them after so long (they've been questing and doing runs with my parents and Kelly on a regular basis for a good year or more now). I personally hadn't actually spoken to them directly before, though I had heard them (Sam anyway) over TeamSpeak, and had said, "hi," on occasion via Kelly. But it was very nice to get to meet them, and speak to them... They seem like very nice people... Hope they thought the same about us. :)

We had a great afternoon... It went by too fast though. :(

Despite the change of plans I decided to take my camera anyway and asked them if we could get a couple of photos before they left. They agreed, so... Here they are. :)

These first two pics are of Sam, Carl and the kids... Kai (on Carl's shoulders) and Seren.

And here's a couple with Kelly, my parents (Karen and Doug) and myself included in them...

The last photo was taken with the camera put on timer so that Dad (who took the photos) could be in it too. This was the first time we'd attempted to use the timer function on my camera, so none of us were sure when (or if) it was going to work... LOL!

So... There you have it... We aren't sure why we'd been foolish enough to believe that we would be lucky enough to get a sunny day for a picnic, but a good day was had by all (at least, as far as I'm aware) despite the rain that is so common in Wales. :)

Even Seren and Kai (who had hoped to go to the beach) seemed to enjoy themselves... Especially once they discovered that there was a games machine in the house, and that they were allowed to use it. ;)


P.S. Sam and Carl... I know this is being linked on to the B.O.J. site, so sorry if you didn't want your real names mentioned on there, but my speech programme has issues with trying to say unusual names... Besides, I can't spell your character names. LOL!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The weekend (LBE & FD)

First of all...

It was Kelly's cousin Holly's birthday yesterday, and since I didn't post and say, "happy birthday," yesterday, I thought I'd do it today. Hope it was a good birthday, Holly. :)


Most days have been wet and cold with little or no sign of sunshine lately. But today (Sunday) was dry, warmish and kinda sunny... Well, until about 12:30 pm anyway. But that was long enough for Kelly to decide that today was a good day for all of us (meaning Kelly, Kero and I) to go for a nice, long walk together. We don't often all go... And since my op it's been Kelly who's taken Kero for walks on his own (despite Kero being my dog). That meant Kero didn't have very long walks, since he will only go a short distance from home if he knows I'm not joining them on the walk. But we agreed that it was about time I started going with them again.

It was a lovely walk. Kero and I definately enjoyed it anyway... Especially Kero. LOL! I can't speak for Kelly, but I'm pretty sure he enjoyed it too.

We did take the camera with us with the intention of getting a few photos to post on here (Kelly was going to take a few photos for me). Unfortunately I had forgotten to charge the camera's batteries after our trip to Norwich. And the other set weren't charged either. Oops! Oh, well... Maybe next time we'll have better luck?


I've learned recently just how much help light perseption can be, and how much you miss it when you no longer have it. This issue has put me back a few steps with certain things I had learned to do before my op. One of these was walking without holding someone's arm. It's difficult to learn to place your trust in a stick. At first it wasn't too bad because the light perseption allowed me to know there was "something" there. But when I lost that, I lost a great deal of my confidence. I never realised before how useful that ability was. Nor - to be honest - that I had it.

Today was the first day since the op that I allowed myself to place my trust in the cane and walk unaided.

Now that I have overcome majority of the emotional hurdles I needed to overcome, I knew it was time to work on overcoming the physical ones. And since the place where we walk Kero is a safe path where there is no danger of straying accidentally in to a road (there's road access, but you'd know if you were going on to the road even without seeing) it seemed like a perfect oppertunity to begin.


Another thing I'd been putting off was cooking. The only meals I've cooked in the past year have either been microwavable meals (TV dinner type meals that you just stick in the microwave for a certain amount of time then eat them) or with someone's help. The closest to solo cooking I'd come (excluding microwave meals) was when Carl came to visit at the end of May and we made hot dogs and noodles and baked some cakes. I say that's the closest because - although Carl was checking on everything after each step - I was the one performing each step. But still I had help.

So yesterday (Saturday) I decided I'd let that go on for long enough. And I cooked dinner by myself for the first time in about a year. OK, it was nothing fancy - just fish fingers, chips and beans - but it involved using the oven rather than just shoving stuff in the microwave, and it was done without anyone looking over my shoulder so to speak.


Speaking of Carl...

Carl and Rachel are back from their honeymoon (which I'm told they really enjoyed). We got a postcard from them telling us about some of the animals they'd seen before they actually went on the safari. Like the baboon who tried to steal Carl's breakfast then his pint. LOL! And the lizard that licked him. I'm sure it said something tried to eat his watch too...

Sounds like they were having fun. LOL!


OK... Back to today...

My Mam came down to cook some scotch eggs. The easiest way to cook them involves using a chipper (deep fat fryer) and they don't have one, but we do. So Mam and Dad came to visit for a couple of hours so Mam could borrow my chipper to make the scotch eggs.

They are very good! I know because I managed to persuade her to let me have a couple. LOL! I much rather have homemade scotch eggs rather than shop brought ones, and since Mam's never made them before (she's always had someone else do it for her) I haven't had a good scotch egg in quite some time!


She needed to make them for tomorrow. We're going on a picnic tomorrow. Actually, it's more than just a picnic. We're going to meet some people. But I'll tell you about that tomorrow when it's over.

I'm charging my camera's batteries (both sets, lol) so I "might" have some photos to share from it too... Providing I can get a volunteer photographer. LOL! ;)


I watched "Ella Enchanted" on Friday. I don't think I'd ever seen it all the way through before. Anyway, it's about a girl called "Ella" who was given the gift of obedience by a fairy when she was a baby, and has had to do as she was told ever since, regardless of whether she wants to or not. Apart from being annoying it never caused a real problem, until her step-sister found out about it. That's when the trouble started. Now Ella's on a quest to find the fairy who gave her the gift and get her to take it back. I thought it was a pretty good movie... Quite funny in parts too!


My headphones aren't working properly... I'm thinking maybe almost a year of being used pretty much every day has made it's mark on them. LOL! Anyway, I keep losing sound in one ear piece, and they keep making a bit of a buzzing sound from time to time. The sound quality in the other ear piece isn't exactly great any more either.

I've unplugged them at the moment and am using the laptop's own speakers, but they aren't the greatest. Besides, I prefer to use Jaws through the headphones so I can concentrate on what it's saying without other noises interupting it. Not to mention the fact I started using headphones in the first place because it was annoying having certain people asking "what did it say?" or "did it say what I think it said?"

So I guess I need a new pair of headphones ASAP!


I haven't gotten much reading done, since it seems like every time I pick up a book to start reading I get interupted either by the phone (home phone or mobile) or by something else.

It also doesn't help that Kero has decided that two things have to happen when I pick up a book.

1). He has to investigate the book (I think he's trying to figure out the raised dots on it... LOL!)

2). He has to go outside for a pee, but - even if the door is wide open - needs a human escort... And guess who he wants. Yep... ME! Kelly could even be out there doing something, but he still wants his Mami. Still, it's nice to be wanted, I suppose. LOL!


For anyone interested...

Remember the PJs I got the other day? Well the bottoms (despite being labeled as the same size) aren't the same size as each other. I tried on the hippo ones and assumed all would fit because the hippos did. Nop! The other three pairs were too small. Luckily though, Mam had had a simular thing happen only with them being too big for her. And, even more luckily, I wear a slightly bigger size than my Mam. So we did a swap.

