Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bride Wars

"In Manhattan, the lawyer Liv and the school teacher Emma have been best friends since their childhood. They both are proposed to by their boyfriends on the same day and they plan their wedding parties in Plaza Hotel, using the services of the famous Marion St. Claire. However, due to Marion's secretary's mistake, their weddings are scheduled for the same day. None of them agrees to change the date and they become enemies, trying to sabotage the wedding party of the rival. Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil"

(Above taken from here)

This is one of the movies showing on "Sky Movies Premier" this week. I'd seen the trailer for it, and I wanted to see it, so I figured I'd watch it. It was quite good, with a few funny parts, but it wasn't quite as good as I'd thought it would be, since it showed just how petty people can be when they want their own way. I thought it had a nice ending though. And, I'm not saying I didn't enjoy it, because I did. I just didn't find it as enjoyable and amusing as the trailer led me to believe it would be.


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AliceKay said...

That's how some movies turn out sometimes...not as good as you thought it might be....but at least you enjoyed it. That's better than sitting thru a movie that you don't like at all.

Terri and I watched "Artificial Intelligence: A.I." last night. I'd never seen it before, and I thought parts of it were really strange, but I liked an odd sort of way. I've always liked Haley Joel Osment. He's a cutie. :)