Friday, October 02, 2009

Kero's Korner: "V E T"

Hi humans!

Well, I heard right... They did take me to the vet last Friday afternoon.

Mamgu came just before 3:00 pm, and her and Mami had an early dinner. Then Mami, Mamgu and I went for a car ride. We hadn't gone far when I realised they definately were taking me to the vet.

When we got there I tried to take them the other way, but they practically dragged me inside. So, I said, "hi," to a couple of other dogs who had been forced to go to the vet too. Then I alternated between trying to persuade Mami to take me back outside, and watching two little kittens playing together. I tell you what, that wait would have been much more interesting if Iggy's magazine had come out in time for my appointment! I'll have to make sure I have a copy on paw for next time.

After what seemed like hours, they called my name. Mami and Mamgu started taking me towards the vet's office, but I wasn't having that! I tried to run. Mami - who had hold of my lead - pulled me back, so I tried being cute and asking for pick-ups. It didn't work. Mamgu grabbed me, and marched in to the room with me in her arms, Mami still holding the other end of my lead. I wonder if the scratches I gave Mamgu for that one have healed yet? I really didn't mean to scratch her that badly... Honest!

The vet pulled me about for a bit, then she said I was perfectly healthy, and was showing no signs of any of the health issues common to Westies (skin problems, and eye problems). She said my nose was nice and wet, and my eyes were nice and bright. So why then did she insist on still giving me a jab? Mami said it was to make sure I didn't get sick. But I'm perfectly fine after not having one for a whole year! Why bother about it now? I mean... Do you humans know how much those shots hurt? Yes... I admit it! I cried! I cried like a little puppy! Yes, I know I'm more than five years old... But you'd have cried too if someone came up to you and stuck a needle in you!

Eventually, it was over, and they put me on the floor. I tried to let myself out of the room, but I couldn't reach the door handle. And when Mami finally opened it I discovered she had a good hold on my lead so wasn't going to let me drag her out of there as fast as my paws would take me. Instead, I had to wait again while they paid the bill. Then - finally - we left! I've never gotten in a car quicker in my life! Well... OK, I was probably just as quick the last time I had a car ride to the vet. But I was definately quick at getting back in that car! Can you blame me?

I'm so glad that's over!

OK, I'm going to let this do for this week, because thinking about last Friday afternoon has made me want to curl up in my bed with my tail between my legs... Or, perhaps I'll go hide under Dadi's computer desk (which is where I hide when things get too scary for me). I'll just shove Dadi's feet out of my way if there's no room for me to fit under there without my doing so.

Licks and sniffs,


Intense Guy said...

*Hugs Kero Tight*

I know you didn't mean to scratch Mamgu - you know she loves you nearly as much as your Mami does - I suggest you give her an extra special tail wagging and licky face treatment really soon.

And one year is seven of your years, so you were really patient in that waiting room - I'll air express the most current issue of Doggy Poop to your Vee-e-tea just so it's ready for you when you get there next time.

Now chin up, I hear (and smell) some special things in the garden... I bet you need to check them out!

Sniffs and licks, Iggy (Editor-in-Chief: Doggy Poop)

Louise said...

Aww poor Kero.
Don't worry darling every doggy has to have Jab's.
Mine & Mums girls have to have them too.

Hugs to you babe xx

Celticspirit said...

Now Kero, you know you have to go to the vets for your own good. That jab may hurt but it would be worse if you did not get it and you came down with something. You are such a brave little pup!

LadyStyx said...

Awww poor Kero. We humans don't much like needles either. Some of those shots hurt much worse than others!!

AliceKay said...

Aww....poor Kero. (at least you are healthy and that's a good thing)

Tori_z said...

Thank you all.

I'm glad you're all so understanding. It makes things like this much easier to deal with!

Lots of licks, sniffs and tail wags,