I've now put the hippo bottoms to go with my Westie top, because Mam had a pair of green bottoms that we both agreed would be even better than the hippos to go with the frog top. The other tops were: A pink one with clouds and words like "sweet" "cute" etc all over it, and a white one with cupcakes (or is it one cupcake? I don't remember) on it. As it turned out Mam had a pair of pink bottoms with hearts all over them and a pair of white bottoms with a bit of pink around the waist, both of which were too big for her but fit me. I'm sure you can figure out which tops we put them with.


OK... On that note... I think that's enough from me for one day. So... Enjoy whatever's left of your day. :)


Random question: Energy level

Everyone is different. Some people are most active/energetic in the mornings. Others are more active/energetic in the evenings. Still others - like my Mam - just seem to have a high energy level all the time.

I'm not sure what made me think of this, but I was just wondering... At what time of day do you find you have the highest energy level? Or are you one of those people who is energetic all the time?


Saturday, August 23, 2008

"Smile and the world smiles with you; Cry and you cry alone!"

I've heard that quote many, many times over the years. At one point I actually had it atatched to my e-mail signature for every e-mail account I owned (which was a lot at the time... Something like 8, I think). But it's only over the past year or so that I really learned what it meant. And all because of events that started about 18 months ago.

I've tried several times to write this post. But it's a difficult one to write. I wanted to tell you all how I suffered in silence - not even wanting to admit the truth to myself - for about 7 months before I was forced to admit the truth. And how it was a couple more months after that that I was finally forced to admit to the rest of the world that the day the doctors had told me would come "one day" was finally here.

I wanted to explain the pain (physical and emotional) that I have felt. The fear, the frustration, the anger and the lonelyness that caused tears to flow so often. And I wanted to tell those that have been there for me through all of it how greatful I am. But I couldn't find the right words.

That quote I've used as the title for this post was the key to me finding the words. But only now that I understand the true meaning of it can those words flow freely. Only now when I've learned what it means by "cry and you cry alone" can I truly understand it and move on to the next chapter of my life.


Friday, August 22, 2008

"In a universe so full of wonders, human beings have managed to invent boredom!"

"Death" said that near the end of "The Hogfather" and I always think of it whenever I'm feeling bored and fed up. He has a point. There are so many things to investigate and learn about in our world... And yet human beings still manage to become bored!

I'm not really sure what the point of that was... It just sort of popped in! I don't know why, because I'm not bored or anything... Guess I was just having one of those "random thought" moments that make my Mam and Kelly say, "Uh-oh!" LOL!


The reason for actually starting this post was to tell you that I've posted some new poems on my poetry page if you want to go take a look at them. I'm afraid most of them aren't exactly cheerful, but they're there all the same. And - as always - any and all comments are appreciated. :)


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Happy Anniversary to...

We just wanted to do a quick note to say, "Happy Wedding Anniversary," to AliceKay and her hubby, Terri. :)

I hope the two of you have many more happy years together. *Hugs*

Tori, Kelly & Kero

Random Question: 1 Item

If you were being forced to give up everything you owned, but were told you could pick ONE item to save. What would that item be?

Before you decide, bear in mind that necessities like food, clothing, etc aren't included in this. Those things would still be provided regardless of your choice of item. I'm asking about personal items (a favourite book, a special piece of jewelry, a treasured photograph, that sort of thing).


Random Question: Your picnic basket

If you were going on a picnic and had to pack a basket of your favourite picnic foods to take with you, what would your picnic basket contain? Don't forget the drinks! :)


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tuesday in Swansea

The weather's still pretty lousy... Typical Welsh weather for the most part though. That storm carried on pretty much all night (not sure if it came to more than heavy rain and really strong winds though). I'm kinda glad today wasn't as bad though because I was out for the day... Well, most of the day anyway.

I went to Swansea with Mam and her friend Kelly. I usually avoid going shopping (especially clothes shopping) but I needed some new PJs... Partly thanks to ripping the leg of my best pair beyond repair when I hurt my knee last week... So I had no choice. Still... It was a nice day out, and the weather stayed reasonable (it rained, but mostly just when we were in shops or in the car).

I got a new pair of Dalmation print PJ bottoms to go with the top that I'd ripped the bottoms from, which has Westies on it (OK... They're Scotty dogs, not proper Westies, but still...) and I also got three other pairs of PJs. Two of them I don't remember what's on them... They're just "girly" PJs Mam picked out with "pretty" tops and plain pink bottoms (I think she said the bottoms are pink anyway). I did know what they had on them when we were in the shop, but I don't remember now. The other set I think AliceKay would like. At least, she'd like the top part. It has a big picture of a frog on the front and lots of little froggy pictures all over it (the big frog is tactile). The bottoms have hippos on them because they didn't have froggy bottoms and I thought frogs and hippos sounded like a fun combination. In case you haven't figured out by that last sentence, I buy the tops and bottoms seporate and just match them up. I do this because I find the PJ tops that come with the bottoms too short in the body, so I buy just the bottoms then buy some of those t-shirt style nighties - the ones that are quite short so people often wear something with them anyway - to use as tops. There... Now you can sleep tonight knowing about my PJs, which I'm sure you were bursting to know about... LMAO!


While I was in Swansea I went in to Waterstones to ask about a book (actually... three books, but it's all one set) that I'm trying to get on audio book. I heard the second one read on BBC 7 (a radio station I get through my DAB digital radio that reads out audio books) and enjoyed it, so I'm trying to find it on audio book for myself. So far I'm not having much luck. :(

The trilogy is by "Michael Molloy"... I don't remember the actual trilogy name, but the books are: "The Witch Trade", "The Time Witches" and "The Wild West Witches" (in that order). So if you happen to spot them on audio cassette or CD (CD preferably, but cassette would be OK) then I'd appreciate it if you could let me know where you spotted it so I can get it. Thanks! :)


After I got home I watched "Stuck On You" and "Shark Tale"... I know I've posted on my blog about them before at some point. So - since I'm tired - I'm going to just say I think they're good movies and leave it at that. If you want to know about them but can't find info about them in my old posts then ask me in the comments or look them up.


Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday's movie reviews

I didn't have anything I needed to do - or anywhere I needed to go - today, so I decided to watch a few movies and make a start on reading "Quidditch Through The Ages" (which I will tell you about after I've read it).

So... On to the movies!

The first one was "Daddy Day Care"... I'm sure I've posted about it on here before. Besides, you probably all know it... You know? The one where Eddie Murphy plays a dad who starts up his own day care service with his friend after he gets fired because there aren't any good alternatives to the posh, expensive preschool his son had just started going to. Anyway... It's a really funny movie. Or, I think it is.

Then I watched "Liar Liar"... Another funny movie! Again I'm sure I've posted about it before, but - just in case - I'll tell you that it stars Jim Carrey as a lawyer and dead-beat dad who's son makes a birthday wish that his dad couldn't tell a single lie for one whole day. And his wish comes true.

I also watched "The Water Horse" today. For those who don't know what it's about, here's what it says on the back of the DVD (copied from LadyStyx's comment on a post written a couple of weeks back):

"When a lonely young boy named Angus discovers a large, mysterious egg along the shores of Loch Ness, no one is prepared for what lies within. He soon discovers that the strange, mischeivious hatchling inside is none other than the Water Horse, the loch's most mysterious and fabled creature. But with the Water Horse growing ten times its size every day, Angus finds it increasingly hard to keep his new friend a secret."

It was a really good movie. Kelly was watching it with me and said he found the ending sort of sad. I see where he's coming from, but wouldn't say that myself. It was a bit of a tear-jerker for people who get very emotional when watching movies like "Free Willy" or "E.T." though. I don't mean the whole movie. I'm talking about the endings. Hope I'm making sense here. LOL!


You should hear the wind we have right now... Sounds like there's a pack of wolves howling at our door trying to get in. Not that I'd blame them with the way it's raining out there!


Sunday, August 17, 2008

My Weekend + 2 book reviews (Warning: FD)

I finished listening to "The Day Of The Storm" by "Rosamunde Pilcher" on Friday. It was about a young woman who has never known any of her family other than her mother (who she hasn't heard from in some time). Then she gets a letter saying her mother is ill and to come to her. When doing this she finds out - for the first time - about her mother's family, and decides to go in search of them. And in doing so she finds more than she was looking for. It was a good story... Although the ending was sort of predictable. Well, part of it was anyway. Still, anyone who enjoys a story with a bit of a romantic feel to it without getting too mushy, would thoroughly enjoy the book.


My Mam was here for the weekend. We were going to watch "The Water Horse" but I think she wants to finish watching the Full House DVDs first really, so I told her to do that and said I would just watch the movie through the week some time. So that's what she did. I've seen all of the Full House DVDs now, but luckily I enjoy them so much that I didn't mind watching them again with Mam.

Yesterday (Saturday) we had a peppered steak thing in a roll for lunch, and we had a bit of ginger cake and some "weight Watchers" carrot cake to pick at through the afternoon too (didn't last long though, lol!) Then we had some duck spring rolls and curly fries for dinner. Needless to say, we enjoyed the lot of it! :)

We had a house full for dinner again today. Mam cooked a roast chicken dinner for me, Dad, Nan, Wayne and Kelly (Kero and Willow got some chicken too). Mam herself had some kind of low fat steaklet thing with vegetables though. I think she was feeling guilty about the cakes and stuff yesterday and wanted to make up for it. ;)

They all went home pretty much straight after dinner, so I spent most of this afternoon finishing up reading the book I've been refering to as "the vet book" and catching up on posts on people's blogs.

The book is actually called "James Herriot's Yorkshire Stories" and is written by "James Herriot" himself. It contains several short stories about things that happened to James (AKA "Jim") during his time as a vet in Yorkshire, and is - in my opinion - a very good read... Especially for people who enjoy reading about animals and vetenary work. Although... It may be a little too graphic for some in parts of some stories when he's examining some of the animals. Anyway... There is a TV series (or was) that goes along with it. I don't remember if the book or the TV series was made first though. I never really watched the TV series... No real reason why, I just didn't... So I can't say how good that was, but the book was good.

It's actually taken me almost 10 years to read that book. Not literally to read it... Just to get around to sitting down and reading the whole thing. You see it was brought for me for Christmas almost 10 years ago by Maggie (a "support assistant" from school) and for one reason or another I never finished reading it. I started it loads of times, but then it would get packed away to move and I'd forget I was reading it and start reading something else. Or I'd decide I felt more like reading something else so put it away with the intension of getting it back out to read when I was done with the book I'd put it away because of, only I'd forget I'd planned on reading it and read something else afterwards instead (if that makes sense). But I've finally read it! YAY ME! LOL! :)


Enjoy whatever's left of your day... And... I hope you and your family and/or friends are happy and healthy. :)


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Random question: Movie snacks

We all know how it works... You settle down to watch a movie and you just "have to" have those favourite snacks of yours to hand. So, come on then... What are your favourite things to snack on (and drink, if you want to include that) while you watch a movie?


Friday, August 15, 2008

Books, movies and this & that (LBE & FD)

Note to Potter fans: You might want to go take a look at the latest post on Kelly's blog. It contains news about the next Harry Potter movie, which you will probably want to read.

On the subject of movies... I watched a couple yesterday.

One was "Cheaper By The Dozen" the other was "Junior." For those who don't know, "Cheaper By The Dozen" is about a couple who has 12 kids (aged between 22 and about 4 or 5 years old) and what happens when they try to reach for their other dreams while "trying" to keep all those kids in order. And "Junior" is that movie about when Arnold Schwarzenegger gets pregnant. I've seen both movies loads of times, but they are two of the movies I could watch over, and over, and over again. Especially "Junior" which is my very favourite Arnie movie (closely followed by "Kindergarten Cop"). Why exactly I didn't already have a copy is beyond me. I assume I must have thought I had it so not got it. But we checked when I was offered a copy, and I didn't have it for some reason... I realised when putting away my recently aquired movies that I don't have "Kindergarten Cop" either... *Looks Shocked* Will have to fix that in the near future.


I haven't done as much reading as I'd have liked to have been doing. I've read a little more of that vet book, and listened to half of that other Rosamunde Pilcher book I had from my Nan, and my Mam is reading a Pongwiffy book to me. But I haven't finished a book since finishing "Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them" so don't have any book reviews for you this week. I've spent so much time watching movies and doing other stuff that I haven't done much reading.


Almost all of the books I had on order FINALLY arived this morning. So I now have a tidy sized stack of books to read. There are a few still to arrive; a couple of Christmasy books, a book of poetry, a recipe book and a couple of short stories. But the bulk of the books I had on order have arrived now.

I've abandoned the idea of having the books I haven't read yet beside my bed like I used to though. That idea just doesn't work too well with braille books. Braille books are a fair bit bigger than print books (the smaller ones are usually A4 sized in height, and most are slightly taller and wider). So I've decided it will be better to leave the books on their shelves and only have the one I'm reading beside my bed. Otherwise I'm going to have this big pile of books beside my bed and I wont be able to get to my bedside cupboard... Or even my bed! Besides, it keeps them safer, since it's not a good idea to have weight put on braille books, so I don't want to risk them getting stepped on by either myself or Kero.


I haven't done any more work on that story about "The Adventures Of Zararose" either. No real reason for this. I guess I just haven't felt like working on it lately. I figure I'll get to it soon though, I'm sure.

And, on the subject of writing...

I haven't been working on putting those poems together either. Again, no real reason why I haven't gotten to them. I guess I just haven't been in the right frame of mind to work on writing poetry (or stories) lately.


We had Mam and Dad over for dinner Wednesday. Mam made a vegetarian lasagne with roast potatoes and peas, which was really nice... Though I have to admit I prefer her ordinary lasagne. And she made Welsh cakes. They turned out pretty good, but she made the mixture a little dryer than she should have and cooked them a little longer than necessary. But considering how long it's been since she last made them I think she did a great job.

We had Wayne over for dinner too, because he came back from being away with the cadets on Wednesday and was due to be dropped off at the bus station near us around dinner time. So rather than him catching a bus home with his bags when Mam and Dad were here anyway we thought it made more sense to have him come to us and be included for dinner.

I felt kinda sorry for him though. By the time he got to us Mam and I were engrossed in alternating between sorting the food and reading Pongwiffy. And Dad and Kelly were watching an Anime DVD (I think it was a series... "Blood Trinity" I think). This left Wayne wandering from one room to the other not sure who to join in with. Kero didn't mind though, because he decided the best option was to go and take Kero out for a walk... Or was it Kero who walked him? I'm not too sure... They both seem to have enjoyed it though. LOL!


My knee seems to be healing nicely. It's still a little sore,, and apparently has a nasty looking bruise on it... Not to mention the cuts. But other than that it's fine. The swelling has almost completely gone down, and I can now use it normally without - as I put it to Kelly - sounding like I was raised by a group of sailors... If you know what I mean. LOL!

I've decided I'm going to get a fire guard to put around the fireplace since - believe it or not - banging my knee (or anything else) on the fire guard will do a lot less damage than banging it on the fireplace again would. The fireplace is VERY hard, and there are nails near the bottom of it where we've tacked the wire for the phone and internet hub so it doesn't get tripped over (those nails are what caused the actual cuts). Besides, I wouldn't want to be doing something like that when the fire is lit, because - with how close to the fire I ended up - it would have been much worse if the fire had been lit. So we're going to get a fire guard... Better safe than sorry, after all!


The weather hasn't been too good lately. I think the UK has missed out on having Summer this year. Every time we've thought it might have arrived the rain has come back. Mind you, I don't think it's been much better in most other places, has it? Bet it's nice in Africa though... *Wishing - for the umpteenth time - I could have gone on Safari with Carl and Rachel*

Rain has been the main type of weather. Rain, rain, and more rain! We've had the odd bit of sun, but not much of it. And we've had some awesome storms (mostly at night though... Which I'm sure Mam is pleased about). Not sure what the temperature has been, but that's not important really anyway.

OK, I think that covers everything. So... I'm going to go eat some shortbread and drink this cup of tea Kelly's just made me... And maybe I'll do some reading too...

Hope everyone who's not been doing too well is doing better now. *HUGS and get well wishes to all who need them*

Enjoy the rest of your day. :)


Thursday, August 14, 2008

The dog and the frog (Warning: AE&D)

I've been meaning to post this for a while, but kept forgetting.

You might want to avoid eating or drinking while reading this post.


Please bear in mind that this is second hand information to me. I wasn't far away when it happened, but I was far enough away not to have been aware of the goings on in the garden until Kelly told me afterwards.


Kelly and Kero were out in the garden one evening a couple of weeks back. Kero seemed really interested in something, so Kelly went and had a look to see what it was. It turned out to be a frog (at least, we're pretty sure it was a frog rather than a toad because of the colouring and the jumping ability).

Anyway, Kero was sniffing at this frog when it jumped up in to the air... Making Kero jump back about a foot or so. Kelly thought Kero would avoid the frog after that. But... No! He rushed back to it, startling the frog and making it jump again.

This went on for some time... The frog jumped, so Kero jumped. Kero pounced, so the frog jumped again... And so on.

After a while though Kelly wanted Kero in so we could all go to bed.

It took a while to persuade Kero to leave his new froggy friend. But when - eventually - he gave in and listened, he decided he had to stop to do one thing before coming inside.

"And what was that one thing?" I hear you ask.

Pee on the frog's head.


Poor frog probably never saw that coming.

And since then, almost every evening -(especially damp evenings) Kero's gone out and looked for his froggy friend.

He finds him (or another one just like him) quite often too. And when he does... He plays with him again for a while, then pees on him before going back inside.



Tuesday, August 12, 2008

DVDs, beasts and more (Warning: LBE & FD)

I've finally managed to finish reading "Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them" by Newt Scamander! It's only taken a little over a week, that's all... LOL! Well, I mentioned before about the interuptions every time I sat down to read it, didn't I? Anyway... For those who don't know, it's supposed to be a copy of Harry Potter's very own copy of the book (complete with comments added in the book by Harry, Ron and Hermione) and was done for the charity "Comic Relief" a few years back. It's a very interesting book with information on beasts from the Acromantula to the Yeti. It's an enjoyable read... Though I do advise that people with very active imaginations avoid reading about the Lethifold and other beasts the Ministry Of Magic has given an XXXXX (known wizard killer/Impossible to train or domesticate) rating to before going to bed.


I'm now working on reading the other book I started while I was away. A book of vet stories... I'll tell you more about it when I'm done reading it.

I got some "new" DVDs over the weekend. I put the new in quotation marks like that because though they're new to me they aren't exactly brand new. Still - apart from the odd case looking a bit battered - they're in great condition. And I got them for a very good price. So I'm happy with them (a lot of them were on my "stuff I want" list too).

I've watched a couple of them...

The first one I watched was "American Pie: The Wedding" which, for those who don't know, is the third "American Pie" movie (I don't have the other two, though I have seen them several times). I've seen it before, but I'm not sure if I mentioned it on my blog when I watched it, because I can't remember how long ago I watched it last. Anyway, it's about the wedding of a couple of high-school sweethearts. Well, if you can call them that. They've certainly been dating since they were still in school. They aren't exactly the sweet romantic types though. If you've ever seen any of the American Pie movies you'll know what I mean by that. Let's just say that the American Pie movies aren't the kind of movie you'd want to watch with kids in the room. And I can honestly say that - though we (my brothers, my hubby, my Dad... etc) enjoy the movies - they aren't going to be everyone's cup of tea. So if you're the kind of person who doesn't like to watch a movie that includes foul language and - as the voiceover person says before these kinds of movies sometimes - "scenes of a sexual nature" then this movie is definately not for you. If, however, you enjoy those types of movies and fancy a good comedy, then I would recomend this movie to you. You really do need to have seen the first two before you watch this one though. The American Pie movies are ones that really have to be watched in order.

Another movie I watched was "There's Something About Mary" which is another one I've seen before. It's the story of a guy who hires a detective to trace his high-school girlfriend who he's still in love with. But things don't go smoothly for him... Starting with the detective falling in love with her too and telling the guy all sorts of lies to stop him going after her. My opinion of this movie is the same as my opinion of the American Pie movies... Great movie, if you like these kinds of movies.

I also watched the "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" movie, which is - for anyone who doesn't know - the story of Buffy finding out she's the next slayer. Really good movie... BUT... It would be better if the actress playing Buffy in the movie was the same actress who plays her in the TV series, since having a different Buffy just doesn't feel right. Still a good movie though.

I also finished up watching "David The Gnome" which is an animated childrens' TV series about a gnome called "David" and the adventures he has. I used to watch it when I was a kid and recently got it on DVD. I think it's a cute and funny series, and enjoyed watching it again.

*Hears Mam saying something about me being nothing but a big kid*

I've got loads more movies to watch (I brought about 30 DVDS) so you're probably going to get quite a few movie reviews over the next few weeks... Especially since I have some DVDs that were already on the shelves waiting to be watched. LOL!


I didn't really do much over the weekend. In fact - apart from finishing watching "David The Gnome" and trying to finish reading my book - I don't actually remember what I did on Saturday and Sunday. LOL!

Yesterday (Monday) was a fair bit busier. For one thing I had my hospital appointment (if you haven't done so and want to know how it went... Read yesterday's post). Then Mam, Dad and I went to Tescos to do some shopping. We went to the big Tescos, since we were near it for the hospital. Only problem is, I find when I do that I spend a lot more on shopping than I normally would. See, the bigger store sells some things that the smaller ones (like the one in town not far from us) don't, so we have a lot of "let's get that... Since we're here!" Next thing we know the "couple of things" we went in for has turned in to a whole trolley full of stuff. My poor fridge, freezers and cupboards aren't too happy with me for that. LOL!

We had a bit of an adventure while in Tescos. We needed to get upstairs in the store and we had a choice... A flight of stairs (not very easy for me, really... Not when I don't know the place), a lift (Mam didn't like the look of it) or this escilator (sp?) type thing that didn't have the stairs that pop out because it was designed so you can take trolleys and such up on it. We ended up going on that. Now, I'm not a big fan of escilators... Never have been. But I didn't really mind this one. I think it was the lack of stairs popping out under your feet. Mam on the other hand... She wasn't so keen on it. Dad and I found her reaction to it quite amusing actually. I told her so too... So she slapped me... Mind you, I did ask for it with my comment about how "that kind of escilator wasn't too bad... And the comedy act made it even more fun!" LOL!

Much less fun was the service at the cash register. The woman who served us was extremely rude and seemed to think staring at a blind person is more important than giving proper service to customers. When Mam asked for more bags she literally threw them at her (so obviously that I could hear her doing it) and a couple of times she nearly threw the items we were buying at Mam too. I appreciate that not everyone sees someone with a missing eye on a regular basis. I also appreciate that she was probably wanting to get stuff done quickly so she could make sure to get to go home on time. But - had I realised at the time she was staring - I would have had something to say about that. There's no need for it, and it's rude! Staring at anyone is rude, actually... I guess nobody took the time to teach her that lesson.


After I got home I basically did my post and went to bed. I had a few grapes before bed but was too tired for more due to being up since 5:30 am (this was gone 8:00 pm that I decided to go to bed). Besides, since my current sleeping pattern seems to involve me going to bed early, sleeping for about three hours or so (often less), getting up for a couple of hours (usually between 1 and 4 hours) then going back to bed and sleeping another 4 or 5 hours, I knew I'd be up in a few hours and more likely to be ready for something to eat. I was right! So when I got up Kelly cooked the pizzas I'd gotten us for dinner (mine was bacon and mushroom). I got us some pudding too, but neither of us fancied it after the pizza. They're frozen things anyway, so they're fine to stay in the freezer until we're ready for them.


Today (Tuesday) was when I watched those movies I mentioned at the start of this post. I have to admit that was the only thing I enjoyed about today, since it hasn't been the best of days for me.

A few hours after getting up I decided to watch a movie (having just finished off reading "Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them"). No problems there. BUT... When I was bending down I was over to the left a little more than I thought. I went to put my hand on a coffee table that was further away than it would have been had I been over to the right as much as I needed to be, and - not having it there to steady myself in the possition I was in - I lost my balance and whacked the side of my knee cap hard on the bottom bit of the fireplace.

I couldn't even move my leg for a good five or ten minutes, and I think it was at least a good 20 minutes or so before I could get up and use my leg. When my Mam found out she was a bit worried I'd done more than just cut and bruised it (so was I to be honest) but - apart from the cuts and bruises (and the pain) - it's fine. Hurts like hell if I so much as slightly move it though. :(

Of course, today was one of those days when the doorbell never stops ringing, which meant I haven't been able to rest it as much as I should have done. But, what choice did I have? I mean, I couldn't exactly ignore the door, could I? Especially when the people the other side of it were the postman, our warden coming to check up on us and make sure the thingy for the red cords is working fine, and a man who works for the council come to fix the drainage pipe leading out of the bathroom. My Mam and her friend Kelly came too (for Mam to look at my knee) but Mam lets herself in.

When the council repairman came, Kelly was busy so not only did I have to answer the door to him, but I also had to be the one to keep a check on where Kero was and show him the broken pipe, etc. This meant staying stood up... By the time he left my knee was killing me! It'll probably be like this for a few days.

Mind you, at least I've only got to put up with a bit of a sore knee for a couple of days. Some people (I'm thinking of Marmite Toasty here) have to put up with it for longer... And I bet her pain's a lot worse than mine is too! So I should consider myself lucky really.


I got myself some microwaveable Chinese food when in Tescos yesterday. I thought it would be something quick and easy that I'd still enjoy. I didn't really enjoy it though. I had egg fried rice with sweet and sour chicken and the sweet and sour chicken was all peppers and such and no chicken (OK, there was chicken, but only about three little pieces compared to a couple of dozen tidy sized chunks of peppers). So I wasn't able to enjoy it. Never mind, I know not to get it again now at least.

What I did enjoy though was the Nesquik banana milkshake I've just had. Mmm!


I think that covers everything. Besides, I'm getting tired, and this post has taken me something like two hours to write.

Enjoy whatever's left of your day. :)


Monday, August 11, 2008

Post op check-up

I'll do a proper "what I've been up to" type post tomorrow. Today I want to just let those of you who are interested know what happened at my post op check-up.

Just a quick warning... Some bits may be a bit too much info... Sorry if they are. I've tried not to be too graphic, but I do appreciate that some people are a bit more squeemish and all that. Just thought I should warn you in advance.

I saw the surgeon who did the op... He says it's healing up nicely and he's really pleased with how it's doing.

He took the shell thingy that's protecting the wound (and apparently is also there to help my eyelid keep its shape ready for the artificial eye) out to clean it, and so he could get a proper look. I had to not take that thing out up until now, but he's now saying I've got to take it out and clean it once a week... Like I do with my artificial eye. It felt really weird when he was taking it out... Especially with all the yucky gunk that was trapped behind it. Yuck! Yuck! Yuck! I think that's why - now that it's healed some - I need to be taking it out once a week.

I'd hoped there'd be no more drops from now on, but he wants me to carry on with some for a couple more weeks... Just while it finishes healing and the stitches in it (if you're interested... They're apparently purple ones... lol) work on disolving. He put some of those drops that are meant to numb the eye in to make the "eye area" more comfortable while he was fiddling putting the shell thingy back in and stuff like that. And miraculously they actually worked straight away (they normally kick in as I'm leaving, sometimes later than that even). Dad and I think maybe it's got something to do with the fact they have easier access to the nerves and such what with the eyeball not being in the way. That's the only theory we could come up with anyway. LOL!

I should be going in "about 4 to 6 weeks" to start the process of having an artificial eye made. I'm supposedly going to the same person who did my other one... So that's cool. She was really nice. :)

The surgeon wants to see me again in three months to make sure everything's healed up nicely. So I've got an appointment for November 10th at 1:40 pm.

There you go... Anyone interested now knows how it went today. :)

I'd post more, but I'm tired and have a headache. Plus I really can't be bothered right at this moment.

Hope you're having a good Monday. :)


Saturday, August 09, 2008

Warning: LBE (long blog entry) & FD (food discussed)

First of all I would like to ask anyone who hasn't yet done so to scroll down and read the post I did earlier this morning, as I would like all of you to read it. Thank you! :)


It occured to me yesterday (Friday) that - though I have posted several posts since I've been back - I haven't actually done what I call a "proper" post. I had intended to amend this at some point during the evening, but became side-tracked with doing other things (one of which was sleeping).

I have to admit I was a little disappointed about this, because I had been looking forward for days to pointing out how cool it was that yesterday's date was "08-08-08" so no matter whether you wrote the day first (as we do over here) or the month first (as people seem to do in the US and Canada) or even the year first (as my bank does online for some weird reason) you'd get the exact same thing. Yes, I'd been looking forward to mentioning that and having at least one or two of you say something along the lines of, "Oh yeah! So it is!" But, alas, it was not to be. Perhaps next year on September 9th I'll have better luck? *Looks hopeful*


So, what have I been up to since I got back? Well...

Tuesday I ordered some of the DVDs I want from my "stuff I want" list. Most of them were Christmas movies since I decided a couple of months ago I would concentrate on them first. Why? Because then I'd have them to watch around Christmas instead of sticking with the pitiful selection of Christmas movies that are shown on TV around Christmas time nowadays. I figured if I got these now then the other movies - which would still be on my list and therefore submitted as optional Christmas gifts - could be brought some other time. That way I'd have Christmasy movies to watch around Christmas time, and - hopefully - a selection of non-Christmasy movies for Christmas, which can be watched throughout next year. You see, there is a method in my madness! Also, most people tend to buy their Christmasy movies closer to Christmas, so buying mine now increases the chances of actually finding the ones I want are in stock. Aha! Two methods to my madness! :)

One of the DVDs wasn't Christmas themed though. Nope! It was "The Water Horse"... A movie people keep telling me I'll like, so I added it to my list. Then LadyStyx got it, and my Mam said she was dying to see it, so I figured I'd go ahead and buy it. Mam wants to watch it with me on Saturday (not today, next week) since she's with me for the weekend.

I also have a new DVD player. Originally we were going to put it aside for a birthday present for me, and had only brought it now to make sure we had the one I wanted. However, since my old one is annoying the crap out of me (it keeps pausing at weird points during the DVD for no reason, and sometimes refuses to finish playing the DVD at all) I asked Kelly if he minded me having the DVD player early. He told me I could if I wanted but would then need to find something else for my birthday. So I told him that wouldn't be a problem. LOL! I will be setting up my new DVD player later on today. :)

I'm keeping my old one to set up in the bedroom though. It's a pain in the butt but still works "OK-ish" and I figure if I want to watch a DVD so badly I'm heading for the bedroom to watch it then I can put up with the pausing and having to take the DVD out, get back to where I was then press play again to make it finish playing the movie. Besides, it's better than the one we had in our room - which is now in the spare room - which is selective about what DVDs it feels like playing. And, just because it wouldn't play it yesterday, doesn't mean it wont today. It's VERY tempramental. But I figure it'll do in there for now. We don't exactly have a lot of people going in there to watch DVDs anyway. LOL!


As you may remember me mentioning in my first post about the wedding (entitled "The wedding: Part 1") my Mam (and her friend Kelly) came to help me sort out the photos. So I spent most of the rest of Tuesday sorting out which one was going in which post, and so on.

I also made a fantastic discovery - or, I think it's fantastic - while sorting the posts. I accidentally stumbled upon the key combination to make jaws click on what it calls "mouse-over graphics" (like the "add image" icon). Of course, I had no idea what I'd pressed, so spent some time attempting to find the key combination again. And do you think I could? NO! I eventually admited defeat, and - now knowing that it was possible so must be mentioned "somewhere" - decided to look in the Jaws user guide. This is a big step for me because I usually avoid user guides. Anyway, I eventually found it (and found out that - without the confusing images - user guides are actually helpful) so can now add photos to my blog all by myself! *Smiles proudly*


Wednesday I made a start on Christmas shopping. The main reason for doing this is that the items I ordered (stuff for Carl and a couple of bits Kelly told me to get to put aside for myself) take a couple of months to be made and delivered due to them being special order items (like some braille books - not all, but some - and tactile games). I want them here in plenty of time, and since Carl and Rachel are coming to collect and drop off Christmas presents at the end of October so they can enjoy their first Christmas as a couple in peace... Well, I need the stuff here by the start of October (especially since there are a few items in the order for Carl for his birthday in mid October).

The only other interesting thing that happened on Wednesday was that I had some Chinese food. It was a shame Mam and Dad weren't down for dinner or we'd have gotten them some too (not to mention been able to have from the better place, which doesn't deliver). There are three places really close to me to get Chinese food. One of them is an easy walk, but none of us really like it. Another one I don't know how close it is, but they deliver and are "pretty good" (that's the one we had from on Wednesday). Then there's my favourite place... The place we go to for dinner out most of the time, and which has recently started doing take-away (this is the place we actually wanted to have from). Maybe in a couple of weeks we'll buy Mam and Dad Chinese food in exchange for them going and fetching it for us? (They have a car... We don't... You do the math! LOL!)

Anyway... I had chicken fried rice, sweet & sour chicken in batter and some spring rolls. Kelly had chicken fried rice and chicken in some sort of lemon sauce. I wanted some duck pancakes, but the only place that does them without you having to eat in - or buy them from Tesco, lol - is "The Royal Kitchen" (the favourite Chinese place).


Thursday morning Kelly made me a fried breakfast... It was very tasty! He'd planned on making it on either Tuesday or Wednesday, but kept forgetting to get the bacon out of the freezer. Never mind, it was worth waiting for. :)

I spent a bit of time reading "Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them" but have come to the conclusion that people don't want me to finish reading it quickly. It's not a long book, but I only get to read about a beast or two before I get interupted. Be it by the phone, the door, needing to do something (like change the washing over) or whatever. I've been reading it for more than a week now and I'm only on the "h" beasts. Never mind, I'll get it read soon.


I spoke to Eleri on Thursday and was given some bad news. Eleri's Dad has terminal cancer and has only been given a couple of months longer to live, because it's gone to his brain. Kelly had told me on Monday when I got home that he (Eleri's Dad) had terminal cancer, but I'd hoped he'd have years rather than months left.

I feel for Eleri and Faye. Only a couple of months ago Eleri's Mam died (I think from the same sort of thing) and now they're faced with the news that soon her Dad will be gone too... *Sigh*... Life is so cruel to some people! :(

She insists she's "fine" but I'm not convinced. I think it's the sort of "fine" that really means "not too good, but I'm not ready to talk about it." Or maybe "not too good, but I don't want to burden you with my problems." Something along those lines anyway. I wish there was something I could do or say to help. But what can one do in these situations? *Shrugs helplessly* Just let her know I'm there if she needs someone, I suppose...


Yesterday (Friday) Kelly made me waffles for breakfast. So I "finally" got my waffles. It's not the same as in a waffle house, but they were still really good waffles! :)

Most of my DVDs arrived yesterday. "The Water Horse" was among them. So it's labeled and ready to watch with Mam next weekend. I was going to watch it through the week, but there's not much point if I'll be watching it next Saturday. Besides, I've got two books on the go I want to finish reading since I don't really like having more than one book on the go at once.

Kelly ordered some stuff for working on his Warhammer figures on Tuesday and thankfully the stuff arrived yesterday. Why "thankfully"? Because he was driving me nuts all day Wednesday, all day Thursday and Friday morning because it hadn't arrived and the last two times was with him the next day. I think he was just about ready to kidnap the postman and demand he deliver the package "or else!" I swear he just about snatched it out of the poor postman's hands when it arrived. LOL!

You see, Kelly operates under the rule that if he orders it today they should have it to him next day. Never mind the fact that - as a general rule - it takes three or more days for most packages to arrive. Some can take a lot longer. Yes, OK, you do get some that manage to slip through quicker and get to you the next day, but not many. That is how it "should" work with stuff from the same country. But it doesn't. What gets me is the fact it did when the postmen were stuck with dog sleds, bikes, horse drawn carts, etc. But now that they have vans, trains, etc... Oh, no! They couldn't possibly get the stuff here quickly! Nope! It actually takes longer now. I'm sure I read somewhere that you could get a parcel from here to America in about two weeks in the days when it was only boats that took things across the sea. So why then does it take a minimum of 4 weeks (often more like 8 or 9 weeks) to do it now that there are planes flying back and forth several times a day? It just doesn't make sense!

OK... Rant over! LOL!

Moving on...

I spent a fair bit of yesterday morning working on the post about the hotel and garden. It actually took me two hours just to put the post together... That's without researching time... LOL! It was fun though. I see why doing those kinds of posts help Iggy keep up his walking. Maybe I'll see if I can find some other topics to investigate in the near future? Any suggestions? I usually just post information on whatever catches my attention at the time, but am open to suggestions. Who knows? They may grab my interest enough to become my next topic to investigate. :)


I spent half the afternoon sorting out my books in the bedroom. I had to get the audio books I'd brought while in Norwich labeled (we did the DVDs in the morning when they arrived) and wanted to sort out my "bedside library" to make sure books I'd read or listened to (depending on whether they were braille or audio) were put away on the shelves, and ones I hadn't were neatly beside my bed for easy access.

The only ones I haven't listened to but aren't there are my Terry Pratchet audio books. There are almost 30 of them so I left them on the shelf because I don't really want a stack that big beside my bed. LOL! I have listened to some of them before - with Carl when I was younger - but wanted to start from the beginning and work through since I'm not entirely certain which ones I've listened to and which ones I haven't. I'm going to listen to them soon though... Maybe even this side of Christmas? LOL!

Afterwards I spent some time finishing up getting caught up on blogs. As I mentioned near the beginning of this post, I was then going to do a "proper post" but I got side-tracked.

First of all, dinner was ready (a chicken dinner). Then Kelly decided that since - apart from making my food - he'd pretty much neglected me since Tuesday (gee... I hadn't noticed), he was going to spend the evening with me. Which he did. Unfortunately, since we were both tired most of it was spent sleeping. LOL! Still, the thought was there... Gotta give him credit for trying. :)


I think that covers just about everything. And even if it doesn't, this post is long enough anyway. LOL! Besides, thanks to the lousy timing of my anti-virus programme, this post has taken almost an hour longer than it should have. It started doing its scan when I was almost finished writing this post, and Jaws wont speak when it's running for some weird reason (it's not just on the laptop... I had the same issue on the actual PC). So I had to wait for it to do all its updates, scans, etc before I could finish the post.


Enjoy your Saturday. :)


Awarded to me and passed on to you

Intense_Guy awarded me this yesterday:

Thanks Iggy! :)

Now... Who should I pass it on to? Hmmm... There are so many worthy candidates... How do I choose?

Oh... I don't know! Maybe I'll just keep it to myself? *Evil laugh*

Actually, I have a better idea...

*Clears throat and coughs importantly*

"This award goes out to all my blogging buddies - family and friends alike - who have taken the time to make their blogs interesting, amusing, thought provoking and enjoyable in any other way for myself and everyone else who visits them. I'm awarding all of you this award in the hopes you will realise how much I enjoy reading all of your blogs, and in the hopes that you will continue to post the interesting and entertaining entries I have come to enjoy reading (and commenting on) so much. Thank you for just being you and posting what you do!"


Friday, August 08, 2008

The Beeches Hotel And Victorian Gardens

I was able to find information about the hotel we stayed at, and thought that - since they include the gardens in their name - I may find some information there. But no such luck. The only mention on the various sites about the hotel (which is called "The Beeches Hotel And Victorian Gardens" by the way) was a brief mention in the first paragraph of the following piece of text:

"A few minutes’ walk from the centre of Norwich, the hotel and gardens are well situated for exploring the fine city, with the comfort of country house accommodation.

A warm welcome awaits you at reception. From the moment you check-in to the time you check-out you will be looked after by a team of caring, professional staff. Their job is to ensure your complete satisfaction during your stay. The hotel consists of a total of 43 rooms contained in 3 seporate, characterful Victorian houses, with a modern extension to the main Beeches building. The Beeches is only a 5 - 10 minute walk to the city centre, and is one of the closest hotels to the new Chapelfield Shopping Centre."

I was beginning to think my search would be fruitless when I found this:

"Plantation Garden

Just 600 yards from the City Centre this splendid Victorian Garden is a hidden treasure. Reminiscent of the Secret Garden it has a tranquillity which is perfect to take you away from the bustle of the city. The garden was established 140 years ago in a 3 acre abandoned quarry.

Visit the Plantation Garden's website."

The address and discription found on the website lead me to the conclusion that the "Victorian Garden" mentioned in the name of the hotel and "The Plantation Gardens" are the same garden.

While browsing the website for The Plantation Garden, I found a link leading to a page telling the history of the garden. The following is what was on said page:

"Henry Trevor

In 1856, a prosperous upholsterer and cabinet maker living in Norwich, took a long lease on an industrial site just outside the old City walls. His name was Henry Trevor, and for the next forty years, he spent considerable sums of money and much effort transforming a chalk quarry into a magical garden.
In many ways, Henry Trevor's garden was typical of Victorian taste and technology. He built a fountain, terraces with balustrades, rockworks, a Palm House, and a rustic bridge.
He planted elaborate carpet beds, woodlands and shrubberies. He designed serpentine paths to conduct the visitor along circular routes, and he built and heated several greenhouses with boilers and hot water pipes.
Henry Trevor, however, was also a man of strong personal tastes. His "Gothic" fountain is unique, and he displayed great enterprise in using the fancy bricks from a local manufacturer to create medieval style walls, ruins and follies. Within less than 3 acres, he established a gentleman's residence and garden that reflected in miniature the grand country houses of the Victorian period. Visitors were frequently welcomed in the garden by Henry Trevor, for he was always ready to allow his garden to be used for charitable causes.

After the 1939-45 war, the garden was virtually abandoned. Fortunately, much of the structure has survived, and is gradually being restored by the The Plantation Garden Preservation Trust. The first task of its members was to clear a forest of sycamores and a blanket of ivy to reveal what had become hidden during the past 40 years.
Since then, they have restored the flowerbeds, fountain, balustrading, Italian terrace, rustic bridge and in 2007, the Gothic alcove.
Detailed information about the history of the garden can be found in The Plantation Garden, A History and Guide by Sheila Adam, 1998."


Thursday, August 07, 2008

All about me meme

OK, since I can't sleep I thought I'd do the meme thing I saw on Kaylee's blog that I wanted to have a go at.


I AM: A Zigvi from the planet Torizworld
I THINK: Too much (according to some people)
I KNOW: All sorts of different bits of info on all sorts of different topics. But that's not enough knowledge!
I HAVE: A very vivid imagination
I WISH: I'd taken the time to memorise my family's faces better before I lost my sight.
I HATE: People who make promises then don't keep them.
I MISS: Being able to see the beauty of nature with all my senses.
I FEAR: Deep water.
I HEAR: Everything!
I SMELL: Grape juice (probably because there's a cup of it beside me).
I CRAVE: Waffles with maple syrrup.
I SEARCH: For answers to the mysteries and questions all around us.
I WONDER: How Carl and Rachel are enjoying Africa so far.
I REGRET: Not finishing my education when I had the chance.
I LOVE: All my friends and family... Even those who couldn't care less about me.
I ACHE: When those closest to me are hurting (physically or otherwise).
I AM NOT: As special as everyone thinks I am.
I BELIEVE: In dragons, fairies and other such creatures.
I DANCE: Only when nobody's around to laugh at me.
I SING: When I want to.
I CRY: When I am sad.
I FIGHT: Like a cat... Using my teeth and "claws" as weapons.
I WIN: Most "debates" because other people usually give up quicker.
I LOSE: At most board games.
I NEVER: Take orders.
I ALWAYS: Offer a shoulder to a friend in need of one.
I CONFUSE: A lot of people.
I LISTEN: To everything that makes a noise.
I CAN USUALLY BE FOUND: With something in my hands.
I AM SCARED: Of deep water.
I NEED: A cup of tea.
I AM HAPPY ABOUT: Most things in my life.
I IMAGINE: Myself in to books when I'm reading them.
I TAG: Whoever wants to do it.


Wednesday, August 06, 2008

An award and a survey type thing

Whim gave me this award almost a week ago, but with only getting back on the blogs yesterday and having all those other posts to do I'm only just getting around to sorting it out.

Thanks Whim. :)
So, now I suppose I should pass on the award...
I think I'll award it to:
Kaylee: She may not blog very often, but when she does post she does her best to keep it fun, interesting and different. Despite the fact she's not always feeling as good as she makes out.
MarmiteToasty: who's blog is always able to bring a smile to my face, which everyone who reads it will agree with.
Rachel (my new sister-in-law): because you never know when or what she'll post, so her blog keeps you guessing.
Karen (my Mam): for the same reason as Rachel.
Carl (my brother): because his descriptions of his role-playing sessions and such make the games come alive and seem more exciting and fun.
Intense_Guy: because his blog is always fun and interesting to read.
This was on LadyStyx's blog and I thought I'd have a go...
01. YOUR ROCK STAR NAME:(first pet, current car):Lucky Citren
02.YOUR GANGSTA NAME: (fav ice cream flavor, favorite type of shoe): Toffee Slipper
03. YOUR AMERICAN INDIAN NAME: (favorite color, favorite animal): Lilac Lion
04. YOUR SOAP OPERA NAME : (middle name, city where you were born): Michelle Louise Swansea
05. YOUR STAR WARS NAME: (the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 of your first name,): Zigvi
06. SUPERHERO NAME: (The 2nd favorite color, favorite alcoholic drink): Red Baccardi Breezer
07. NASCAR NAME: (the first names of your grandfathers) :Brian Marshel
08. STRIPPER NAME: (the name of your favorite perfume/cologne/scent, favorite candy): Charlie Marshmallow
09. TV WEATHER ANCHOR NAME: (Your 5th grade teacher's last name, a major city that starts the same letter): Ellis Edinborough
10. SPY NAME: (your favorite season/holiday, flower): Winter Rose
11. CARTOON NAME: (favorite fruit, article of clothing you're wearing right now): Strawberry Pyjamas
There's one I want to have a go of on Kaylee's blog too, but I'll do that tomorrow or something.

Smiley pics

I meant to add these in the last post...

They were taken Sunday while we were still in the garden. My Dad was messing about and making us laugh and he got these photos from it. He and Mam seem really pleased with them, so I wanted to post them, but forgot to add them to the previous post.

Hope you've enjoyed all the photos. :)


My trip to Norwich: the final installment

So... Who's Donald?

If you've read the previous post then that's the question you're probably asking yourself right now, right? I thought so... LOL! OK, I'll tell you. In fact, my Dad took a photo of Donald so I could show you.

Yes, that's right... Donald is a wooden carving of a swan.
"Donald" was carved on the side of the "house" we're stood in the entrance of in the last few photos in the last post. I think it was a sort of bird watching hut. Anyway, my Mam left me investigating the carving while she was talking to Dad. Kelly thinks she left me with it too long, because by the time she came to grab me for us to move on I'd named it... Er... Sorry.... I'd named "him"... LOL!
I have no idea why I called him Donald. It just seemed like a good name for him.
When Mam came to get me I just said, "Bye Donald." None of us know why. Mam pointed out that he's a swan not a duck, so I told her that, "I don't see why a swan can't be called Donald." She agreed that there wasn't a valid reason not to call him Donald, so he became "Donald the swan" from that moment.
I asked Dad to take a photo of my new friend so I could show him to you all. :)
After we'd been to the gardens we went back to the hotel for the evening. Mam, Nan and I were going to go out for dinner, but I fell asleep and they couldn't wake me up. I think it was partly due to the fact I had one heck of a headache so - not knowing we were going anywhere, and assuming we were sticking to our rooms and having an early night - I took a couple of strong pain killers. Of course, they wore off almost two hours later (by which time Mam and Nan had given up on the idea of taking me to dinner and gone to get stuff to bring back for us to eat in the hotel) so I then woke up to find a couple of McDonalds' cheeseburgers waiting for me to eat them. Mam did offer me some of the Chinese food she'd brought, but I didn't really fancy it at the time (could go for some Chinese food right about now though, lol).
Monday morning Mam and I were meant to go and have some waffles at the waffle house. We don't have one near us and I haven't had a "proper" waffle in ages. Haven't even had ones made for me by Kelly since before we moved in here. And the last time I had one at a waffle house was when I was in Canada (so about five years ago). Unfortunately the place didn't open until 10:00 am and we had to be at the hotel making sure we'd packed everything and seeing about leaving then (we had to be out by 11:00 am at the latest). So Mam and I went to McDonalds for breakfast instead. I had pancakes and Mam had some kind of McMuffin thingy. It worked out cheaper than the waffles would have been, but I was still kind of disappointed.
After breakfast we went and got some Cornish pasties and drinks for the journey home. Then we went back to the hotel to help Nan and Dad finish up packing everything in to the car.
I was going to get a photo or two of the hotel we stayed at, but I forgot to ask Mam to take them for me until it was too late. It was called "The Beeches Hotel And Victoria Gardens" and was a nice place. Mam's got a card with their number on for if we want to go again.
We stopped at Carl and Rachel's place before going home. We were meant to only be dropping off a fan Mam and Dad had borrowed from them and picking up the two books I'd let Carl hang on to over the weekend in case by some miracle he had time to look them over. He didn't, but that's no big deal. I didn't expect him to have the time, and he can always look at them some other time.
Anyway... We ended up staying at Carl and Rachel's place for more than an hour, so rather than setting off around 11:00 am as we'd planned, it was very nearly noon. And I think it was about 7:45 pm when I got home.
Kero was VERY pleased to see me. Kelly was obviously watching for me, because by the time I was getting out of the car Kero was trying - and failing - to jump the garden wall to get to me. All the time yapping excitedly. It's a low wall, but he doesn't have the spring in his back legs to jump it. I can't say I mind this. LOL! And when he managed to get to me... Well... As my Grandma puts it, he "nearly ate me up." His little tail was wagging like mad and he smothered me with kisses. I think it was a good five minutes before I could calm him down enough to even get my shoes off. Bless him!
Kelly says he missed me that much too, but I have to admit I'm glad he didn't throw himself at me like Kero did. He is, after all, a fair bit bigger and heavier than Kero is. LOL! :)
I hardly got any reading done over the weekend. I'd hoped to have at least finished reading "Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them" but since I didn't get much of it read on the way there, that was one of the ones I left with Carl, and I didn't read much on the way home... Well, you get the picture. All I've read is about 1/4 of "Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them" (if that) and maybe 1/4 of the first volume of another book that I took with me (not the Quidditch one, another one, but I don't remember the title at this moment).

The gardens: Part 2

OK, here are the rest of the photos of us that were taken in the gardens.

Firstly, a photo Dad took of me and Mam when we were sitting waiting for him and Nan to catch up to us.

The gardens were more interesting to Dad and Nan than to us really. For me it was because apart from the odd thing Mam could read to me, the odd carved thing I could examine and the odd whiff of a nice smelling plant or flower the garden didn't offer much. For Mam it was because she's not a big fan of places like this anyway (we went mostly so Nan and Dad would go, because they wouldn't go if we didn't). It's not that Mam doesn't like flowers, it's just that after a little look to see if they look nice and a quick whiff of the scent, that's enough for her. I used to enjoy places like this, but since I can't see the flowers any more it's difficult to properly appreciate them.

This arch was one of the "carved things" available for me to investigate. Apparently it was made of recycled stones. Actually, most of the garden is meant to be recycled things... Recycled quite a while ago though.

I'd have liked to be able to give you more info with the photos, but I was only half listening to Mam reading the signs that were up so I don't remember what they said. Sorry. Maybe I'll see if I can find some info for you and post it on my blog at a later date?


Here are some photos of us by what Mam and I have nicknamed "Donald's house"... LOL! I'll explain why in the next post when I post a photo of Donald.